Best Wireless Headphones 2018 – 10 Top Bluetooth Headphones Reviews


Let’s dive into the sea of technological world and have some useful knowledge of another exciting product of the scientific world. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you’re here to have a good look at the best wireless headphones 2018 in the market nowadays and I’m gonna make sure your precious time worth it by discussing every dark and bright aspect of these devices.

We are living in the modern times where technology plays an important role in our lives. Computers and their accessories have brought a revolution and changed our lifestyles completely. We have seen many companies bringing innovation in already present gadgetries according to the needs of their consumers.

Today, we are using computer gadgetries for all types of things that ranges from different spheres of life like workplaces, school and colleges to hospitals and offices, etc. Audio/ video is one of the basics that is experienced by the computer users on a daily basis. We use headphones and speakers for audio needs. Initially wired headphones provided the users with an ultimate experience of sound and voice but the mobility was restricted.

Best Wireless Headphones 2018 – Buying Guide

Wireless headphones are cordless devices which can be connected to multiple systems via Bluetooth or NFC. Some wireless earphones are also equipped with wired connection capability to use it in the case of drained battery also. Wireless range of these devices differs in different products. Connectivity also changes device to device, some are capable of being connecting with every kind of phone while some have connectivity restrictions.

Primary Types:

Two primary types of wireless headphones appear to be there in the industry named as “On ear headphones” and “Over ear headphones”. In the former one, buds of the device are placed right in the holes of ears and in the later one, the earphone is a little wide to cover the whole area around the ear, thus providing more clear sound cancelling the external noise.


Main components of the wireless ear buds are as under:

  • Back Case (Part on the back side)
  • Front Case (Part in contact with ear)
  • Permanent Magnet

Main Advantages:

Wireless headphones are surely a blessing for the people fed up with the continuous wire tangling and quality issues. You shouldn’t wonder, how guys? Because when there is no wire, it’s not gonna be an issue anymore. They offer a wide range of benefits and goods to the people which can’t be provided by conservative audio systems and wired ear buds. Going on, let’s have a quick overview of the goods wireless earbuds provide.

Interference-free Listening:

Well buddies you know the problems in homes and office places, where talkative people are very difficult to gotten rid of. Wireless headphone can be your perfect companion in the situation you don’t want any interference in your work or matters.

Concentrated learning:

Buddies, wireless earphones are not build for a specific group of people. They can provide a bundle of things to various groups of people. Even students can benefit of this device to listen the recorded lectures or tutorials without being annoyed by the buzzing noise in street or anywhere around. That’s not it, the mess of cables around your pc also creates a situation of tension, but in the case of wireless ear phone, you should not be even a little worried about that.

Distant listening experience:

Here is a thing guys you can’t find in the wired head phones pals. Can you think of listening music by head phones on your bed, while your phone is on charging away from your bed? Oh don’t say that it’s doable using extension wire. It’s again annoying. You don’t need your room to look like a place of litter when you can fulfill your dreams being neat and clean.

Considerations before going for Wireless Headphones:

So buddies here is the final part most important for the headphone lovers because everything they need to have in mind while selecting the device of their need is written down here. Without wandering let’s move on to the actual thing.

Sound Quality:

Well guys, don’t say that it’s such an obvious thing and it does need specific consideration because everything isn’t like the way it seems like. Sound quality doesn’t mean the loudness of sound in the headphones; it rather means the clearance, base and smoothness of sound. That’s the most important aspect actually because bad quality sound can have damaging effect on your ears.

Wired Option:

Don’t wonder, I know we’re talking about wireless technology here. But there are cases when you need wire, like drained battery. Wired option with these head phones can save you in the situation.

Noise Cancellation Technology:

Noise Cancellation Technology is an advanced technology incorporated in the ear buds which takes care of the external noise by generating an inverse wave in the device. This technology can definitely boost the worth of any wireless head phone.


Remember guys a device is as good as junk for you if you can’t use it. Check for the compatibility of the wireless ear buds you’re gonna purchase. Make sure it’s compatible with all your pocket and table devices.


This is another necessary factor associated with the ear buds. Some ear buds cause pain in and on the ears after a few hours of use. Make sure the device you’re gonna purchase cater this thing.

Today, we will be looking into excellent wireless headphones 2017. These headphones here are from different companies and have topped the chart for this year. These headphones are being extensively used and users are enjoying the ultimate experience. We have Plantronics, Senheiser and many other companies that have brought us best of the best headphones. We have checked many headphones, but found these to be perfect and satisfying our experts. So any of the headphones present in this list is highly competitive and can be checked for any type of testing. We hope that at the end of this wireless headphones review, you will choose one for yourself.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
Name Wireless Technology Noise Cancellation Battery Timing Wired Connectivity Reviews
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Bluetooth, NFC Yes 22 hours Yes 4.2/5
Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Yes 12 hours Yes 4.1/5
Plantronics Back Beat Sense Bluetooth Yes 18 hours Yes 4.1/5
Sony MDR-ZX770BT Bluetooth, NFC Yes 17 hours No 4.1/5
Sony MDR10RBT Bluetooth, NFC Yes 17 hours Yes 4.3/5
Parrot Zik 2.0 Bluetooth, NFC Yes 18 hours No 3.7/5
Philips Fidelio M2BT Bluetooth, NFC Yes 10 hours No 4/5
Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless Bluetooth No 6 hours No 3.5/5
Bose Soundlink On Ear Bluetooth Yes 15 hours No 4.4/5
Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth No 8 hours No 4.0/5

1. Sennheiser Momentum Wireless: Buy Now

Best Wireless Headphones 2017


Sennheiser Momentum is one of the sensational Sennheiser wireless headphones with amazing sound and comfortable to wear. It is light, adjustable and perfect. It works efficiently with both sound and microphone if you hook a long USB cable up to the ps4.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


Are you looking for earphones that fit in with your sense of style? Look no further:

This headphone comes with a handy case and easily fit into it for safe carrying. It’s a best startup in-ear headphone for new users. Sennheiser loves to make the ear cups a little bigger for its user. Sennheiser wired handset M2 does not differ much from this wireless one. Cups are made from memory foam and leather so it will not tease your ears and giving you a soft feel. You can easily wear them up for a couple of hours.


The features include Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC for pairing with your devices. For NFC enabled devices, you just have to tap the device over your handset get connected.

Wired connection:

Looking for earphones which can easily be connected to your hardware equipment? Here you are then:

A 3.5mm slot gives you the opportunity for wire usage. This saves your battery and improves the performance as well. You will feel a noticeable difference in output when you plug it on the wire. A louder and crisper sound gives you tempting effect.


Want superb performance with a creative multipurpose design? It’s got it all.

Volume control and power buttons are on the right ear cup. The feel of the buttons is very physical which gives you a smooth control to operate. Noise cancellation cannot be off at any time. Integrated microphone helps you to answer your call remotely without generating any noise.

Like other wireless handsets, you will hear a female voice assisting you through the setup, battery status and connectivity once you power it on. You can easily get paired with any iOS or Android gadget with Bluetooth.

Sound Quality:

One of the problems you would wanna get rid of is bad sound quality coming from expensive earphones. We’re here to offer you help:

The quality of sound is very textured and refined. You can feel powerful bass and treble rounding your ears and rocking your music in an improved way. Overall, with a vintage-leathered look and sleek built, Sennheiser Momentum is a best sound quality and full-featured wireless headphones but can be sumptuous for some of our audiophiles.

Battery Life:

It’s exceptional battery life will blow your mind peeps. It is up to 22 hours.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Flexible design.
  •   High battery life.
  •   Highly appealing look.
  •   Amazing sound quality.
  •   Build quality is supreme.
  •   Easy and smooth control buttons.
  •   Expensive than most earphones.
  •   No option to turn it off while on Bluetooth.
  •   Ineffective noise cancellation on Bluetooth.


The bottom line here is that Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphone is an excellent product that also offers strong wired performance. It has fabulous functionality. It may be a little pricey, but from my experience, I believe that those who can afford it will get a remarkable product.

What other says about it

The Momentum 2.0 Wireless is an an excellent and well-designed Bluetooth headphone that also offers strong wired performance. My only misgiving is the price. If the Beats Studio Wireless is about $100 overpriced, this model is, too. But, hey, it’s great if you can afford it. cnet.

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2. Beats Studio Wireless:

Beats Studio Wireless Review


Beats Studio Wireless is based on a new “re-imagined” design of the inventive, uber-popular Studio. The looks of this wireless headphones give you most of the plastic-touch with a matte finish feel. It looks highly premium in black color with extra soft and spongy ear cups. Its sound quality is astonishing. The pressure is really less while you are wearing it so it will let you enjoy non-irritating and smooth feel.


It’s highly appealing design is bound to attract you on first glance:

The handset comes with a compact case which helps you to carry it along with you and keeping them safe. It may come in different colors like white, blue, red, titanium and black.

Wire/wireless usage:

The perfect way to use these Bluetooth earphones depends on you, don’t you like that?

Aside using it wirelessly, you can get wired anytime with a 3.5mm slot on the left ear cup which will quietly improve the sound quality and reduce the battery usage. Once it is powered on, a battery meter of 5 strips will notify the status of the battery.

Play/Pause Button:

Moreover, there is no separate button for tracking, skipping and all that. You are just going to use the play/pause button with double or triple pressing and holding techniques which doesn’t make the handset a user friendly at all.

Noise Cancellation:

Noise canceling feature works sufficiently better, but you may feel a hiss-sound even your music is not turned on which may be annoying sometimes.


These earphones will transform your listening experience:

You can turn on the silent mode by pressing a round pressing button outside the cups. It will turn off all kinds of sounds coming from outside including your music running inside the headphone. A built in microphone is there to help you respond to your call on wireless mode with a good voice quality.

Battery Life:

High battery life is the cherry on top of these fellas!

Battery timings are near about 12 hours of wireless. I think this is adequate for one long session of music listening. If you are on the wire, the timing lasts up to 20 hours helping you save more battery. It uses batter even on stand-by mode which is really annoying. The sound is really steady but somehow a deep-bass is not there for a high bass lover.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Gentle build.
  •   Decent sound.
  •   Hard shell zip up case.
  •   Highly durable product.
  •   Noise reduction feature.
  •   Foldable and handy for travel.
  •   Not budget friendly.
  •   Music dies with battery.


As we have taken from the above discussion, these earphones have their pros and cons. In my experience, if you can overlook the cons, it is one of the best wireless headphone set if you can afford its high price.

3. Plantronics Backbeat Sense: Buy Now

Plantronics Backbeat Sense: Review


Guys, let’s take a look at these new amazing earphones. This awesome headphone is from Plantronics and is extremely lightweight and comfortable. It works both with Bluetooth and a wire and is sufficiently easy to set up. It has a dual microphones and a sensor that knows when you have the headphones on or off.Wanna explore more?

Design and Feel:

How many earphones promise to match your style but still cater to your customization needs? We got one here:

The design is very delicate and smart. It seems good on your head with sleek looks. It weighs only 140g so you will not feel anything tiring after hours of wearing. Headband is having enough flexibility to get fit according to your need. You can choose between two different color combinations that is black-brown and white/fleshy-brown.


Guys, let’s not forget that these earphones are going to be extremely comfortable and lightweight:

The ear cups are not very large and oval rather they are shaped round. You will not get pitched with the memory foam textured of the cup. The overall build is subtle in design along with leathered headband which can easily move on the rails giving you desired flexibility.


An efficient way to get around the controls always makes me feel better, why not you?
The right ear cup has the power button, which makes it easy to use.

Now for the controls, right ear cup is giving you power button which is easy to use. Instead of pressing and holding, you can just slide up or down for powering off or on according to the need. When you make it on, it will automatically get paired with the device around you. So, the power buttons are also enabling the BT function.

For the detailed controls, you have to move towards the left cup. Here a jog switch is giving you volume controls. Music control buttons are embedded on a rubber pad outside the left cup. With the soft and firm touch, you can play/pause or forward/reverse the track. You can also hear the voices around you without outing your headphones off, by just click the red button underneath the left ear cup. So this will make you gentler by responding to the people around you even your headphones are on the head.

Sense Feature:

If this discussion hasn’t won you over for these earphones quite yet, it will now:

The “sense” feature in Backbeat automatically pauses the music when you put off them from the head. Hence giving you the ease of not manually pausing or stopping the tracks.


Battery timing of the device is 18 hours.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Slim looking design.
  •   Highly comfortable.
  •   Great sound quality
  •   Easy on your budget.
  •   Light weight and comfy.
  •   works both with Bluetooth and wire.
  •   Shallow sound.
  •   Need USB dongle for working.
  •   No NFC for devices to get paired.


From above discussion, it is clear that this headphone is very comfortable with lots of amazing features. In my experience and from the pros and cons that I have mentioned to you above, I believe that Plantronics Back Beat Sense is the best choice for your budget.

What other says about it

The Plantronics BackBeat Sense are feature-packed Bluetooth headphones that deliver superb sound at a competitive price. trusted reviews.

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4. Sony MDR-ZX770BT: Buy Now

Sony MDR-ZX770BT Review


Sony MDR-ZX770BT is an excellent headphone, great construction and sound quality with acceptable bass.  The inside of the headband is dotted textured foam which gives a sport looks to the design. The head rail easily gets adjusted with its click-stop techniques and takes its hold on heads according to the need.


Let’s take a look on its features.


The design is a combination of hard plastic and leather. The feel is not that much premium for a Sony product in this range.

Noise Cancellation:

On the top of other features in Sony MDR-ZX770BT, noise cancellation is on the top of all. With such a mediocre range handset this is the best you can expect. The left ear cup gives you the basic control of a power button and an LED tells you the status of connectivity.


This is the type of earphone you have dreamt of buying fellas, trust me:

While pressing and holding the power button, activate your Bluetooth connectivity. You can get the connectivity not only with the Bluetooth enabled devices but also on NFC enabled by just a single tap on the cup.


With amazing performance comes a great bunch of satisfied customers. Wanna join the group?

This headphone has great performance. You can get connected through NFC if you have NFC enabled device with you. A mic nearby it gives you the facility to handle your calls on phone wireless. A multi functioned discrete button helps you to traverse the tracks.


By bringing it in the center can play/pause the music or use to answer your phone calls. The control buttons are very easy and physical to handle with. Instead of holding or tapping the control buttons, you are having a very gentle movement of its hardware.

Sound Quality:

From amazing performance to the sound quality, it’s got it all:

It offers three different sound quality modes. The first mode is the standard one that works with it while on Bluetooth. This initial mode is going to reduce the sound quality which can easily put in a question about its quality.

But no need to worry about. You can switch to higher quality modes by just putting the headphone on the wire. Now you have to trade off the noise cancellation feature. Also the quality of sound gets reduced on the wire.

Battery Life:

You want a battery life for your earphones that you can rely on? Look no further:

The battery can run up to 17 hours of continuous usage on wireless with noise cancellation.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Decent noise cancelling.
  •   Comfort level is amazing.
  •   Best sound performance.
  •   No sound glitches on high nodes.
  •   Beautifully design and affordable.
  •   Battery timing is sufficient for hours of listening.
  •   Controls are a bit counter intuitive.
  •   Background fuzz is very noticeable.
  •   Quality of sound gets reduced on the wire.


In my experience, I can easily say that these earphones have their pros and cons but will work great for users with everyday earphone requirements. Upon unboxing, you will get a simple pouch for carrying the headset along with the cord and charging cable too, which adds to the advantages. In my opinion, this is adequate in such a normal range or price.

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5. Sony MDR10RBT: Buy Now

Sony MDR10RBT Review


Guys, if you’re looking for wireless earphones, then you gotta take a look at these. Sony MDR10RBT are the new lightweight, comfortable and mesmerizing earphones which are highly appropriate for high power listening. The audio is fantastic and the noise works great. If you want to explore more, take a look down here:


Want to reduce any hassle for you and let you experience a good listening environment? Here we go:

Smooth Sound:

Once you have put it over your head, the feel is very smooth without giving pressure on your ears. Color is giving two-toned look of black and silver exhibiting the most sophisticated and premium feel. The headband can be adjusted with a click on every level of fittings. This will reduce any hassle for you and let you experience a good listening environment.


Smooth controls will make for an efficient sound system, don’t you agree?

The music controls are done by a volume adjustment button and track rocker switch. This physical feature is very easy to feel and can be found on the lower end of your left cup. Sometimes, the smooth-to-operate floor rocker switch may get pressed unwantedly, and hence resulting in changing of track. An integrated microphone is attached to allow you handle your phone call along with the music.


Guys, high performance coupled with great features, what more do you need?
The connectivity supports Bluetooth 3.0 along with other Bluetooth profiles. NFC is also integrated to make the pairing simple and easy. Bluetooth range works well within 10m of your paired device. The app-deck supports make your customization relatively easier and advance.

Wireless usage:

Want to make your device more portable by experiencing wireless listening? This gadget allows it

Sony has provided with a charging cable with this wireless headset in case you are down with the power. There is also a simple and handy case to carry the headphones with you anywhere but lack of any sticking on the flip. A wired cord also resides in the box in case you are in the mood of wire listening.

Battery Life:

Let’s end your battery and charging worries, you guys!

The battery lasts up to 17 hours of wireless listening so you don’t need to bother about the power recharge once you have done it fully charged.

Sound Quality:

Although these wireless headsets are not famous in sound isolation, but do not reduce the clarity and temperature of its output. The sound comes in decent nodes with powering-bass and absence of s-master amplifier. Some of us may find it a high treble output too. It is supporting great sound on aptX with satisfying battery.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Smart design.
  •   Portable build.
  •   High Bluetooth range.
  •   great response in all registers.
  •   Incredibly fine sound quality..
  •   Satisfying battery life of 17 hours
  •   Crappy sound at times.
  •   Cord can’t be replaced.
  •   great response in all registers.


In light of the pros and cons discussed above, we can make sure that these earphones will definitely make for a good everyday gadget for your music listening needs.Wrapping up all, Sony MDR10RBT is giving a tempting proposal in the price range with rich features.

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6. Parrot Zik 2.0: Buy Now

Parrot Zik 2.0 Review


This second generation of Parrot headphones is designed by Phillipe Strack. The build and design is very subtle and smart with a lighter feel making it a premium product. Most of the available colors are bold, attractive and stand you unique while wearing in the public.


Look at its features in detail.


Guys, this product’s designs are bound to win you over right away:

The head rails are made from aluminum, hence making it a lighter one on your head. A soft faux-leather is used in the headband in the ear cups and will not make your ear warmer when removed after a few hours. The sheer depth of cups is making Zik extremely soft and comfortable with strong sound effects.


You can get connectivity on Bluetooth, NFC and on the wire. NFC enabled devices need a single tap against them to get paired. A sensor helps the Zik 2.0 to stop the music when the handset is not on your ears so it is also helping you to save your battery life.

Wired Connection:

You can make it work for more hours by plugging it in wire mode and making noise cancellation feature off. This will help you a little better for a long journey. Considering the sound quality on these noggins, you will get highly satisfied with extraordinary output.


The fabulous performance of this gadget will blow you away:

Its touch-control on the outer ear piece is making it the most high-tech and efficient handset. So you just have to swap on the cup to control the tracks, making them reverse or forward to adjust your volume.

Sound quality:

What are earphones actually worth if they can’t even provide good sound quality?

You can also answer your phone calls wirelessly by a single move of your finger instead of pressing physical buttons. This headphone has 8 integrated microphones to carry your voice frequency more clearly than any other handset of the range.

Companion app:

Wanna know what makes this product one of its kind?

A great win of Zik 2.0 is the companion app which is easily available on Apple and Android app stores. With the help of this application, you are facilitated to set your sound quality the way you like, which makes this headphone different from others.

Battery Life:

Battery life is not more than 6 hours in a row, which is really less for such an outstanding wireless headphone.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Companion app is available.
  •   Design is very light and slim.
  •   Highly comfortable earphones.
  •   Bluetooth strength and sound is outstanding.
  •   Customizable sound with free-to-download app.
  •   Parrot Zik 2.0 holds the eyes with its vibrant .color range
  •   Battery life must be improved a bit.
  •   App sometimes shows an unfriendly behavior.


In light of all that is discussed above, we can say that even though this device has its own pros and cons, some users might find them to be extremely well designed. In light of the above discussion, we can conclude with the bottom line that Zik 2.0 is keenly designed with high-end features that can satisfy your music thirst a best way.

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7. Philips Fidelio M2BT: Buy Now

Philips Fidelio M2BT Review



The Philips Fidelios M2BT is a new addition to a wireless headphone community. It has come with some advanced features and some solutions to the issues of previous Fidelio M1BT model.


The features of Fidelio makes it a top-notch product.


If you’re looking for a matchless design, you’ve come to the right place:

The design holds a finely comfortable leather band with woven feels dots to get a firm grip on the head. The ear cups are of the faux-leathered and highly foamy on the ears, but some of us may disagree on the comfort for different sizes.


Sizes are adjustable by just sliding over the rail of side arms which are connecting the ear cups with upper band. The overall design is of metal with the same diamond embossed texture on head band and outer side of the cups.

Connectivity and Buttons:

It is  provided with NFC and aptX. So, you can have connectivity through BT, NFC or aptX with featured devices. The control buttons are found on the bottom and outer edge of the ear cups. A volume nob can help you adjust the volume by moving towards either side. A play/pause button handles the track.

Wired Connection:

Over the bottom or left cup, a jack is provided for the chargers if you are running out of power. A wired slot is going to help continue to listen the music, even there is no power, hence letting you enjoy with a non-stop playlist. Phone calls can be answered wirelessly by using the small integrated microphone below the right ear cup.

Sound Quality:

Peeps, you are going to love the Fidelio earphones when you hear this:

The sound output is far better on aptX paired device than on Bluetooth ones. But if you pair with a better Bluetooth enabled gadget, you are still not getting it less. The warm tone with a nice temperature will not let you tired of listening.

The active bass of sound feels so prominent that if you like to use the handsets with bass-enriched sound you will definitely be going to love this Fidelio as a portable headphone.

Battery Life:

Guys, you don’t need to worry about the power shortage anymore:

This latest wireless headphone has 10 hours of nonstop backup which is a great timing for a wireless headphone of this kind. So, you don’t need to worry about the power shortage.

        Pros         Cons
  •   High sound quality.
  •   Advanced new technology.
  •   Comfort is really matchless.
  •   Well design with good looks.
  •   Earcup controls are pretty straight forward.
  •   NFC enabled Bluetooth makes it a premium handset.
  •   High treble at a low-key.
  •   Bass feel more overwhelming.


All in all, our discussion regarding the pros and cons of this product has led us to the conclusion that this new model of wireless headphone with powerful features and a healthy upgrade over the previous model is an excellent choice in this price range.

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8. Powerbeats 2 wireless: Buy Now

Powerbeats 2 wireless Review


Fellas, Beats has whooped out this model as the successor of its market winner corded Power beats. They may connect quickly to any iPhone via Bluetooth and you’ll be surprised to find out that it can work a long distance effectively. If you wanna explore more, let’s take a look here:


Look at its features in detail.


Talk about incredible design and these supreme earphones will be the first to pp into your head:

If we talk about its incredible design, you will notice two ear buds of hooked shaped which can securely fit around your ears giving you a firm grip even you are running or biking. Moreover, hooks can be customized according to the shape of your ear if you find them loose. The rubber cords joining the two ear buds give you control buttons and a built-in remote on the lower side.

If these earphones don’t give you the most effective control, we don’t know what will:

These remote buttons can help you manage your music tracks on iOS and helps you to set the volume and to answer your calls wirelessly on Android devices. Hence making it more iOS-friendly handset than being for Android or Windows. The size of rubber cord can be adjusted by sliding the seal on it. So it will give you a more firmer and close grip around the neck.


As the name suggests, the performance of Beats Powerbeats 2 wireless is powerful. It is offered in several colors with a matte look. You can select any color accordingly. But black, red and neon green are the common choices of users in the market. Beats has given you the option to select the silicon ear cups according to your ear hole by giving different sizes in the box.

Small sizes will help the ambient noise to hear your surroundings so that one is aware with traffic sounds and more. This can also reduce the quality of sound produced by the headphone along with lower bass resonance. The signal is solid and, so long as my phone was within 30 feet, I never felt a single instance of dropout.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality on these earphones will totally win you over to the point of no return!

The sound quality is undoubtedly clear and aggressive with deep bass. Music doesn’t lose its pace even on high ends, but making it a high mid deficient. This in-ear comes with a chargeable wire and Bluetooth version 4.0. It is amongst best Bluetooth headphones.

Battery life:

Battery life is short which is not more than 6 hours once charged fully.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Feather-light design.
  •   Unmatchable sound quality.
  •   No glitches or sound dropouts.
  •   Super strong bass and textured sound.
  •   A water-proof and sweat-proof handset.
  •   Bit expensive.
  •   Battery backup is considerably less.


The bottom line with this new product is that it is sufficiently a great piece of equipment for your daily usage. This product is durable and recommended particularly if you’re looking for a workout headphone. It is little expensive but can offer great features and we believe that it will not disappoint!

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9. Bose Soundlink on ear: Buy Now

Bose Soundlink on ear Review



Guys, you are about to witness a new name is the wireless earphone market, the Bose Soundlink earphones. The Bose Soundlink on the ear is a vibrant amongst top Bose wireless headphones. It is very easy to sync and the sound quality is perfect. It is a top notch product who’s working and functionality we will explain below:


It’s astounding features all gathered into one product are bound to blow you away:

Automatic Sound Adjustment:

It is light weight and small in size. Sound link can automatically adjust the volume of sound according to the environmental noise. So you can easily take your phone calls even if you are walking through a really noisy place. The package comes with the case so that you can fold and take the headphones along with you easily while travelling.


This product has the most amazing quality and design to match with your daily attire:

Bose has given its fan a truly BT headphone with integrated Bluetooth feature, finally. With its sleek and subtle design, Soundlink is making itself in the list of best wireless BT headphones in the market. You can get these cans in two different color combinations. I would prefer the one with black and blue. It gives the more vintage and classy looks while wearing in the public. No offense, if you like the one in white/camel combo.


A memory foam cup is covered in leather casing and makes them cushy on the ears. You will be fine with the comfort if you wear the headphone for continuous hours. You will also feel it very light in weight on head. Headband is flexible enough to move on the side arms for better fit. More interestingly, Bose has rolled out the ear cups as accessory too. So if you are not comfortable with the one with your boxed wireless, you can get another one.  Thumbs up!


Through its amazing control options, we can essentially quantify this as an efficient product:

You can switch the headphones on or off by using a physical button on the outer side of the ear cup. Once you have pulled it in, a chirpy female voice will help you to get paired or inform you about the battery status of headphones. This assistance will be helpful for your further connectivity.

The control buttons on the right ear cup also help you to handle your phone calls remotely. You can also change your tracks by using these button. The controls are smooth and gentle, hence making it handier.

Battery Life:

Peeps, if you got this advantage, what more do you want?

With the battery of up to 15 hours, Sound link stands among the best in-ear BT headphones so far.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Easy connection.
  •   Great battery life.
  •   Maximum battery life.
  •   Excellent for travelers.
  •   Great sound quality.
  •   Good comfortable size.
  •   Gives you a great and light feel.
  •   Nor for any iOS user.
  •   Somewhat expensive.
  •   Volume isn’t quite high enough.


All in all, we can say that the sound is quite natural while medium temperature of bass and treble. You will not find the quality gets glitch on any instance. So the verdict goes for yes, as it is giving you a best of quality, features and design in a medium budget.

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10. Plantronics BackBeat FIT: Buy Now

Best Wireless Headphones 2017


Plantronics Backbeat is one the best sports Bluetooth headphones. It is so light that even during running or biking, you cannot feel it. It is of premium quality. It is one of the cheap wireless headphones.


Plantronics has a stone written history for letting the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, to transfer his voice form all across the moon to the earth.  Due to its lightweight, FAA choosed these as only headset of traffic controlling. Plantronics hasn’t lost the ultimate low in weight design in Backbeat Fit too.


Take a look at these features, if they don’t blow you away, nothing will:


Who doesn’t want to have a flawless, incredible build on their earphones? Not me:

It has extremely soft and flexible design which can be molded to any shape. This in-ear handset is claimed to be sweat-proof as well as weather-proof to give you an effective music relationship regardless of the surroundings. Hence, it is made more suitable for the gym-runners and athletes.

Less Weight:

We cannot expect any headset to be lighter than 0.8 ounces with a handy usage. It is extremely easy to wear for extended hours without making your ears steamy. The in-ear style with a neon color variety gives you a comfortable feel during exercises.


Let’s look at the performance so that this product can become matchless in the market:

The play/pause button along with volume controller resides on the left ear bud. You can power it on by pressing the power button on a right ear piece. Calls can also be answered by controlling it through headphones by pressing the call button here on the outer side of right bud.

Ease of use:

If you want to move through your playlist, you can definitely do it by the press and holding of the play button. A charging port can be found under a small cover under the ear piece. You can get it to power through the port by using the charging cord provided in the box.

Battery Life:

You would prefer this battery life to any other, which is precisely what this gadget intends to do:

Battery is good enough with 8 hours of unending music listening and 6 hours of talk time which is far better than other options in the list. It also helps you to reduce your battery usage by hibernating itself when gets unpaired with the device. This hibernation mode can last up to 180 hours of battery life when once charged.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Sound quality is extremely good.
  •   Sweat-proof and water-resistant built.
  •   Battery backup gives you a handsome time.
  •   Specifically design for exercise-friendly music lover.
  •   Low on bass and volume.
  •   Uncomfortable feel for long wear.


All in all, in my experience I can conclude that this product has had its pros and cons but it has been a best buy for a number of reasons. Because of its astonishing features, good built up, strong bass and nice controls, it is highly recommended.

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Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

So, this is it for the modern and most sophisticated 10 best wireless headphones 2018 reviews. Looking at the specs and features, goods and bads of the above mentioned devices, what’s your final decision? Which device are you gonna purchase? Don’t think too much fellas, let me put you at ease by recommending some competing devices among the list. So buddies, award for the first position goes to Sony MDR10RBT which has absolutely crushed every other device of this type by its incredible battery life, connectivity, noise cancellation feature and other customization options. Device is liked by the consumers also. Second device competing with MDR in this list is Plantronics Back Beat Sense which has the maximum battery life, most in the devices under consideration right now. This isn’t the only strength, all other aspects of the music listening are handled very well in this exciting gadget.

Bose SoundlinkOn Ear is another wireless gadget guys, which simply can’t be ignored because of its stupendous specs, longer battery life and complete user satisfaction. This ear bud is also equipped with noise cancellation technology and many other customization options as well. Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless is a device buddies which I’m a little reluctant to recommend. I’m not a rival of them fellas, it’s just due to low end specs and low quality. Battery timing is the minimum in this device and user satisfaction is just not acceptable. End decision maker is just you, have a deep look at everything and find the most capable gadget.

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