Best Fax Machines Reviews 2018

Best Fax Machines Reviews 2018

I hope you’ll not disagree when I say:

“The most realistic and physical way of document sending is the Faxing”

Although Faxing is most conventional, yet the most professional method available for the document sending and retrieval. This is the reason; these gadgets are still in the market. There is a plethora of excellent quality fax machines available on the market at very reasonable prices. But we have come up with our own compiled list of the best fax machines 2018 now. Let’s start from scratch.

Best Fax Machines Reviews 2018 – Buying Guide

What is a Fax Machine?

A fax machine is an electronic appliance, which creates an exact image of the document at the first machine, and provides a print out of that document at the second machine. This transfer requires the address of the second machine by the first machine.


With the advent of technology, many contemporary communication means have started to appear, the primary of which are SMS, Email and social media. But there is a catch in these means of information communication; none of them involves hard copy, which means chances of information loss are significant. And that’s not all buddies; a wireless fax machine is eminent among all the communication gadgets in many other respects as well. Let me brief you about those areas as well.

Technology Incorporation:

Cloud computing technology has shaken the roots of the IT industry for the recent few years. This technology allows the use of any kind of data uploaded over the cloud without even the internet. The integration of this technology in faxing has given this domain, the new bounds.

Worldwide Coverage:

Do you know what the most charming part of faxing is? It’s the global reach fellas, this gadget can communicate from one corner of the world to the device placed at the opposite corner of the planet. This is the unattainable proficiency of this particular method of information transmission, talking about the other ways. Some countries have banned the social media and some have placed restrictions on even the use of messengers.

Professional way:

What do you think of this method guys; a haphazard way of sending a piece of paper from one place to another? It’s not like that. It incorporates audit and delivery confirmation in their true essence. The receiving machine must accept that the document was sent in a successful way. This notification is the proof of information transmission, which can be used for future legal or policy actions. It is actually a stupendous tool for business communication. That is the reason companies pursue for the best fax machine for business.


It might be an unsafe operation theoretically, but practically this way of information transmission doesn’t carry any kind of loophole. People blaming the gadget on its security, must know that the cloud-based fax providers can easily enable the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol while transferring the files. This procedure creates a sheet of security over the whole system protecting the documents by NIST-standard level encryption. This is the best part of the wireless fax machine buddies, simply can’t be underestimated.

Backup Gadget:

As most of the communication done in every part of the world relies on emails, fax machines are not that much focused. But they got the attention in the cases of internet unavailability. This specialized equipment can transfer the files using a telephone cable, radio, satellite and even a cell phone.

Features to consider before buying:

There are a lot of big fishes in the realm of faxing, guys. And you should be well aware of them all. Plain paper fax machines are the most conventional and widely used gadgets. Similarly, Canon fax machines are also very popular in the market. But it doesn’t take only name and history for a machine to be declared as the best fax machine for business. The device must have charming and useful features to have the actual worthy existence. Let’s move on to the buying considerations now, peeps.


Like all the photocopiers and scanning devices, fax machines are also available in a range of options and types. The two most primary types are stand-alone gadgets and multi-functional, the former of which does the operation of faxing only and later does copying and scanning operations as well. Don’t get confused guys; it’s just about your needs. Get one of them that fulfill your needs in the best way.

Basic and Advanced options:

The principal purpose of the fax machine is to send the fax and receive faxed documents, which is available on all the machines. But, some gadgets have advanced features and functions too. Like a few machines provide you the access of Caller ID, the identification of the person sending you the fax. Along with this, auto redial, fax forwarding, fax broadcasting and speed dialing are some other functions.


Speed matters in every part of the life buddies, isn’t it? You can’t reach the destination in time, if you waste even a minute somewhere else. So this is crucial. These faxing gadgets have speed of data transmission ranging from 20 seconds to 2 seconds per page. But the price tag increases with the decreasing speed too. Keep your business needs and budget in mind and find the most appropriate to go with fellas.

Memory and Quality:

Memory matters everywhere buddies and this place is no exception. Memory in faxing means the number of documents remembered by the gadget in its memory. This number varies from 25 to 500, with variation in the price tag. But what is the benefit of keeping the documents in the queue? Well, you can actually print the remembered document at any time and data doesn’t loss in case of power loss. Just have a look and accept the gadget with more documents, if the price option is just for you. Don’t forget to explore the Canon fax machines for this purpose.

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