6 Best Bluetooth Headsets Bluetooth Earpieces in 2019

Best bluetooth earpieces in 2018

The history of headsets isn’t very long, and we have a newer version now and then because technology is progressing by leaps and bounds. Another wonder of technology is Bluetooth headsets, an earphone which functions without a wire. They have better sound quality, noise cancellation technology and many more features. These  gadgets come in varying sizes and shapes too, to meet the demands of the users. Keeping all these things in mind, our team has compiled a list of Best Bluetooth Earpieces in 2019, the Top Bluetooth Headsets.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Bluetooth Earpieces 2019 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.

NameBattery LifeCompatibilityNoise Cancellation TechnologyUser ReviewsPrice
Plantronics Voyager Legend264 hr standby 7 hrtalktimeSmartphones, PC, Apples devices and laptopsTriple Mic Technology4.0/5Click Here for Price
Jawbone Era240 hr standby 5.5 hrtalktimePC (Windows 7, Vista, XP), MacNoise Assassin 3.03.5/5Click Here for Price
Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2100 hr standby 4.5 hrtalktimeSmartphones, and PCNoise Rejecting Microphone4.2/5Click Here for Price
Jabra Supreme UC MS360 hr standby 6 hrtalktimeMany smartphonesNoise Blackout 3.04.5/5Click Here for Price
Plantronics Voyager Edge168 hr standby 6 hrtalktimeSmartphones, PCSignature Plantronics audio technology3.6/5Click Here for Price
Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset240 hr standby 6 hrtalktimePC, Samsung, Google devicesNoise-Blackout dual microphone technology3.7/5Click Here for Price
Plantronics M165 Marque 2264 hr standby 7 hrtalktimeIPhone, Samsung and Othersdual microphones4.1/5Click Here for Price
Jawbone Icon HD240 hr standby 4.5 hrtalktimePC (Windows 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS 10.5 & HigherVoice activity sensors3.6/5Click Here for Price
BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset100 hr standby 5 hrtalktimeSmartphones (Android, Blackberry)Superior Voice Isolation Technology3.2/5Click Here for Price
Plantronics M55 Headset384 hr standby 11 hrtalktimeSmartphones (Android), iPad, NotebookYes3.9/5Click Here for Price

1. Plantronics Voyager Legend

Best Bluetooth Headsets 2018

Plantronics is a reputed firm in the dominion of communication equipment among a number of choices we have, when it comes to Bluetooth Handsets. The first headset in today’s talk is a quality gadget from the brand, the Plantronics Voyager Legend. It has high-grade design with various advanced features including a bunch of accessories. Ranging from the incorporation of technology to the performance, this tool makes the people wonder.


Closing your eyes on the specifications of a gadget will give you no good, dudes. Let’s not do that and discuss its features in detail.


There are few things in the world which are stylish and useful at the same time. This tool is one of them, guys. It is very soft and flexible. If you place anything inside it and then try to bend it, the thing inside will break without damaging the gadget. This is an indication of the design elegance. It is also very comfortable on ears.

Voice Quality:

You’re not gonna compromise on the quality of input voice while taking Bluetooth headsets into consideration, I know that. This is the primary responsibility of Bluetooth headsets.

Well, the tool under assessment has excellent voice quality result even during walking or running. It also works with considerable noise reduction mechanism. The gadget is equipped with Triple Mic Technology for active noise cancellation too. Compatibility with multiple android devices is also a part of the strengths of this little machine.


People say that this headset is heavy, but I don’t call a 0.6 ounces device bulky by any respect. Keeping the weight aside, it can perfectly adjust itself around the ear of the use. Just have it, wear it and start listening, chatting whatever you gotta do. It gives you so many hours to talk to your loved ones, without the need of any cord or cable.


There are dozens of kinds of people personalities. Isn’t it?

The same goes for the physical kinds of people, dudes. Some people have small ears and others have big ears with long lobes. To meet the needs of maximum people out there in need of headsets, this tool comes with three different sizes of ear buds; small, medium and large. Although the range is limited, yet most of these three sizes are easily matched with the common ear holes. The doors for other brands are always open for you, if you don’t feel satisfied by it.


This headset has a very efficient charging mechanism as it has a magnet which makes the connection easy and stable. It also has an awesome charging case.


Bad time doesn’t see weather and circumstances. This gadget is not gonna turn back on you, if you receive an emergency call in a rainy weather. It is fully water resistant and moisture free. You are allowed to enjoy your conversation even in rain, sun, snow or summer weathers. This Best Bluetooth wireless Headsets is one of the most comfortable one; just use it and get the best out of it.


There would be so many Bluetooth 4.0 operated media tools in your home, pretty obvious.This particular gadget will not offer connectivity to only a limited number of tools. It supports most of the BT profiles, actually. But the strength of Bluetooth is not satisfactory along with its range. If the paired phone is nearby, then you are going to enjoy high-quality calls for sure. Moreover, the headset is fully integrated with Siri and Google Assistant for your voice controls.

Battery Life:

Seems like we’re missing something, pals. Oh, that’s the operational time, this gadget provides.

Well, the battery of this instrument easily lasts for seven hours of non-stop talk time, and a standby time of 11 days which is outstanding. Once it is fully charged taking 2.5 hours, it will definitely give you worry-free talk time.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Mobile and easy to use.
  •   Portable charging cord.
  •   Rapid charging time.
  •   Comfortable in use.
  •   Good Sound result.
  •   Very light weight.
  •   Long battery life.
  •   Ineffective Magnetic charger.
  •   Compatibility issues.


Keeping all the above mentioned excellent features in mind, it is a top notch ear piece in the market and ahead of the pack! I shall so honestly recommend this for our valued customers.


2. Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2

Best Bluetooth Headsets 2018

Bose is a kind of company, worth billions of dollars, dudes. Next gadget in this list of the best is also chosen from this big name, the Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2. This device has immensely secured the trust and complements of its fans and users with clear and textured sound quality. It is one of the best rated Bluetooth headsets. Stylish looks, efficient performance and ease of use are the key factors escalating the demand of this tool.


There is only one way to find out whether the best buy Bluetooth headsets 2019 are still in business or not. The way is glancing at the features in detail.


Every crush you had in your life must be a beautiful lady. Who falls for the weird and ugly girl?

Nobody! People like this gadget, pals, which mean that it has something to seek attention. It actually has a beautiful and sleek design. The shiny-matte surface with a soft ear piece makes the use more stylish and cozy. The body is outlined with a thin silver line around the edges.


Electronics don’t speak, which means that there must be another way to listen to them. Indicator lights are parts, by which the gadget tells its story. In this tool, two LED indicators can be found on the outer edge showing the connectivity with paired devices and the battery status. You can easily find the amount of battery left with multi-colored flashes. The gel-feel ear bud set into the ear and pouring a clear and solid sound directly into the ear.


A car without a driver can get to nowhere, fellas. Likewise, a gadget with no controls is not gonna give you any good.

The device under examination doesn’t lack in this aspect. You are going to find the control buttons on the upper side of handset which includes the volume controllers and the call button. Power button underneath serves to switch it on or off accordingly. The control buttons are not very physical and easy-to–use due to their small size. You can find some other things with this headset as well like a USB charging cable, wall paper etc.

Important Point to Remember:

There are both right and left hand people in the world, peeps. Bose has to take care of both of them. That’s the reason; you must be quite clear about your either side of active hands, because Bose has rolled out the Series 2 headset for one of your ear.

You cannot switch the headphone to left ear if you’ve got right-eared set. So if you are left-handed person, do not mistakenly choose the left-ear headset. You will ruin your ease of accessing it along with comfort. Noise Rejecting Microphone gives a good noise cancellation option. It also supports many smart phones and pcs.

Battery Life:

Talk time is one of the most considered factors, when any wireless communication instrument is discussed. This is an appealing gadget with 100 hr standby time and 4.5 hr talk time.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Comfortable and easy-fitting around ear.
  •   Ground breaking quality of device.
  •   Excellent Bluetooth connectivity.
  •   High definition sound output.
  •   Good distance connection.
  •   Reliable Bluetooth range.
  •   Stylish in design.
  •   Ineffective noise cancellation features.
  •   Doesn’t support further customization.
  •   Indecent battery.


This headset is decent in designing and good in performance but little expensive. Moreover, if you attend any call in windy conditions, it would be very difficult to listen clearly. So, keeping these points in our mind, we will not highly recommend this headset.


3. Jabra Supreme UC MS

Best Bluetooth Headsets 2018

Working as a subsidiary of GN Netcom, Jabra is reliable name, which develops wired and wireless communication gadgets. The next item in this argument is from the familiar name, the Jabra Supreme UC MS. Its amazing noise cancellation and latest voice-control features are matchless. The great multi-tasking dual microphone technology is also praiseworthy.


If you don’t have the guts to explore the top listed gadgets, then it’s better to bury your wishes, dudes. Now is the turn of Jabra UC, for its features to be discussed in detail.


Bluetooth headset is a gadget to buy mostly for two kinds of people; security staff and music lovers. So let’s give a little talk to the aspects of design and built. Well, Jabra Steel Supreme UC headset is an in-ear device with integrated microphone. The ear piece is quite comfortable for your ear as it is made from faux leather material which aims to support long hours of usage. You may feel it not firmly gripped while moving fast. So, it will be more beneficial while you are in office or on your working table and just talking on calls.


Are you a busy person who receives hundreds of calls in a day?

Well, you can’t pull out your phone for each and every ring, pals. Can you? This gadget is gonna help you there. The call button is located on outer edge and below the ear piece. There are two volume control buttons for increasing or decreasing the volume while talking on the calls or listening to the music. All the function nobs are very easy to use and smooth in movements.

Siri or Google Assistant features:

Looking at the ever increasing popularity of the Siri, Google Assistant and other voice operated systems; Jabra Steel is one of few dedicated brands, who took action. The voice control button is on the boom arm which can be very handy every time you are going to use Siri or Google Assistant features.

The device doesn’t only contain buttons, as well. It does all the works needed for a perfect smoother operation. A micro USB port is available under a small plastic flip for charging. It supports many smartphones to work with it without any hassle.

Boom Arm:

As the Bluetooth headset is used by more sophisticated and professional people like secret service agents very often, it has to be elegant. And one of the few ways to keep the gadget graceful is making it less crowded. There is no power button in this device, just observe.

To switch on the headset, you just have to flip out the boom arm and it will automatically get connected with the previously paired device. You will be updated a voice about the status of power, which means when the headphone is powered up by flipping out the boom arm, a “power on” voice satisfies you about the working. Same is with the closing of arm; the voice will inform you that headset is now “powered off”.

Battery Life and Weight:

This is not a local cheap product you’re seeing, guys. This headset is a tool with super battery life providing significant handy use. The battery life time as claimed by the brand is about six hours of talk time and 15 days of standby time. Wondering whether you can keep wearing it for a longer duration or not? The things are catered. It weighs only 18 grams on the machines.

Noise Cancellation:

Do you want your business dealers or your boss to hear the sound of your angry wife, rebuking the kids in the background? Not gonna happen, peeps. This device tries its best to eliminate all the background sounds. Noise Blackout 3.0 takes care of the external noise pretty well.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Versatile and fashionable design and built.
  •   Compatible withPCs and mobile phones.
  •   Extraordinary good in quality.
  •   Extremely comfortable to use.
  •   High definition sound output.
  •   Useful for multiple devices.
  •   Inexpensive for the quality.
  •   Doesn’t support MAC pairing.
  •   Battery durability issues.
  •   Audio range Problems.


In short, Jabra is providing you a strong and reliable wireless communication with both of your mobiles/tablets and the computer system. So, don’t be late to enjoy the latest feature with a quality of sound output.


4. Plantronics Voyager Edge

Best Bluetooth Headsets 2018

Plantronics is another noble name in the industry, when it comes to the production of audio communication instruments. Plantronics Voyager Edge, the next product of discussion, is a slim and sleek Bluetooth headset by the brand. This headset is coupled with enhanced voice quality, smart sensor, user friendly app and comfortable ear buds. The gadget is simply perfect for all kinds of music geeks and security professionals.


Are you a thirsty individual for knowledge? Well, it’s all here. Just take a deep breath and start being informative right now by seeing its features in detail.

Sweat-proof Built:

You can’t just quit your job in the rough and tough weather. Can you?

In the hot summers, Bluetooth headsets get damaged by the sweat usually. But it seems like Plantronics has worked on that issue. Edge is offering a sweat-proof built with smooth and easily accessible control button on the dock. It comes with ear-loop and rubber ear buds depends upon the need and preference of the users.

Ear Loops:

Ears are one of the most delicate parts of the body, dudes. You simply can’t overload them with a heavy and rough gadget.

That’s the reason, the ear loops this device is made of soft plastic which gives you a strong grip on the ears and does not bother you during your work. The feature where Plantronics really shines is “find my headset”, in the case you have lost it somewhere and unable to find it yourself. This will help you to locate the device very fast.

Dual Connectivity Performance:

Are you a computer person like me, but can’t overlook the phone calls coming to your cell as well?

The dual-connectivity feature of this tool saves you here, guys. For instance, you are connected with your computer at one point, and at the same time, the headphone is also paired with your cell phone. On receiving the phone call, the headset will smoothly shifted to the incoming phone call, pausing connectivity with the computer. When the call will end, it will resume the connection with the systems and you can continue with your work there. It makes the things surprisingly effective, you see. It’s also compatible with many smartphones.

Noise Cancellation:

Technology is continuously pushing us into the world of more chaos and noise. Isn’t it?

The problem is that it affects our calls on the phone as well. Here comes the ambient noise cancellation technology featured with many wireless communication gadgets nowadays.The noise cancellation feature in this machine also works really well by the incorporation of Signature Plantronics audio technology, but sometimes the wind sounds are rushed in to your calls if you are driving the car really fast with your windows opened. The clarity and quality of sound never gets down even you are going out of the Bluetooth range.


Sound quality is a hot topic in the wireless communication systems, pals.

The good news is that the sound coming after getting paired with the device is really sufficient for the ears. You can easily adjust the volume as per your need by using the volume control buttons. It easily connects with all Android and iOS Bluetooth devices. NFC  pairing is also achieved by just one tap on the headset.

One Amazing Fact:

With every passing day, innovation is getting more and more surprising, buddies. You’re also gonna see the reflection of that in this amazing Bluetooth headset.

One amazing fact this headset has got is the effective voice recognition service. Just say Answer or Ignore when your cell phone rings and you’re good. It also supports multiple languages like Spanish, French and Cantonese for the convenience of those people who are not very familiar with English language.

Battery Life:

A Bluetooth headset can’t make its mark in the industry without an attractive functional timing, fellas. The Plantronics has taken well care of that by equipping this gadget with a powerful battery. It provides the talk life of 6 hours in a row. Standby time is 168 hours.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Excellent design with protective case.
  •   Very light on ears and comfortable.
  •   Productive and reliable device.
  •   Supports NFC connectivity.
  •   Reliable battery backup.
  •   Very fine sound quality.
  •   Flexible for all ear sizes.
  •   Extra sensitive function key.
  •   Battery charging Problems.
  •   Bad sound quality.


If you’re searching for an amazing Bluetooth headset having superb qualities like Sensor Technology, Voice Recognition and Comfort ability with a remarkable balance between performances and owning a solid frame, the Voyager Edge can’t be beat.


5. Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth Headsets 2018

Jabra has got a nice reputation in the market. Don’t you know, buddies? The next item chosen to be included in the list is a stylish gadget from the firm, the Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset. It is undoubtedly an extraordinarily thin, slim and delicately designed gadget among the other entire headsets in this range. The device is also light in height, easy to use having good Synchronisation power. The sound clarity is also tremendous.


Because of the frauds and scams in this cunning world, you’re not recommended to just close your eyes and buy a gadget based on the brand. Start believing in the features, now, before it’s too late.


Don’t consider the best buy Bluetooth headphones 2019 still in business, pals. Time changes everything; you’ve not just observed it, yet.

Ear hooks have gotten profound importance nowadays. Coming to the Jabra Stealth back, it has an orange color ear-hook which is made up of rubber for smoother grip. The protruding boom is a silver color outer with LED telling you the connectivity status.


People definitely expect a quality microphone with the Bluetooth headset they pay a hefty price. You’re from the same group of people, I am aware of that.

Well, this gadget has a microphone integrated at the bottom.The power button is found on the inner side of the piece, helps to switch on/off the gadget. Noise-Blackout dual microphone technology takes good care of the external noise, which is a significant issue in listening.

Jabra Assist App:

It is always good to have someone watching your back, dudes. Isn’t it?

Jabra Assist App does that job here. It detects your headset using GPS tracking, whenever it’s lost somewhere. Charging the gadget is also not like solving a complex mathematical equation. Small USB port hidden under the plastic cover offers a pretty handy charging mechanism. The overall looks of Stealth are also ultimately sturdy and stylish.

NFC tap:

Bluetooth is the most common wireless technology but there is also another thing there. Are you aware of that?

It’s the NFC, fellas. It works fine with the devices which support NFC pairing. That was the strong part; let’s discuss some limitations, too. There is no volume rocker on the headset for adjusting the volume intensity.So, you will have to maintain the threshold from your mobile device, not much difficult, I guess.

Jabra Application:

Smartphones application for controlling hardware equipment is very trendy these days, peeps. Jabra is no exception; its application is free-to-download and easily available for your Androids or iOS versions. This app also helps you to locate your headset in case you have misplaced it.

Compatibility and Battery Life:

Such kind of Gold is useless which you can’t wear. Isn’t it?

The story of an incompatible gadget is also the same. But you don’t have to fret, guys. This device is fully compatible with many platforms like PC, Samsung and Google devices. The battery life is also just amazing. You can use this headphone for about 6 to 7 hours a day once you have fully charged it for around 2.5 hours. The power backup is fairly acceptable with 3 days of standby time.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Light weight and comfortable.
  •   High-definition audio quality.
  •   Compact and sleek design.
  •   Quality built-in Bluetooth.
  •   Reliable battery timings.
  •   Great battery life.
  •   Good for iPhone.
  •   Ineffective Noise cancellation feature.
  •   Firmware cannot be updated.
  •   Signal fluctuates at times.


This is best among mono headsets. It’s an amazing product with High Technology. But it has some issues as well. During listening music, it fades in and out. At times, it may disconnect itself. Its microphone performance is also poor. Because of these few issues, we will not highly recommend this. It’s up to you.


6. BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth Headsets 2018

Founded in 2003, BlueAnt is a trustworthy brand in the industry of Bluetooth headsets. The coming device belongs to the same name, the BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset. It is one of the smartest headsets which smoothly get coupled with Android as well as Blackberry devices. Its noise cancellation is marvellous with dual integrated microphones. Wearing comfort and easy of wearing is also unarguable.


Technology is changing our lives altogether, fellas. If you don’t wanna lose in this race of knowing the technology, looking at the features of this device is must for you. Let’s do that.


The Bluetooth almost becomes a part of your face. So, it has to be elegant. Well, the curved shape of Q2 makes it a premium looking Bluetooth in-ear headphone. It is made of black and shine-free plastic with the smooth surface. The gadget comes with charging cord, assorted ear tips and detachable ear-hook.

Ear Hook:

Large over-ear headphones make you weary after an hour or two of use, that’s a known fact. What about Bluetooth headsets?

Well, keeping the other tools aside, the holding grip of this gadget’s ear hook is very soft and gentle which does not pinch you at all. Hence gives you a comfortable wear for couple of hours. The button panel for controlling is really physical and handy. Each control button has different size, so once you touch it you can easily recognize that what this switch is going to offer.


Intelligent tools definitely make the human life easier. Would you like to avoid such kinds of tools?

I don’t think so, dudes. Have a look at this aspect. This headset has great performance. Once you are paired with your hand device, the contact from your phone book is instantly transferred to it. This makes your voice calling more efficient being wirelessly.

Pairing Adjustment:

Are you tired of working with passwords and transfer codes in ordinary Bluetooth file transfer?

Don’t just panic, the pairing adjustment here is very easy. You just have to switch on the headset and it automatically finds the concerned device around itself. In future, if you want to connect again with the same device, you can do it just by the command of your voice after pressing the voice control button until it prompts “say a command”.

Sound Quality:

One faulty aspect spoils the whole reputation of the gadget in consumers. Isn’t it?

But this device hasn’t left any loophole in the construction.The sound quality does not leave its pace as well, and gives a glitch-free output. You are going to hear crystal clear sound not at your end but also the caller will be getting your voice satisfyingly pure. It also supports A2DP and hence you can stream your tracks wirelessly. Superior Voice Isolation Technology results in reduction of noise to a great extent. Device is also able to function with many smartphones.

Battery Life:

Buying a Bluetooth headset with shorter battery life is just like pounding your head on the wall, chums. It’s literally craziness; while you have the tools providing reasonable battery time. The battery of this headset gives you back up of 5 hours and 4.2 days standby time.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Wide-ranging voice recognition.
  •   Great sound and functionality.
  •   Comfortable to carry and use.
  •   Easy to setup and works fine.
  •   Stylish and attractive design.
  •   No background noise.
  •   Good in quality.
  •   Connection dropping problem.
  •   Fragile and buggy.


The Bluetooth range is really very good and works well within 14 feet of parameter. Considering all this, BlueAnt Q2 comes with cutting-edge features which will give you a sense of satisfaction in the wireless Bluetooth environment.

Buy from Amazon CTA

Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

So, it was all about a list of the Best Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2019. It’s time to finally finalize the device of your desire. Don’t consider it a mission of hiking Mount Everest. It’s really simple, you just have to keep your mind on, and I’m here for assistance as well. So guys, without further delay, let me give you the first recommendation with the name of Jabra Supreme UC MS. This is the device, which has crushed all the big names under the feet with such a fantabulous set of features. Its standby time is just extra ordinary, quality and rest of the things are also just excellent. Earphone gadget ranked 2nd by me is Plantronics M165 Marque 2 ladies and gentlemen. This is the device having long talktime, standby time, effective noise cancellation technology and great build. Consider it for sure.

Another earphone competing well with the rivals is Plantronics Voyager Legend buddies. Ranging from long talk and standby times to high quality features, this device has it all for you. Plantronics M55 Bluetooth Headset is the last device fellas, trying to make its position in the top gadgets, but its quality isn’t as good as advertised. Rest is up to you, which product intrigues you. My job is done, now awaken your aesthetics and sleeping knowledge to finalize a product among these.

Best Bluetooth Headsets 2019 – Buying Guide

Before discussing anything about these, one question arises what are the best Bluetooth headsets?

Main Advantages of Bluetooth Headsets:

One Millionaire question arises that why we should use Best Bluetooth wireless Headsets?  Frankly speaking, it has many advantages. Here, I am going to mention its few important advantages.

First, Bluetooth is an all-inclusive, around the world, wireless standard. Hence, you can depend on it being around for quite a long time to come. As more devices use its technology, hardware makers will be progressively energetic to make their items perfect, utilizing it. A chain response is unavoidable, actually, it has as of now started.

Second, its Technology is inexpensive for administrations to execute, which brings about lower general assembling Costs. These investment funds are then passed on to you, the customer. So, the final product is: Bluetooth gadgets are normally economical.

Third, it doesn’t oblige you to consider setting up an association or to push any buttons. Whenever two or more of these gadgets enter a range (Up to 30 feet) of each other, they consequently start to impart without doing anything. Once the conveying starts, these gadgets will setup Personal Area Networks or Piconets. The finest part is: The gadgets deal with the whole setup procedure, and you can continue on ahead.

Fourth, as it is an established wireless specific, a high level of compatibility among gadgets is ensured. This gadget’s specification utilizes and characterizes different profiles. Each of its profile is particular to a specific capacity. For example, when a Bluetooth enabled mobile and a Bluetooth headset (Both with the same profile) are making contact with each other, both will comprehend each other without the client doing anything, regardless of the possibility that the gadgets are of various models/makes.

Fifth, these gadgets evade interference with different wireless gadgets by:

  1. a) Utilizing a procedure known as spread-range frequency jumping, and
  2. b) Utilizing low power wireless signs.

Six, as expressed above, it utilizes low power signals. Consequently, the technology needs little energy and will utilize less battery or electrical force. Undoubtedly, this is an awesome advantage for cell phones as this device won’t deplete the life of your gadget’s battery.

Seventh, its standard is upgradeable. An improvement group at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has been given the assignment of taking a shot at the new Bluetooth version 2, which offers a few new likings and is in reverse compatible with the older versions.

Eighth, Bluetooth is a wide-ranging, wireless standard. Thus, you can rely on it being around for a considerable length of time to come. As more devices use Bluetooth innovation, hardware makers will be progressively excited to make their items perfect, utilizing it. A chain response is unavoidable, truth be told, it has already started.

What To Consider Before Buying:


First and the most important thing you need to keep in mind before going in the market in search of some quality handsets is the type of headphone. What do you need? An overear headphone or an on-ear headset. It all depends on your priorities and wishes, so go for them.

Wired or Wireless:

Wireless headphones are trending guys nowadays, because they offer the flexibility which can’t be experienced with wired earphones. So it’s a rare thing to go for wired ear pieces, but they’re required in some cases. So choice is yours, just name the device and pick it up.


Connectivity is a major issue associated with handset guys because sometimes your newly bought headphones simply deny to work with your devices, you have to take care of that first, before buying that particular instrument. Always prefer a device compatible with a wide range of devices without compromising on the sound quality.

Frequency Response:

It’s a little bit technical or more of a scientific thing, but not like analytical maths. It’s just the frequency of sound emitted by the headphones, it must be encompassing all the range of human audible frequency, so that you get a crystal clear and amazing listening experience.

Noise Cancellation:

This is such a common feature in the top-notch listening gadgets, but there are still some device which have been deprived from this incredible technology, so don’t go for such kind of pieces fellas. Just make sure the money you’re gonna spend is worth it. Choose the device integrated with advanced noise cancellation technology.

Battery Timing:

In case of wireless earpieces, battery life of the gadgets is very important to consider before finalizing the device of your need. Two kinds of timings are associated with the device, standby time and talk time. So just observe the two timings claimed by the manufacturers and choose the one best fitting your requirements.

Cost and Quality:

You must have been very familiar with the names of cost and quality my pals, but I’m not gonna advertise cheap devices here, because quality is a thing which should be purchase, no matter how much it costs.


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