Best Soldering Irons 2018 (Sep.)


I hope you’ll not disagree, when I say:

“A soldering iron can join every kind of item except the broken hearts”.

Yes buddies, it is a very capable device with a range of types and size options. Don’t get confused by the plethora of excellent quality soldering irons available in the market with different prices. We have compiled an expert list of the best soldering irons 2018. But before that, just have a look at some other important points related to this and clear your stuffed mind.

Best Soldering Irons 2018 – Buying Guide

What is a Soldering Iron?

This is a hand operated tool used for the joining of metallic items. The basic principle behind this joining of metals is the linking material which binds the broken pieces of a single metal or two different adjoining materials with each other. The material is first melted using a soldering iron and binds the two metals as soon as it comes in contact with them.

Main Types:

With a huge diversity in the types of user and the area of application, this tool is available in four common forms; discussed below.

Soldering Pencil:

Do you want to repair the little defects in your electronic devices by yourself?

Well, this device can do the job for you fellas. And it is not too heavy in budget too. It is actually the best cheap soldering iron available in the market.

Soldering Stations:

There is a catch about pencil devices buddies, you can’t control the temperature, because of which repairing a circuit board can become difficult. Soldering Stations provide the leverage here peeps, by their power station. This station is able to control the temperature of the iron tip completely, which is gonna join the faulty parts together. And let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, this gadget right here is the queen of your dreams if you own a small business, because it is the best soldering iron for small electronics.

Rework Systems:

Are you little high in your budget?

If yes, you can afford the system, buddies. Otherwise, you don’t need it, because it is for the highly equipped industry and extensive manufacturing facilities. It actually has a lot of things incorporated; soldering iron, hot-air gun, de-soldering gun and thermo-tweezers. And even if you have enough money, don’t waste it over a thing you don’t need fellas.

Soldering Guns:

These devices have a transformer in their assembly, whose task is to lower the actual 110V AC. High current is passed through the iron tip of the gun, which makes it hot, thus ready for the bonding work. This one is also the best cheap soldering iron, but a little risky.

Main Advantages:

Well guys, there is no substantially efficient competitor of this device other than the gas soldering tools. Therefore, its importance is just unarguable. Let me brief you a little about its main aspects of eminence.

Changing Temperature and Wattage:

Do you need to work on different kinds of electronic projects,pals?

Well, this gadget facilitates you in that aspect pretty well. You can adjust the temperature to a lower value while working on mobile boards and the wattage and temperature can be adjusted to a higher value when the scope and nature of the project is bigger. In simple words, it is not only the best soldering iron for circuit boards, but little chips can be repaired by this gadget as well.

Availability of Different Sizes and Shapes:

Are you thinking about the use of different shapes and sizes in these metal connectors?

Well, I guessed right because every beginner thinks in the same way. Some common shapes are Spade, Chisel, flat-end and conical. The problem here is to identify the shape, providing the maximum surface area to the connecting parts buddies, so that the bonding is rigid and strong. Spade and Chisel types provide that kind of option for you.

Better than Gas Soldering Irons:

You don’t have to look outside for the best butane soldering iron my buddies, because you have got a better option now. You don’t have to burn your things around by the use of gas bonding devices. And this is not all; the fineness provided by soldering iron is simply not comparable to the gas dependent techniques.

Features to look for when buying:

Let me tell you guys, you can’t buy the best gadget just by knowing its goods and importance. You must have a deep knowledge on the differences between the products, and the factors which should drive your decision of buying a device. Let’s talk about those aspects without any delay:


This is the most primary question you need to ask yourself, buddies. You will be able to avoid extra expenses by using this technique. You don’t have to pay $200, if your required task is to only join the broken wires on the motherboard of mobiles. You will get the best soldering iron for small electronics at a very reasonable price.


Are you a technology enthusiast and ready to pay any money for it?

Well, in this domain, you have got the most recent technology, battery powered soldering. This device has the tip resembling graphite material, which can be heated up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit in a second and cools down within 3 seconds. But that will cost significantly, remember this thing too.


This is the factor that can’t be compromised while buying any kind of thing in the world. Always ensure the durability of any gadget before throwing it into the cart.

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