Best Kegerators 2017 – Top 10 Best Home Kegerators (July)

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Kegerator is a best solution for your never-decreasing thirst of beer. Right?

You don’t even have to peek into the websites for finding an appropriate Kegerator. I am gonna put down here the list of the Best Kegerators 2017 along with their whereabouts. Kegerator is basically a refined form of a refrigerator to accommodate kegs. Kegs are the devices used for the storage of beer, for as long as 6 months.Kegerators can also have built in ice machines, mini fridges, wine coolers, dishwashers and the sink.

Best Kegerators 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Kegerator:

Before moving on, keep in mind one thing that  you don’t have to be a beer expert in finding the right Kegerator. It’s quite a simple process. You must have these few questions mentioned below in your mind about this appliance, but you absolutely don’t have to fret my buddies, just read keenly what is written here.

  • Do I need any Tools for making this device work?
  • What should be the quality of the tap?
  • What temperature is maintained by the Kegerator?

So, these are the few questions that you have to keep in mind. Let’s jump to the main thing now peeps, the factors you need to care about, while looking out for a Kegerator.


You don’t want any gadget to over fit your place of residence, do you?

For this reason, every device you purchase must have suitable dimensions according to your room. Size also varies with the need of drinks. You’re surely gonna need the best home Kegerator with optimal size and capacity. This is up to you, whether you want your place to be home or a beer cafe. In any case, the size should be according to that.

Keg type:

Which keg type amazes you the most, buddies?

Whichever it is, make sure that it can be incorporated in the Kegerator you’re buying quite conveniently. Mostly, these devices are capable of handling more than one type of kegs. Anyway, look for the integration of your beloved keg and the Kegerator at the first place.


Are you a clean and sophisticated person, simply can’t afford to have anything smelly or reeking?

Well, you gotta be little active peeps, because even the best home Kegerator needs to be cleaned frequently. The only problem in the Kegerator in terms of cleanliness is the frozen layer of ice and wine inside. Most of the material inside gets defrosted as the compressor switches off. But for complete washing, you will need a Kegerator cleaning kit.


I am not talking about the temperature of your surroundings fellas; it’s the temperature your Kegerator can go to. The optimal limit of the temperature your device should go to is 30­oF. Any temperature lesser than this, nobody can give assurance about the right condition of your brews. So look for your needs, and don’t buy an appliance if its temperature range is not suitable, even if it is the best buy Kegerator.

Cost and Quality:

Whatever and whenever you’re buying, keep one thing in mind peeps. Don’t fall for the money, fall for the quality instead. In the case of Kegerator’s specifically, you’ll need to have a look at the refill time of CO2, availability of spare parts and the build quality of the gadget, you’re intending to purchase. Just make sure that the device under your review is the best mini fridge for Kegerator.


So guys, you can’t compromise on the longevity of any electronic appliance, can you?

Well, do that in case of Kegerators too. Some aesthetically pleasing devices can be fragile like glass. So, don’t fall in the trap of beauty. Evaluate the device against the durability standards and make your choice.

Types of Kegerators:

Everything has categories in it, even humans have types. Well, let’s stick to the Kegerators for now. There are primarily two types of this electronic appliance mentioned and discussed below:

Mini Kegerators:

Are you looking for a beer chilling device to use at home? This is the right appliance for  you guys. This is because you don’t have to control a full sized large chiller now. 1.5 gallons of beer are usually held by these containers, enough for you and your occasionally invited friends. This is actually the Kegerator best buy in the market.

Portable Kegerators:

This is the type of Kegerator most professional and efficient in terms of pouring the perfect pint of cold beer into the glass. You’ll surely be able to avoid foam while using this best buy Kegerator. Get a piece and enjoy the party fellas.

In case you are not intrigued by any of the above mentioned types, take a close look at the other types of this gadget mentioned below:

  • Full Size Kegerator.
  • Outdoor Kegerator.
  • Builtin Kegerator.
  • Countertop Kegerator.
  • UndercounterKegerator.
  • Commercial Kegerator.
  • Bar Kegerator.

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