Best Electric Shavers 2018 – 12 Electric Razors For Men

best electric shavers for men 2018

Overtime, technological advances have allowed the best electric shavers to deliver an experience almost as satisfying as a traditional wet shave. This year, we tested the most popular electric shavers and ranked them based on their closeness of shave, comfort, and overall quality, condensing down to the following list of Best Electric Shavers 2018. Ensuring you the convenience, versatility and safety for the time-honored, cost-effective and a manual shave.

The factors of these shaver’s nature, features, style, design and comforts are assured by the specialists and experts, that have shortlisted this guide for your convenience. In fact, they have not only been rated the best and the most advanced in their technology but also is chosen by our specialist reviewers. The following list will help you to choose the electric shaver which suits you the most.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Electric Shavers 2018 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
NameCharging TimeBattery LifeTypeCorded/CordlessReviews
Braun 3Series Wet & Dry Shaver1hr30min45min-1hrFoilBoth4.1/5
Philips Norelco PT730 Electric Razor8hours45minRotaryBoth4.2/5
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc41hour50minFoilCordless4.3/5
Braun Series 7-790cc Shaver1hour50minFoilCordless4.4/5
Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D1hour50minRotaryCordless4.1/5
Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3 Electric Shaver1hourApprox. 42minFoilCordless4.3/5
Remington F5-58001hour1 hourFoilBoth4.2/5
Panasonic ER-GB40-S15 hour50 minFoilBoth4.1/5
Wahl Professional 80611hour30minFoilBoth3.8/5
Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver1hour40minRotaryCordless4.2/5
Philips Norelco Shaver 8900 (Model 1280X/42)1hour1 hourRotaryCordless4.1/5
Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver1hour50minFoilCordless4.1/5

1.Braun 3Series Wet & Dry Shaver: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Braun, a renowned corporation in the realm of men’s products has launched Braun 3 series 340-4  Wet and Dry Shaver in the recent past which is a prominent addition to their spectacular collection of razors. The device comprises of the foil blades. It is specially designed for men in need of irritating-free shave in no time. As the tree is known by its fruit, this Braun product is famous for its fine services.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Triple Action cutting system:

Do you experience trimming issues due to low quality blades?

 You’ve got a savior, my fellows. This shaver’s foil is designed with a triple action cutting system. Two foils work together in the form of a blade having a trimmer system in the mid.

 Wet and dry technology:

Are you having dry skin and coarse beard? Right.

These shavers and machines must be irritating for you. But here’s a pleasant solution buddies. This electric razor has an incredible wet and dry technology  to work effectively also in a shower or with shaving gels and forms. You can use it anywhere easily either dried or with shaving cream to get rid of tiny hairs.

Powerful Rechargeable battery:

Gone are the days when users had to wait for 8 hours long time to charge the trimmer. Although the fruit of patience is sweet, but this device doesn’t test your patience. It takes just 1 hour and 30 minutes for charging and provides 45 minutes to 1 hour shaving time. Pretty cool? Yeah, that’s right. It also contains the Ni-MH battery. This battery doesn’t experience battery drain effects and can be used with cord or without cord.

Long hair Trimmer:

Worried of long tangling hairs after shaving by trimmers?

This gadget is specifically designed to give accurate shave and trim your facial hair very precisely including beard, mustache or your sideburns. It comes with SensoFoil Technology.

Free Float System:

With amazing technology of Free Float System, this shave can allow even thick facial hairs of three-day beard without any stroke or skin irritation and makes your skin fresh and smooth.

LED display Panel:

Have you ever faced the situation of a half trimmed face because of drained battery? Have a sunny smile fellows, LED display panel on the front of this shaver is added just to let you know about battery level and giving you charging indications.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Particularly suitable for thick Hair.
  •   Powerful rechargeable battery.
  •   Active Cooling Technology.
  •   Gives good quick shave.
  •   Really nice razor.
  •   No irritation.
  •   Defective power button.
  •   Cheaply made parts
  •   A noisy device..


As you know technology has made everything easy, so as shaving. Looking over the exciting features that have made shaving enormously a fun, this electronic shaver has become the number one choice of most of the men. It’s a must have device for the people who are seekers of class and functionality at the same time.

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2. Philips Norelco PT730 Electric Razor: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Hey pals, as you know Philips is a reputed brand. But it doesn’t only manufacture bulbs and lights, it produces exceptional hair trimming devices as well. Philips Norcelo PT730/41  shaver is a nice depiction of its eminent products. So, the point is: Why should one use this razor? You are gonna get your answers by skimming through the content here. Happy reading!


Let’s throw some light on its features in detail.

Fine shaving with comfort!

Are you tired of using heavy frustrating machines giving you itches on the face?

This is the best electric razor because it gives you finer shave ever leaving a smoothing effect on the face. This feature is led by dual precision shaving blades and the flexing heads, which automatically adjusts the blades according to the curves of your face.

Also, it acquires a patented super lift and cut dual blade which trims the hair by lifting it up below the skin level without any inconvenience.

Detailed trimming through popup trimmer:

So enthusiastic to have a groomed look?

Use the device and be the prince, because this harmonized trimmer has the potential to give you a glowing look by neat shave. You may also find it ideal for shaping your mustache and sideburns as well, which is the area where people usually struggle.

Convenient to wash:

Are you a hygienic boy?

Here’s the good news for you fellas, Philips Norelco PT730/41 shaver is really easy to wash. One can wash it through or clean it thoroughly by just using water. No rocket science! The machine is also equipped with a cleaning brush with it which makes cleaning an easy task.

Dual Charging Mechanism:

Another enticing feature of PT730/41  is its ability to support corded and cordless charging. Due to its dual availability of the charger, you can take it anywhere you want while having the cordless charger which may add a benefit to it.

Quick Charging:

Don’t you need a hair trimmer with quick charging capability?

You do, my mates. This shaver is proficient to be charged just in three minutes for having a quick shave in an emergency.

Maintenance Ease:

Tired with the electric shavers having continuous problems of faulty blades and foils? And the irony is that blades are irreplaceable in some trimmers. Don’t be that butcher who looked for his knife when he had it in his mouth. It’s just available readily everywhere. This gadget can be maintained in functioning condition in a very convenient way by changing of blades in every twelve months.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Clean Close shave.
  •   Easily maintainable.
  •   No buzzing noise.
  •   Water Proof.
  •   Portable.
  •   Cannot be used with shaving cream.
  •   Does not shave well on long growth.


You may have concluded that this razor is really suitable for shaving on a daily basis. I would like to add my personal opinion that I have used this razor and I’m much more satisfied from old one. So, you can get your hands on without hesitation. You’ll surely be saying, “It’s the answer of all my dreams”.

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3.Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Everyone loves a nice clean shave, that’s what Panasonic Men’s Electric Shaver provides. Panasonic is one of the most popular and largest product manufacturers in the world, comprised of 473 companies and employing over 260,000 people. Panasonic ES-7A63-S is the award winning 4 blades best electric shaver for men manufactured by Panasonic. The device is famous for its durability and sharpness.


Let’s throw some light on its features in detail.


Anxious that you might get tired while holding this machine?

Well, I guess you won’t because it just weighs 0.44 lbs and is only (H x W x D) 6.5” x 2.7” x 2.2” in dimensions.


With the display on the device, you can set the timer, always know when the battery is low so you don’t have to rush to charge it suddenly. One thing for cleanliness-freaks is that it tells you when it needs cleaning. You won’t have to break its heart by giving it a bath without its will.

Comfort level:

Bothered about the cuts and blood and zombie apocalypse on your face caused by the blades while shaving?

Damn, don’t worry mates, this product has got stainless steel foils that ensure a comfortable, cut free shave and follow facial contours for incredible closeness and comfort.

4-Blade Cutting System:

Its 4 blade cutting system makes this device the best of both worlds. It makes sure you get the maximum hair cut out in one try. You won’t have to waste your precious energy by rubbing it again and again on your skin unlike traditional shavers. Specially made for lazy fellows if you ask me.

Slit Foil:

The slit foil structure is suitable for trimming long hairs. Thin outer foil’s subtle vibration results in capturing the hair from closest possible place, giving neat and clean shave.

30-degree Nanotech Blades:

Apprehensive about those naughty hairs which remain out of the grip of trimmer?

These blades make sure that the hair is cut from the very base, now you don’t have to worry about those little goblins who hide to save their life. A rapid-fire 14,000 cycles per minute linear motor drive delivers a smoother and cleaner shave. Quick and effective.

Wet/dry shave:

Don’t worry if you like to shave while taking a bath, well, I understand everyone wants to save time, its wet/dry electric razor operation makes shaving in or out of the shower quick and convenient.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Efficient for girl’s skin as well
  •   Close and clean trimming..
  •   Provides smooth shave.
  •   Flexible Head.
  •   10-Stage LCD.
  •   Washable.
  •   Foil head issues.
  •   Not durable.


The fact of the matter is that it is a great product at a reasonable price, well, some people might find it expensive but the features surely explain the price tag. The fruit of haste is repentance, so don’t be hurried. You have your options, if you want a nice decent quick shave, you can buy this shaver according to my recommendation.

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4. Braun Series 7-790cc Shaver: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Want to have some clean and close shaving? Well, Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Electric Foil Shaver is another device of Braun Company providing you with a close and clean shave in no time. It removes more hair in one stroke as it is designed with the combination of multiple unique technologies.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Highly defined intelligent sonic technology:

This word might sound a little unfamiliar to you guys. Well, you are gonna be very much aware of it now. Intelligent sonic technology basically increases the power of electric shaver automatically when it reaches into the difficult areas such as face curves or where the beard is dense etc. and either may use micro-vibrations up to 10,000 per minute if needed. Sounds cool! Hmm.

Hyperactive lift trimmer:

Don’t wanna use threads and blades for neck and cheek area? Why, when you have an alternative?

This trimmer really removes the hair on the chin and neck area without any hassle. It basically lifts the hair up and removes it without letting you feel any inconvenience.

Smooth Shave:

Well, are you really facing difficulty in getting a smooth shave?

This Braun Series Electric Foil Shaver is gonna prove itself. It has a fully flexible shaving system with cutting elements on its pivot head, which are good in maintaining the skin contact in order to get more adaptability to facial hair. As you know people usually go for more popular brands. But think before jumping on the bandwagon, why to go for the expensive device when you have a better one?

Different modes:

Has this device got many modes of shaving? Wondering what are they?

Well, here you go friends. It actually contains three shaving modes from very sensitive to intense. So, you guys can adjust the machine according to your skin sensitivity and the thickness of your beard. It is efficient for bald guys head shaving too.

Easily washable:

Are you always hesitant of washing a mechanical or electrical product? Aren’t you?

Well, you shouldn’t be reluctant in washing this, because Braun doesn’t put the wool over people’s eyes when they say that it’s 100% waterproof razor. It’s 100% true.  Water doesn’t affect its machinery or electric system, even a single percent.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Suitable for sensitive skin.
  •   Durable with strong body.
  •   Gives incredible shave.
  •   Razor blade like shave.
  •   Long battery life.
  •   Customization.
  •   Has a bulky charging cord.
  •   Gets hot very quickly.
  •   Highly inflammable.


It’s all about it. I have used this product and it really amazed me that I didn’t have that close shave before. So, I highly recommend you to have this shaver if your old one is not working anymore.

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5. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Exhausted of doing shave the old and rusty way?

Well things have changed. Philips Company, a leading brand in health care products, brings you the best shaving razor, Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D, a rotary electric shaver that has revolutionized shaving, bloody neat revolution if you ask me.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


Concerned that it will slip right out of your hands? Like a fish?

Nah it won’t. This one has got a pretty tight grip. It will not slip easily out of your hands, and even if you drop it, man you need a manly grip.

Contour following:

Have a bumpy face like an old 18th century road?

Damn, I feel bad for you, anyway, Philips Norelco is right up your alley to save you from such a situation. It has got a special “Gyroflex 3D contour-following system” a feature that follows all face contours perfectly accessing all hair equally, hence giving an even perfect shave.

Water resistant:

Would love to save a bit of time in the morning doing shave and taking bath simultaneously?

Well, don’t worry about the water problem, this thing is water proof. You can shave under water and this will not hurt your shaver a single bit.

Jet clean:

You don’t need special equipment to clean this baby, there is already brushes and everything included in the kit to clean the hair out of the system. You just need the motivation to do so, get up and just do it.


Well, two of the things everyone hate is, first shaver running out battery too soon and second carrying around a charger everywhere you go, say on a trip. Good news one good hour of charge is enough for this one to run for 50 minutes continuous use, that’s right, old ways are obsolete.


The Clean LED display includes 3 level battery indicator, Battery low indicator, Charge indicator, Travel lock cleaning indicator, Replace shaving heads indicator and everything.


It is rechargeable with li-ion battery that has Automatic voltage-100-240 V, Stand-by power 0.15W and Max power consumption 5.4 W. Boring details, but you got to know about them anyhow. It’s a totally cordless device; direct corded use is prohibited as a result.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Effective in neck hair removal.
  •   Doesn’t make much noise.
  •   Doesn’t cause shave burn.
  •   Shorter recharge time.
  •   Longer battery life.
  •   Easily washable.
  •   Exceptional comfort level.
  •   Design flaws.
  •   High price.


Enough of the long chat, cream of this milk is that it is a good product, provides great services and best for you if you can afford it. Though a little extra care is required when you are charging this one, that’s the most difficult task for some people. Go for it if you can handle that.

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6. Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3 Electric Shaver: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Hey, Guys! I think “Panasonic” is a kind of brand not needed to be introduced. But there is a new product of it which you might be unaware about. Panasonic Arc3 is the gadget ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about. It’s a foil type electric razor that contains a bunch of feature one can look for. If someone is in search of a great brand with affordable price, Panasonic Arc3 is the device which must be checked.


Why it is called as one of the best electric shavers under $100, let’s find out by discussing its features in detail.

NanoTech Blades Technology:

“Why this shaver is most wanted yet?”

Well peeps, the cause behind the scene is that this shaver is built with NanoTech Blades technology having an arced foil. That’s why it is a master to get off even tiny hairs on your face or on head quickly and smoothly.

Wet and Dry shaver:

Who doesn’t want to have wet and dry shaving capability at the same time, especially when it’s being provided in a single package?

 You aren’t barking up the wrong tree buddies, this Panasonic Electric Razor has got this function. This device can be used with both shaving cream or shaving gels to have a nice shave.

Flexible Pivoting Head:

It contains a flexible pivoting head to help you to get stubble right under your chin, or the sideburns which are usually left out when you use an ordinary shaver. That’s why Panasonic just designed this incredible shaver with three blades to ensure the clearance of facial stubble.

30 Degree Blades for Closeness:

The blades are flexible enough to turn at a thirty-degree angle so that it could easily get close to the facial hairs.

Fast 13,000 RP Motor:

Do you experience hair trapping in the blades of trimmers during shaving buddies?

Well your savior is right up your alley. It has got the fast, powerful motor which inhibits any kind of hair trapping in the machine. It fastens the speed of shaver that causes no tugging and pulling on the skin as well.

Rechargeable Powerful battery:                                                    

Fed up with electric shavers taking more than 8 hours for full charging?

 Well, those days are gone fellas, this shaver has an amazing ability to recharge quickly within 1 hour and also give the 5-minute extra emergency charge. It is cordless.

Turbo cleaning mode:

Wanna keep everything clean?

This trimmer can be kept so too guys, it presents the spectacular technology of Turbo cleaning Mode.

 “What is Turbo cleaning mode?”

 “How does this ability make this shaver super amazing?”

Let’s clarify the damn questions. You just have to turn it on; it accelerates the motor to clean up the hairs which may be stuck to the blades. So, Cash in this amazing feature because it prevents your machine by jam up or slows down.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Automatic Voltage conversion.
  •   Very helpful indicator lights.
  •   Floating triple head.
  •   Recharges quickly.
  •   Economical price.
  •   Easy to clean.
  •   LCD Monitor.
  •   Low quality product.
  •   Short battery life.
  •   Low blade life.


Cutting the story short, this shaver might be suitable for the people who don’t want to spend too much money, but its battery and blade issues can’t be just ignored. This device is the perfect example of “All that glitters is not gold”. It didn’t work well for the tough, thick hair. Be cautious guys. I wouldn’t take the risk to recommend this device to anybody.

What others say about it

The Panasonic Arc3 outshines the competition in the base model price bracket. This razor is sure to show you that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to obtain a close shave. ReviewMySahaver

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7. Remington F5-5800: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Remington is a worldwide personal care corporation manufacturing personal care products for men and women, especially hair care products for years. F5-5800 is a stupendous addition to the crew of a variety of Remington Shavers. This foil shaver easily adjusts the blades with the contours of your face and removes hair in a very fine way. It is also amongst best electric shavers under $100.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Adjustable pivot and flex technology:

Do you have a bumpy face? Well, this Remington’s product is particularly assembled with Adjustable Pivot and Flex technology to take good care of the uneven faces. The incorporation of this science in the device allows it to move very comfortably over the face contours and adjust itself accordingly. This device has definitely broken the mold with this featured functionality.

Cleanliness Ease:

Do you experience issues in washing and cleaning a tech gadget?

Well, there shouldn’t be any kind of concern while washing this particular product.  Washing this trimmer isn’t a big deal because its blades are made up of stainless steel where rust can’t even bend the eyes.

With an efficient pop-up trimmer:

Do you have to visit barber quite often for the neat shaping of your beard and whiskers?

Let me introduce you to your new barber. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Remington F5-5800 took the cake with its pop-up trimming functionality which helps a lot in removing the very thick growth of facial hair as well as in shaping the sideburns in a really easy and quick way.

Has a rechargeable battery:

Does short battery time infuriate you?

Well, be calm buddies, its cordless battery time is sixty minutes with 1 hour of charging. It’s more than enough for one week shaving. Battery time is shown in as a LED display which makes you feel easy to see the remaining time. Corded and cordless use functionality is like icing on the cake.

Fine and close shave:

Do you feel visible hair on your face even after shaving?

Have a sunny smile pals! This gadget is specially designed for you people. Its Interceptor Shaving Technology does pre-trimming if the beard is kind of really thick. And after that, the adjustable blades adjust themselves according to your face shape.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Doesn’t cause skin ruptures and itches.
  •   Dual suitability, men and women.
  •   Handles 2 day shave as well.
  •   Trims thick hair very easily.
  •   Works well on legs too.
  •   Very durable.
  •   Leaks hair clipping.
  •   Heavy in weight.
  •   A little noisy.


This trimmer is recommended to the people having thin beard and who don’t have a super sensitive skin. For people with ordinary skin, this product is a must have. Get it at the drop of a hat if it satisfies you.

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8. Panasonic ER-GB40-S: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers for Men 2018


Hey Buddies! We know about “Panasonic”, one of the largest and famous brands of the world in the domain of technological products. It has a good reputation in all over the world because of its incredible electronic devices including electronic men’s shaver. Panasonic ER-GB40-S is another exciting product of the company, designed to do All-in-one purpose with its ultra-sharp durable blades.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Wet and Dry, Washable machine:

Do you hesitate to wash your previous shaver in water because of uncertainty of damage? Well give bath to this shaver in the pool and it’ll never stop speaking fellas.This washable machine gives a perfect facial trim in no time by simply allowing the water to flow through the hair clipper.

45° ultra sharp blades:

Is it difficult to have a smooth shave due to rough face? Give it a shot buddies, if you wanna enjoy itching free shave because this shaver contains sharp stainless-steel blades to give you a smooth shave undoubtedly! Each of its sharp blades has been designed with 45° angle to trim the facial hairs more efficiently. These ultra-sharp blades trim every kind of hair on the face no matter it’s a light minor hair or thick hair.

Adjustable dial:

Are you confused about what kind of shaver will be suitable for your face and hairs? Well, Panasonic ER-GB40-S is specially designed with 19 settings for trimming. Simply turn the dial and adjust it on your desired setting such as from 1 mm to 10 mm to have perfect functions like cutting, trimming, detailing etc.

Cordless machine:

Just wanna get rid of all cords and wires?This is one of the best electronic shavers with its cordless function. Shave wherever you want either on the way or at home. Enjoy the ease of cordless electronic shaver.

Charging indicator:

How will you recognize the machine is charging or not? Panasonic ER-GB40-S is a waterproof trimmer with a displayed indicator that gives an indication of being charging with red light when you put the cord into the plug for charging.

Rechargeable Battery:

Are you tired of using shaver with poor charging duration? You don’t have to irritate anymore for this buddies because this amazing gadget contains Ni-MH battery that gets fully charged with in an hour and gives its cordless duty up to 50 minutes without being stroked in between.

A complete accessory’s set.

What do you need to have a hassle free road trip? It is a kind of good thing that you will have a set of accessories including cleaning brush and charging stand to provide you ease while you are traveling.

        Pros        Cons
  •   AC adapter is 120 Volts only.
  •   Clipper hair comb.
  •   Reasonable price.
  •   Durable blades.
  •   Easy gripped.
  •   Ergonomics.
  •   Blade is out of stock.
  •   Has to be oiled.


So buddies! If I speak my mind then there is seriously no doubt that ER-GB40-S is an all-in-one wet and dry electronic shaver that you must be needed to have a clean shave. After noting up all such features I cannot imagine to switch up my beard trimmer now that is incredibly amazing with its superior performance. To me this is a best shaver to have an appreciative shaving experience.

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9. Wahl Professional 8061: Buy Now
Best Electric Shavers 2018Introduction:

Wahl, another well-known brand, is providing their quality services in the realm of personal care products since 1919. A recent product of them, Wahl Professional 8601 5-stars foil type shaver has got the attention of many consumers having sensitive skin by its claims of comfortable and smooth shave. It has been assembled with gold foil head to reduce skin allergy.


Let’s move on to the features of product instead of shooting the breeze.

Patented Dynaflex Technology:

Hey, Guys! “Have you ever heard about this technology before”? You probably wouldn’t have. This amazing technology makes the shaver head flexible enough to clean the hairs more easily and gives a perfect shave without any cut or injury.

Hypo Allergic Foil:

Alert pals with delicate skin type! This shaver is like a skin hardening pill for them to let them have an irritation free trimming. They just don’t have to take any risk regarding their skin because this hypo allergic foil shaver prevents the sensitive skin from allergies or Red burns.

Easy-to-use and light weight design:

“Are you in search for light in weight and simple shaving machine?

” Sunny Smile dandies! This shaving machine is exactly designed as per your wish. Its light weight makes its handling more convenient.

Powerful Rechargeable Ni-CAD battery:

You just don’t have to worry about the drained battery of trimming device anymore. Believe me. Generated with powerful battery this professional trimmer gives more than enough timing for one shave. It can also be used in or out of the shower. Pretty amazing! Isn’t it?

A complete accessory pack:

A good shaving machine comes up with a good accessory package. You can’t disagree with me at this point. This device is delivered with a complete package containing accessories like wall plug charger, cleaning brush, manual in multiple languages and recharging stand. You can always have another kit in case of damaged previous package.

A Flawless bump-free shaving:

Bothered of your face bumps because of problem in shaving?

That’s your beauty pals, don’t you worry. This shaver has super ability to do bump-free shave by following your facial contour because of the flexibility of its head.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Particularly effective for head shaving.
  •   Great quality and performance.
  •   Cord and cordless function.
  •   Perfect of USMC haircuts.
  •   Doesn’t cause skin burns.
  •   Close and fine trimming.
  •   Feather like weight.
  •   Unreliable Plastic body.
  •   Not water resistant.
  •   Durability issues.


Looking over all aspects, it seems like the best product but playing all cards is crucial before taking a hasty decision of buying this product. Although this trimmer is available for a song, yet its durability issues are the causes of its low respect in the eyes of some consumers. But ultimate choice is yours.

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10. Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Philips N.V. commonly known as ‘Philips’ was founded by Gerard Philips in 1891 in Eindhoven. Primary focus on Philips products is Electronic devices, lightning and health care. Accessing areas like neck and under the chin have been a big deal before, but not anymore, nor is finding a suitable razor a tough row to hoe. Because Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 is the rotary shaver you have been looking for.


Let’s move on to the features of product instead of shooting the breeze.

Aqua Tec for Wet and Dry:

Worries about the wet-it-and-shave problem?

That’s not a problem anymore, dry or wet shaving both can be done with this one. The best thing about it is that both of the methods are very comfortable and equally efficient.

SensoTouch 2D Razor:

You got curves on your face, right?

Everyone has. The GyroFlex 2D Technology is implemented in it, the SensoTouch 2D razors goes with the curves of your face. Gyro 2D can gyrate around in a spinning motion and incline inwards thus applying less pressure and causing no irritation.

Lift and Cut Dual Blade:

Do you have reservations about those little hairs that hide under?

The mechanism of the shaver handles the hair very smoothly. By lifting up the hairs that lie flat on our facial skin the dual blade cuts, it right off without causing any pain or rashness. Far cry from traditional ones I suppose.

Rigorous Trimming:

Don’t wanna use a trimmer for shaping whiskers and moustaches due to uncertainty? That’s not the case anymore. Precise trimming comes in handy with this razor when dealing with sideburns and moustaches because they are the beauty forming part of shave and need to be accurately shed.

Skin Glide:

Old methods irritate you?

Well its Skin Glide feature gives a very low friction surface that buffs against the skin very smoothly eliminating the factor of irritation.

Rechargeable Battery:

Tired of waiting for equipment to charge?

Well, the lithium-ion battery installed with shaver 6100 offers you great shaving experience of 40 minutes in just one hour of charging. It is cordless.

Instantaneous Charge:

Would love a quick shave right?

Its unique feature is that in only 3 minutes, the shaver gets enough power to perform one shave. I would say that this is a blessing in disguise.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Accurate charging level notification.
  •   Offers a tight grip by rubber ridge.
  •   3 minute quick charge capability.
  •   Trim hairs at curvy areas as well.
  •   Powerful trimming device.
  •   Comfortable shave.
  •   No skin pulling.
  •   Noisier and under-powered.
  •   Limited to a 2D shaver.


Wrapping up, it would be fair to say that it is, if not the best, the most useful shaver out there in the market. With its exceptional features and SensoTouch 2D Razor quality, it is a good option.

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11. Philips Norelco Shaver 8900 (Model 1280X/42): Buy Now



Philips is a Dutch company of Electronics founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips. It is one of the largest companies in the world with 100,000+ employs over 60 countries. Philips Norelco Shaver 8900 is a very comfortable and precise rotary razor; it cuts smallest hairs even on complex curves of the face. The three dynamic parts move together to give a clean and smooth shave. Moreover, three shaving tracks cover 50% more area in a single time.


Let’s move on to discuss the features of this best razor.

GyroFlex 3D:

Miss out on the curves of your face while shaving?

No worries, the newly introduced GyroFlex 3D system provides a very detailed shave covering every contour of the face, adjusting to the curves as needed.

Ultra Touch:

Tired of rubbing shaver again and again?

Well, this shaver moves in such a way against skin that it covers a lot more area in a single shave than the ordinary shavers. Things like this come once in a blue moon.

Wet/Dry use Capability:

Upset about bath-and-shave problem?

Why do you fret when you can do both things at the same time? Yeah fellas, shaver 8900 allows you to do shave while taking shower as well. Dry shaving option is always tereThe grip of the shaver even in wet mode is extraordinary.

Patented Lift and Cut Blade:

Always miss out on some hair while shaving?

Guess what, one of the greasiest shaving methods is the Lift and Cut blade method. It lifts any flat lying hairs on the skin and the dual blade cuts through it painlessly.

Skin Glide:

Your razor doesn’t reach curves of your face?

Seems like a problem to me, the solution is Skin Glide, it helps the razor in reaching even the curviest areas easily and cuts every hair very closely and assists in giving a smooth shave.


Getting a picture of things is always helpful, especially low batter right? A rare yet a very useful function of touch-control in shaver 8900 helps you read the battery limit off the screen.

Jet Clean System:

Are you a clean freak?

Good news, Additional Jet Clean system makes cleaning the shaver easy and more sterile.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Gets fully charged in just one hour.
  •   Works well for curvy areas too.
  •   So light to be carried.
  •   Elegant design.
  •   Not Noisy.
  •   Cleans up fine even without Jet Clean system.
  •   Malfunctioning of razor heads in many cases.


Briefly, Norelco’s 8900 have some minor flaws, but they are amendable. Apart from them, it is a very safe, smooth and precise razor. It is recommended from my side.

Buy the best shaver in 2018 from Amazon

12. Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver:: Buy Now

Best Electric Shavers 2018


Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver is the world’s number one foil shaver. The crown of 2016 grooming award for quickest shaver was also placed on the head of this device. That’s why, it is also called as a best braun shaver. It’s a very efficient and comfortable shaver for almost all kinds of skin. Well, in your head, something might be hitting which makes this product number one. Decide yourself buddies.


Let’s discuss its amazing features in detail.

First Syncro Sonic Technology ever:

Ever heard of the syncro sonic technology before? No?

Well, it is an excellent technology, which provides you the best and smoothest shave ever. Its head is basically divided into four cutting segments. An intelligent sonic technology, which provides micro vibrations removes more hair specifically as compared to any other shaver. Its hyper lift ad cut trimmer removes hair, which is lying straight as in the areas of the neck and chin and cut it.

Very flexible shaving system:

Looking for the complete assembly?

I recommend you to have this because its micro motion is combined with macro motion on its pivot head, which provides the maximum adaptability of contact with the face.

Completely waterproof:

Can you use your old trimmer in the shower? Horrifying! It’ll go out of order? Situation will be different in this case buddy. This shaver provides the service to be used in the shower as well, because it’s perfectly water proof.

Advanced technology of charge and clean:

As you have read before, it is the world’s number one shaving system so it will be charged very easily and will be cleaned in a very advanced way.

After you wash this, there is also a drying button on it which will dry your machine quickly.

Precise trimmer:

Having problem with trimming or shaping your sideburns?

Then, this product provides with the facility of precise trimmer which will help to keep your sideburns in shape on a daily basis.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Shaving is comfortable.
  •   Works great on cheeks.
  •   Excellent and quiet.
  •   Comfortable use.
  •   Good battery life.
  •   No hair pulling.
  •   Modern look.
  •   Can’t be used with a cord.
  •   Not shower proof.
  •   Expensive.


That’s all about it. Now, the ball is in your court to give a decisive statement about the purchase of gadget. But I would like to recommend you that I have used this one and it will provide you very fine results and makes you look good even if you have not shaved for three days or more.

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

So, it was all about best electric razor reviews 2018. You should know the drill of examining an electric trimmer by now. Definitely the final act to adopt is choosing the right device based on the specifications and previous user experiences.

Amongst this list,“Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver” is on Number one. This product has got the latest technology integrated providing fastest trimming speed. Another device which can be your next choice is “Remington F5-5800” after a real tough competition. It’s because Remington has got everything covered in this particular device, charging time, battery life, technological innovation every aspect. Another prominent device is “Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Electric Foil Shaver”. This device hasn’t only got the best user reviews, but enticing features as well. There is also a device named “Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3 Men’s Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Nanotech blades” which appears to be a stupendous shaver by user reviews and the company claims, but that’s simply not the truth. So, look at the alternatives buddies. Don’t go for a product having vague image. Happy shaving.

Best Electric Shavers 2018  – Buying Guide

Important Types:

Rotary vs Foil Shavers:

Before getting into the depth of best buy electric shavers, let’s take a bird’s eye view over the primary types, friends. All shavers have spinning blades used for cutting of hairs, well that’s pretty obvious. Rotary shavers as apparent from the name have 3 circular heads that cover the blades. Foil Shavers on the other hand have a fine piece of foil over the blades. Both kinds of shavers have their own advantages.

Rotary Shaver is best for:

  • Shaving curly hair
  • Coarse hair
  • The person who shave after a few days

Foil Shaver is best for:

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Shaving straight hair
  • Thin hair

Corded and Cordless Shavers:

You might be unaware of corded shavers if you’re a too young lad. But they exist, my mates. Cordless shavers have taken the place of corded shavers in the recent few years, because of their portability, ease of use and enormous other benefits. I mean just imagine, who would want to find a switch first, plug the device in and then start shaving when he has the leverage of doing it anywhere and at any time without any hassle? Of course, nobody would ever like to do that. That’s the reason of the popularity and extensive usage of cordless shavers. Use of corded shavers isn’t apparent in the consumers unless the user is a barber.

Some Utilities:

Waterproof and Wet&Dry Functionalities:

A few years back, trimmers were just assumed to be used for dry shave. But that’s not the case anymore buddies. With the advent of new technology, 100% waterproof trimmers are available in the market now, which can be used under the shower with the shaving foam as well. This functionality is much relieving for the people with sensitive skin because dry shave usually results in bruises/inflammations on their skin usually.

Automatic Program Choice:

Are you a lazy chap to change the intensity/speed of your trimmer manually? Well, keep your laziness with you, because there are devices which can take good care of your sluggishness. You don’t have to alter the speed of your shaver based on your hair thickness and skin type anymore. These devices will adjust the speed automatically.

Traits of a best men’s shaver:

The above mentioned two functions are indispensable components of a trimmer. But there are some other important aspects also which should be covered as well by a man to be called as having a classy trimming machine. So quickly moving on to the aspects, these are mentioned as under:

Classy Brand:

Most of the classified men are the pursuers of class and brand. Aren’t you?

Well, you aren’t classy then. This is the fundamental part of a men’s trimming machine in fact. Local, cheap shavers are neither reliable in quality nor appearance. An influential brand has a positive impact not only on your personality, but on your worth in the eyes of folks as well.

Money-back guarantee:

One month money back guarantee should also be a part of the offerings of a particular hair trimmer provider. This isn’t provided to test the design of the product; rather it’s for making sure that trimming device matches your skin and hair type.

2-year warranty:

Ever been a victim of device which disappointed you right after purchase?

Here is a brotherly suggestion for you mates. Don’t hesitate to buy even little pricey things but don’t compromise on the requirements. 2-year warranty must be there with the trimming device you purchase. Check the components of machine excluded from the warranty too.

Rapid Charging:

Ever faced a situation of dead battery with half face trimmed? You can’t attend any meeting with that? Can you? Well, then you must buy a device with rapid charging functionality.          

Long Shaving Time:

Check the shaving time of the device too before getting hands on it. The reason is obvious. Machine with short shaving time can consume your load of time in charging it, trimming and then again waiting for the charging.

Important Things You Should Think of Before Purchase:


Personal needs and requirements are to be considered before choosing the type of technological device fellas, whether it’s a foil type trimmer or rotary machine, whether you need a corded gadget or a device in which cordless science is being used.


Performance is also a crucial aspect you should think of before going for a particular machine. Quality of trimming, shaving time, charging time everything comes under the umbrella of Performance.

Availability of Parts:

Knowing about the accessibility of spare parts of the trimming machine is also mandatory. Because when you invest a considerable amount in a device, make sure it’s worth it. Usually parts of renowned brands are readily available in the market.

Wet and dry Shavers:

You know what dry and wet shaving is. Let’s not go into the details of that again. Know your body traits and choose the device accordingly.

Shaver Cleaning Station:

Investing on quality equipment is always emphasized but wasting money over unnecessary things is never recommended. Cleaning a trimmer is a matter of seconds so why would you like to spend extra on such a service? Find a reasonable reason before investing extra money on a trimmer with cleaning station.


Although cost shouldn’t be the primary concern and quality shouldn’t be compromised over it but you should always research a little to find more feasible and better alternatives. Price of the shaver blades and their durability, cost of lubricant, everything should be kept in mind.


With the advent of best buy electric shavers with LED/LCD interfaces, it has become very convenient for the users to check the battery status of their trimmer at any time. Although it’s not an indispensable feature, but it’s very beneficial if though for a longer run.

Power Cord:

If you intend to buy a corded trimmer, multiple aspects of cord are also to be considered. Its length, strength, design and power everything should be taken into account.

Charging System:

It’s very important to know about the charging mechanism of cordless shavers before going to buy a device. Some trimmers require immediate charging after every use and some have better shaving time. There are many trimmers too which have the ability of shutting down after full charging. It can extend the battery life as well.


Accessories with the trimming device are also very important to take look buddies, especially lubricant, because a device can’t function properly without lubricant. Travel case is also available with some devices but it’s not a mandatory thing.


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