Best Drones 2018 – 10 Top Rated Quadcopter Reviewed


Searching for Best Drones 2018? Frankly speaking, it’s not a bed of roses. It is a bed of thorns. But don’t worry. You are not ALONE. I am here to give you very useful and sea deep knowledge about these drones. But before going to discuss these, I would like to share some very important points which will be very essential for all of you to choose your best product.

How do you discern about Drones?

The word Drone most of the time strikes our mind with meaning, “destruction”. Drones are not made to destroy humanity. As they are being used by the military in warfare for surveillance, combat and carry out high-risk missions, it doesn’t mean their only use is to take over enemies.  They are associated with other jobs too, none of which have the concern to do with hurting people. It’s up to us if we use them in constructive or destructive purpose.

Drone, a gift of modern technology is itself combination of Unmanned Flying Machines. Usages of quadcopter with camera are well often common in the developed countries like USA, England, Russia, China, Australia etc. In last few years, massive growth in remote control air vehicles has been seen.

Should we Accept them or Repress them?

They are helping mankind in many ways. Their fair use must be encouraged. The advancements in these devices made them more efficient. In the soon future, the camera will be a thing of past. Their platforms will have newer models with better capabilities. They will take over the world with their benefits.

Do you think they’ll make a great influence or will they subside without many consequences?

In the past, these Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) were a property of military but now some drones and quadcopter have gained popularity in areas of civil life. It is expected that these will be irreplaceable as mobile phones are. These are now used for commercial purposes to personal entertainment. They are easier to operate both indoors and outdoors.

Are you curious to know its types?

When it comes to the classification of UAV, there is no set standard.

According to their usage, they are constructed in various shapes and sizes. Generally, they are classified according to their size. They are:

  • Biomimetic Drones:

Biomimetic drones are really small in size, their size ranging from 1 meter to 10 centimeters. These are auto operational devices. These quadcopters are made so small so they can operate in small places where they did not collide with the obstacles. They might look like little creatures like insects. With the help of these, we can see small creatures under the earth. These drones can control along higher and longer altitudes and can do its assigned work efficiently.

  • Micro-UAV:

Micro UAV is quite useful and efficient regarding their work. Microdrones are made to operate in higher altitudes like other quadcopters. Microdrones are used for the inspection of boundary lines of a country. They are helpful for searching something. These devices are used for examining security purposes. Microdrones are equipped with infrared cameras which are used for monitoring the suspicious places. With the help of microdrones, we can see the remote areas which are out of reach from us. They can capture the moments through their camera; and also have the ability to record videos.

  • Rotatory Wing Drones:

Rotatory wing drone is a type which does not need any running or launching specific area. These type of quadcopter can easily take off from anywhere either they can easily rotate around its specified target. They  are slightly low in speed but are very competent in its working.

  • Fixed Wing Drones:

Fixed wing quadcopter are the one whose wings are fixed as its name shows, their wings can’t rotate, so they need a specific runway for launching their flight. They are high in speed as compared to one with rotatory wing. They can fly to the greater altitudes with higher speed like the others do.


They are of three distinctive kinds:

1.Camera Drones.

2. VPC/ Racing Drones.

3. Flying toys.

Nowadays everyone wanted to have a Drone. But you must know these 5 things before you buy one.

All Drones Are Not Easy To Fly:

Anything that flies is really hard to control. Every device fly in a different way depending on its flight controller setup. Some are setup for vigorous flying while some of them geared towards stability.

When it comes to skill level and flying, we can call it as,

“Price vs Ease of Use”.

Not All Drones Are Ready To Fly:

When you are buying a quadcopter, you may see common acronyms RTF (stands for Ready-to-Fly), BNF (stands for Bind-and-Fly) and ARF (stands for Almost-Ready-to-Fly), FPV (stands for First-Person-View), RTH (stands for Return-To-Home), Gimbal, Headless Mode, Follow me and Brushless motor. Select according to your demand.

You Need to Make Funding Upfront:

Invest in a good controller, Buy a good battery and Get information about the different parts.

There are a Tons of Places to Buy Drones:

You can order online too but always search for the best shop. Such as Hobby King is known as the best shop because of having thousands of products.

Join a Drone Community:

The owner of the device must be a part of online quadcopter community. There are many forums available. You can get help regarding any problem in your device.

These non-lethal quadcopters has almost conquered the modern world as they are used in everyday tasks.

Surprising Benefits are:

  • They can save a life: Equipped with special infrared sensors which identify people who are trapped in fires, car accidents, disaster and provide better perspective for searching victims even in low visibility.
  • Law enforcement: For surveillance, search and rescue, drug investigation hostage situation accident investigation forensics explosive disposal.
  • Media Access Hard-to-Reach Places: Aerial photography, Blockbuster Film capturing, gather news and information.
  • Streamline Agriculture Management: Farmers use to check and spray their crops. These can target areas require attention, improve yield and conserve resources by pinpointing affected areas.
  • Safe Infrastructure Maintenance and Management: Inspect underside of a bridge, top of a skyscraper, monitor power lines. They access the structures condition remotely.
  • Monitor Environmental Data: protect land and rare wildlife species, study distribution, the density at a particular area, discover environmental violator, helps to detect forest fires, performs the geological survey, thermal or visual imaging of region.
  • Scientific Research: Sometimes need data from the hazardous area. They help in getting information.
  • Meteorologists: For weather casting.
  • Logistics and Transportation: Carry and deliver heavier objects, deliver pizza and nowadays used as waiters in restaurants.
  • In arts: Flying Pantograph- quadcopter is used to repeats its artist’s movement which can draw at distance and at a scale.
  • Mass entertainment: Used in a backyard, for having pictures while riding cross country or while surfing, tech toys for adults, racing competitions, measure radio and TV courage.
  • Job opportunities: In research and development, engineering, manufacturing, training, and operations of quadcopter.
  • Street patrolling: Save people from robbers.
  • Mapping: Quadcopter cartography, 3-D mapping.
  • Ranchers: To count cattle and find lost ones.

Things to consider while buying a Drone:

  • Budget: Decide how much you are willing to spend. As the prices increase the product quality also get improved.
  • The quality of material: The first thing you must consider is the durability of material. No one wanted to see it crashed after its first flight. The material ranges from ABS plastic to Ordinary Plastic.
  • The Batteries: One of the most important factors is battery life. How much time battery takes during charging, what is battery life and is replacement battery available.
  • Controllable Range: The range that you can control your device vary with different models. Many of them have a range of 30m.
  • Live Feed: It is not available in all of them. Some have LCD display which allows you to see what camera is capturing.
  • Height and speed: It depends on personal preferences that you may like to have a height of 300feet and wanted to capture the entire baseball field.
  • Design: Advancements are occurring fast and recently GPS capability is introduced which helps to withstand winds.
  • Software:  Go for the latest software device.
  • Sensors: Aircraft state is very important. Movement and positions sensors tell about its state.
  • Replacement option: Some models don’t allow easy replacement which means they are useless if any of its part break. Buy those products which have the guarantee or replacement options.
  • Drone registration: Register your quadcopter to FAA.
  • Camera type: Camera type available is important to notice. Some products come with their own quadcopter camera while we have to attach a camera to some of them.

Capture every moment as it is your last!

With high-quality accessories, you can improve your device by a video camera, thermal camera or by a multispectral camera which provides simple to 3D photography and videos.  Camera operations are very important as cameras are commanded from the ground.

There are two types of imaging sensors used in most cameras are CCD (charged coupled device) and COMS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor). FPV (first person view) cameras use CCD sensors. CMOS sensors are used in most of the HD digital cameras.

CCD are less jello, good at light handling, and less noise in low light.

COMS provide higher resolution, higher framework, better color, and consume less power.

You must check the footage of the desired camera and observe how camera responds to low light, bright daylight and face the sun. Image quality and latency both are equally important. Don’t forget to notice the megapixels of the camera whether it is a separate camera or built-in camera.

Cause of concern:

With drones becoming a part of everyday life, many are concerned that they will violate their privacy since these quadcopters are capable of flying anywhere and capable of capturing pictures and videos.

Integration to society is working to ensure the safety of quadcopter usage, the FAA will set up almost 6 testing sites around the nation. The test site is expected to bring tremendous economic benefits to their surrounding areas.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.

Name Size Flight Time Camera Customer Reviews
DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Medium 28 Minutes 4k & 720p FPV Camera 4.0/5
Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone-Red Medium 11 Minutes 14mp Camera 3.5/5
DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera Medium 25 Minutes 2.7K HD Camera 4.4/5
Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF with CGO3 Camera, ST10+ & Steady Grip Large 21-25 Minutes 4K & 1080p Camera 4.0/5
DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera Medium 25 Minutes 2.7k & 720p FPV Camera 4.2/5
3 DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle with Gimbal, Backpck, Battery, and 8 Propellers Large 25 Minutes GoPro Camera 3.8/5
DJI T600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4K Video Camera with Controller Medium 22 Minutes 1080p Camera 3.8/5
BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter X-Small 7 Minutes No Camera 4.4/5
Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera Small 6 -10 Minutes HD Camera 4.1/5
Autel Robotics X Star-Premium Drone with 4K Camera Large 25 Minutes 4K Ultra HD Camera 4.5/5

1. DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter: Buy Now

DJI-Phantom-4-Quadcopter - Best Drones 2017 – 10 Top Rated Quadcopter Reviewed

DJI is a worldwide organization in manufacturing and developing camera and innovative drone technology for recreational and commercial use. DJI Phantom 4 is one of the smallest flying cameras which DJI has ever created.

Do you love to fly quadcopter but face difficulty to handle device?

Flying is easy and much fun with this product. It can fly by a single tap on the screen.


The DJI Phantom 4 has figured out how to deal with other rivals in the market through its incredible features. This include:

720p HD Camera:

Welcome to the future of video.This is most likely the best part of the whole device. The camera takes pictures and records videos that are spouted live to the controller. This feature is extraordinary for anything including perception and observing nature like sunset recording. The high pixel control of camera guarantees that the photos are of best quality with the goal that you can acknowledge and share these items later.

DJI has a great image catching reputation with best camera quality and this product figures to surpass the expectation here. It can capture 1080p with 120 fps. Likewise, it can record 4K recordings at 30fps. With 12MP Quality and accessible in jpeg and additionally Adobe DNG, the pictures look quite better than ones captured from cell phones.

Various Flight Modes:

Variety is the spice of life!

You can test different modes with the help of the controller. The two most amazing modes are the diversion and tap-to-fly mode. The simplest approach to portraying the tap-to-fly mode is by standing in a perfect position so that you control it easily. You have to simply tap on the controller to set it off and the rest it will do for you. The diversion mode then again is intended to give you the genuine control understanding. Here, you get the opportunity to do all the work by controlling it easily.

Remote Controller with an LCD Screen:

LCD is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be!

This permits you to control and explore the drone during flight. It additionally gets live video and pictures on the screen for you to observe the surroundings for better control. The remote controller is helpful for changing various modes and flight speeds for the best outcomes and all of the above, for the best flight understanding.

Obstacle Sensor:

Obstacles allow us to think critically!

This is one of the most important features of this product. It is equipped with sensors that perceive hindrances in the flight way and sense how far it is from them. The sensor generally works when it’s on autopilot tap-to-fly mode.

GPS-Independent Tracking System:

This component is confirmation that this product can be utilized for relaxation as well as for genuine work, for example, observation. The system empowers the device to recognize and quietly monitor a particular target. It doesn’t require things like reference point signs and GPS to keep the target in its sights.

Flight Time and Control Range:

You can play around with this device for up to 28 minutes without expecting to restore. This is better than many models in the market that have active time around 20 and 25 minutes. Along with long flight time, the DJI phantom 4 offers the customer a control range of up to 5 km. This is a large range and implies that you can control it and get amazing results from far away with no inconvenience.

Quadrangular Plan with 4 sets of Propellers and Landing Stands:

This provides the device with strength. This makes it more adaptable and delicate to change its directions. The arrival stands are very self-explanatory and help you to balance it easily while landing and essentially when not being used.


Speed defines everything!

It works at three distinct speed limits. During normal flight, it takes up the speed around 35 miles/hour. With the recently introduced Sports mode, it can go at an amazing speed of 45miles/hour. When Object Avoidance is activated, the speed brings itself down to around 22 miles/hour.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Sleek design with improved skills.
  •   Sports mode with better speed.
  •   Stable, flexible, easy to control.
  •   Independent GPS tracking.
  •   High quality moving shots.
  •   Super easy to work with.
  •   Form factor like earlier models.
  •   Take more setup time.


The Phantom 4 is genuinely the next step in drone technology. Various smart features make this product the easiest consumer quadcopter to fly till now. This package arrives with the cases, batteries, multiple sensors, dual GPS, accessories, and even a free little drone. It is highly recommended.

2. Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone-Red: Buy Now

DJI-Phantom-4-Quadcopter - Best Drones 2017 – 10 Top Rated Quadcopter Reviewed