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A 4k Monitor is a revolutionary device in the world of display and visualization. This electronic gadget displays ultra-high resolution pictures and videos on the big screen. Many manufacturers brag about presenting the Best Affordable 4K Monitors Under 500 ever, but the actual eminence is observed by the size, response time, graphic card and connectivity ports available on the monitor screen. Because of the size and quality of display, 4k Monitor screens have applications almost everywhere.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best 4K Monitors 2019 Buying Guide below before making a purchase.

Best Budget 4K Monitors Under 500

Acer B286HK UHD 4K2K

Best 4k Monitors 2018


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Acer is a famous Taiwanese multinational electronics corporation which is specialized in advanced electronics technology. I hope you’re aware of the fact already.

We’re gonna introduce a prime product of this company, the Acer’s B286HK Ultra High Definition 4k2k screen with 28 inches tall is quite famous due to its wide screen design and dense pixel quality. Starting from the detailed features and characteristics, we are going to look at all the aspects of this renowned computer monitor in our today’s first short review.


Courts do judgments on the basis of evidence and people choose their life partners, seeing some special traits in them. How’re you gonna choose the monitor screen to be mounted inside your room or office? Answer is just of one word, the features. Let’s discuss its features.

Viewing Angles

Talk about LCD screen, LED panels or the great 4K monitor, you can’t see what’s happening on the screen from a 360o wide angle. Can you?

Every gadget has some visual constraints, and you want them as low as possible. Well, the screen under consideration currently is considerably good. Its ergonomic styles and flexibilities provide the viewer tired-free viewing angles. This screen can easily move around the pivot and gives the possible adjustments for a comfortable long time usage. If you want to set it vertically, you are free to adjust it in portrait mode physically and this is highly unique feature without a shadow of doubt.

Eco Display

Acer has also introduced the feature of Eco Display with this screen which means that the plastic material can be recycled once dumped.

VESA Mounting

Not every home is furnished with a separate table for placing a monitor screen on it. Most of the compact houses nowadays have space issues. In this war of the space and place, Acer shows some commitment to solve the problem here, guys. VESA mounting option is available in this tool, in case user plans to hang the screen on the wall instead of desktop binding.

Ports And Connectivity

Were you experiencing any connectivity issues with your previous monitor?

Say good bye to them dudes, as this product has a wide range of connectivity options. 3.0 USB ports are gonna facilitate you in the best way ever, which are 5 in number. This is going to be an appreciable and superb opportunity for your devices having USB cable so that you can have instant charging options. Very few monitors are coming with this number of ports and connectivity. Along with this, HDMI port, display port and audio jack act like icing on the cake.


Wanna get something more from your monitor than opening some office files and doing the business stuff, like watching HD movies, playing heavy games?

You don’t need to look into any other place, guys. It’s your buddy right up your alley, because this fabulous device has been proven as the best when it comes to its display performance despite of its high cost.

Twisted Nematic Technology

Who doesn’t pursue for the technology when it’s as easy to access as placing a knife in your kitchen?

Of course, a dumb one! Well, here is a great reflection of the technology integration, fellas. The TNT screen, which stands for Twisted Nematic technology, worked with great viewing angles but deep, accurate colors has nailed the performance overall. 3840×2160 resolutions with 2 millisecond response time are excellent for all sorts of gaming and video rendering tools.

Anti-glare Screen

You definitely don’t want to torture your eyes by looking at the screen continuously, dudes. Here comes the great screen with smooth and calm properties. The anti-glare screen has very vibrant and real effects of photos while the refresh rate of 60 hertz shows the videos without any lagging or breaking.


There are moments when all the family members arrange a get together and decide to watch a movie. This monitor screen has a setup for fulfilling your this wish as well. It has two integrated speakers which are not going with the price of this unit. However, if you want high boosted sound, you would definitely go to prefer your desktop speakers over these internals.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Robust stand.
  •   Awesome for PC gaming.
  •   Many configuration options.
  •   Accurate color reproduction.
  •   Anti-glare film is also incorporated.
  •   Screen and resolution are fabulous.
  •   Ghosting is very distracting.
  •   Problematic with MacBook Pro.
  •   Stand may trembles sometimes.
  •   Internal volume unit is disappointing.


Keeping all the above mentioned amazing features and pros in mind, we would like to recommend this remarkable monitor. But let me tell you honestly that the gadget has not met the criteria of user satisfaction quite well. However, the money you are investing on it is going to worth the selection performance wise. Rest is your own will.

Acer S277HK 4K


Best 4k Monitors 2018


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Acer is a renowned vendor in its 4K monitors best buy and enriched display;I don’t think you need a certificate for that buddies. It’s time to look into another Acer’s one of the famous display units of these PC monitors, S277HK, the next tool in this innovative debate. The gadget has remarkable strengths in the areas of screen resolution, connectivity and transfer rate of bandwidth.


Don’t think too much if you’re struggling for finding the best digital monitor screen for you, pals.


The design of this monitor screen is very thin, buddies. It is fully coated with silver plastic which surrounds it except the bottom. A metallic removable stand is also a part of the specifications of this tool. That’s not all. Built-in speakers facilitate the users further and provide adequate sound quality and threshold.

Ultra-high Definition Display

This era of technology demands something really advanced to compete with the rivals,peeps. When it comes to the display units, the latest technology of these computer monitors is highly famed due to its ultra-high definition display result and fine quality of IPS display. This model holds all the constructive characteristics which are supposed to be in any of the best monitors.

Small Button Panel

Electronic gadgets have no brains, whether we talk about monitor screens or anything else. They have to be instructed to do the right job. But they definitely need a medium of instruction, pals. The most important thing you need to control in a monitor is the size of the layout. With a small button panel on the bottom of the screen, you can adjust the picture mode according to your need.

Viewing Two Screens Simultaneously

Not all PC users do one task at a time. People do multitask as well. But there is a problem in opening two instances of an application on the screen at the same time. The first one gets disappeared when you click on the second one. Acer knows this story, and it is here to provide a solution. This tool of Acer has the feature of viewing two screens at the same time and you can explicitly use it for text reading by the text reading function. The sharpness and accurate colors are adjustable with the button as much as you want to see.

Ports And Connectivity

Do you need to connect multiple kinds of devices with your monitor?

Not a big deal chaps.

Ports can be seen on the back side of this 4k screen. This includes a display port, an audio in, headphone jack and HDMI port. This gives you a wide range for the external connectivity.

HDMI is a very fast and efficient medium of data transfer nowadays. The integration of this kind of socket in the screen is definitely sufficient to mark it an eminent tool.


There are moments when listening to the audio or video becomes so important for you, but you don’t have any kind of headset. That’s the rainy day. But this monitor screen helps, peeps. It has got an internal speaker, which works well for a medium level consumption. But if you are expecting them to replace your standard speakers or headset, then it is not a better choice.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Light weight
  •   Sleek design.
  •   Convenient height.
  •   Durable metal stand.
  •   Outstanding display.
  •   Amazing colors, good for games.
  •   Power cycling issue.
  •   Screen flashing problem.
  •   No choice for USB connectivity.


Tie up your luggage to buy this tool, fellas. If you are bothering about the prices of these monitors and catching up a suitable choice, then this is a must go for you. It will not give you any point to regret about with its 4k2k display and suitable price. The device is also well known for its quality display, built-in speakers and good connectivity options.


LG 4k Monitor 27UD68-P

Best 4k Monitors 2017

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LG is a gigantic Electronics brand with 119 local subsidiaries, worldwide. The next part of our technology discussion is going to be focused on one of the conventional best budget monitor by LG, 27UD68-P. This tool has proved itself to be an excellent choice as a best gaming monitor with its solid features and performance. Wide screen compatibility is not the only specification of this tool. There is a lot more to come. Just keep looking.


You can’t guess the right electronic gadget for you without information, you’re not a saint. So what are you waiting for? Let’s see the features.

Color And Height

Because of the wide range applications of monitor screens, they don’t have an ultimate home. One day, this device is used as a television and the second day; kids connect it to the computer for playing games in high resolution. Its looks, color depth and weight, everything shall be convincing. Well, don’t fall for the wrong gadget. The LG 27UD68-P is a matte black color display monitor. Its color depth is about 10 bit (8bit+A-FRC) and the total weight is around 10 pounds with 24.2 inches of viewable screen portion.

Monitor Mounting

The feature also includes mounting the monitor somewhere in front of your viewing angle if you don’t feel comfortable with the height.

Gaming Highlights

It happens very often in Counter Strike when you are killed by a rival, because you were in a dark tunnel and could not see anything. Nobody is gonna kill you so easily, if you will have this device, pals. It provides gaming highlights really well for genuine gamers. Rapidly streamline screen settings to enact Black Stabilizer to uncover unrivaled point of interest in dull scenes while the Dynamic Action Sync highlight guarantees smooth, liquid gaming activity.

Ports Connectivity

What’s the first expectation of a monitor buyer, whether he’s a gaming geek or a movies lover?

Of course connectivity, that’s why it has been given the first priority. This 27 inch 4k monitor by LG provides you enough range of port connectivity options. It includes an HDMI port, display port and the C-port. This C-port technology is going to be an awesome opportunity for the users who are needed to attach the laptop’s resolution to a bigger screen. At the same time, the laptop units are going to get a power supply for the mean while charging.


Don’t you like speakers in a monitor?

Well it’s gonna be a good news for you if you don’t like it, because LG has not equipped this model with any sort of integrated speaker. The external volume units are to be attached to enhance your gaming environments.


All the features are totally dependent on the display output of any monitor resolution. Talking about the results of 27UD68-P, the screen has an extra ordinary IPS display and the response time is 5 milliseconds which is ideal for any high resolution game. The colors are really sharp and vibrant with a genuine difference of black and white tone. It provides the features of Black stabilizers which increases the clarity of the dark pictures and videos. The 60 hertz of refresh rate may not be sufficient for the high-end gamers but for the average users of games. It is giving adequate result without any screen lagging.

        Pros        Cons
  •  Fine display.
  •  Extra C-ports.
  •  Affordable price.
  •  No screen breakage.
  •   Integrating FreeSync by AMD.
  •  Tear-free and continuous image quality.
  •   Deceiving picture display.
  •   Not suitable for long-term use.
  •   Absence of any internal speakers.
  •   Pivot functionality deceives sometimes.


Summing the discussion on this LG representative, the overall talk supports this product. Although this is not listed in the cheap 4k monitors and you are going to have other options too with same range, for the intermediate gamers and videographers, it is a best monitor to go with. Screen splitting is one of the most convincing option, this tools has.

Philips 288P6LJEB 4K Ultra HD

Best 4k Monitors 2018

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Philips is a company, which has carved its name in so many areas, including health and technology. Philips has introduced its latest PC monitor 288P6LJEB a while ago, so we decided to take it in our list. This device is a 28 inch wide screen with Ultra High Definition screen resolution. This product lies in the range of premium-priced 4k monitors in 2017 but its performances balanced the price issue in an acceptable way.


A detailed view of the features of Philips 288P6LJEB 28” screen is as essential as the honeymoon after marriage, if you really wanna have a quality gadget.


The monitor screen of even the finest quality will be of no use to you, if it will be unable to be accommodated by your room or table. That’s why, we are gonna start from the size of screen.

This 28 inch screen is in pure black color with a duo silver and black strip at the bottom. Philips logo lies on the silver part and an oval stand holds the whole screen firmly at the bottom. The screen height can be adjusted few centimeters up and down.

Screen Adjustment Options

Have you ever worked on a computer for more than 8 hours with 70% brightness and contrast level?

It really causes pain in the eyes and your hands automatically go towards the controlling options, pals. On the lower right side, you can notice the screen adjustment options, including menu, up, down and exit. The screen color and resolution can be adapted as required by these provided buttons. Two sources are entertained with the screen-in-screen feature easily that’s a pretty nice option buddies.

Port And Connectivity

To make a display panel compatible with most of the input tools, various kinds of ports and sockets are needed. Don’t stuff your mind with insecurities, chums. This gadget has got a bundle of things for you.

Its USB ports are given the flexibility to attach any external sources of data. The feature under consideration is lacking in many renowned computer monitors of this range, but Philips has a success in this regard. Along with this, HDMI, video and display ports are also available at the rear side. The USB options come in both 2.0 and 3.0 depends upon the need of users.


Do you love speakers inside your screen monitor pals?

This is gonna be your crush then, believe me.  Internal speakers of 2x3W are integrated which work well for the average usage. If you want a really high sound quality, headphones and audio jack at the back side on the port panel is going to widen the range of connectivity for you.


Are you in a continuous search of big to the biggest screen with a wide pixel range?

Here comes the charm, guys. When it comes to the resolution of these gaming monitors, the variety is confusing for the buyers. With the resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and 5 milliseconds GTG response time, this screen provides a decent output display. With ultra-high resolution, its output quality just seems like reality.

Twisted Pneumatic Film Technology

Technology integration is a thing no human being wants to avoid, pals. This gadget is full of the technological interventions. One of these systems, the Twisted Nematic film technology helps to provide a non-tearing screen affects even in heavy game graphics. All the colors are found really sharp and deep with LED black light array property enhancing the display more and in a clear way.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Easy to setup.
  •   Sturdy stand for firm support.
  •   Great color with crispy picture.
  •   Excellent for Cad Cam and big spreadsheet.
  •   Software support for different adjustments.
  •   Excellent display performance and response timings.
  •   Average sound quality.
  •   Not good at colors and motion.
  •   Clarity of vision get lost after the 50 degrees.


Cutting the discussion on this tool short, it is a good option overall. With incorporation of so many connectivity ports and a nice piece of built-in speakers, the satisfying user experience is just mandatory. That’s the real reason of its good customer satisfaction level. A recommended tool in fact!


ViewSonic 4K Monitor

Best 4k Monitors 2017

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This era is dragging the technology towards its maximum. Every new month comes up with an exciting change and introduces us with the latest breeze of the inventions. ViewSonic is one of the most brilliant firms providing services in the realm of liquid-crystal displays, projectors and other educational display units.


Necessity is the mother of invention, dudes. But you can’t invent a new display panel for you visual needs. You gotta choose one from the already available tools. For that purpose, examination of the features is necessary.


Outer color of the casing doesn’t really matter when we talk about the computer monitors, chums. It’s the inside that has an impact on the user experience. But there exist some people who are conscious about the outer color as well. So listen, pals. The screen over all gives 23.4 inches of display space. It is glossy textured and black in color with a stand which only gives the flexibility to tilt forward or backward, but the height can’t be adjusted as per need.

Button Panels

Buttons are as important in a computer monitor as mouth on your face. You can’t tell the second person/device in both cases anything, if you lack these things. But, don’t spin your head by thinking too much about this. There is a button panels, placed at the lower edge behind a plastic bar. It though creates hindrance when you plan to access the button for screen resolution, but I don’t think their absence will do you any good.

PLS Technology

No matter what the perspective is, you don’t want to see the image on the screen distorted order formed. Do you?

This display unit is gonna make the visuals just great by the PLS technology integrated into it, which aims to provide a better image quality and viewing angle. View Sonic has rolled out a good package in this LED monitor which is also a reliable option as gaming monitors too, multiple advantages in the same bundle, wow.

Ports And Connectivity

Are you connectivity conscious? Right. Here is a solution.

On the back of this PC monitor, you will find a display port which connects the screen to the computer CPU. Along with this, two HDMI ports, one of which is 2.0 HDMI, the display could be on the top notch by using this. External speakers can be attached to the audio jack provided at the back although the internal speakers are provided with the display unit. Tablets and mobile phones can be connected through the port provided behind, hence working as a projector for mobile devices at the same time.


Display quality is one of the most crucial aspects associated to a computer monitor. I hope, I am not wrong, guys. But you don’t need to be worried about the quality here. The output of this panel makes this product one of the best 4k monitors. The resolution is around 3840×2160 with high definition display and 4 milliseconds response time, which makes it the most demanding gaming monitor. The colors are really deep and attractive with the true essence without making the output and this is due to its pixel density which is 187 pixels per inches.


Interference free sound along with a crystal display act like a heaven on earth, doesn’t it?You can feel it because along with the fantastic image quality and high-end monitor resolution, dual stereo speaker are integrated so that you can enjoy the quality resolution with a pure fancy environment.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Average price tag.
  •  Convenient to setup.
  •  Crispy image quality.
  •   Colors are truly deep and sharp.
  •  Healthy collection of connectivity ports.
  •  Works fabulous for photo and video editing.
  •   Connection drop very often.
  •   Compatibility issues with Mac.
  •   Stand doesn’t provide pivot rotation.


So, that’s it about this display panel, fellas. With excellent features and good reviews by consumers, it is a perfect option for all of you. The color quality, brilliant output and next generation connectivity options make the gadget a must have. Mobile connectivity with screen portrayal is two of the best traits of this tool. I don’t see any side to give this device a letter of non-recommendation.


Best 4k Monitors 2018 Asus monitor

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Asus is a multinational computer hardware and Electronics Company, famous for its excellent gadgets.

Now, I am going to discuss about ultra HD 4k computer monitor named as Asus PB287Q. This is basically a high resolution monitor whose visual is comparable to apple display.


You can’t feel the pain of the oppressed ones, unless you’re one of them. Likewise you can’t put finger on the right gadget, unless you’re aware of all its features.

High Definition Resolution

High resolution is the first and foremost requirement from every computer user, even if he/she is not familiar with the tools and technologies pretty well.

For all the resolution conscious people out there, this gadget has got a high definition resolution, which is quite competitive for 27-inch 4k monitor with 3840 x 2160 UHD resolutions. It has got a high definition resolution, which is quite competitive for 27-inch 4k monitor with 3840 x 2160 UHD resolutions. It has got a special feature that enables it to provide 157 pixels per inch and real 10 bit color. This PC monitor provides 1ms response time with 60 Hz refresh time. These specs make it one of the best 4k computer monitors of the world.


Do you want to avoid low performance and less durable monitor screens?

Your stake is genuine buddies and you’re looking into the right place because this monitor provides a high degree of HD visuals which is a superb experience. The larger work window allows you to have an ultimate experience of multi-tasking as well. It has got two sources that are picture in picture and picture by picture, allowing you a more flexible experience.


Multiple device connectivity is a significant aspect a buyer look in a monitor screen while buying. Have sunny smile dear followers, as you can connect a USB 3.0 and HDMI cable with this monitor.

The story doesn’t end here. Integration of a display port makes the tool future eminent. These features allow multiple devices to be connected to the gadget in meantime.


Display panel is an unavoidable part of the computer assembly, but the sophistication and quality needs increase with the type of use, dudes.

The graphic designer, 3d modelers and gaming enthusiasts specially need the highest level of image quality for proficient working. This PC monitor is available for gaming in particular because it provides a high definition of graphics that is the basic requirement of a gamer. These tools are also competitive when it comes to playing videos and showing the graphics. They give you real time imagery at their best.


Innovation and advancement in the science has always been beneficial for the mankind. Do you believe this fact?

I hope you do peeps. Reflection of technology advancement in the computing gadgets is really soothing for the scientific people. Well, the gadget under assessment is very rich in technology, believe me. It is fully featured with ASUS-exclusive SplendidPlus, VividPixel, GamePlus and QuickFit technologies. Along with all this greatness, the ASUS EyeCare Flicker-Free Technology has also been implanted in the tool, which eliminates the screen flicker by the use of smart dynamic backlight adjustment.

        Pros        Cons
  •  Less input lag.
  •  Superb image quality.
  •  Truly a multi-purpose monitor.
  •  Height, tilt and pivot adjustment.
  •   A little expensive.
  •   Absence of USB Hub.
  •   Backlight bleeding problem.


So, by going through this review I am certain that you will definitely rush to the market to get your 4k gaming monitor that is Asus product which is as good as the apple resolution. I am sure that you will not be disappointed and will consult us for other gadgetries and products to make your computing experience a comfortable one. The satisfaction of our readers is our pride and I have always kept it my first priority.

What others say,

If you absolutely need an Ultra HD display to view large images or to work on 4K video, the Asus PB287Q is an affordable, serviceable option. It works best with a DisplayPort 1.2, so make sure that your existing hardware is compatible.pcworld


Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2415Q

Best 4k Monitors 2018 DELL Monitor


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Dell is a multinational computer technology company, famous for  servers, data storage devices, network switches, software and computer peripherals etc.

The next product in our list is the Dell 4k monitor similar to Apple 4k monitors named as Dell Ultra HD P2415Q 4k monitor. This has one of the best monitor resolutions.That’s not all, dudes. The adjustability, compatibility and connectivity options provided by the tool are also awesome.


Go through the features of this product, if you really want to make your investment worth, dudes.


Wanna fulfill your gaming and media interests in a small package?

Here’s a small but powerful device dudes. It has got 23.8 inches screens to be very precise but we consider it to be 24 inches. It is one of the smallest monitors ever existed.

Panel Type:

Technology has given birth to so many types and forms of the display monitors. Don’t you know that?

Well, no need to get lost in the sea of all those types. Just get know-how of the LG Display LM238WR2-SLA1 AH-IPS LCD Panel, because this tool has got this component embedded in its assembly. It is a modern monitor with 3840 x 2160 resolutions. 178 degree of horizontal as well as vertical viewing angle is also an amazing part of its traits list, guys. Its backlight is white light emitting diode.

Color And Performance

Are you using an older version of the monitor with your computer?

Its colors must be deceiving you with their false values. Dell is highly dedicated to provide its users with some reality. The most important feature you will experience in this monitor is its colorin fact. You can actually count on natural colors across different mediums. Secondly, it provides resolution over 8 million pixels that is quite higher than a normal HD monitor. So, you can well imagine the level of performance of this monitor.


The most important arena in which good quality displays are needed, is gaming. Graphic Designing and 3d modeling is also a major part of the industry where such kinds of monitors are used.

This 24 inch 4k monitor is quite famous for its colors and resolution which makes it a choice for gamers in particular and graphic lovers in general. Its small size makes it quite good looking with complete package.


Connection with multiple platforms is the feature a buyer demand, you can’t be different peeps.

When it comes to connectivity, this monitor has got modern ports that are available in almost all of the monitors. i.e HDMI and USB 3.0. This allows a certain amount of flexibility for the attachment of multiple devices with it.


Whichever kind of life discipline is under consideration, control and hold of the first hand user is as necessary as hairs on the head of a young guy.

The company knows the importance of this aspect really well, pals. Height adjustable stand is just an indication of that. It is very helping for customizing the viewing experience of the users, indeed. That’s not the only aspect of class. Some other perks also come with the tool, buddies, let me mention them. If you suddenly change your mind about putting the gadget on the table, just detach the stand and install a VESA-compatible 100mm x 100mm wall mount kit. Enjoy the HD games and graphics on the walls of your house, now.

        Pros        Cons
  • Great for rMBP use.
  • Antiglare service.
  • Exceptional screen, best for gaming.
  • This IPS monitor has got full adjustability.
  •   Faulty firmware.
  •   Horrible chemical smell.
  •   Failure rate is substantially high.


So, by looking at these brilliant features and reading through this review, we are pretty sure that you must have made your mind to have a go on this cheap 4k monitor available in your nearby markets. We believe that you will enjoy using it and will have an experience of your lifetime when you use it. We must remind you again that it is not only favorable for game lovers but normal users as well.

Dell 4K Gaming Monitor

Best 4k Monitors 2018

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You all know Dell is not a kind of company needed to be introduced. The brand is into the business since 1984. Now,we will be probing into Dell 4K S2817Q, a quality monitor manufactured from this marque. It is an outstanding home entertainment device, pals.Quickest response time, blur free images, ultra HD videos and built-in sound defines the tool quite brilliantly. That the reason;it is included in our best cheap 4k monitors 2019 list.


Are you aware of the consequences, if you end up with a low quality product, fellas? We’re not gonna let that happen. You just have to go through the features, and have faith in us.


Are you a design conscious person, dudes?

You must be looking for stylish tools then, I can understand that.Your wait must be over now.This sleek monitor provides a deluxe addition to your home with a high-gloss, piano black finish, thin bezels and a matte screen.The design and the form of the device is very eye catching and comforting.

Anti-glare And Contrast Ratio

Have you ever confronted the display panels whose lights cause burn in the eyes?

Yeah, peeps, such kinds of junks exist. Your eyes just feel like facing a sun in those cases. But you don’t have to be terrified. This product is a 28 inch monitor with anti-glare options. Its optimal resolution is 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz. Its contrast ratio is 8 million to 1 in DCR makes this device more worthy in the eyes of consumers. Colors look decent and 1440p brings out a shrill and accurate picture. The color/image production is vivid and dynamic for a TN as well. It is a stunning G-Sync monitor.


So can this little tech instrument prove its worth in terms of performance and quality?

Have a deep look for getting answers. This monitor is a state of the art invention that supports highest screen clarity with its ultra-HD resolution. This is indeed a treat to watch with 8 million pixels for crisp and stunning videos.The gadget is specially gonna make a place in your hearts if you’re a multi-tasking guy. Its Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture features smooth out the process in real way.


Who doesn’t accept the extra hardware with a device he purchases, chums?

Of course a dumb one! Be ready to be pleased, because this monitor is available in the market with multiple accessories to make your experience a memorable one. Its accessories include mouse, keyboard, a USB hub and a portable hard drive of 1 TB capacity. We can call it a 4k 3D monitor due to its resolution.


With the advent of technology, connectivity speed and efficiency has increased manifolds, but without proper connectivity support, high connectivity speed is impossible to achieve. But this device has got something. It is attached with 2 x HDMI ports. In order to provide flexibility, USB ports are available. Dell has provided it with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 as well. It also has 1 DP connector and 1 mDP connector.

        Pros        Cons
  • Beautiful design.
  • Quick response time.
  • Multipurpose supported.
  • Programmable short keys incorporation.
  •  Provided with powerful 9W dual speakers.
  •   Bad color calibration.
  •   Standby mode issues at times.


This is indeed one of the best monitor that you can get in the market right now. We hope that your experience with this monitor will be beneficial and entertaining. We highly recommend this. We hope you will keep on consulting us for more gadgetry, whenever you will have a need. This device will surely add a new level of comfort to your computer world.


ASUS 24-inch 4K UHD MG24UQ

Best 4k Monitors 2018 ASUS Gaming Monitor

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Now, we will be discussing about ASUS MG24UQ which is one of the best budget monitors on the market.


Don’t try to be over smart by buying a computer monitor without knowing its whereabouts. It will just result in the loss of your money, pals. Features are the real way to approach the right tool.

Ultra-high Definition

Optimum resolution is really a subjective matter, fellas. It changes case to case. If the game you’re focusing doesn’t require very high graphics, spending money on a 28-inch monitor will just cause your headache. Talking a little clearly, the tool under assessment is especially suitable for minor graphics and gaming tasks. It is 24 inch monitor with ultra-high definition feature. Its resolution is indeed one of the best for moderate operations, 3840×2160.

Viewing Angle

Wanna use the monitor for watching movies with your whole family?

Well, the viewing range of the tool must be good enough, then, if you’ve a big family. Let me put you at ease, dudes. The viewing angle of this product is just great. It ranges upto 178 degrees vertical and 178 degrees horizontal. Response time is also fabulous with the figure of 4ms.


Consumer approach has massively transformed in the recent past from cost focused to performance/quality focused, that’s the reason you’re looking for high performance. Check this out buddies.

It has got highly comprehensive visuals. This means that you can view anything as if it is not on screen but in reality. Its performance is awesome. It is designed for gaming and gaming lovers love to have this monitor for their systems.


Everybody wants to connect with multiple people of different type and background, so is the computer machines, dudes.

It has a robust connectivity for different devices. This is flexible monitor that allow multiple device to be attached to it. These devices include two HDMI versions 1.4 and an HDMI version 1.2 along with a display port 1.2. This is indeed a flexible device when it comes to connectivity.

Extra Perks

You can’t compromise on the actual functionality of any kind of hardware tool, peeps. Can you?

It’s time to get out of the basics and think about something unique. Believe me, that’s what Asus has done in this particular display panel. A great built-in camera, integrated speakers, cable lock slot, On Screen display and a standard decoder pretty much sum up the specification of this tool in a nutshell.

Pros Cons
  • Menu control stick.
  • Colors are just like natural.
  • Has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • Incorporation of flicker-free technology.
  • Resolution forces us to call it a 3D monitor.
  • Poor quality control.
  • Backlight bleeding issues.


Best computer monitors are trending these days and have a special market. Whether you are a gaming lover or not, you will have an urge to have one for yourself.  So, rush to your nearby market and experience this technological advancement today.

What others say,

While 60Hz is a stumbling block for the Asus MG24UQ, it’s no different than any other Ultra HD gaming monitor, regardless of price. Since that fact renders such panels equal, potential buyers should strongly consider its superb color accuracy, excellent overdrive implementation, FreeSync and low price.Toms hardware

Samsung UE590 UHD-QHD

Best 4k Monitors 2018 Samsung Monitor

Click Here for Price

Present day computing is not only restricted to the office use but has also influenced almost all the fields of life. And in modern day computers, input/ output devices play an important role.

Different companies have taken on to each other in order to achieve supremacy in gaming world related to gaming monitor productions and Samsung is one of them. The last item of this technology talk is the Samsung UE590 UHD-QHD monitor which is a cheap 4k monitor.


Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called as one of the best budget 4k monitors.

Sleek Design

Ever heard of the word, Ergonomics, fellas?

It is actually a term used for the electronic gadgets which function just in line with the gestures of the users. The device is just a reflection of that, ladies and gentlemen. It is designed very carefully to keep the viewers in business, wherever the device is placed. Along with that, outer visuals of the tool are also amazing. Its stupendous matte black body framed by a narrow bezel with a metal rim makes the product just royal. T-shaped stand with a matching metallic touch further elevates the visual eminence of the item.

Display Quality

Regardless of the probable use of a monitor screen, its display quality can never be compromised. Gamers and designers particularly take this aspect into serious consideration. But you absolutely don’t have to wander here and there in search of an eminent screen, dudes. This gadget right before you is sufficiently good for a normal computer use. Its ultra-high definition with 3840x 2160 resolutions enables the tool to provide ultra HD picture quality, great video and lifelike details for incredible gaming.

Viewing Angle

You’ll hate a gadget whose screen will appear dark from a perspective. Isn’t it, pals?

It is annoying for every normal human being, don’t worry. Seems like this product addresses the concerns and needs of the users pretty well! It has got a sharper viewing angle making it a certain choice. 1 billion colors support making it competitive to any other computer. The response time of the gadget is also fabulous. 4ms time just makes it impossible for the image to tear or stutter during gaming.


Do you have arguments in family because of difference in interests while watching television? What if both parties can be satisfied at the same time? Seem fabulous.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, with Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2.0 innovation, you can watch your most loved film or video in one window while at the same time chipping away at a spreadsheet. PIP 2.0 keeps up the source’s unique determination – up to Full HD- – so you appreciate a fresh, clear picture. You can likewise modify the size and position of the PIP window to fit your needs. It has been provided with multi-tasking capability by using picture in picture feature allowing you to do different tasks at the same time.


Any kind of computer accessory is useless, unless it can be connected to most of the devices of your choice. Well, you know the modern needs how massively HDMI and DVI have gained importance nowadays. Good news for you, chums.This display panel has been provided with one HDMI port but no USB port which is a little drawback. It also has been provided with a display port and a speaker port.

Pros Cons
  • Energy efficient.
  • Wonderful quality and function.
  • Comparatively Cheaper monitor.
  • Works well with MacBook as well.
  • Graphics and clarity are astonishing.
  • Unusable over HDMI.
  • Relatively less viewing angle.


So, it was all about this product. It has some powerful features and good connectivity. You have certainly observed its strong and weak aspects. But I don’t think it has something to panic you guys. Video, picture quality is amazing, looks are good and connectivity is in accordance with the modern needs. What do you need more? A great option to have, in my opinion.

Buying Guide – Best 4k Monitors 2019

Let’s discuss its important aspects before going to discuss our best budget 4k monitors 2019 reviews.


So moving on to the use of 4K Monitors best buy fellas, let’s concentrate on different areas where 4K monitors are being used. Some of them are following:

       1. 3D Television

3D televisions have different formats based on the resolution and the pixels. It includes:

  • Ultra High Definition Television: It has a normal range of about 3780 x 2160 – 3940 x 2160 with 8.3 megapixels.
  • Ultra Wide Television: As the name suggests, its size will be bigger which simply means that the pixels will be greater, about 12 megapixel.

    2. Cinema

    The cinema theaters have their own kind of 4k resolution systems whose pixels are bigger.

    3. Electronics Appliances

    The output of electronics devices is from screens which have resolution near 4190 x 2190.

    4. Live Streaming

    As live streaming is into the market nowadays; people want higher resolutions like 3920 x 2190, and it puts a good impression on the audience.

Importance of 4k monitors

Now dudes, you would really have to go through these charming paras describing the importance of 4k monitor. Take a look:

1. High Resolution

4000 pixels in horizontal and 2000 pixels in vertical is a general standard of resolution in industry. High resolution means more clarity and more eye-catching. These tech gadgets have high definition systems withpurity of graphics and colors.

2. Videography

4k monitors have better graphics and they are very eye-catchy when it comes to videography

3. Gaming Partners

So why young buddies must focus on buying 4k monitors?Here is the point,fellas!Crystal clear display means stupendous gaming experience. It feels like you are playing a real game instead of doing it on computer. Normally a game looks fine at 1024 x 768 and looks normal; not bad. But when the pixels are more and you have resolution, gaming efficiency just increases dramatically and consequently the results.

4. 4 times influence

Comparing to HD 1080p monitors, 4K monitors have high pixel density. Like UHD monitors, ASUS PG27AQ has about 8.2 million pixels compared to 2 million pixels of 1080p monitors. It has 4 times the influence of processor, RAM and other PC components.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying A 4k Monitor

So buddies, you’re already aware that going into the cricket ground without knowing the game is just stupidity. Likewise, you should have deep knowledge about the ins and outs of a tech device while going for buying it.


Are you short in budget? Well, you have to do some research to find the suitable device lying in your budget. After some research, have a look at the pockets and manage your resources so to buy your desired monitor.


The dimensions are very important so as to place it in your charming room guys.Don’t go for a giant, instead go for your needs.

Response time

Response time is the time taken by the monitor to displaying input on the screen of the device. The standard response rate among the consumers is 5 milliseconds.

Graphics Card

Well peeps, you know the importance of graphics card as well, don’t you? The question is, does your graphics card support your monitor? Usually the build-in Intel cards don’t support 4k resolution monitors. Thus you must be having some homework for the compatibility as well.

Connecting Ports

There are some gaming monitors and some usual monitors having ordinary specs. Some have multiple connectivity ports and others have just two or three ports.Here again, you have to make sure that your PC’s ports match the cables of your monitor.


Have some knowledge about the games which you like to play on your new monitor. Match the compatibility with the monitor’s specifications. GTA V will seem very juicy on 4k monitors.

Computer accessories

The knowledge of RAM, ROM and Hard drive is also very important buddies, don’t underestimate it. The fine gaming and hd movie experience will strongly need a monitor having high quality accessories.

Panel Type

Don’t go into the market before knowing about the panel types of 4K monitors fellas, it’s a compulsory. Three panel types are there, TN, VA and IPS each having its own benefits and drawbacks. TN is more economical, VA is having the best contrast and IPS provides fabulous color accuracy.


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