#1 – Michael Jones

I know this discussion is not gonna turn into a battle when I say,

“Human ears alone are not sufficient to enjoy the digital sounds of the world”

Yeah dudes, you certainly need an extra pair of audio facilitators to hear your favorite sounds. To keep the sound at its best, you undoubtedly need the best computer speakers . But getting such kinda gadget is not a piece of cake, you should know that. It would take both time and research, so be ready for that.

What is a Computer Speaker?

That is not a childish question, don’t feel shy. In this world of hundreds and thousands of technological equipment, finding specifically the computer speakers is a hard job. Well, Speakers are the auxiliary equipment sold with the computers which do the job of amplifying the computer sounds. They may or may not have the power amplifier embedded in them, but the basic task remains the same.

Purpose of Computer Speakers:

Every computer or laptop holder seems like running behind the computer speakers, but do they know the basic purpose and need of these devices? That’s a very big question mark, because most of the laptops are equipped with built-in speakers. Here do the things get a little trickier, pals. Following are elaborated the purposes of these tools.

Quality Sound Output:

As already mentioned, most of the hardware have built-in speakers,but what is their sound quality and reliability? That’s the question, basically. The external speakers are always more sophisticated and efficient in sound quality. They have more no of audio channels embedded into them and sometimes stereo technology, which make the listening closer to the reality.

Enhancement of Low Volumes:

It happens quite frequently while using a system with built-in computers, when you don’t understand a dialogue in the movie, just because it was inaudible. The issue is serious, and the solution can also be found only by a serious effort. You’re not the one who will strive to provide the sound. It’s the bass capability, which elevates the frequency and audibility of very low frequency sounds. This is the prime specialty of bass capable instruments, but it does take a lot of blood and money. Can built-in speaker do such kind of job? Absolutely not!

Even Sound Projection:

Sound projection is the term used for the even and continuous dispersal of sound waves in the surroundings. Let me elaborate it first that the ordinary built-in laptop or PC speakers lack this function, due to build constraints. Excluding the incapable devices, the best buy computer speakers are the ones projecting the sound in the environment in a continuous fashion.

Types of Speaker Configuration:

Every electronic appliance is manufactured in multiple configurations to meet the demands of the consumers from diverse backgrounds. Same is the case here, chums. Office boys need the speakers with medium level audio and bass options, but young gaming enthusiasts are the pursuers of multi-channeled audio output instruments with outstanding bass and treble components.


These peripheral sound components have a wire and an audio jack associated with them, which is used for making the connectivity of these little tools with your systems possible.


If you’re a kinda person who just hate the jungle of wires, wireless speaker may be a soothing option for you. This is the tool which communicates with the source gadget via a wireless communication system.

Speakers 2.0:

This is the most basic speaker configuration, chums, which has just 2 speakers in the assembly, no subwoofers, no stereo technology. Such kind of configuration is just meant to provide the audio, not much detailed.

Speakers 2.1:

For the people who want to have low bass sounds in their ears as well, while listening to Shakira or watching Suits, 2.1 speaker configuration is very appealing. Such kinds of systems have 2 exclusive speakers and one subwoofer in the whole system, suitable for small level domestic use.

5.1 Speaker Configuration:

The speakers with this configuration are featured with four speakers, a center channel speaker and one subwoofer. These systems have the capability to be used for high grade gaming and professional setups.

7.1 Configuration:

This is the last and the most sophisticated level of computer speakers, peeps. These appliances can do wonders by their six speakers, one center channel speaker and a great subwoofer.

Buying Considerations:

This part of the discussion is something, which can really help you find the best computer speakers, guys. All the tips and tricks you need to know before buying a quality speaker are mentioned below:

Power and Sound Sensitivity:

Whenever you go out with the intention of buying any kind of computer speaker, these are the two basic aspects you need to look at, power and sound sensitivity. If the power need of any speaker is higher than what your personal computer or laptop can provide, that item will just be a waste of time and budget for you. Along with that, knowing the sound sensitivity level of the speaker is also important. It depends on your end use, whether you’re gonna listen to the sound of the chanting crowd in a cricket game or the sound of the rusting leaves in a documentary on nature.


Size is a subjective thing for the computer users. The people having more space on their tables can definitely handle large speakers, but the people with small tables can’t afford to buy large speakers. Therefore, know your requirements first, and execute the process.

Volume Control:

Are you gonna sit idle after connecting the speaker with your computer? It doesn’t work like that, I know. You surely need to change the volume and sound settings, quite often. For that reason, examination of this particular aspect in the speakers is much needed, with open eyes.

Low and high frequency handling:

A sound wave can’t have just high or only low pitch. That kind of wave will most probably be the noise. Well, to hear all the low and high frequency sound notes, you need to check the incorporation of two technologies in the speaker; tweeter and subwoofer. The former will take care of the high pitched sound and second will look after the low bass sounds.

Stereo or Surround option:

Don’t be amazed by the comprehensive terms, guys. The stereo sound is simply the audio coming from two speakers, possibly embedded in the same system. On the other hand, surround sound is what you get from multiple speakers arranged in a fashion so that the sound feels like coming from multiple directions.

#2 – Miguel Tamayo

I am 100 percent sure that most of the time sitting on a chair for hours playing video games can be exhausting. Virtual reality is changing the way we can enjoy video games! Also being one of the most technological advances in the gaming industry.

What is Virtual reality?

computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment.

What is a Virtual Reality Headset?

is a head-mounted device that provides virtual reality for the wearer. VR headsets are widely used with computer games but they are also used in other applications, including simulators and trainers.

How Does  a VR HEadset Work?

A virtual reality headset is equipped with sensors such as gyroscopes, structured light systems, eye tracking sensors, etc. Some headsets even come with gaming controllers.

Oculus Rift:

The Oculus Rift was one of the first Virtual Reality headsets to explode in fame, bringing the possibility of Virtual Reality into serious gaming. The Oculus, fabricated by Oculus Vr went through 5 prototypes before actually advancing into the final consumer product.

  • DK1 (Development Kit 1) – The purpose of this first prototype was to introduce the Oculus Rift and put in in the hands of developers to integrate their device into their gaming experience.
  • HD Prototype – This updated prototype used a 1080p screen improving the resolution given by the DK1 making objects in the game appear more clear.
  • Crystal Cove Prototype – This system used a low-persistence of vision OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display as well as a new motion tracking system. This new motion system helped detect small movements such as crouching and leaning improving the gaming experience.
  • DK2 (Development Kit 2) – Including the same systems used in the “Crystal Cove” such as the higher refresh rate, positional tracking, a detachable cable, and the omission of the need for the external control box. This prototype was more of a slim version of the previous one.
  • Crescent Bay Prototype – This version has better resolution than the previous prototype, built in audio, 360-degree tracking, and it’s low weight can give the user a better experience without knowing they have something on there heads eventually making the gaming experience more realistic.

Afterthe rise of the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, companies such as samsung and google have started to make there own versions of it. PLaystation already being a big gaming company, when announcing their new Playstation VR, it increased the possibilities for gaming compared to their rivals at Xbox.

With time, other small manufacturers have recreated gadgets similar to a Virtual Reality headset.Even though it does not allow you to play your favorite video, they can be useful to watch 360-degree videos.


  1. VR can help those that cannot fully experience the outside world, such as disabled people, experience a virtual world and live life to the fullest.
  2. Trainings for medicine can be done in VR simulators increasing the practice time and if anything goes wrong students are able to restart the task.
  3. It can help the user experience things that are not physically possible in real life such as experiencing a zombie apocalypse.


  1. Since this is still a new technological advance there are flaws that can appear on the future.
  2. People can become addicted to a virtual world causing them to forget their responsibilities in the real world.
  3. Using the VR for extended periods of time can cause motion sickness.

#3 – Madison Eason

Picture an artist in your mind. They likely have a bright creative glint in their eye, work long hours in a warmly lit studio in clothes constantly stained with the paint they work with. Now get rid of that picture. I am an artist, but there’s no paint on my clothes. I don’t work in a charmingly cluttered studio littered with brushes and canvas, I manage to maintain that creative glint though. You see, the difference between that fictional artist and myself is nothing more than our methods. That artists paints in an old, traditional sense, and I paint digitally using a Wacom Intuos Comic tablet.

Drawing tablets and digital art in general have been highly contested within the artistic community in recent history. Many traditional artists believe that it isn’t real art as it isn’t readily tangible without being printed. Others assume that the computer somehow does all of the work for you, as if there is some sort of magical art button that generates detailed paintings out of thin air.  A startling number even believe that all digital art can be is simply cropping and editing photos like photoshop artists. None of these are correct. I am not just a digital artist. If you would like to get specific, I am a digital painter.

The nature of a drawing tablet such as mine is simply a marriage of a computer mouse and the traditional paint brush and canvas. It’s an ingenious tool that allows me an infinite range of colors as drawing programs are not limited to the number of markers or paints I can afford. Linework and the skill of the hand is identical to that of paper. I do both digital and traditional art and find myself easily capable of seamlessly transitioning between the two.

Many traditional artists are hampered by not only the colors they own, but also the immense cost of high quality art supplies in the colors they do manage to obtain, not so with digital tablets. Your financial woes are limited only to your desire to print your work and the measly cost to do so. One always imagines that an expensive, high-tech tablet it far too expensive and impractical but it will ultimately save you money in the long run if you plan to pursue art more substantially. A high-tech several hundred dollar tablet is not even necessary, as some artists who do work digitally might try and plead. The Intuos Comic tablet I use is a humble little thing, only perhaps seven by eight inches with no touch screen or fancy bells and whistles to speak of. What matters is that it has sped up my drawing time by a substantial margin, not to mention has allowed me to enhance my work with the versatility and capacity for detail it provides that a standard computer mouse simply never could.

So maybe I’m not what comes to mind when you think of artist. I sit at my cluttered little desk in clean pajamas slaving away at a little square on a desk top, but I can create things just as intricate and marvellous as any painter is capable of. Tablets like mine are gaining in popularity along with digital art, be them gigantic expensive monsters that look like they could be used by NASA to launch a man into orbit, or simply little computer mouse pen and paper hybrids. Who knows, perhaps someday, when you think of the word artist, I and my fellow digital workers will pop up beside that rustic little studio man. One can only imagine.

#4 – Owen Getz

Whether we like it or not, technology has had a massive impact on the world that we live in today. Technology has literally changed the way that the world works. With everything from government and businesses to individual people, technology plays a role in every aspect of the world. With technology impacting society in such a big way, it has raised some questions. Is the rapid growth of technology all good? What are the good things about technology and what things do we have to watch out for? There are definitely many unanswered questions, but we hope that all of this new technology does not get out of hand.

Technology has changed the way we eat, date, shop, study, and so much more. There are so many good things about technology that have allowed us to advance as a society. With the internet, we now have unlimited access to all the information that we want. This has changed how we study and learn. If we use the internet as a resource, then we can learn so much more than we ever could have before. We just have to be careful that what we see on the internet is completely true. There are many false websites out there that do not provide accurate information.

Technology is now being incorporated into our homes. There are now HVAC systems, appliances, garage door openers, and electrical systems that can just connect to our phones. Any operation in our homes are now at the tips of our fingertips. Now, we don’t even have to leave our homes to order food or shop. We can simply tap on an app that lets us order food to our front doors. We can also buy anything that we want without getting off the couch at home. All of this new technology has been designed to make our lives easier, but it can also make us lazier as a society. It is nice having this technology to make our lives more convenient, but I believe that it has also made us lazier. It seems like there are less people that get out of their homes and go do something. I believe that this makes us less productive as a society, even though the whole point of technology is to boost productivity.

Now, even though I think that people are becoming less productive, technology does do a good job of making things more efficient. Technology makes it possible for us to get real time data and send messages in a split second. This has made communicating with people so much easier. With social media, it is now easier than ever to meet someone new and get in touch with them. There are even dating websites that set you up with people that you would get along with. This can be very helpful for a lot of people. Not only is it possible to connect with new people, but we can also have long distance conversations. Businesses can make calls overseas, and email can be sent anywhere in the world, the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to technology. A big issue that we face today is cyber crimes such as terrorism and hacking. There have been many instances where large businesses have been hacked into and the hackers have access to the information of thousands of customers. One example of this was when Target was hacked in 2013. This exposed thousands of people’s credit card information and put a lot of people at risk. Identity theft is another big issue. The more information that we put on the internet, the easier it is for hackers to steal our identities and money. Hacking has even become a way for terrorist to obtain information. If there is a breach in security for the data that the government puts on the cloud, then it could make it possible for terrorist to hack it and uncover a lot of top secret information. Something like this could threaten our national security. These are some of the dangers that have come along with the advancement of technology.

I think that the biggest effect that technology has made on the world has been making the world smaller. Two people can be playing the same game online on two completely different ends of the earth. We can send messages in seconds to people thousands of miles away. We can even have live video conversations with people that we have never seen in real life before. Technology has given us access to the world with just a few clicks. With everything that  technology is capable of, there is so much left to discover. As a society, and as technology continues to advance, we must be careful of the effects that technology will have on all of our futures.

#5 – Lateesha Wimbush-Baylor

There has been so many feuds between Apple and Samsung over the years and they have ultimately divided consumers. From one company accusing the other of copyright infringement to that very public apology that Apple had to give Samsung (twice), the two companies behave like they are straight out of a Shakespeare play with their Montague and Capulet-like antics. Despite all of the drama there is something stirring in the skies above. Are sunny days here again or is it just the calm before the storm? Apple is coming out with the IPhone X and Samsung is coming out with the Samsung Galaxy X (allegedly). At first glance it just looks like normal competition between companies, but something stands out this time. Ever wonder why both phones end with X? This could be because the two phones are more similar than you think. Apple has actually hired Samsung to make certain parts of their precious IPhone. Alright maybe hired is a bit of a stretch, but Apple definitely has to pay a ton of money to use Samsung’s technology. I know what you are thinking. This is the equivalent of if Darth Vader just gave up and joined forces with Luke Skywalker (Samsung being Luke Skywalker of course). As much as we all cheer for Luke we cannot deny how powerful a partnership with Darth Vader could be (as long as it is not a trick to get Luke to join the dark side). If this deal goes well there are endless possibilities for the future. Just imagine an IPhone with Gorilla Glass or a Galaxy with Imessage. These are the tweaks that could change the smartphone game forever. If they combined the best parts of both operating systems they could render every other smartphone obsolete. This could be the best thing to happen to every cult follower of IPhone and Samsung. It gives the consumers the chance to experience different abilities and specifications that they otherwise would not dream of trying. After all who wants to be known as “That Person” that went against the cult?  Not to mention that we love when Apple has to come crawling to the world of Android because they cannot get something done themselves. The begging is not entirely one sided though (although it would be cooler if it was). Samsung has also hired Apple store designers in the past to help design Samsung stores. The only problem that they need to fix now is the storage (outside of the fact all but one Galaxy phone actually have memory card slots). Both IPhone and Galaxy have clouds, but neither run as fast or as smoothly as the Google Pixel’s cloud. Maybe there could be a third partner in this frenemy situation in the future. Maybe the IPhone Galaxy Pixel X4? Well the name could use some work, but the idea of a more efficient super smartphone is still alive. Especially when smartphone companies as big as Apple and Samsung can put aside their differences (albeit momentarily) to accomplish the impossible.