Top 10 Best Bluetooth Adapter of 2021

Bluetooth adapters are the most convenient hubs to link devices. Most people have multiple devices that require a wireless access to function properly. So, if you are using a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a TV or even a car, you may find yourself in need of a good Bluetooth adapter. In fact, a dongle (another name for a Bluetooth adapter) can undoubtedly make your life easier. But the sheer number of products available on the market can unsettle most potential buyers.

Choosing the best bluetooth adapter is simple, but only if you know how to assess one. Indeed, there are some key features to consider while selecting an adapter. If you’re looking to purchase a Bluetooth adapter, this buyer’s guide is the right place to find your pick.

Here, we’ve chosen 10 of the best Bluetooth Adapter trending in the market now exclusively for you. We’ve tested different models and have compiled in this manual those that impressed us most.

Best Bluetooth Adapters of 2021

Product NameFeaturesDimensions/WeightTypeConnectivity/CompatibilityWarranty
ZEXMTE 0054 Bluetooth 4.033 ft, 3 Mbps, version 4.0, BLE1.1 x 0.7 × 0.3 inches 2.4 ozAdapterPS3/PS4 Xbox One S controllers, peripherals at more than 2.4G, Smartphones/Windows 10/8/7/XP, AndroidAmazon 30-day return policy

TechKey Bluetooth 4.0

33 ft, 3 Mbps, version 4.0, BLE1.1 x 0.7 × 0.3 inches 2.4 ozAdapterPS3/PS4 Xbox One S controllers, Headphones, Speakers, Smartphones/Windows 10/8/7/XP—Raspberry Pi—LinuxAmazon Standard policy

Avantree DG40S

33 ft, 3 Mbps, version 4.0, BLE0.7 x 5.8 × 3.7 inches 0.16 ozAdapterPS3/PS4 Xbox One S controllers, Headphones, Speakers, Smartphones/Windows 10/8/7/XP12 months (24-month extension available)

Nulaxy KM18

1.44 in Display screen, USB charging dock for phones6.4 x 4.9 × 2.10 inches

0.8 ozs

TransmitterCars, Smartphones, AUX, TFNo details given

Esinkin W29-US

50 ft transmission19.69 × 19.69 × 9.45 inches 

3.52 oz

ReceiverSound Systems, Smartphones, AUX12 months

TaoTronics TT-BR009

33 ft, Version 4.2 with EDR, CVC 6.02.40 x 1.10 × 0.43 inches

2.27 oz

Car adapterAUX – Cars, Headphones, Stereos, Smartphones12 months (18-month extension available)

Nulaxy BR04

295 ft (outdoors), 110 ft (indoors), dual pairing, Version 5.03.7 x 0.6 × 0.8 inches 0.64 ozTransmitterAUX, TV, Laptops, Sound systems, Car Stereo, Smartphones180-day money back guarantee

Avantree Leaf DG50

66 ft—Version 4.1, aptX-ll, plug & play2.6 x 0.59 × 0.71 inches 0.32 ozTransmitterPS4 — Nintendo Switch—Xbox—No peripherals with BLE (car, mouse, keyboard…) — Sound only/Windows 10/8/7/XP — Mac OS — LinuxNo details given

1 Mii B06 Plus

164 ft (outdoors), 70 ft (indoors), Version 4.2,  auto and dual pairing3.7 × 3.7 × 1.1 inches

8.8 oz

ReceiverLaptops, Smartphones, Sound systems, AUX, RCAAmazon 30-day return policy

Aventree BTTC-500-W-US

164 ft, Version 4.1, Auto Switch Bypass function44.88 x 11.81 × 29.53 inches

3.17 oz

Transmitter & receiverTV, Smartphones, Sound systems, Laptops, Tablets, AUX, RCA, Optical, USB, AV Receiver24 months

1. ZEXMTE 0054

ZEXMTE 0054Click Here for Price

If you are on a tight budget, this is the best Bluetooth adapter  for you. With a range of 33 feet and a transmission rate of 3 Mbps, this dongle is compatible with all the versions of Windows from 10 down to XP.

It is a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle with BLE technology which is backward compatible. You can use it to connect most of your devices (mouse, smartphone, keyboard, speakers, printers, and headsets) and add Bluetooth connectivity to a computer with a motherboard not featuring the technology.

What we liked the most about this device is its small size (1.1 × 0.7 × 0.3 inches for 2.4 oz) and it allows linking a PS3/PS4 or Xbox One S controller to computers. It is a great dongle whether you want to listen to music or transfer data!

        Pros        Cons
Tiny adapter
A wide range of devices supported
Excellent transmission speed
Plug-and-play for most OS
Mac OS, Linux, TV, Car Stereo systems or iOS not supported
Doesn’t work with 2.4G mouse or keyboard

2. TechKey Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter

TechKey Bluetooth 4.0 USB AdapterClick Here to Check Price

Working with Windows (7 to 10) and Raspberry Pi (Raspbian and Ubuntu), the TechKey is a very compact adapter (1.1 × 0.7 × 0.3 in for 2.4 oz). Providing a stable and fast (3 Mbps) transmission with a 33-feet range, you can use it to link most of your devices with your computer.

While you can connect a wide range of peripherals to the dongle, apparels such as TVs, car stereos and Macs aren’t supported. The Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE technology of this adapter allow you to link your devices easily.

Also, the user manual and the driver installation CD delivered with the dongle make it easier to quickly set it up.

        Pros        Cons
TXbox and PS controllers supported
Automatic pairing
No Mac or TV support

3. Aventree DG40S

Aventree DG40SClick Here for Price

This dongle works flawlessly on Windows computers (Desktop or Laptop) and is easy to install. Just plug it in and you’re done, unless you are using Windows 7. In which case, you will need to download some drivers to make the adapter work. You can connect many devices with this adapter.

The transmission speed is 3 Mbps, and the range is 33 feet. Those are the most common features for a class 2 dongle, but the Avantree DG40S is one of the best around. Detailed instructions are provided in a user’s manual and they will help you install and use your Bluetooth adapter easily. You can install the device easily without being a tech expert.

Although this product doesn’t support Mac OS, TV, Linux or gaming consoles (but you can connect the controllers to your PC), it is one of the best short-range Bluetooth adapters on the market in its price range.

In addition, its small size (0.7 × 5.8 × 3.7 inches for 0.16 oz) allows you to use it without noticing that it is plugged in your device. This adapter has a 12-month warranty which can be extended to 24 months.

        Pros        Cons
High-speed transmission with Bluetooth 4.0 and EDR
LED indicator
Easy to install and use
User manual available
Mac OS, TV, Linux not supported
No aptX

4. Nulaxy KM18

Nulaxy KM18Click Here for Price

The Nulaxy KM18 is one of the best Bluetooth car kits of the marketplace. Available in many colors, it features a display screen of 1.44 inches which is very convenient. This FM transmitter for cars allows you to play music from your TF card. You can bring you playlists with you when you are travelling. It is also possible to connect the device with an AUX cable or directly pair it with your device (phone or tablet).

Use this transmitter to answer your calls hands-free by quickly pressing a button. The caller ID is shown on the display and you decide to answer only to important calls. One of the best features of this device is the voltmeter that helps you check the status of your car battery. It also has an SV/2.1 A USB port that you can use to charge your phone while playing music. You have two playing modes (random and repeat all) with this device.

The Nulaxy is a great adapter to play music in your car, its small size, just 6.4 × 4.9 × 2.1 inches for 0.8 oz will allow you to use it more conveniently.

        Pros        Cons
Support a TF card
Display Screen
Voltmeter and USB charger for phones
No Mac or TV support
Limited playing modes

5. Esinkin W29-US

Esinkin W29-USClick Here for Price

This Bluetooth adapter is priced under $30 and allows you to connect many types of mobile devices (phone, tablet and laptop for example). But you can also use it to convert fixed equipment such as your speakers or home stereo into wireless apparels. Featuring a range of 50 ft, it is delivered with a power adapter, a 3.5 mm audio cable and user manual, the adapter comes with a 1-year warranty.

Really easy to set up and pair, the device is really small with dimensions of 19.69 × 19.69 × 9.45 inches and weighs only 3.52 ozs. It is the perfect adapter if you’re looking an adapter with good performances while being on a tight budget.

        Pros        Cons
Need a power adapter

6. TaoTronics TT-BR009

No products found.No products found.

Featuring Bluetooth 4.2 with EDR, this adapter allows you to link devices and listen to your music or make calls. With a range of 33 ft and lithium batteries, the TaoTronics adapter can work for up to 15 hours. Light (just 2.27 oz) and small (2.40 × 1.10 × 0.43 inches), the device is highly mobile. Delivered with a USB charging cable and an AUX 3.5 mm audio cable, this adapter can be used in your car and with your headphones.

The CVC 6.0 technology for noise reduction coupled with the aptX and aptX-ll technology are features of the device that allow you to enjoy high sound quality. It has an auto-pair function that allows you to reconnect automatically the last device used, which is very convenient. With a 12-month warranty, it is one of the best adapters of the marketplace to help you turn your wired headphones and stereos into Bluetooth-enabled devices.

        Pros        Cons
Automatic pairing and reconnect
Battery life
No microphone
Only one device connected at a time

7. Nulaxy BR04

Nulaxy BR04Click Here for Price

The Nulaxy BR04 has it all for a home use. Both a transmitter and receiver, this Bluetooth 5.0 adapter will help you connect your TV, laptop, headset, stereo, and CD player to enjoy your music seamlessly. It has a great range of 295 ft outdoors and it covers up to 110 ft indoors.

Featuring both aptX-ll and 24-bit aptX HD for your devices that support the technologies, it offers a great audio quality with no lip-sync delay. The dual link added functionality allows you to connect two devices at the same time. It is a great device to enjoy movies and music together with a friend.

This Bluetooth adapter is quite easy to set up since it is delivered with a detailed manual, a charging cable (USB), optical and AUX cables, and a 3.5 mm female to male RCA cable. The connection lights on the top of the device are very user friendly. They will allow you to know with a quick glance how many apparels are connected. Nulaxy also offers a 180-day money back guarantee for the BRo4 which measures 3.7 × 0.6 × 0.8 inches and weighs 0.64 oz.

        Pros        Cons
Support aptX-ll and aptX HD
Wide Range
Dual connection
Short term warranty
No file transfers

8. Aventree Leaf DG50

Aventree Leaf DG50Click Here for Price

If you want to link your headphones with your computer or your gaming console, the Aventree Leaf DG50 is the best adapter to accomplish the job. This dongle has a range of 66 feet and can be used on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Although it only works for audio, it is a plug-and-play device with Bluetooth 4.1, aptX-LL (almost no delays when talking) and FastStream (for a better sound quality). This adapter isn’t compatible with BLE devices which means you can’t connect your mouse, keyboard, car stereo system, but the sound quality provided and the lack of delays while using it make it one of the best adapters you can find out there. Very small (2.6 × 0.59 × 0.71 inches for 0.32 oz), this dongle is highly portable.

        Pros        Cons
Works with Bose Headphones
Compatible with Mac OS and gaming console
Excellent sound quality
Only useful for Audio
Not compatible with BLE

9. 1 Mii B06 Plus

1 Mii B06 PlusClick Here for Price

This Bluetooth receiver will allow you to add Bluetooth capabilities to your HiFi. Featuring many interesting functions, it also has a great range. While its indoor range is 50 to 70 ft, the outdoor range for this device spans up to 164 ft. You can use it to connect your phone, tablet or computer to your sound system. Using the 4.2 protocol of Bluetooth, it is also equipped with aptX Low Latency which helps you enjoy the best sound quality from your HiFi.

A few other features that make this receiver one of the best in the market are the Automatic Power On and reconnection. Your devices will be linked automatically with the adapter when you on it. We also loved the 3D audio integrated which allows you to convert any track to 3D. And the best functionality is the dual pairing that can be used to connect two devices simultaneously.

Weighing just 8.8 ounces for 3.7 × 3.7 × 1.1 inches, the device package includes 1x USB Power Cable and a USB Power Adapter to charge the receiver. You also have two 3.5 mm cables (AUX and 2 RCA) and a user manual. The receiver also supports voice control through Echo on the Alexa app.

        Pros        Cons
3D sound
Voice commandse
Dual Pairing
No warranty
Receiver only

10. Aventree BTTC-500-W-US

Aventree BTTC-500-W-USClick Here for Price

Supporting the 4.1 version of Bluetooth, this product from Aventree is a class I adapter with a wide range (up to 164 ft) and amazing features. Transmitter and receiver at the same time, the device also allows direct cable connection with USB/AUX/RCA/Optical ports. The bypass function helps you switch automatically between a wired and a wireless connection. With a size of 44.88 × 11.81 × 29.53 inches and a weight of 3.17 oz, this adapter can be installed conveniently anywhere.

With a 2-year warranty, this 3-in-1 adapter allows you to connect easily your TV, Phones, PC, iPod and Home Stereo through the same device without any effort. The input of this model is 5.0 V for 500 mA, but be aware that the device can heat up to 45 °C while operating. We advise you not to leave the device on your laptop or tablet when you are using it.

        Pros        Cons
Connectivity options
Heat up when on
No connecting indicator

Buyer’s Guide: How to find the Best Bluetooth Adapter

Choosing any equipment requires knowing the features that affects its performances. Bluetooth adapters are mostly USB plug-and-play and fairly easy to use. Nevertheless, to pick the best while sifting through dozens of products, here’s what you need to decide which one is perfect for you.


When picking your Bluetooth adapter, it’s important to know which devices you intend to link. Dongles can connect to almost every Bluetooth peripherals but the bandwidth at which said peripherals operate differs from one to another. Some use a regular bandwidth and others such as mice or keyboards for computers are compatible with a lower frequency. In case you’re wondering: can I use a Bluetooth adapter on my TV? You must know that you should check the adapter’s specifications to see if it will suit your needs.

Range: Class 1 Bluetooth adapter VS. Class 2 Bluetooth adapter

This criterion refers to the maximum range at which you can connect and use a device linked to your Bluetooth adapter. For class 2 adapters, depending on the product, you can get between 30 and 60 feet of range, which is more than enough for a regular use. For those who require a greater range, Class 1 devices designed for industrial peripherals can transmit data up to 330 feet. Although you will see many devices with the same range, you need to assess the efficiency of the transmission. As it is often the case, many devices with the same specifications can perform differently.

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth technology is constantly improving. But to pick the best adapter, always choose a device with the 4.0 version. It’s faster, less power-consuming, and more importantly it is the most widely used version. If you intend to link peripherals that work on lower versions, you should know that recent versions of Bluetooth have backward compatibility. Your old devices will thus work with your new adapter; although you might have to install some drivers in that case.

Mostly used by new smartphones, Bluetooth 5 is more focused on data transmission in the Internet of Things (IoT). It is faster and allows you to control multiple peripherals from a single device. It is mostly used for Smart homes with multiple appliances such as thermostats, cameras and security systems, or kitchen gadgets. Although more advanced, you should remember that the 4.0 version is still the most used and is more convenient to transmit data between two devices.

Power Consumption

Introduced with the 4.0 version, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is one of the three protocols included in that version. Mainly focused on reducing energy consumption to increase the battery life of devices, it is a must-have if you are looking for the best Bluetooth adapter. When picking your adapter, look for the Bluetooth Smart logo that will indicate the device is compatible with BLE.


You should also check a few additional features to pick the dongle that will best suit your needs. Will you be connecting a smartphone to a computer regularly? Then, you will need an adapter with NFC compatibility. Does your dongle allow automatic pairing? This feature will allow you to use your adapter and linked devices more intuitively. Will you be using Linux or Mac OS? If that’s the case, pick an adapter that is compatible with many operating systems. You will also need an adapter with drivers that are easy to find on the manufacturer site or comes with an installation CD.


Here are answers to some of the questions often asked by people looking to buy the best adapter.

1. How to get the best sound from Bluetooth adapter?

If you’ve experienced poor sound quality with your device, you may try these few steps to solve the issue.

  • Check your device’s tone settings such bass, reverb, treble. Tweaking the settings might help you have a better sound.
  • Move your adapter closer to your sound system as it may be a range issue.
  • Keep the adapter away from other devices that might create interference by generating an electromagnetic field. Common appliances such as your router or your microwave can be the source of the problem.
  • Re-pair your Bluetooth adapter with the multimedia system you want to connect to.
2. How to find the best Bluetooth Adapter?

To find the best device for you, you need to follow the criteria mentioned earlier in the buyer’s guide. Following these tips will not only help you pick a good adapter but will also enable you to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

3. What does Plug and Play mean?

Plug-and-Play refers to Bluetooth adapters that do not require the additional download and installation of files or drivers before use. These kinds of adapters already have preinstalled drivers by the operating system and require no further installation. But in case of older operating systems, additional drivers may be required for smooth operation.

4. What type of data can be transferred via Bluetooth?

A wide range of data types can be transferred via Bluetooth, some of which include audio files, video, pictures, multimedia streams, data transfers and many more.

5. How much power does Bluetooth adapter consume?

If you’re using your Bluetooth adapter with a Smartphone or a laptop, you might be wondering how much power does a Bluetooth adapter exactly use. No one really likes the battery low notification that keeps popping up when listening to music or making a call.

First, you should know that with the BLE protocol integrated with the version 4.0 in 2011, most devices use very little energy while the Bluetooth is on (used actively or on standby). But it mainly depends on what you are doing with your device.

Most adapters use both Bluetooth classic and BLE protocols. If you are listening to music or sharing files between devices, your adapter will switch to the classic protocol. While for IPS or location services, BLE is more practical and will be selected automatically, the differences are mainly in terms of transfer speed and energy consumption.

BLE offers a maximum speed of 200 kbps for data transfer with 0.01 W to 0.25 W energy consumption. On the other hand, the Bluetooth classic protocol offers 2–3 Mbps transfer speed for 1 W of energy consumption on average.

6. What Is Bluetooth 4.0?

Presently Bluetooth 4.0 is the most widely used version of the Bluetooth technology. This specification was released in June 2010 and was immediately adopted and used by smartphone manufacturers the following year. This was primarily due to its low energy requirement, the aim of which was a battery life extension for mobile devices. The two main updates to this specification are 4.1 and 4.2. The first update 4.1 enables communication with 4G LTE devices while the second 4.2 was designed to support IoT devices.

7. Can more than one Bluetooth adapter be used simultaneously?

In order for Bluetooth connection to work perfectly, only a single Bluetooth adapter can be enabled at a time. You are at liberty to install more than one adapter on the same computer but only one must be enabled at a time. The use of multiple adapters at the same time on the same computer can prevent it from utilizing Bluetooth technology. Nonetheless, it is possible to use multiple Bluetooth adapters to pair different devices.

8. What is the procedure for connecting a Bluetooth adapter to a Windows computer?

Are you wondering how to use a Bluetooth adapter for Windows 10? Since most Bluetooth adapters are plug-and-play devices, Windows will immediately recognize the standard interface used by the device and automatically install a driver to enable Bluetooth connectivity as soon as it is plugged in the computer. Any additional steps and installations will be specified by the manufacturer if required, in the case where it’s not a plug-and-play device.

9. What is the procedure for connecting a Bluetooth adapter to Mac OS?

Now that you know how to use a Bluetooth adapter for Windows 10, let’s take a look at how it should be done on Mac OS. Most Apple computers are usually furnished with an inbuilt Bluetooth system which usually gets in the way when you try using third party Bluetooth devices. The first step will be to disable the inbuilt Bluetooth system before installing the adapter in order to enable pairing with other Bluetooth devices. In certain cases, you may have to install developer tools that include a Bluetooth explorer program which is used to select which Bluetooth adapter to enable.

10. What is frequency hopping?

It is a security measure adopted by Bluetooth devices during data transfer. This is achieved by rapidly fluctuating the frequency at which different packets or sections of data are transferred using a pseudo-random sequence only known by the transmitter and the receiver.

11. What type of devices use Bluetooth?

Almost all new devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and audio speakers are now equipped with standard Bluetooth connectivity. Other devices that also use Bluetooth for data transfer and communication include wireless keyboards and mice, game controllers, televisions and vehicle audio systems. Are you asking yourself “can I use a Bluetooth adapter on my TV?” The answer is yes. Some adapters indeed support TV and Home Stereo.

12. How to use a Bluetooth audio receiver in a car?

If you have the best Bluetooth audio receiver, you may want to use it with your car. You have 2 options to connect your car audio system to a Bluetooth device. You can either use an AUX-connection device or an FM transmitter adapter. The first type connects directly to the 3.5 mm auxiliary jack of your car stereo system, enabling you to make calls and play music wirelessly directly from your phone. As for the second, it is for older cars without an AUX jack but with a 12 V Cigarette Light Plug instead.

Both types of devices are Plug-and-Play and allow you to connect your smartphone in a few seconds to your car system in order to listen to your music, make calls hands-free and use Siri or Cortana. Make sure to pick the best Bluetooth audio receiver for car depending on your car model and the connection options available.

13. What is the best long-range Bluetooth audio receiver?

Whether you are planning to buy a class 1 or a class 2 Bluetooth adapter, you should consider the range carefully. There are a lot of devices that can help you exchange data between devices using Bluetooth. While most BLE devices consume less power, if you are looking for the best long-range adapter, they may not suit your needs. BLE is mostly used for low speed data transfer exchanges. Audio does not fall into the category of low speed data.

It is therefore preferable to pick an adapter that mainly uses Bluetooth classic protocol to increase your speed. Your transfer speed will have a direct influence on the quality of the sound as well as on range. Nevertheless, make sure to free the space between the devices that you connect and your adapter to improve the quality of the data transmissions. These criteria are also important if you are asking yourself “what is the best adapter for home stereo?”

14. How do Bluetooth audio receivers work?

Using a 3.5 mm jacket or a 3.5 mm RCA to connect your phone or laptop to your sound system can be challenging. If you have to do it all the time, not only does it restrict your mobility, but it is also inconvenient. Using a Bluetooth adapter is easier and more practical to enjoy your music on your speakers while walking around. These adapters work as a bridge between your devices, allowing you to share the audio from your phone or laptop (mobile) to your sound system (fixed). Remember to pick you adapter while keeping in mind that it must have a good range and provide high-quality sound at all times.

15. What are Bluetooth drivers?

A Bluetooth driver refers to any software that is designed to allow an operating system to effectively communicate with a Bluetooth device.

Knowing the criteria and most important specifications of Bluetooth adapters, you will now be able to choose the one that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. Remember the best Bluetooth adapter must have a good range, be plug-and-play, have a nice transmission speed and at the very least, use version 4.0 of the Bluetooth technology.

Our pick is the Aventree BTTC-500-W-US. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth car kit to turn your car into your stereo while moving, consider choosing one that is compatible with many devices and offers many different connection options.


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