5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone 2018

Choosing a right battery management app is not as easy as it looks, especially for iPhone users who have limited range of apps. You cannot trust all of those apps who claim to improve your battery life cycle and timing. We are here to help you choose the suitable app. So, let’s take a look at top 5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone 2018.

Battery Doctor

5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone 2017

Battery Doctor is a widely used battery management app. It provides some excellent features to ensure that you can manage the usage of your battery. It has a clean and minimalistic user interface that provides thorough information on battery usage. It also has some extra tools to improve the battery timing. Its five menus have the details of the inner working of the battery.

The menu first provides information about battery usage by every app. It also shows you how to stop these apps or suspend services to increase battery timing. Another menu shows you how much estimated time you will get if you keep using your phone in this way, as you are using now. This app also has a feature to kill all background running apps.

Battery Life Pro

5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone 2017

Battery Life Pro might not be the perfect solution to manage the battery of your iPhone, but it has a large range of customizations. When you open up this app, it shows you the current status of your battery in a cool and attractive way. It displays the battery usage in the form of a power gauge with some interesting options, which are present on the left and right sides of the screen.

You can slide the gauge to the right and change the color scheme of the app. Sliding the gauge to the left side take you the most interesting feature of this app.  This feature contains six services and their usage status. These services include WiFi, Bluetooth, Mail Push, 3G and EQ.  In this menu, it will also show you how much extra battery juice you will consume if you keep using these six services. All of these features are packed in a little size, making the app lighter.


5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone 2017

There are some users who don’t want to have a cluttered user interface with a lot of information. They like minimalistic user interface with only basic info. Battery app is for those users. It has a minimalistic UI with important and basic information regarding the usage of battery.

It also shows the current charge in the battery and estimated remaining time. It also shows the battery usage information of eight services, i.e., Standby, Video play, Audio play, WiFi, Navigation and Game. Give it a try and you will love its clean design.

Battery Manager

5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone 2017

Battery is another great app for iPhone users to manage their battery efficiently. It is a very simple and clean app by almost all mean. It shows you the remaining tike of your battery along with services. It has one excellent feature that you can select any service from the list and move a slider to set the usage time for it. Once the time is over, it will be terminated to save the juice of battery.

It also adjusts and tells you the remaining time when you set a time limit of that particular service. There is no doubt that it is a very useful feature which can be used to micromanage your iPhone’s battery. This will result in a great improvement in battery timing. It is a feature which other apps lack and you will not find it any other app.

Along with it, it also has some tips for you, and if you follow those tips, you can increase the battery timing even more. Free version is a little bit limited but you can always buy it if you like.

System Status Lite

5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone 2017

As the name suggests, this app accommodates with operating system and shows you the current battery juice, along with encompassing the whole iPhone system. Due to its few features, many people will not like it. But it has all those basic features which a battery management should have. It is a convenient to use app with a simple and minimalistic design. Along with current status of the battery, it also shows you that whether the battery is charging or discharging.

Below the battery status, you get a status of your current storage use. This feature is not battery related, but it is helpful sometimes. It also shows you how much more time your device will take to charge completely. It also shows you the CPU usage of your mobile, giving you an idea about the performance of your mobile. There are many more options available in this app, making it much more than battery management app.

These were our picks in 5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone. Hope you liked it.

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