Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700k to Boost Your Processor’s Efficiency

If you spend time on your computer gaming or solving some complex data-laden problems you might be familiar with those system crashes. Your palms become all sweaty and you realize that the laptop is overheating. This is soon followed by a system crash if you don’t give your computer some rest. This is a problem because no one likes to pause their work. Therefore, high-quality cooling is important when it comes to processors. This particularly holds true for Intel’s i7 series of processors.

When it comes to cooling the Intel Core i7 8700 you don’t require a dynamic one, however, if you are planning on overclocking you will need a powerful cooler to handle the heat generated.

Have a look at few of the elite and popular CPU cooler for i78700k in the market that will eliminate overheating and throttling problems of your system


Top 5 Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700k


Fan type

Fan noise level


Dark Rock Pro 4

PWM  24.3 dBAClick Here for Price

Scythe Fuma 2

PWM4.0 – 24.9 dBANo products found.

Le Grand Macho RT

TR-TY147B14 – 20 dBA

Click Here for Price

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

PWM9 – 36 dBA

Click Here for Price

Noctua NH-D15S

PWM24.6 dBA

Click Here for Price


1. Dark Rock Pro 4 

Dark Rock Pro 4 


Product Highlights

The Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler hails from the popular Dark Rock Pro series of BeQuiet. A company best known for its high-quality and silent PC components, it doesn’t disappoint. . Complete with immense cooling performance of 250W TDP it contributes to virtually inaudible operation.

Best Features

The Dark Rock 4 and Dark Rock Pro 4 replace the Dark Rock 3 and the Dark Rock Pro 3  models launched a few years back. These units possess an improved mounting system and are also more silent than their predecessors.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 model has a dual-tower design. It is equipped with two silent wing fans and two radiators. This hikes up the cooling performance to 200 watts of cooling power, enough for any processor. The fins of the cooling fan exhibit an open design to minimize airflow restriction and let heat out all sides of the cooler.

What’s Good about Dark Rock Pro 4

The cooler keeps the CPU cool and silent even under high loads.


What’s bad about Dark Rock Pro 4

Its cooling potential is slightly lower than its predecessors.


        Pros        Cons
Silent operation
Excellent build quality and design


2. Scythe Fuma 2

Scythe Fuma 2


Product Highlights

Scythe may not be a familiar name to many of you but it has gained a dedicated fan following with its high-performance CPU coolers and fans since its launch. Scythe Fuma two is the upgraded version of its predecessor. Boasting a revamped design, slim front fan, improved memory clearance, and dual-fan reverse airflow design, the Fuma 2 offers up to 15% cooling performance than Scythe Fuma, its predecessor.

Best Features

Featuring top notch build quality and easy installation the Scythe Fuma 2 is a reasonable cooler, promising great performance. This unit has a new asymmetric design and is fitted with the Reverse Jet Flow system. This system is utilized by its dual Kaze Flex 120 fans and helps hike up the cooling performance by 15%.

The two Kaze Flex 120mm fans rotate in opposite directions, giving “higher static pressure and more stable airflow”, according to Scythe.

When the fans are maxed out the cooler produces a noise level of just 40 dBA. While this is audible, it is not loud enough to be a distraction.


What’s Good about Scythe Fuma 2

The unit possesses increased cooling performance at a reasonable cost.

What’s Bad about Scythe Fuma 2

It is not ultraquiet there is slight noise from the fans.


        Pros        Cons
Good memory clearance
Easy to install
Room for performance improvement

3. Le Grand Macho RT

Le Grand Macho RT




Product Highlights

Thermalright is a cooling products manufacturing giant. It produces some of the best cooling products for computer components your money can buy. This company is perhaps the only maker that designs models based on large heatsinks which assures high cooling efficiency levels. The award winning Macho line of CPU coolers is the best example of it.

Best Features

The heatsink of the Le Grand Macho RT features 35 aluminium fins, part of which is bend inwards to prevent air from leaking to the sides. The fin stack is moved next to the rear system of the fan for low noise operation.

The fluid dynamic bearing fans can spin up to 1300RPM. This can produce up to 73.6CFM of airflow with just 20dBA of noise. A low noise level keeps the laptop super quiet.

What’s Good about Le Grand Macho RT

It is easy to install.


What’s Bad about Le Grand Macho RT

There are no extra fan clips.

        Pros        Cons
Tall memory clearance
Directed airflow
Size is slightly large

4. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO




Product highlights

The Hyper 212 EVO from Coolermaster should appeal to people with budget restrictions and overclockers. This unit comes for a reasonable price tag and closely resembles its predecessor in terms of design. The heatpipes employ Cooler Master’s patented Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) technology boasting improved heat dissipation.

Best Features

According to Coolermasters, the non LED fan spins at a speed of  600-1600RPM and is able to shift a large amount of air depending on fan speed. The fans only emit between 9 and 31 dBA and is therefore barely audible at low fan speeds.

The cooler features well-balanced cooling performance. This contributes to fin optimizations with perfect balance between high and low speed operations.

What’s Good about Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

It’s a low budget cooler built with high overclocking abilities.

What’s bad about Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

The heat sinks have a very slight clearance between the CPU and surface even with the backplate removed and clips installed higher.

        Pros        Cons
PWM fan
Installation slightly fussy


5. Noctua NH-D15S 

Noctua NH-D15S 




Product Highlights

This flagship cooler from Noctua is the revamped version of the D15. The D15S is similar to D15 but only has a single fan. This makes the cooler more silent without losing out on cooling performance. This features a dual tower model with an asymmetrical design to ensure the best PCIe compatibility.

Best Features

If you want some extra slot clearance consider the Noctua NH-D15S. The better expansion-slot clearance allows it to fit into many builds. The NH-D15S clears the top PCIe slot on most µATX and ATX motherboards, giving it a wider appeal.

The cooler is fitted with the renowned NF-A14 PWM fan and a deeper fin stack for increased cooling efficiency. The single fan paves way for quiet a cooling performance and versatility compared to its dual fan predecessor.


What’s Good about Noctua NH-D15S

The unit possesses tall memory clearance in single fan mode.

What’s Bad about Noctua NH-D15S

In case you want a dual fan setup, buying an extra NF-A15 fan is expensive.

        Pros        Cons
Quiet operation
Exceptional build quality


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