Best Cameras Under $300 2018


I am sure you all will be agreeing with me when I say:

Life is ephemeral. Everybody has to leave this world, sooner or later. Right?

But if I say one can still remain alive after one’s death. Well, this looks quite ridiculous. In fact, it is just a reality in some other way because we can keep our memories with us in the form of pics and images with the help of an exceptional instrument called Camera. Here is a good news for those having tight budget. We have come up with Best Cameras Under $300 2018.

We all know about a camera. It is basically an optical instrument with a purpose of recording or capturing images which can be stored, transmitted to another location or both. The images taken by these Cameras may be individual still photographs or sequences of images constituting videos or movies. It is a remote sensing device as it senses subjects without physical contact.

Best Cameras Under $300 2018 – Buying Guide

Types of Cameras

Most of the people are confused about the true difference between the camera types currently available in the market. Let us clear all the ambiguities related to these types along with their goods and bads.


This is probably the best digital camera in the eyes of consumers currently. Combined with the appropriate sensor, this camera provides crystal clear photos and videos. You don’t miss even a single moment while making photos or videos through this device.


  • Lens can be changed quite conveniently.
  • Flexibility in terms of use.
  • High resolution images (11ˣ17) can be printed.
  • Highly responsive.
  • Lag-time between being very little.
  • Pre-programmed automatic and semi-automatic modes.
  • Videos capturing capability.


  • Heavy and large in size.
  • Cover great space when the lens is incorporated.


This type of camera is more advanced and efficient than a DSLR. It’s neither heavy nor bigger in size. All the functionalities of DSLR are provided in a comparatively smaller assembly. You don’t have to hear the “Click-Click” sound too, while capturing the scenes. This is an important feature for the photographers looking to capture candid scenes.


  • Automatic and Semi-Automatic Modes.
  • No compromise on the image quality.
  • Feature of high-resolution video recording.


  • Lens can’t be interchanged in this type.
  • Lenses are not readily available.
  • Viewfinder is missing in some gadgets.
  • Unsuitable for use in the presence of glare.
  • Lag time is more than a DSLR.
  • Automatic focus mode isn’t much reliable.

There is a lot of variation in the price of this category of cameras. The starting price range of these photo capturing devices is $350 and they go to as much as $2000.


As obvious from the name, this class of cameras is very small and compact. Another name of these devices is “Point-and-Shoot Cameras”. There is also a huge diversity in these cameras and choosing the gadget of your interest can be a tough decision.


  • Smallest in size among all types.
  • Fully automatic mode.
  • Easy to carry in pocket.


  • Features are compromised over the design
  • Large sized image printing isn’t possible
  • Limited control over the settings
  • Changing lens is impossible

This particular type of camera is declining in popularity continuously, because of the extensive usage of smartphone cameras by the people. It is usually compared with smartphone cameras because of its limited features and control.

These devices differ greatly in the price range too. However, most of the gadgets lie in the range of $200 – $500. If size and affordability is what you focus on, this is the right choice for you.

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