6 Best Air CPU Coolers of 2021-Top Budget Air Cooling Fans

Best CPU air cooler 2018

We tested 7 brands to find the Best CPU Air Coolers for motherboards and budgets of all sizes.

Editor’s Choice for the best on our list is the Cooler Master MasterAir CoolerThis piece of gear receives our stamp of approval for beautiful look, effective processor cooling and customer rating (9,000+ amazing reviews).

Let’s be honest, it’s a massive pain when your PC troubles you with its consistent overheating. Your computer becomes hamstrung by disabled functioning and becomes prone to the damage of the integral parts, which makes your PC a PC.

We recommend you to read our Best CPU Cooler 2019 Buying Guide below before making a purchase. Don’t waste money on crappy CPU air coolers.

Best CPU Air Cooler Comparison

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Cooler Master MasterAir Dual Tower Cooler

best cpu air cooler 2018

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This is an absolute beast that will cool any battlestation to healthy temperatures even at full load. The MA620P is a dual-tower, dual-fan cooler with Cooler Master’s 2.0 technology. Also, if you’re into your cooler aesthetics, you can customize the LED lighting through the Asus Aura Sync software and with the remote control.


Let’s talk features..

Dual-Tower Design

Based on the Hyper 212 design, this fan packs double the heat dissipation power, rivalling most liquid cooling setups.

Silent Cooling

Most air coolers are horrendously noisy, this one makes an exception with less than < 30 dBa Fan Noise Level, which is basically the noise equivalent of a whisper.

Fun RGB Lighting

With more than 16.7 million color options and tons of awesome LED effects you’re able to customise your fan appearance the way you want to. Making it blend into your battlestation perfectly. The RGB controller allows for this even without the need for software but it is best used with the Asus Aura Sync software.

        Pros        Cons
  •  Silent cooling
  •  Customised LED Lighting
  •  Remote control included
  •  Versatile (can be used for many chipsets)
  •  CPU temperature tracks extremely low
  •   No preset thermal paste (but tube included)
  •   Complicated to assemble initially


The dual tower is huge. It’s slightly more complicated than we thought to assemble, but when we did the benefits outweighed this massively.

We always worry about the noise level of CPU fan coolers but with this beast, it’s as silent as a whisper. Highly recommended given the low price range.

CRYORIG H7 Tower High Performance Cooler

Best CPU Air Cooler

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CRYORIG was in the making for several years, but officially emerged in the world of technology in 2013. Since its creation, the company has provided many solutions to the computing geeks, including a brilliant line of CPU coolers. The first item of the today’s talk is a premium quality CPU cooler, the CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler for AMD Intel CPU’s. With plenty of advance operational tools and components, this product is a mesmerizing one in its domain.


No experience is more worthy than the knowledge, peeps. That’s the reason; exploration of the features of this product is important for you.

Contemporary Mechanism

You certainly don’t wanna risk your money over an old piece of machinery, whose functioning is more unpredictable than the storm in a desert. Do you?

Well, here is a chance for you to spend your money in the right direction. This CRYORIG Cooler is embedded with a quality hive fin system, which improves the functioning of this component in multiple aspects. Air flow optimization, Air turbulence reduction, larger heat dissipation area and Jet Fin Acceleration System TM are some of the examples of those aspects.


This gadget has one QF120 120mm PWM fan with premium class HPLNTM bearing. That’s not all; Quad Air Intel TM is also a part of the assembly. All the components collectively work to provide a very efficient cooling pad mechanism with optimum airflow and minimum noise. Spinning at 1000 RPM, this tool barely produced a noise of 31 dB.

No RAM Interference

Have you heard rumors about the RAM incompatibility of the systems with this cooling device? Well, believe none of them, guys. This cooling component of the PC has incorporated an asymmetric slanted Heat pipe layout to keep the Heatsink at a distance from RAM area. That’s why, it is called as one of the best CPU heatsinks because of its heat sink fan. It offers full compatibility with both Intel 115X and AMD platforms.

Convenient and Secure Mounting

Even the world’s most stupendous computer cooler will be useless for you, if you can’t embed it in your system. Correct me if I am wrong. You don’t need to face such kind of situation, buddies. That’s what we are here for. To save your money and time! Well, the product under argument has a great patent pending X-Bar Quick Mount System. The specifications don’t end only with this. The back plate of the assembly is made from fiber glass auguments PBT, which gives it a high tensile strength and resistance to heat.

Light and Compact

Do you know what was the size of the first ever computer?

It used to take the space of one large room, chaps. And now what? You get the same computing power in a chip having size in millimeters. Well, that gadget is used for a totally different purpose, but the tool under review doesn’t also take much of a space. It’s just 145mm in height with compact 120mm fan class tower Heatsinks. The weight also lies in reasonable limits with the value of 1.57 pounds.

        Pros        Cons
  •  Wide range motherboard compatibility.
  •  Almost silent operation.
  •  Very reasonable price.
  •  Easy installation.
  •  Elegant looks.
  •   Badly manufactured screws.
  •   Missing AM4 bracket.


Concluding this little piece of discussion, CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler is a nice deal for standard and gaming grade personal computers. With quiet but quality performance inside the CPU, its inclusion in your workstations is absolutely needed. This is probably one of the best coolers on the market and it’s a reasonable price.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Air Cooler

Best CPU Air Coolers 2018

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Cooler Master, as depicted from the name, is a devoted company to the cause of making your personal computer cool and calm. Now is the time to review one of the most reliable and widely used cooling systems available, named as the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It has a unique and contemporary mechanism of the heat removal from the hardware.


It’s so easy to make an impression about a gadget by just having a gander of it, but that would not be the reality about that device, pals. Features tell the real story and for that reason, we’re gonna go through all the features, this instruments has got.

Highly Effective Cooling

The competition in every aspect of the human life has increased on a massive scale, buddies. The realm of computer coolers is not an exception. It is facing the same scenario.

But this device is serious to keep its feet strong in the market. Its amazing Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) technology makes sure that the heat pipes are free of obstacles while taking heat away from the processor making the system cool.

4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes

Even animals have found the new ways of living their lives. How can the human beings lag behind in this race?

Replacing the old and discarded direct contact technology, this cooling appliance has four direct contact pipes with continuous direct technology. The new technology does not let the air leak, but ensures that it is used for cooling of the system.

Mounting Solution

You must be wondering about the mounting mechanism of your cooling gadget with the CPU. Don’t you?

Well, we don’t intend to keep you in the shadow. Coming over to the mounting assembly, this device provides all in one solution for mounting on the computer cases.


A good news for you is that this device is compatible with almost all commonly used personal computer cases may they be Intel or AMD made. Its optional dual fan provides you to choose between more air flow and lesser. It is quite conventional yet reliable cooling system which lives up to its name i.e. cooler master.


Nobody wants to spend money on a machine and have it malfunctioned just in 2 or 3 months. So, how can you keep yourself on the safe side, chums?

It’s the warranty, which saves you from overburdening your mind. Time to cheer you now as this tool has a warranty period of 2 year each for parts and labor.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Great for a gaming build.
  •  Economical and proficient.
  •  Extra fans can be attached.
  •  Temperature remains stable.
  •  Easy to install and extremely silent.
  •  Thermal paste/compound is included.
  •   Material failure.
  •   Plastic retainer pins are problematic.
  •   May have some compatibility issues.


Now, in the ever growing market of computer accessories, hyper 212 EVO has a name that is trusted upon and looked for when it comes to the cooling systems. But even if you’re not a pursuer of the brand, this device is a must-try, because of its proven efficiency in the aspects of design, performance, and compatibility.

Noctua CPU Air Cooler
Best CPU Air Coolers 2018

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Founded in 2005, Noctua isn’t a very famous but reliable firm in the dominion of computer hardware manufacturing.


The decision you take about the purchase of a tool can’t be right unless you indulge yourself in the features of that product. So, let’s stop waiting and do hand shaking with this renowned cooling item.

Dual Tower Design

Every time you see a device with a low price, don’t expect it to outclass the competing tools, right away. That happens for sure, but not in every case.

This machine is not one of the latest, just know that. It is a dual tower design that allows the use of longer RAMs in the market when used in the single fan mode. This cooling system is without any radiator or any of the modern water coolers yet competing with them with the full power.

Arrangement of Pipes

When an efficient tool is intended to be built, an external outlook of the device isn’t the only thing talked about, dudes. Internal design and placement of the components also matters a lot.

Well, this cooling appliance has 6 pipes that have been so placed that the airflow is maximum, and the optimum volume of ventilation is provided to the circuitry working under it. Here keep in mind that the air flow is also uniformly distributed.

Use of Fans

This cooling system has two fans of 140 mm size each. These fans are particularly designed for optimum output. All the efforts of the company don’t go in vain, because of which the result of this tool is brilliant. It has a low noise adapter that ensures no sound goes out and bothers the user.


Even after spending considerable bucks on a cooling device for your computer, your heart will surely be broken, if the gadget will refuse to work with your system.

Here comes the play of compatibility, chums. But you don’t need to distress, it is compatible with almost all types of designs presently used for computer cases and Noctua might produce newer versions as well for the new chassis.


Which is the most serious concern of the technology buyers, if we talk about the purchase of any kind of hardware tool?

The answer is its durability/reliability! And how do you know that? The answer is, you don’t! But the warranty on a gadget can surely compensate your concerns to a great extent. The time for you to cheer fellas, the warranty of this machine is one of the features which make it different from other designs, i.e.6 years. So you buy it once and forget to change it, it will do its job perfectly.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Completely silent.
  •  High-Quality fans.
  •  Effective at cooling.
  •  Supreme cooling performance.
  •  Cheaper and easy to install.
  •  Equipped with a low-noise kit.
  •   A little louder than expected.
  •   Bent heat pipes in some cases.
  •   The cooling of fans is wider than the heat sink.
  •   Need brackets on the AMD plate for installation.


Cutting the argument on this product in a nutshell, it’s obviously not a kind of tool with extra-ordinarily high specifications. It is surely behind the technology rich gadgets in some aspects, but there is no doubt on the way, this machine has won the hearts of its consumers. A recommended instrument from my side, in fact!

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Best CPU air Coolers 2018

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Be Quiet is a premium brand which specializes in the domain of computer equipment manufacturing. It is something new and special for all of the tech enthusiasts out there. This is a cooling system that has passed almost all the tests worldwide and has been awarded multiple times. The light weight, efficient motor and incorporation of the latest technology in this device make it one of the best ones in the industry.


Let’s get into it…


A dual tower one ensuring the maximum cooling coupled with seven heat pipes! These elegantly laid pipes result in uniform and optimum distribution of air. It has been awarded with Red dot design award making it superior than others.

Extremely Silent

You’ve definitely taken a gander at the name of this company, the Be Quiet. That’s not a joke, chums. The brand is very serious about delivering noise free equipment to its valuable customers.

That is the reason; it is the most important and extraordinary feature in this tool. Extremely silent operation producing just 26.1dB(A) at maximum fan speeds. So, if you are using this system, rest assured that there will be no noise what so ever.

Lightweight with high cooling capacity

Do you feel your gaming system heavy, but it still gets hotter like hell?

Well, leave those days behind now and embed it with a brilliant cooling device in the form of Dark Rock Pro3, peeps. Its smaller weight of 3 pounds is not the only aspect of eminence associated with it. The tool has also got a prolific cooling capacity of 250W TDP, even at the time of peak performance.


A computer cooler can’t be placed in front of the monitor screen, buddies. You would definitely hate that. What you need is a gadget which can adjust its place on the board.

Well, the company has got it covered for you. This cooler is fully compatible with almost all the computer cases may they be AMD or Intel made.

Dynamic Cooling Fans

There are two cooling fans for this system and both are specially designed that allow the maximum volume onto the working circuitries. It has another additional smaller fan that can be used for up gradation of cooling.

        Pros        Cons
  •  Perfect for gaming.
  •  Very silent and solid cooler.
  •  Installation is pretty convenient.
  •  Comes with 2 fans pre-installed.
  •  Overclocking is controlled very well.
  •   Little hard to set up.
  •   Might be little hard to set up for some users.


Keeping its track record and silent working under consideration, it becomes one of the most liked cooling systems, guys. Not only domestic users but also the sellers prefer this cooling system because it has not breached the trust of its users and its market is growing ever since its introduction in the market. So, it is recommended from our side.

What others say about it

The Dark Rock Pro 3 offers an excellent mix of cooling and noise, its better overall performance pushing value parity to less expensive Big Air rivals. Toms Hardware

Noctua Dual Tower Cooler


No products found.

Founded in 2005, Noctua is a renowned manufacturer of the PC hardware components. The company is specialized in the production of fan coolers. Having a parallel air blowing mechanism with the motherboard, this particular gadget breaks the customs of conventional cooling products manufacturing.


It’s nothing more unwise than rushing into the online web stores for buying something you don’t know about. Exploration of features is gonna make you able to distinguish between the good and the bad. What are you waiting for then? Let’s start.

Cooling Mechanism

Noctual Dual Tower Cooler has incorporated fans into the assembly for the sake of cooling, guys. A y-cable provided with the NF-A9 PWM retail fan can be employed to connect both fans to one CPU header. The voltage requirement of the fan is 12 V.

Efficiency and Embedding

Guys, the efficiency of an electronic hardware can’t be compromised, unless you’re buying it from the company owned by your father. You’re gonna get a replacement in that case. But I believe, your case would be different. Well, the honest comment about the efficiency of this device is “Just Great”. By the incorporation of the latest parallel airflow mechanism, it tries to keep the workstation interior as cool as possible. Another good news for you is the embedding support in 3U chassis because of its reduced 110mm height.

Feathery Weight

Efficiency of a Computing Workstation is not only a function of its power to play heavy games and software. The weight of the machine is also an important factor, and for that reason, you are want to keep your PC as light as possible. Well, a nice option for you, dudes. This cooling facilitator has got the weight of just 1 pounds.


Talk about humans or machine components, they can’t sync with each other, unless compatible. Don’t apprehend, chaps. The gadget we’re reviewing right now has ability to work with a long list of motherboards. LGA115x, LGA2011 in the line of Intel and AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2 and FM2+ in the domain of AMD provide complete room for the integration of your cooler.

        Pros        Cons
  •  Easy to Install.
  •  Silent Working.
  •  Excellent Heatsink.
  •   Control of fan airflow.
  •  Comes with thermal Paste.
  •   Screws aren’t very good.
  •   Fan placement isn’t much effective.


Now is the time to give a final verdict about this little piece of machinery, buddies. Well, you’ve gone through the specifications, goods and bads have been laid out before you. The decision from me is exactly the one you’re thinking. Yeah, pals, it’s a good to go kind of thing, given the price, support with multiple manufacturers and quality.

Best CPU Coolers 2019 – Buying Guide

How CPU Works?

What is heat energy? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed just transferred. That’s what you learned in high school physics right? Now let’s apply this to your PC, when your CPU works, it gets hot but since that energy cannot magically disappear, you have to transfer it somewhere.

This is the basic principle of processing cooling. The heat energy is basically absorbed and moved away from the CPU so that it cannot affect it anymore. The basic principle underlying its cooling remains the same but the techniques can differ. There are numerous ways of cooling your CPU among which the most common ones are fan coolers and hot pipes. You can also use a liquid cooling system or even a thermo-electric cooling system.

How Important Are They?

Believe it or not, a computer is literally nothing without a CPU. It is the BRAIN of the PC because you cannot use the Operating System without it. The computer relies on the CPU and the CPU relies on the cooling fan which then makes the this Cooler the most important device of your PC.

Usually, your CPU will work fine when the total external heat is lower than 70°C but any temperature going above that limit will show poor performance and sometimes create serious issues like a meltdown etc. Your stock fan is adequate for your needs except if you’re overclocking.

Your Computer Can Actually Crash!

You need to be cautious because your computer can actually crash. Especially during overclocking, when your CPU starts to produce excessive amounts of heat, it actually interferes with its performance. If the heat is not absorbed and moved away, it will keep building up and will probably melt the transistors.

Because the computer system works by transmitting impulses, when it gets hotter it can cause the electric signals to move slowly, effecting the performance of your computer in return. When the computer performance starts suffering, the computer eventually crashes.

What Are The Advantages For You?

  • If you’re overclocking, which is basically turning up the speed of your CPU, this Cooler will be needed by you to help cool it down.
  • It can help you run your PC faster because when the chip gets hot, the computer impulses travel more slowly.
  • If your hardware gets a severe workout to achieve greater speeds, you need the advantage of a CPU cooler to keep everything under control.
  • It’s very advantageous for you if you’re overclocking your PC and you need to wring every drop of performance from your computer.
  • Some coolers limit the actual heat exposure to the hardware of your computer.

CPU coolers are rather important devices and require their share of respect. Prolonged heating of a computer can make the components damaged and overheating can crash it. You need to be careful with your computer especially if you’ve made some build changes to it and added special software and are overclocking it because overclocked CPUs produce a lot more heat energy than regular ones. You really do need a fancier, high end this gadget to deal with overclocking because your standard stock fan is definitely not equipped to deal with it.

Hence, from above discussion, it is quite clear that to keep the CPU cool, especially for gaming, some of the organizations are working on the development of the CPU cooling gadgets which can make the CPU operate at lower temperatures. Just like human, your lungs need more fresh air after exercise.


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