Best Gaming Mouse 2021 – Top 10 Gaming Mouse Reviews

What makes a good gaming mouse? Good grip, sensitivity, custom buttons and DPI switching.

Our experts spent 36 hours of testing out the best gaming mouse for 2021 and we’ve got the ultimate buying guide with gamers in mind – because we ARE gamers.

Some of these are so good people will think you have an aim-bot.

We guarantee that these models with exquisitely designs are comfortable for claw and palm grips to provide ease for you to play, unlocking your truest potential. They are reasonably priced, desirable for gaming enthusiasts, and possess the best features, allowing you to enjoy your games to the fullest and in the most futuristic way possible.

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

NameOptical sensorReport rateButtonsOnboard MemoryReviewsPrice
Razer Death Adder Chroma10,000dpi1000Hz5Yes4.3/5Click Here for Price
Razer Naga Epic Chroma8200dpi1000Hz19No4/5Click Here for Price
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum12,000 dpi1000Hz11Yes4.5/5Click Here for Price
Corsair Gaming M65 RGB8,200 dpi1000Hz8Yes4.2/5Click Here for Price
Roccat Nyth12,000dpi1000Hz15Yes3.7/5Click Here for Price
Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex4000dpi1000Hz6Yes4.5/5Click Here for Price
Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury4000dpi1000Hz8No4.6/5Click Here for Price
Steel Series Rival 1004000dpi1000Hz8Yes4.6/5Click Here for Price
Roccat Kone Naval Storm Pure5000dpi1000Hz6Yes4.1/5Click Here for Price
Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS3200dpi1000Hz6No4.7/5Click Here for Price

1. Razer DeathAdder Chroma: Buy Now

Razer DeathAdder Chroma


For playing games, the system must have everything up-to-date and hi-tech features supportive so that a true sense of gaming sensation must be felt. Today, I will share my experience about the top gaming mouse, Razer Death Adder which is the most renowned mouse exclusively designed for games.


Let’s throw some light on its features.


The design is made of a plastic material with the USB cable to get attached to your system. One interesting thing about the USB jack is gold plated which is very surprising to me.


Razer’s mark gaming mouse is a standout amongst the most pervasive, notable peripherals of the most recent decade. The mouse has a bigger built that you will notice once you grab it. When I hold it in my hand, its shape felt so ergonomic and fit very nicely in my hand also giving me a comfortable feel.


You can now illuminate its scroll wheel and Razer logo just the way you want with 16.8 million customizable color options. It is a best gaming mouse under 50.

Function of Buttons:

The total function buttons are five. If I don’t consider the scroll button, then the rest of four are easily programmable with the software provided for customization. The software also allowed me to set the sensitivity of the mouse according to my need.

I felt the right and left click button very responsive and easily usable. You will notice an optical sensor on the lower side of the mouse provided for maximum DPIs, actually around 10,000 DPI. The side buttons were very handy and comfortable when I hold the mouse in my hand.


I tried the Razer DeathAdder Chroma through the span of a week, utilizing it for both fundamental processing and for gaming. It took a short time to get the mouse balanced. While playing the principal individual shooter PC amusement Left 4 Dead 2, I observed this mouse to be staggeringly exact and simple to use at a surveying rate of 500 Hz and an affectability of 1,050 DPI. It’s a best fps mouse.

For whatever length of time that you don’t tune your mouse affectability too high, this mouse is phenomenal for FPS titles. Moreover, playing RPG Witcher 3 around 2,000 DPI was perfect, and my hand never got drained, even during marathon gaming sessions.

        Pros        Cons
  •   8 million customizable color options.
  •   Extremely responsive sensor.
  •   Textured rubber side grips.
  •   Impressive plastic quality.
  •   Incredible ergonomics.
  •   Side button placement is not ideal.
  •   Track wheel has no momentum.
  •   Poor quality control.


The Razer Death Adder Chroma is a brilliant gaming mouse with an extremely ergonomic configuration and various customization alternatives for lighting and execution by means of the included programming. While you can’t modify the heaviness of the mouse like you can on the Corsair M65 RGB, it has a superior vibe and a more grounded sensor, settling it on our new Editors’ Choice for gaming mice.

What others say about this gaming mouse

It’s pretty much the same as the previous version, except now the lights can change color and it has a 10,000 DPI sensor instead of the previous 6,400. It’s still just as comfortable as ever, and as bare-bones as ever. –PCWorld 

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2. Razer Naga Epic Chroma: Buy Now

Razer Naga Epic Chroma


Now, it’s a turn of a discussion about a nice and reliable gaming mouse Razer Naga Epic Chroma. Before I used the Razer Naga Epic Chroma, I anticipated that it would give me the full scope of RGB hues guaranteed by the “Chroma” name. What I didn’t expect is that Razer would likewise make its best-in-class, hugely multiplayer online (MMO) mouse remote. It is amongst best buy gaming mouse.


Let’s throw some light on its features.


I personally felt the design very comfortable with a curved surface, placing the ring finger, which is usually a non-active portion of hand while playing games. The rubbery surface on the lower sides actually gives a strong grip for the holding it.


On the thumb side, which is the left side of mouse in fact, has firm pad with buttons on it. These buttons pad a really nice shape with an inward curve instead of bumping outwards like the older model of Naga. I felt very easy to press the buttons, even without looking at it all the time.


Razer Naga has rolled out with a wireless charging dock with the mouse. As this is a battery mouse and needs to be charged for a chunk of hours of working. Once I put the mouse on the dock, I caught the mouse nicely on its curved surface with a magnetic force. You will feel a slight breathing vibration in the mouse once the charging starts with the LED changing its color tones.

Wire Attachment:

Aside the dock, you can also directly attach the mouse to the wire that is connected to wireless charger. This wire has a small plug which easily gets fit on the head of the mouse and gives a traditional wired mouse feel.

Optical sensor:

It is equipped with a 8200 DPI cutting-edge mouse sensor to deliver precision and ultra-responsiveness with a speed of 200 inches per second and 1000 Hz surveying rate.

Use of Software:

Synapse 2.0 software makes the Razer Naga mice customizable and I easily programmed the buttons in Chroma mouse using Synapse to manage and create unique profiles for each game.

New and Latest Version:

Integration of lighting and wireless charging are new and latest version as compared to its previous products.

        Pros        Cons
  •   19 MMO optimized programmable buttons.
  •   8 million customizable color options.
  •   Works perfectly on MAC as well.
  •   Razer Synapse support.
  •   Side grip is replaceable.
  •   Terrible battery life.
  •   Poor cable design.


We have observed from the above debate that Razer Naga Epic Chroma is an excellent mouse for all and sundry. In spite of few cons, it is still a highly recommended product. It is more than worth the money without a shadow of doubt.

Buy from Amazon CTA3. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: Buy Now

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum


Now, we are going to discuss all-time famous and favorite gaming mouse among the enthusiast. I will be very precise during my discussion so that you will get a clear idea of what this mouse is actually aimed to give you. It is beautifully crafted to suit all grips. It is amongst best gaming mouse because of its excellent customer reviews. Yes, we are talking about the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


Starting with the design of Proteus, which is very robotic when I saw it first, it gives a feel of a pure gaming mouse when you hold it. Obviously, the conventional office mouse can never have the angular button and such a militant look. The click feeling is perfect.


If we talk about the heart and soul of any gaming mouse, its the SENSOR, the g502 mouse houses the PMW3366 sensor, which proves an option to choose from five settings from 200 to 12,000 DPI. It is ended up being a standout amongst the most trusted, and precise sensors ever made.

In my nearly two years use of both the g502 sensor and range I have never encountered any sensor glitches or even the scarcest info issue. Towards the day’s end, the sensor is likely the most critical part of any gaming mouse, and in such manner, the g502 mouse goes with flawless imprints.


The mouse gives you total five buttons along with the metal scrolling wheel which is really easy to move. These buttons are customizable and I have tested it with the Logitech software which makes them more programmable according to the needs.

The optical sensor technology used by Logitech is quite hi-fi with a speed of 300 IPS and 1000 Hz report rate. I personally used this mouse for various games and never found that it is missing its target anytime.

Non-Slippery Surface:

I also notice that the surface is sweat-free and makes it non-slippery when it is used in a humid environment for a long time of usage. The rubber textured grips of side makes strong grip of your hand on its body. You have full right to disagree with any of my review anytime, but I am sure you will not deprive your extreme gaming environment with this extraordinary and perfect mouse.


This claw grip mouse has 2 year hardware warranty.

        Pros        Cons
  •   On-board memory to save settings.
  •   Adapts to your environment.
  •   Customizable buttons.
  •   Smooth scroll wheel.
  •   Light in weight.
  •   Very durable.
  •   Cheap cable braiding.
  •   Dim colors.


We are damn sure that if you’re in the market for a best mmo gaming mouse in this price range, you would certainly not be disappointed with this purchase. It has great features with minimum cons. Most of the users have given this product a five star. It is highly recommended because it a best logitech gaming mouse.

Buy from Amazon CTA4. Corsair Gaming M65 RGB: Buy Now

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB


Now, it’s a turn of the famous gaming mice available for perfect gaming of personal computers. Its 8,200 DPI with a response rate of 1000 Hz ensure smooth gaming experience. It is amongst best budget gaming mouse.


We are going to highlight some features of Corsair M65 RGB which is hitting the fanatics with its unique look and RGB lightings.


Let me tell you something about the design first. This is an internal aluminum body with a plastic cover on the outer side. The side grips are highlighted with textured design which gives a strong grip to my hands when I used it. I must say that the body is having groovier surface when we compare it with the mice by various other vendors.

Moreover, your palm will not feel comfortable with this shape of mouse because it mainly focus the ease of fingers and the button. I am not really making you ignore this Corsair mouse but just sharing what my hand felt when I played few games for about 2 hours.

RGB lighting:

You are going to see the RGB lighting in three points only; the scroll wheel, logo and DPI indicator. As the DPI indicator comes under your index finger so you are not going to enjoy the lighting every time according to DPI settings. But I could see the lightings on the scroll wheel and logo very easily.

Weight Adjustments:

When I checked for weight adjustments, I got them at the rear side by moving the mouse upside down. There are two weight adjustments which can be done, tighten or loosen by using a screw driver or a coin.


The entire 8 buttons are very responsive and easy-to-use. I found the sniper button very well located and requires a hard click, hence making it not clicked accidently by a small move of the finger.

Corsair Software:

With its customization software, the Corsair mouse is giving a more firm grip to the claw user and let them enjoy a high-end peripheral device and download some profiles.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Handles sweaty hands well.
  •   Adjustable weight options.
  •   Scroll wheel are awesome.
  •   Promising sniper button.
  •   Programmable Buttons.
  •   Not suitable for left hand.
  •   Buggy software.


That was all about this review. Because of its excellent features, it is a best gaming mice. Its sleek design, sensitive adjustable buttons and coated colors make this mouse feel great for beginning gamers. So, it’s highly recommended.

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5. Roccat Nyth: Buy Now

Roccat Nyth


Roccat is a top gaming organization with a recent successful history about mechanical gaming, keyboards, gaming headsets, etc. The NYTH is billed as an MMO.

Roccat Nyth is one of the most inventive mice in modern eras. With an extremely ergonomic design, it gives a variety of options for customizing the button on its body and adds up in its flexibility.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Side Grip And Thumb Button:

When I first read the guide, I was amazed by knowing that the side grip of the mouse is easily removable with its magnetic force which never loses its position. This is for the users who don’t want to have an extra support of fingers.

In the box, I got a set of replaceable thumb-button and side grips in case the one with the mouse are lost accidentally. This is really a good backup plan by the vendor. Roccat Nyth has a very fine contoured body built with a matte looking plastic.


The laser sensor goes up to 12000 DPIs very easily which is very high and making it superbly sensitive. That’s why; it is also called as mouse DPI. It is also 3D printer supported.

Other Buttons:

I counted the buttons on all the sides of the mouse and came up with total 18 buttons including the left and right clicks, 12 on thumb pads, the scroll wheel and easy-shift button. A fin-like-button is placed on the very top which mostly used in application switching during a general work.

Key Point:

If you are not an MMO player, then all the 12 buttons on thumb pad are not going to be used. In this case, just pop out the buttons with the slides at the bottom and replace them with a straight panel if you are pretty sure that you are not going to use them in gaming.

Roccat Swarm:

Swarm is the software manifestation of ROCCAT’s upcoming arranged philosophy. It may cover all platforms related to gaming and devices etc.

        Pros        Cons
  •   12000 DPI twin-tech laser sensor.
  •   Configuration options are king.
  •   On-board memory support.
  •   2 hot swappable side grips.
  •   Exceptionally responsive.
  •   Length can’t be changed.
  •   Faulty drivers.



With the above mentioned features and specifications, it is clear that Roccat Nyth is a must have mouse for all and sundry. With very few cons and low price, it is affordable and recommended for all. It is amongst best buy gaming mouse.

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6. Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex: Buy Now

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex


The available range of gaming peripherals is definitely going to confuse you when you step in the market. Among all these listed gaming mice, Logitech has always been a winner for proving the maximum features and comfort.


Let me share you some properties I notice about G303 Daedalus by Logitech.

Weight And Colors:

The vendors are famous for providing light weight and easy-to-use mice for us. And this model of G303 Apex also holds the same things. The colors of RGB lighting are very sharp and pure. I checked this feature by selecting various colors and each one come up with a pure result so far. You can select any color from the range of 16.8 million colors.


As compared to its predecessor, Logitech Apex comes with an enhanced sensor which goes from 200 to 12000 DPIs sensitivities with 1000 Hz. So this will go to make you a perfect shooter in action or shooting/fighting games.


Another side where Apex shines is the Logitech software which makes it extremely programmable and supports customization. You can easily make and set profiles for various games along with the DPIs settings and the lightings on the logo.


With two thumb buttons, there are total six buttons available on the mouse. The scroll wheel also works as a clickable button with a subtle rubber grip. All the buttons are highly responsive and easily clickable. It is one of the best mice used for MOBA and FPS.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Lightweight and small in size.
  •   Works on almost any surface.
  •   On-the-fly DPI switching.
  •   Simple and powerful.
  •   Perfect RGB lighting.
  •   Suited for all gamers.
  •   Warranty claims are slow.
  •   DPI buttons are absent.
  •   Sensors may rattle.


As I tried to share the possible points to consider the pros and cons of Apex mouse, I hope you will get something final in your thought whether to go for it or pass by. It will definitely make you enjoy a best peripheral device whether you are single player or going to play multiplayer games. It is highly recommended because it a best logitech gaming mouse.

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7. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury: Buy Now

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury


Let me highlight the most crisp-featured peripheral by Logitech which makes itself in the limelight among the gamers. G402 claims to provide you a strong pace in high movements by using the fusion engine feature which impressed me when I heard about it.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


For verifying and firming my reviews, I tested it so that I can explore what more it provides. Considering the design of it, I found it a little bit enlarged in size, but still it is very smooth and comfortable for all types of users, including both the palm and claw users.

Sensor Speed:

Its sensor speed which is 500 inches per second (IPS). It is also noted that sensor is rated at 4,000 DPI and the mouse can report at intervals as low as 1 ms.

ARM Processor:

Another key feature is 32-bit ARM processor. This may cause very high speed. It is considered as best fps mouse.


Its equipped with 8 Buttons. All the buttons came in the range of my finger and thumb. In total, there are four buttons for thumb operations and two are on the top left side so that the pointing finger can access them easily. There is no doubt in the softness of a button when you click them.

Customization Software:

After the design and looks, I checked for the customization software which is only available for windows platform. By using the software, I easily check the programmability of the macro buttons. The LED and DPI setting was also user friendly to adjust.

But sadly, the software does not allow to create the custom profiles for each game or the change the colors of LED as other manufacturers are providing commonly.



  •   Extremely comfortable.
  •   Easily programmable.
  •   Has accurate sensors.
  •   Very fast and reliable.
  •   Software is excellent.
  •   Has a nice wireless.
  •   Good for starters.
  •   Doesn’t work with WOW.
  •   Drivers are not available.
  •   Slow pointer speed.


The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is a compact gaming mouse, with good number of additional controls for most gamers. The design, button location, and customizability make for a solid experience, whether gaming or some casual use.

Thanks to a higher DPI sensor and extra comfy metal construction, the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is an exceptional gaming mouse in its own right. It is highly recommended because it is also amongst best logitech gaming mouse..

What others say about it

Logitech has a long and enviable history in the gaming mouse market and its latest model looks set to continue that line. While it may not include every possible feature, it packs in a high-speed, high-sensitivity laser sensor, a 32-bit ARM processor and oodles of programmable buttons, so it’s got all the performance you should need. Trusted Reviews.

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8. Steel Series Rival 100: Buy Now

Steel Series Rival 100


I came across with another hi-featured gaming mouse which is no other than SteelSeries’s Rival 100. We have included this excellent piece of item in our list because it is amongst  best cheap gaming mouse.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


If we talk about its design, it has an awesome design. The side grips are not rubber textured as other gaming mice. It is basically the same plastic with such looks. The size is very accurate and you will notice very fine contouring on the edges, hence giving you a comfortable grip for holding it.

Upper Surface:

The upper surface of the mouse is very smooth and sweat-free textures and does not go to humid your hand while you’re gaming passionately.

Scroll Button:

Its equiped with 8 buttons. The scroll button really does not make any noise when you hover it up and down. The macro buttons, which are total 6 in number, are ready to reprogram with different functionality. Among 16 million available color shades, the RGB light can be set differently by the user.

Rubbery Textured Surface:

With its rubbery textured surface, it is smoothly clickable. Steel Series has aimed to integrate one of the fastest optical sensors in Rival 100 which is capable of sensing up to 4000 counts per inches which is really amazing. The accuracy of sensor perfectly depending on the movements and doesn’t give any vague results.


You can make Rival 100 more customizable with the available Game Sense software. I also check the feature of making profiles for each game and when I played a specific game, the profile attached with it automatically deployed to the mouse with the help of the customization software. Overall, this mouse software is a breeze to use.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Excellent acceleration and deceleration settings.
  •   Very comfortable and easy to use.
  •   Very precise and responsive.
  •   No installation problem.
  •   On-board memory.
  •   Not good for Mac users.
  •   Non braided bottom.
  •   Not for left handers.


It is clear from the above discussion that as a whole, it is a very good gaming mouse. It is a great value for great sturdy mouse with amazing build and drivers.It is also considered as a cheap gaming mouse. It is recommended for all.

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9. Roccat Kone Naval Storm Pure: Buy Now

Roccat Kone Naval Storm Pure


Every gamer when plans to buy a new gaming peripherals, a lot of things come in the mind regarding the needs and wants. So every purchase comes up after a lot of research. To help you out in your planning, I am here to write my views about Roccat Naval Storm mouse for extreme gaming ends.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


After you unbox it, an install guide will be popped out along with the mouse. Once you hold it in hands, you will quickly notice the built is very subtle and rubber-finish touch that is going to provide a sweat-free usage even for extended hours.


It seemed very light with a total weight of 90 grams. This weight does not include the braided cable with a USB head provides the connectivity of this wired mouse with computer systems.


Comes with a 5000 DPI sensor with respose time of 1ms. As the mouse is extremely curved outside, so it fits very properly within your palms and let you feel a comfortable sensation without making your wrist tired. Along with this ergonomics built, the buttons are also very smooth and responsive. Two of the macro buttons are on the left edge under the shadow of your thumb, while the DPI is beneath the scroll wheel which is press-able.

An illuminated Roccat logo can be seen by taking your palm away. One of the buttons on the thumb pad act as easy shift which enable the other buttons of the mouse to work various other functions when pressed together.


Once you are done with installing the driver, the customization software is easily accessible through which different programmable buttons can be altered or updated. Along with this, the DPI setting and LED lights can also be altered. We are facilitated to make and upload a specific profile for games.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Available in black and blue colors.
  •  Modifier button is really useful.
  •  7 buttons and 2D scroll wheel.
  •  On-Board memory support.
  •  Excellent Fingertip Grip.
  •  Soft-touch surface.
  •   Laser maybe Jumpy.
  •   Not very durable.
  •   May jitters.


Now coming to a final verdict, it is a pure yes, because with all the available features and comfort, Naval storms have got our five stars. It is recommended because it is amongst best buy gaming mouse.

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10. Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS: Buy Now




Sometimes, it does happen when our requirements and the budget does not go parallel. In these scenarios, the choice really becomes very difficult. Today, I am going to help you out with my words about the most budget friendly gaming mouse with high features. Yes, it is Redragon M601 Centrophorus with its 3200Dpi sensor and 6 customizable buttons. It is a best gaming mouse under 50.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Humid Free Surface:

You will not feel your hands going to slip due to sweat inside the hand. More precisely, the surface is humid free. For the gamers who are concerned about the weight options, this is not going to be the perfect selection. The weight of the mouse matters for some players depending upon the nature of games they are using.

On the other hand, some of the people really don’t bother about the weight rather they are good for all types of games in terms of heaviness and lightness of gaming mouse.


With the combination of black and red color, the built has a smooth and gripped effect.

Cheap Gaming Mouse:

Well, you are not going to get any mouse better in functionality and cheaper than Centrophorus. Without a shadow of doubt, it is a cheap gaming mouse.


With the most comfortable curves on the edges and a rubber textured pads give a firm grip to the finger and thumb. There are two buttons at the thumb sides which are programmable through software.

Wheels And DPI Button:

The rest of the collection includes two conventional right and left clicks, a scrolling wheels and a DPI button. DPI settings go as high as 2000 for sensitivity, although it is not perfect, but sufficient enough for average resolution monitors.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Very nice for gaming and other daily use.
  •   Has great quality and durability.
  •   Cord is braided and heavy.
  •   Great value at this price.
  •   Cord may lose connection over time.
  •   No on-Board memory.


Coming to my personal views, for the users who are not convened with right adjustments and are used with 1080 resolution monitor, believe me, you are going to rock your games with such an affordable price for this epic gaming mouse. It is highly recommended because it is a best cheap gaming mouse.

Buy from Amazon CTA

Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

This was all about Best Gaming Mouse 2018 Reviews. As gaming mouse is a part and parcel for gamers, so you have to be very clear and precise in choosing these because these have great benefits as mentioned above. These reviews are an essence of practical experience and testing. So, keep all the above mentioned points in mind like their types, grips and advantages before going for a device.

So which mouse is best suited for you? Well this depends on your gaming preferences if you’re into first-person shooters. Here are a few recommendations from my side. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Provides is right balance of sensitivity and responsiveness making this device a top-notch product among all the bunch of mouses. If real-time strategy, MMOs or MOBAs portray your type more, then Razer Naga Epic Chroma will provide you with all the customization options, but on top of this is a gadget having fabulous features and excellent user reviews, the name of beauty is “Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS”. If you are a casual gamer than the cheaper alternative like Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS will fulfill all your needs. So, know your needs and go for a device suited to your needs and interests. Happy gaming.

Best Gaming Mouse 2021 – Buying Guide

If you want to get gaming mice, you must need to know some other important aspects related to this one. As learning about mice can be considered as pretty deep rabbit hole, so start with the basics.

Important Types

Mice has following different important types.

1. Basic Optical Mice

This basic optical mice has 2 buttons, one scroll wheel with attached USB cable. It is faster than wireless mice. It is best for general use.

2. Wireless Mice

This wireless mice has 2 buttons, a scroll wheel and Bluetooth, infrared attachment. It is best for convenience. But it is slower than wired mice.

3. Gaming Mice

It has lots of buttons. It has a scroll wheel with USB attachment cable. It has many advantages like good precision, custom user profiles and ergonomic design. It is best for high-level gaming.

4. 3D Controller Mice

It has lots of buttons with control knob. It has USB cable for attachment. It is best for 3D modeling. But it is large, expensive and complex.

5. FPS Gaming Mice

This type of gaming mice is specific for FPS. Best FPS gaming mouse are made by Zowie. They have stiff tactile buttons with a great sensor and multiple shapes/sizes to suit any grip type.

Types Of Grip

When it comes to selecting the perfect gaming mouse based on its shape, size, weight and any other of the flawless qualities, there has not been one mouse that could satisfy the needs of all.  And there should not be.

So far, there are three main grip types that have been known; the most famous “palm grip”, the fast growing “claw grip”, and the somewhat extreme “tip grip”.

Palm Grip: In this stance, you place your entire hand over the mouse. This mouse is usually broader and longer with steeper back.

Claw Grip: In this case, the hand is curved up with less contact focuses on the mouse, framing a paw like shape. As compared to palm grip, this grip mice are best for fast gliding.

Tip Grip: In this grip, your whole hand is brought up in air from back as opposed to laying on the mouse, and only two fingers with thumb are in contract with the mouse.

So, it is clear that grip of any mouse is extremely important as not every mouse works best with every grip.

Advantages of Using Best Gaming Mouse

In spite of the above mentioned grips and types, it has some other important advantages as well to know which forces user to have this. These are in following headings.

1. Better Performance And Durability:

Gaming mice are typically designed for consistent work of many hours. For better performance, they are made up of high quality materials. That is why, they are very durable, strong and super comfortable.

2. More Productive Work:

It is a misconception for majority of people that it is specific for gaming mice only. You can perform any task easily with the help of this gaming mice whether you want to perform any task like copying, deleting or pasting etc. Moreover, it has better tracking for flat cursor movement. So, all these allow us to be more productive.

3. Ultimate Choice For Gamers:

It is an ultimate choice for mouse potatoes and gamers because it is specifically built for precision and accuracy. This precision and accuracy are really essential in many fast paced games.

4. Does Not Turn Off:

It does not turn off even if you remain inactive for a good amount of time. While other standard mouse has power-saving option in inactive situation. So, in this way, there will be no delays in your response while using the PC.

5. Programmable Buttons:

It has multiple well-placed programmable buttons which you cannot get on regular mice. The setting of these buttons is adjusted in such a way that it can perform any specific action in game. So in this way, these buttons can become a source of real entertainment and enjoyment for gamers.


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