Best CPU Coolers 2017 – 10 Top Budget, Liquid and Air Coolers (Aug.)


The days of despair for the gamers are gonna vanish, because the Best CPU Coolers 2017 is just here with all the necessary features integrated. A CPU cooler may work with fan cooling system, liquid cooling system or thermo-electric cooling system. Despite of the mechanism of working, every cooling system transfers the internally generated heat from the CPU to outside. This gadget might not be needed in normal cases, but it becomes indispensable once it comes to overclocking for gaming or other computing processes. Just keep reading to be more educated about the CPU coolers.

As electronic computers got to be bigger and trickier, cooling of the active segments turned into a basic component for solid operation. Early vacuum-tube PCs, with moderately heavy cupboards, could depend on the ordinary air system which helps to remain cool. However, strong and heavy state gadgets were packed considerably thicker and had lower permissible working temperatures.

Best CPU Coolers 2017 – Buying Guide

How CPU Works?

What is heat energy? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed just transferred. That’s what you learned in high school physics right? Now let’s apply this to your PC, when your CPU works, it gets hot but since that energy cannot be magically disappear, you have to transfer it somewhere.

This is the basic principle of processing cooling. The heat energy is basically absorbed and moved away from the CPU so that it cannot affect it anymore. The basic principle underlying its cooling remains the same but the techniques can differ. There are numerous ways of cooling your CPU among which the most common ones are fan coolers and hot pipes. You can also use a liquid cooling system or even a thermo-electric cooling system.

How Important Are They?

Believe it or not, a computer is literally nothing without a CPU. It is the BRAIN of the PC because you cannot use the Operating System without it. The computer relies on the CPU and the CPU relies on the cooling fan which then makes the this Cooler the most important device of your PC.

Usually, your CPU will work fine when the total external heat is lower than 70°C but any temperature going above that limit will show poor performance and sometimes create serious issues like a meltdown etc. Your stock fan is adequate for your needs except if you’re overclocking.

Your Computer Can Actually Crash!

You need to be cautious because your computer can actually crash. Especially during overclocking, when your CPU starts to produce excessive amounts of heat, it actually interferes with its performance. If the heat is not absorbed and moved away, it will keep building up and will probably melt the transistors.

Because the computer system works by transmitting impulses, when it gets hotter it can cause the electric signals to move slowly, effecting the performance of your computer in return. When the computer performance starts suffering, the computer eventually crashes.

What Are The Advantages For You?

  • If you’re overclocking, which is basically turning up the speed of your CPU, this Cooler will be needed by you to help cool it down.
  • It can help you run your PC faster because when the chip gets hot, the computer impulses travel more slowly.
  • If your hardware gets a severe workout to achieve greater speeds, you need the advantage of a CPU cooler to keep everything under control.
  • It’s very advantageous for you if you’re overclocking your PC and you need to wring every drop of performance from your computer.
  • Some coolers limit the actual heat exposure to the hardware of your computer.

CPU coolers are rather important devices and require their share of respect. Prolonged heating of a computer can make the components damaged and overheating can crash it. You need to be careful with your computer especially if you’ve made some build changes to it and added special software and are overclocking it because overclocked CPUs produce a lot more heat energy than regular ones. You really do need a fancier, high end this gadget to deal with overclocking because your standard stock fan is definitely not equipped to deal with it.

Hence, from above discussion, it is quite clear that to keep the CPU cool, especially for gaming, some of the organizations are working on the development of the CPU cooling gadgets which can make the CPU operate at lower temperatures.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
Name Cooling Method Noise Weight Reviews
NZXT Kraken X61 Liquid 37dB 4.51 pounds 4.2/5
Corsair Hydro Series H115i Liquid 40dB 4.4 pounds 4.4/5
Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX Liquid 37.7 dB 4.8 pounds 4.4/5
LEPA Liquid CPU Cooler Liquid 35 dB 4 pounds 4.1/5
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Fan 9-36 dB 1.3 pounds 4.4/5
Noctua NH-D15 Fan 24.6 2.91 pounds 4.9/5
Dark Rock Pro 3 Fan 26.1 dB 2.97 pounds 4.9/5
ARCTIC Freezer I30 CO Extreme Fan 23 dB 2.2 pounds 3.8/5
Corsair Hydro H60 Liquid 30.85 dB 3.79 pounds 4.4/5
Corsair Hydro Series H55 Liquid 30.32 dB 2 pounds 4.4/5

1. NZXT Kraken X61: Buy Now

Best CPU Coolers 2017


We are checking out one of the best cooling systems presently used for personal computers and will be identifying all the features which may encourage anyone to buy it.


NZXT Kraken X61 is one of the names that has made its mark in the field of computer accessories and have lived up to the standards set by modern companies.

Variable Speed Pump:

It has a world’s first integrated variable speed pump. It has a bigger radiator which provides 36% more surface area.

CAM Software:

It has CAM software specially designed to manipulate the digital fan and adjustment of cooling standards. Kraken X61 has extended 16 inch tubing and has a premium black sleeved cable for easy installation.


One of the most significant features that its developers boost upon is its silent functioning and noise free provision of computing. This feature has always been a hallmark for cooling system producers and those who achieved it.

Pre-installed Intel Mounting:

New X61 is provided with pre-installed Intel mounting for easy block mounting, making it easier to mount.

Fans and Radiators:

It’s well designed FX140 V2 PWM fans and radiators are highly efficient and keep the machinery cool and in working condition even in the worst conditions.

Amazing Fact:

This awesome cooler works efficiently even on Gigabyte GA-78LMT mother board and an AMD FX-8320 8 core processor.


This product has excellent warranty which is about 6 years.

        Pros         Cons
  •  Easily customizable.
  •  Efficient performance.
  •   Installation is very easy.
  •  Solid Cpu cooling for overclocking.
  •  Flawless radiator with no dents or bent fins.
  •  Well-designed fans with no coil whine or mechanical noise.
  •   Durability issues.
  •   Few of its parts don’t work with AMD.
  •   Air bubbles in the circulation process cause noise.


So, if you think you need a new cooling system for your home or office computers, just choose this cooling system and you will never be disappointed. Its excellent working will take you into a new experience of comfortable computing.

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2. Corsair Hydro Series H115i: Buy Now

Corsair Hydro Series H115i Review


Now, we will be looking at one of very important aspect of modern day computing and is a problem for almost all computer users. i.e. keeping the computer system cool for efficient working. We will be reviewing one of the best systems used nowadays which is named as Corsair Hydro Series H115i.


This cooler has amazing features.

High Performance:

Gone are the days when watercooling required  great work. The H115i is a shut circle, factory sealed fixed design that comes pre-filled, and it accompanies a measured device free mounting section for quicker installation.

Fan Radiator:

The fan radiator used in it is a 280 mm which is an essential component of this system. It is a specially designed radiator having two fans. These fans are 2 SP140L high torque 140 mm fans that optimize the efficiency of the cooling system. It has an improved cold plate fitted inside it to make it effective as compared to previous versions.

Built-in Corsair Link for monitoring, customization and control

It also comes with built in corsair link which can be attached to a USB cable and can be used to download software to manipulate it. By using this software, you can check and control the temperature of the system according to your needs. Another thing that has been catered for in this version is the availability of a mounting kit for fans and radiator making the job of our users easier.

You can tweak cooling execution, screen coolant, CPU temperatures and change the shade of the RGB LED lighting from the default white to coordinate your framework, or to change shading in view of temperature readings and different inputs.


It has about five years warranty.

        Pros         Cons
  •  Excellent quality.
  •  Effective performance.
  •  No compatibility issues.
  •   Impressive performance.
  •  Installation is very simple.
  •  A silent device with budget friendly offer.
  •  Stays very cool even during intense gaming.
  •   Rusting issue.
  •   Not ideal for AMD processors.
  •   Leakage issues in some cases.
  •   Components failing problem in some cases.


As this is a wholesome package taking care of all the needs of computer users as far as cooling of computer system is concerned, we recommend it to all our valued readers.

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3. Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2, Black: Buy Now

Best CPU Coolers 2017


Now, we will be looking into one of the best cooling systems developed by Corsair named as Hydro series H100i GTX High Performance.


Let’s go into the detail of its features.


It is one of the most stylish and well-organized systems presently being used. It is an all in one composite cooler with radiator and dual fans.


It is compatible with all computer cases which support 240 mm radiator. The 240 mm radiator of this system coupled with its design that doubles its efficiency and makes it one of the most reliable cooling radiators.

Specially Designed Fans:

Its two SP120L fans are specially designed fans that have blades precisely structured to allow more air and ensure that no noise comes out. This capability of lesser noise speaks highly of its modular design.

Corsair Link Cable:

It is also provided with a Corsair link cable that can be attached to motherboard so that you can manipulate the cooling and allow you to adjust the cooling according to your need. It also enables you to change the colour of LED according to the colour of your system. This cable has become a signature of the Corsair. It is also provided with a mounting kit for fans and radiator.


This cooler has 5 year warranty each for parts and labor.

        Pros         Cons
  •  Very easy to install.
  •  Extra quiet and cold.
  •   Fans are of higher quality.
  •  No water pump buzzing or odd noises.
  •  Controllable through Corsair Link software.
  •  LED is really nice and can change to any color.
  •   Pump Leakage.
  •   Back plate is very loose.
  •   Doesn’t come with AMD bottom bracket.
  •   Tubing is way too long for a midsize tower.


So, by looking at these features with minimum cons, we can conclude that this can be one of the choices made by most of intelligent buyers and can get benefit from it.

What other says about it ?

GTX become an even better contender in today’s saturated AIO cooler market –legitreview

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4. LEPA Liquid CPU Cooler: Buy Now

LEPA Liquid CPU Cooler Review


Now, it is a turn to discuss about our next product. It is a LEPA liquid CPU cooler. It is a new, elegant cooling system being used extensively these days.


Let’s go into the detail of its features.


Its two fans with a particular design, allow the maximum amount of air to flow and ensure the ventilation of the inner system of the computer.


This cooler contains 240 mm radiator and 120 mm fan. It efficient radiator lets the machinery to remain cool.

Anti Leakage Tube:

It has a specially designed anti leakage tube that has four layers which never let the coolant escape it. 


This cooling system is compatible for almost all Intel and AMD chassis and this makes it use quite diverse. This new design has been so designed that there should not be any corrosion and this quite unique thing in it.

Noise Free Cooling Systems:

Its design makes it one of the noise free cooling systems, allowing silent working and speaking highly of the manufacturers. Its copper base lets more coolant to affect the temperature of the system and allow the users to get advantage from it.

        Pros         Cons
  •  Appealing packaging.
  •  No leakage problems.
  •  Installation is very easy.
  •  Excellent built quality.
  •  High quality dual radiator cooler.
  •   Water cooling tubes are of extremely high grade.
  •   Seldom durability Problems.
  •   Light gets on but pump doesn’t work sometimes.
  •   Fans need to be swapped out for quieter operation.


It is one of my recommended cooling systems which will not only cool your systems effectively, but also will ensure that you are not bothered by the sound of a fan or any other part of this system.

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5. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO: Buy Now

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO


Now, we will be reviewing one of the most reliable and widely used cooling systems available named as Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It is the best cpu air cooler under 50 without a shadow of doubt.


This cooling system has some unmatched features.

Highly Effective Cooling:

Amazing Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) technology make sure that the heat pipes are free of obstacles while taking heat away from the processor making the system cool.

4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes:

It has four direct contact pipes with continuous direct technology in contrast to previously used direct contact technology. The new technology does not let the air leak, but ensures that it is used for cooling of the system.

Mounting Solution:

Coming over to the mounting assembly, it provides all in one solution for mounting on the computer cases.


It is compatible with almost all commonly used personal computer cases may they be Intel or AMD made. Its optional dual fan provides you to choose between more air flow and lesser. It is quite conventional yet reliable cooling system which lives up to its name i.e. cooler master.


It has a warranty period of 2 year each for parts and labor.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Great for a gaming build.
  •  Economical and proficient.
  •  Extra fans can be attached.
  •  Temperature remains stable.
  •  Easy to install and extremely silent.
  •  Thermal paste/compound is included.
  •   Material failure.
  •   Plastic retainer pins are problematic.
  •   May have some compatibility issues.


Now, in the ever growing market of computer accessories, hyper 212 EVO has a name that is trusted upon and looked for when it comes to cooling the systems. So, we recommend that you must give this cpu cooler for gaming, a try.

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6. Noctua NH-D15: Buy Now
Noctua NH-D15 Review


Let’s talk about the most premium of all heat sinks ever made. It was NH-D14 which won multiple prizes and recommendations from different high profile websites. Now, Noctua has developed its upgraded version named as NH-D15.


Let’s go into the detail of its features.

Dual Tower Design:

It is a dual tower design which allows the use of longer RAMs in the market when used in the single fan mode. This cooling system is without any radiator or any of the modern water coolers yet competing with them with the most efficient way.

Arrangement of Pipes:

It has 6 pipes which have been so placed that airflow is maximum and optimum volume of ventilation is provided to the circuitry working under it. Here keep in mind that the air flow is also uniformly distributed.

Use of Fans:

This cooling system has two fans of 140 mm size each. These fans are particularly designed for optimum output and result is brilliant. It has a low noise adapter that ensures no sound goes out and bothers the user.


Coming over to its compatibility, it is compatible for almost types of designs presently used for computer cases and Noctua might produce newer versions as well for the new chassis.


Its warranty is also one of the features which make it different from other designs, i.e.6 years. So you buy it once and forget to change it, it will do its job perfectly.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Completely silent.
  •  High Quality fans.
  •  Effective at cooling.
  •  Stupendous performance.
  •  Cheaper and easy to install.
  •  Equipped with a low-noise kit.
  •   A little louder than expected.
  •   Bent heat pipes in some cases.
  •   Cooling of fans is wider than heat sink.
  •   Need brackets on AMD plate for installation.


So, all of our readers must have got a new piece of knowledge about one of the best cpu water coolers from this review and might go out and buy for themselves.

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7. Be quiet!Dark Rock Pro 3: Buy Now

Be quiet!Dark Rock Pro 3 Review


Now, we have got something new and special for all of you. This is a cooling system that has passed almost all the tests worldwide and has been awarded multiple times by the renowned companies.


Let’s throw some light on its features.


Its design is a dual tower one and ensures the maximum cooling coupled with seven heat pipes which shows uniform and optimum distribution of air. It has been awarded with Red dot design award making it superior than others.

Extremely Silent:

It’s most important and extraordinary feature is that it is extremely silent (only 26.1dB(A) at maximum speed. That’s why, it is also called as silent cpu cooler. So, if you are using this system, rest assured that there will be no noise what so ever.


It is compatible to almost all the computer cases may they be AMD or Intel made.

Dynamic Cooling Fans:

As far as its fans are concerned, it has dynamic cooling fans. There are two cooling fans for this system and both are specially designed that allow the maximum volume onto the working circuitries. It has another additional smaller fan that can be used for up gradation of cooling.

        Pros         Cons
  •  Perfect for gaming.
  •   Very silent and solid cooler.
  •  Installation is pretty convenient.
  •  Comes with 2 fans pre-installed.
  •  Overclocking is controlled very well.
  •  Back plate provided with cooler is soothing.
  •   Little hard to set up.
  •   Might be little hard to set up for some users.


Keeping its track record and silent working, it becomes one of the most liked cooling systems. Not only domestic users but also the sellers do prefer this cooling system because it has not breached the trust of its users and its market is growing ever since its introduction in the market. So, it is recommended from our side.

What other says about it

The Dark Rock Pro 3 offers an excellent mix of cooling and noise, its better overall performance pushing value parity to less expensive Big Air rivals. Toms Hardware

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8. ARCTIC Freezer i30 CO Extreme: Buy Now

ARCTIC Freezer i30 CO Extreme Review


If you are looking for an efficient and classy CPU cooler, then today we have a treat for you. Now, we will be looking at one of the best air CPU coolers named as Arctic Freezer i30 CO Extreme. It is indeed living up to its name and ensures the cooling of long working computers.


Let’s throw some light on its features.

Efficient Air Flow:

It has a 120 mm fan that ensures efficient air flow onto the working circuitry in required amount and keeps it cool. It is the main component of this cooling system.

Heat Sink:

Then the second important part is a 48 fin heat sink that ensures that your computer is not heated and all the cooling effect is in place for optimum utilization of this system.

Direct Touching Pipes:

Then, we have four direct touching pipes that have been designed in such a way that they efficiently distribute the air onto the components with direct touch technology.

Mounting Assembly:

If we talk about its mounting assembly, it is also one of the unique assemblies being presently used by cooling systems. It allows the system to be mounted in any direction. Due to the robust assembly, it is transportable and does not affect the cooling effect if placed from one point to another.

Noise Factor:

If we talk about noise factor, this design ensures low noise and has vibration absorber which makes the vibration minimum.


It has 6 years warranty.

        Pros         Cons
  •  Easy Installation.
  •  Excellent for gaming.
  •  Excellent packaging.
  •   Economical cpu cooler.
  •  Very efficient and quiet.
  •  5 times more durable bearings than generic bearings.
  •   Compatibility issues.
  •   Dubious instructions.
  •   Cooler lacks guide book.
  •   Locks are flimsy and curved.


So, this resourceful and competitive gadget is a must buy product that can fulfill all your needs to cool down the computer and give you long working hours. It is the best air cpu cooler under 50.

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9. Corsair Hydro Series H60: Buy Now

Corsair Hydro Series H60 Review


We have been looking for competent CPU coolers and every now and then we come across Corsair. A name that has earned a respectable position as far as the cooling gadgetries is concerned. So again, we have a corsair product named as Hydro H60.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Liquid Cooling System:

This cpu cooler corsair contains a liquid cooling system which is a newer technology and promises an efficient cooling. It is a self-contained cooling system that effectively cools down the system.

Copper Cold Plate:

It has a copper cold plate that ensures that the coolant’s effect is distributed well. Its multi-platform bracket allows it mounting according to the will of the user giving it flexibility.


This cooling system is compatible with Intel LGA, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, and 2011 while AMD sockets AM2, AM3, FM1 and FM2.

Noise Reduction:

Now, looking towards the arrangement to reduce noise, its manufacturers claim that it is not necessary that you compromise on technology to remove sounds, but they have ensured that it remains competent as well as noise free.


This gadget is available in the market along with a quick start guide for all of their users making their lives easier as far as using this are concerned.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Noiseless item.
  •  Excellent quality.
  •  Good compatibility.
  •  Installation is simple.
  •  Has self-contained cooling mechanism.
  •  Keeps CPU at low temperatures at intense gaming.
  •   Leakage issues.
  •   Not being found durable.
  •   Not ideal for AMD processor.
  •   Doesn’t come with AMD motherboard back plate.


Now, as we have looked into almost all of the features and have concluded that Corsoir has once again produced state of the art equipment that lives up to our expectations from this brand name and has not disappointed us. This at least is a must have equipment for my computer system.

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10. Corsair Hydro Series H55: Buy Now

Corsair Hydro Series H55 Review


If you are looking for excellent CPU coolers, Corsair is the name to look for. Now, we have H55 quiet Edition to look on and explore that what they have in store for us.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Self-contained cooling system:

This quiet edition is a self-reliant cooling system which needs not to be refilled. It is refilled with the coolant. It uses a 120mm fan that ensures that the noise is not produced.

Low-profile pump:

The pump unit provides high-speed circulation without taking a lot of space. This makes installation easier, and helps improve your case’s airflow.

Permeability rubber tooling:

Minimal coolant evaporation helps ensure long life, and the resilient rubber offers both high flexibility and excellent leak protection. It is a best budget cpu cooler.

Easy Mounting:

You can mount it quite easily and do not require any special mounting kit, when you look at it closely; you get to know that it has a flexible rubber hose which allow you to mount easily.


It is compatible with most of sockets that include Intel IGA1150, 1551, 1366 and 2011 while AM 2, AM3 and FM1 of AMD sockets. It also has a warranty of 5 years that ensures that buyer can have it with confidence. It is called quiet edition because Corsair has made it sure that sound should be as minimum as possible.

        Pros         Cons
  •   All in one cooler.
  •  Great built quality.
  •  Installation is very easy.
  •  Has excellent low noise pump.
  •  Tool free rising support (bracket).
  •  Highly efficient copper cold plate.
  •   Leaking problem.
  •   Noisy fans according to some users.
  •   Multiple failure cases after 3,4 months.
  •   CPU retainer sleeve isn’t of very high quality.


So, if you are looking for a CPU cooler, Corsair is the right name to check for and in that too, you must go for Hydro Series H55 Quiet Edition Liquid CPU Cooler. This gadget can meet your needs successfully and will be a useful addition to your system.

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

Well guys, you have explored all the ins and outs of best cpu coolers 2017 reviews pretty well and all top notch products have also been skimmed by you. It’s time to listen to some of our recommendations based on the specifications, performance and user satisfaction of these gadgets. As you’ve seen, coolers with liquid cooling technology are pretty expensive compared to the coolers with “Fan” technology, but interestingly the later ones have appeared to be more proficient in “Noise reduction” and consumers are well satisfied with the products too.

Strong competition can be seen among “Noctua NH-D15” and “Dark Rock Pro 3” where there is only a slight difference between these cooling gadgets. Both contain the fan technology, fabulous user reviews and minimum sound. However “Noctua NH-D15” is the device which has won the race. “Dark Rock Pro 3” is of course the second recommendation with super efficiency and durable quality. In the fans having Liquid cooling technology, “Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX” is the device which is a step ahead of other cpu coolers with nice quality, low noise and comparatively good user response. In the war of better and best, “ARCTIC Freezer I30 CO Extreme” is the unlucky device which has got the last positions. Specifications are pretty good, but compatibility issues and unclear directions cause it big harm.

Now, the ball is in your court fellas, think before choosing a device because it’s no use of crying over the spilt milk.

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