Top 10 Best 60% Keyboards that are Worth Every Dollar

60% Keyboards aren’t popular today mostly because the buzzword sounds fancy to the ears. There are several reasons that are responsible for the growing popularity of these devices across the world. Although they have lesser number of keys as compared to the traditional mechanical keyboards, there are many benefits of these devices that have been largely unspoken. For instance, the small form factor enables people with small hands to type effortlessly, yet not lose out on the key functions that the traditional keyboards offer. The many benefits of these devices have undoubtedly increased their demand. As a result, the recent times have seen a deluge in the number of 60% keyboards across online stores, each one claiming to be the best. However, differentiating the excellent from the mediocre is quite an uphill task.

Here’s a compilation of the best 60% keyboards available today that could be considered before buying one that’s suited to your needs.  The list is a result of extensive research of products available today.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Best 60% Keyboard Comparative Table

Product NameDimensionsWeightPrice
Akko X Ducky One 213.5 x 6.2 x 2 inches2.12 PoundsNo products found.
Obinslab Anne 2 Pro11.2 x 3.8 x 0.8 inches1.37 PoundsNo products found.
Fujitsu Happy Hacking Keyboard12.8 x 5.8 x 2.2 inches1.6 PoundsNo products found.
RK Royal Kludge RK6111.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches1.06 PoundsNo products found.
Cooler Master SK621 60% Mechanical Keyboard12.6 x 4.9 x 2.6 inches1.76 OuncesNo products found.

Motospeed 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


11.4 x 3.9 x 1.8 inches1.4 PoundsNo products found.
Massdrop ALT Mechanical Keyboard12.7 x 4.4 x 1.2 inches2.16 PoundsNo products found.
Qisan Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


13.4 x 4.1 x 1.6 inches1.19 PoundsNo products found.
DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard12 x 1.9 x 5.6 inches1.54 PoundsNo products found.
Vortexgear Pok3r 60% Ultra Compact Keyboard11.6 x 1.5 x 4 inches1.54 PoundsNo products found.

1. Akko X Ducky One 2

No products found.
No products found.

This keyboard is as interesting as its name sounds. As far as the design is concerned, it’s quite compact and pretty much a gamer’s delight. Since the keyboard is sleek, it occupies less desk space, leaving more room for mouse movements. So, moving around in a game and precisely hitting the targets would require less effort if you are choosing to install this keyboard.

The makers have included several features in this product that make it stand out from other keyboards of its kind. Users can choose from various RGB LED modes to choose the ideal lighting pattern, as well as deciding the brightness, speed, and color.

Usability and ergonomics are factors seldom considered by many manufacturers while designing gadgets such as keyboards. Akko X Ducky has included 100% Cherry MX Switches as a quality assurance measure, which is aimed at ensuring an unparalleled, great typing experience. The new, unconventional bezel and dual layer PCB design approach followed by the manufacturers lends the Ducky One 2 its unique properties.

The product also comes attached with a type-c data cable that can be easily detached. This ability also helps adjust the keyboard into specific angles that facilitate better typing.

A noteworthy feature of this product is its compatibility with Ducky Macro V2.0. This version helps personalize the product to the best extent possible, which was hard to imagine a few years ago.

If you are considering the idea of buying a gift for one of your friends or family members, here’s a product you may want to include in the list of choices.

        Pros        Cons
Compact product that gives away a lot of space for mouse movement, which helps gamers
RGB LED modes offer a wide variety of color customization choices
The design is rigid in terms of not accommodating new key caps

2. Obinslab Anne 2 Pro

No products found.
No products found.

This Obinslab invention is comparatively cheaper than several other reputed 60% keyboards available today. Yet, it offers several factors that are worth admiring.

This keyboard has set a great example of energy efficiency for a lot of other products of its kind to follow. The Anne 2 Pro utilizes 1900 mah battery that helps us use keyboards for as long as 8 hours after a single charge cycle. There aren’t many such keyboards out there that are so efficient in conserving power. In addition, this product has its own exclusive power on/off button that helps a great deal in conserving power.

The greatest advantage of owning the Anne 2 Pro is the fact that you can utilize up to 16 groups of macros to make working or gaming easier. This is a capability unheard among most mechanical keyboards today.

Equipped with an RGB pattern in the background, the lights don’t just make typing on the keyboard more convenient, but greatly contribute to its aesthetics as well. The makers have included a Magic FN key in the layout of this product which differentiates it from several products of its kind. This magic key helps users gain quick access to applications such as the music player, and doubles as a great shortcut.

The product is compatible with Bluetooth LE 4.0 as well as operating systems such as Windows 8/10, Mac OS, Linux, Android 4.4, IoS 7.0, and many others. The makers also offer software that simplifies customization and helps create even the most complicated lighting patterns within a few seconds.

        Pros        Cons
1900 mah battery embedded in the keyboard is effective in power conservation
Compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0 as well as operating system versions such as Windows 8/10, Mac OS, Android 4.4, and IoS 7.0
Complaints of hardware defects after a long duration

3. Fujitsu Happy Hacking Keyboard

No products found.
No products found.

Probably the best way to describe this product would be ‘Made by programmers for programmers’. In many ways, the keyboard is far more advantageous than several products of its kind manufactured in the past for software developers and typists. The keyboard has been lauded for its ultra-minimalist design and for including several key functionalities despite its 60-key layout as opposed to the 101-key traditional variants.

There are several unconventional firsts about this Fujitsu invention that easily make this stand out among arrays of keyboards available across virtual stores today. For instance, the makers have included Topre capacitive switches in the manufacture of this keyboard that offer best-in-class precision and efficiency. Most importantly, these components have helped in putting an end to the chattering sounds that usually arise while swiftly typing on mechanical keyboards. You don’t even have to press the keys hard for the characters to appear on the screen while using this Fujitsu keyboard, gentle touches should do the job.

Fujitsu has tried its best to ensure the keyboards ticks the quality assurance checkbox while engineering this invention. The fact that backs this claim is the utilization of top-grade PBT in the manufacture of the keys of this device, which ensures less susceptibility to damage even if the keys are pressed hard. Well, this feature could be a huge sigh of relief for all you gamers who use keyboards like joysticks. In addition, the keys of this device have been printed by adhering to the dye-sublimation approach that ensures the print on the keys doesn’t wear off quickly.

Overall, the keys included and the framework of the keyboard, in general, play a vital role in reducing hand and finger fatigue, which is a common complaint among several users today. Ergonomics has seldom been taken into consideration during the manufacture of keyboards, and this is exactly where the Fujitsu Happy Hacking Keyboard triumphs.

        Pros        Cons
Topre capacitive switches and top-grade PBT has been utilized for the manufacture of this key board, which makes it quite durable.
Renders high efficiency and precision while typing
Compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0 as well as operating system versions such as Windows 8/10, Mac OS, Android 4.4, and IoS 7.0
Complaints of hardware defects after a long duration
Quite expensive as compared to several other products of its kind

4. RK Royal Kludge RK61

No products found.
No products found.

The RK Royal Kludge RK61 is easily one of the cheapest 60% keyboards you could possibly find today, yet one of the most technically sound devices. Probably there really aren’t many products such as this that have struck an effective balance between quality and price, which is one of the reasons why the RK61 is a hot favorite.

The keyboard comprises a built-in chip that registers keystrokes efficiently and delivers extremely low latency in the absence of signal interference. These are features that could be seldom found among most keyboards today, and differentiate the RK61 from the rest of the crowd. The elimination of Numpad from the design has made this device a lot more compact and a gamer’s delight.

The most noteworthy feature of this keyboard undoubtedly is its battery and energy-efficiency. The 800mAh is long-lasting and you could use this product for over 10 hours once it’s fully charged. In addition, the product can be on standby mode for up to 360 hours, which also speaks volumes about the keyboard’s energy efficiency. Even after the battery drains out, all you need to do is charge the device for around 3 hours and it can keep you going for an entire business day.

A shortcoming of this product is that a multi-colored RGB palette isn’t available for customization, unlike several other popular 60% keyboards. In addition, there are 17 single-color backlit modes users can choose from, that could add to the glitter of this product. In fact, the product has been lauded by many users for its aesthetic appeal.


        Pros        Cons
17 backlit modes to choose from that make the product a treat to the eye.
Long-lasting battery that can last 10 hours once fully charged. The keyboard can be on standby mode for up to 360 hoursCompatibility with Bluetooth 4.0 as well as operating system versions such as Windows 8/10, Mac OS, Android 4.4, and IoS 7.0
The keys aren’t ideal for gaming and in fact, the product is more of a typist’s delight than a gamer’s

5. Cooler Master SK621 60% Mechanical Keyboard

No products found.
No products found.

Cooler Master is reputed for frequently emerging with pathbreaking technological inventions that have earned the accolades of the tech-savvy. Now, yet again, the brand has impressed customers worldwide with its latest invention, the SK621 60% mechanical keyboard.

The product has been lauded by many for accommodating all essentials well within its unique and compact design. No software or drivers of any sort are required for the keyboard to work, it’s more of a plug-and-play kind of a device. This fact could be a huge sigh of relief for those of you who detest the idea of installing software.

The product is high on aesthetics too since each of the keys has LEDs embedded underneath. Users can choose from over 16.7 million colors to customize the lighting patterns on their keyboards and tailor them to their needs.

As far as the mode of use is concerned, users can either choose to work the wired or the wireless way. You can either connect it over Bluetooth 4.0 or connect it to your system using a Type C USB. By choosing the wired approach, you can also charge the keyboard’s battery if you want to use it cord-free much later.

Although a little on the expensive side, investing in this product is completely worth it for the various benefits it offers as well as the reputed brand you would be associated with.


                           Pros    Cons
12-month guarantee and 30-day money-back warranty.
Has adopted the ‘full n key rollover’ as well as the ‘anti-ghosting’ approaches to ensure excellency in performance compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0 as well as operating system versions such as Windows 8/10, Mac OS, Android 4.4, and IoS 7.0
Activating the F1 to F12 keys requires undesirably long presses’

6. Motospeed 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

No products found.
No products found.

This keyboard is known for being a multi-device, dual-connectivity device and adheres to the wired/wireless USB 3.0 technology. This Motospeed product, comprising of 61 keys is ultra-thin, sleek, and has been lauded for its high durability and incredible responsiveness.

The fact that backs the claim of the product being highly durable is that the switches have been tested and are believed to resist at least 50 million keystrokes. Unlike yesteryear keyboards known for switches that wither away with time, the components of this product can really bear rough handling, especially by gamers.

Another component of this keyboard that deserves a special mention is the 1300 mAH battery embedded within that can last for at least 10 hours if you are using the product in wireless mode. Not just that, the product can be on standby mode for up to 480 hours which is probably the highest duration we’ve seen among 60% mechanical keyboards. All the product needs is a single cycle of charge and it can last for such an incredibly long duration.

Motospeed has included 19 backlit effects in this keyboard that add to the aesthetic appeal of the device but also makes typing seem less monotonous an activity. A colored keyboard layout also makes the product a delight from a gamer’s perspective.

The makers have ensured the keyboard abides by ergonomic benchmarks and have adopted ABS for the construction of the keys, in this regard. All the 61 keys of this product include their own individual switches and Motospeed has adhered to the ‘full n key rollover’ as well as the ‘anti-ghosting’ approaches while designing this keyboard. The adoption of these approaches has been responsible for the flawless performance of this Motospeed invention.

The keyboard is compatible with several operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10/ XP, VISTA, as well as Mac OS X. This fact implies that the product would work seamlessly with a wide range of other devices as well.

The makers offer a 30-month moneyback guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty along with this keyboard. These assurances should hopefully free you of any concerns regarding the quality of the product.


                           Pros                                                            Cons
12-month guarantee and 30-day money-back warranty.
Has adopted the ‘full n key rollover’ as well as the ‘anti-ghosting’ approaches to ensure excellency in performance compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0 as well as operating system versions such as Windows 8/10, Mac OS, Android 4.4, and IoS 7.0
Activating the F1 to F12 keys requires undesirably long presses’

7. Massdrop ALT Mechanical Keyboard

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No products found.

The key differentiating factor of the ALT keyboard is the fact that the makers of the ALT mechanical keyboard offer the latest QMK firmware. The firmware could be utilized to program keys in unique ways, as well as create custom macros and key mappings. How many of you have come across keyboards that offer such a high degree of customization? Well, this is an important factor that has steered the Massdrop ALT ahead of competitor products and earned it dozens of accolades.

That’s not all, this keyboard is equipped with a hot-swappable switch functionality which not many devices its kind offer. The switch sockets of the ALT allow you to swap switches within merely seconds without any kind of soldering.  Well, this is ergonomics at a whole new level since you could get to place the keys at spots you desire on the keyboard rather than get accustomed to the widely followed general keyboard layout. The Cherry MX RGB switches employed by the makers in the manufacture of this keyboard make the device ideal for typing and gaming. The use of this component makes this product truly a gamer’s delight, and in a way, the keyboard doubles as a joystick too.

As far as illumination is concerned, the product offers optimized per-key lighting functionality that allows you to choose from a grid of millions of colors. The RGB backlighting and under-lighting ability help you tailor the illumination patterns on your keyboard. This lighting approach adds immensely to the aesthetic appeal of the device.

Similar to the SK621, the Massdrop ALT mechanical keyboard too is quite expensive, but is a product totally worth an investment if you are willing to prioritize technical finesse over price.

Although the layout of this keyboard comprises 67 keys instead of 87, the design of this product is quite efficient. The makers haven’t missed out on any key functionality and yet, managed to create a compact-sized keyboard.

                           Pros                                                            Cons
Hot swappable switch functionality, which is the first of its kind
Utilization of the Cherry MX RGB switches in manufacture
Quite expensive

8. Qisan Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

No products found.
No products found.

If you aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on a 60% keyboard and yet want a device that’s reasonably good, you could probably consider this Qisan invention. The white layout of this product in itself is eye-catchy, aesthetically high, and differentiates the product from many others in the very first glance.

This mini and portable keyboard has a 68-key layout and yet hasn’t compromised on any of the key functions, which is quite impressive. The keyboard can be easily attached and disconnected from any computer using a USB hub, and its compact size makes the device highly portable too.

The switches on this keyboard have employed a Cherry MX Stem, which means the caps of any the keys can be replaced by an MX equivalent, best suited to your comfort.

Although a lot of keyboard manufacturers do pay attention to ergonomics, stability is an aspect often ignored by many. Qisan has included four rubber feet as well as two foldable feet to hold the device firmly to the surface it’s placed on, and offer users an unparalleled degree of comfort.

Well, this Qisan mechanical keyboard isn’t exactly the best device you could possibly get. However, if you are looking for something basic at a dirt-cheap price, this device could turn out to be your best bet.

                           Pros                                                            Cons
Really cheap
Key caps can be easily replaced with Cherry MX equivalents for better comfort
Lesser number of features compared to several keyboards available today


9. DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

No products found.
No products found.

How many keyboards you know can effortlessly connect with up to 3 devices over Bluetooth and easily switch between them? Well, DIERYA’s latest invention happens to be one of those rare devices.

This DIERYA invention is compatible with a wide range of operating systems such as Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, and 10 versions. The product is also supported by a wide range of android and apple devices as well as several iOS versions.

The product is also equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery that’s long-lasting and can be easily recharged. The DK63 1900 mAh battery included in the device is one of the most energy-efficient of its kind you could possibly find today and has twice the capacity as compared to several other 60% keyboards. The battery is also capable of lasting for a long duration once fully-charged, which is an ability not found among most devices of its kind.

The manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty along with this product that should easily address any sort of quality concerns one might have. This assurance also implies that the product will last for a significantly long period unlike many mechanical keyboards of its kind that conk in a very short time period.

                           Pros                                                            Cons
1-year warranty
Includes a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery
Can be paired with 3 Bluetooth-compliant devices simultaneously
The functioning of Bluetooth module dwindles with time

10. Vortexgear Pok3r 60% Ultra Compact Keyboard

No products found.
No products found.

The small form factor of this Vortexgear device has been hailed for being ideal for compact spaces and being really convenient for gaming and typing.

The makers have offered 3 layers of customization that’s rare to find among most 60% keyboards today, and users can choose from either QWERTY, DVORAK, and COLEMAK layouts. This product is also one of the very few ones of its kind that have utilized the benefits of the anti-ghosting mode as well as the N-key Roll Over.

The product comprises of thick PBT laser-etched keycaps that are highly durable and contribute to the longevity of the product. The aluminum cast frame embedded in the device makes it ideal for gaming and typing lines of code for several hours at a stretch. Users can have a maximum of 32 keystrokes per key which is probably a feature not many devices of many kinds possess.

The product comprises of a detachable micro USB cable and is highly compatible with several operating systems such as Windows 7,8, 10, Vista, Mac OS, as well as Linux. So, you don’t have to fret over the keyboard not being compatible with other gadgets you own.

                           Pros                                                            Cons
Compatible with a wide range of android and Apple devices
3 keyboard layouts to choose from – QWERTY, DVORAK, and COLEMAN
The pinging sound heard during typing has been deemed undesirable by many

Buyers Guide

There’s no dearth of 60% mechanical keyboards across virtual stores and retail outlets across the globe today. However, the overwhelming number of products that could appear on our screens while searching for these devices could push us into a state of ambiguity. Each manufacturer would claim its product is the best, which could make it harder to differentiate the good from ones that fall short of the quality benchmark. Here are a few factors to consider if you are looking for the best 60% keyboards.


Although most 60% keyboards comprise of 60 to 70 keys, which are much lesser than the standard layout, it is essential to note that no key functions have been compromised upon. For instance, many of these devices do away with numeric keypads, yet don’t eliminate numbers from their layouts.

It is equally important to note that ergonomics hasn’t been compromised too, and a bit of research would help you understand this aspect. A lot of keyboards these days include switches that can be easily swapped to the desired spots, completely tailored to your preferences. This approach is ergonomics of a new kind since not many manufacturers offer this degree of customization and comfort.

Several manufacturers are using materials such as ABS in their keys to make keyboards highly durable and also adept at activities such as gaming.


A lot of keyboards are equipped with backlights that greatly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the devices. Several keyboards are equipped with their own multi-color RGB palettes that could help you add many tones to your devices. Many manufacturers have developed keyboards that offer 16 to 20 backlit modes to choose from, which is a feature hard to choose.


The keys used in the manufacture of these devices have to be highly resistant to hard presses and should be durable enough to go undamaged even after 50 million touches. Quite a few keyboards these days offer the option of replacing keycaps with Cherry MX equivalents, to make typing and gaming a comfortable experience for its users.


A lot of 60% of keyboards are super expensive and would cost you much more than $200. However, there’s no dearth of products that are way below $100 and yet offer a wide range of benefits. You should probably look at products that offer all the aforementioned abilities and yet aren’t too heavy on the pocket. However, if you are looking for the most sophisticated devices available today and don’t really mind spending a few bucks more, there are many other options. You could probably consider the best-of-breed 60 % keyboards available across stores currently.


 1. What is a 60% keyboard?

Unlike the traditional devices that have 87 to 104 keys, 60% keyboards have around 60 keys and this factor is the reason behind the popular name. They are quite sleek in size as compared to traditional keyboards, don’t usually possess numeric keypads, and yet offer all the functionalities of yesteryear devices.

 2. Why is a 60% keypad highly preferred?

The small form factor of 60% mechanical keyboards has made it a favorite among people with small hands. Their sleek sizes offer much more space for mouse movement than traditional keyboards, which is why gamers prefer these devices compared to the ones we’ve been using over the years.

 3. Which is the best 60% keyboard available today?

The Motospeed 60% mechanical keyboard included in our compilation is easily one of the best available today as per our research. The product offers 19 backlit modes, is one of the most energy-efficient keyboards available time that can last for almost 480 hours on standby mode once fully charged. The manufacturers have utilized ‘full n key rollover’ as well as ‘anti-ghosting’ approaches to enhance the efficiency of the device, which is an effort worth being lauded.

4. What are the factors to consider before buying a 60% keyboard?

There are several factors to look for in a 60% keyboard before deciding to buy one since there’s absolutely no dearth of devices claiming to be good. It is vital to know if the keyboard has included all key functionalities despite being compact. The design has to be aligned with ergonomics benchmarks, and the keys included in the layout, have to contribute to the device’s durability. Keys made of materials such as ABS can make the keyboard ideal for gaming and typing and can resist the stresses caused by prolonged use. Compatibility with different operating system versions is also an important ability these devices must possess. Most 60% keyboards these days have their own backlit modes that add to their aesthetic appeal and make these devices quite interesting for typing and gaming endeavors.


We hope this compilation of the best 60% keyboard turned out to be quite useful for each one of you. We would like to recommend a product based on our research for you, considering the ambiguity that could arise due to the overwhelming number of keyboards available. Our study has led us to believe that Motospeed’s latest invention is one of the best today. The product has several features that make it worth the investment. The fact that it can be on standby mode for a duration of 480 hours is one of the most noteworthy abilities of this product. Not many keyboard manufacturers have utilized the benefits of the ‘full n key rollover’ as well as the ‘anti-ghosting’ approaches to ensure excellence in performance. The aforementioned fact is another noteworthy triumph of this invention.

However, we suggest you indulge in independent research as well to arrive at a purchase decision by considering your needs to buy the best keyboard.

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