Best Gaming Headsets 2021 – Top Headphones For Gamers

Best Gaming Headsets

Gaming and headsets have become part and parcel for each other these days. But finding a high-quality gaming headset for your needs is not a piece of cake now especially in the presence of so many options. If you’re looking for a versatile headset which will make the gaming sound affect just as good as your games, you have come to the right place. The following list of Best Gaming Headsets 2019 is undeniably the best you can choose from, without stressing over their quality and durability.

Our experts give credence to these latest gaming headsets, assuring gaming fanatics to have the finest of gaming experiences ever. Thus, for the most authentic surround, you’ll be after a headset that can block upper treble frequencies nearly as well as noise cancelling headphones for your games. That being so, 2018 models are the way to go.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Gaming Headsets 2019 Buying Guide below before making a purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.

NameFrequency ResponseNoise CancellationConnectivityReviewsPrice
Sennheiser PC 363D15-28,000 HzYesPC window (XP, Vista, 7)4.4/5Click Here for Price
Kingston HyperX Cloud15-25,000 HzYesPCs, notebooks, tablets, mobiles, airplane adapters and PS44.4/5Click Here for Price
Sharkoon X-Tatic SR20-20,000 HzNoPS3, PC, Xbox and other consoles4.1/5Click Here for Price
Razer Kraken20-20,000 HzNoPC and Mac4/5Click Here for Price
Sennheiser GAME ONE15 – 28,000HzYesPCs, Mac, consoles, mobiles and tablets4.3/5Click Here for Price
ASTRO A4020-24,000 HzYesXbox, PlayStation console and the mobile phone/tablets4.1/5Click Here for Price
CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB20– 20,000 HzYes8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista4.3/5Click Here for Price
Unique Metal Diaphragm Headset20-20,000 HzYesPC, PS4, X-box one, tablets, MP3 players and mobile phones5/5No products found.
Sades A6020-20,000 HzNoPC, Mac3.3/5Click Here for Price
Logitech G43020-20,000 HzYesWindows (8,7, Vista), PS44.1/5Click Here for Price


1. Sennheiser PC 363D: Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018


Sennheiser is a worldwide famous manufacturer of the audio equipment, serving the humanity since 1945. Sennheiser PC 363D is the first equipment in the hunt of best gaming headsets. It has a comfy and excellent audio sound quality with good function. It has solid sound output with cheap build quality. These can also be termed as ps4 headsets, xbox one headsets or PC headset. This is exclusively for the gamers who appreciate a surrounding sound in various games like shootings and racing genres, etc.


It’s not a game of kids to look out for the best PC gaming headsets out there in the market, because it doesn’t take only eye strain. It requires mental sharpness as well. So buckle up, guys! The feature of the first item are gonna come under discussion, now.


Gaming headsets don’t only need to be efficient in performance, fellas. They should be eye-catching too. This gadget seems like so.

It’s a matte black plastic from the outer side. The ear cups are made from soft cloth-material instead of faux leather or anything like this so the ears feel a humidity-free sensation and do not get sweaty in hot weathers. Headset easily stays on a head due to a softer form on the inner side of head rail with Sennheiser logo at the upper edge.


Gaming is a passion, which never ends. That’s the reason; wearing heavy equipment is a straight ‘NO’ by the computer warriors.

But congratulation, this product is not from that family of electronic tools, peeps. If we check the description written on the box, it weighs only 280 grams which is quite light on the ears and head. You are not going to feel the extra weight even if you use it continuously for hours even.

Sound Quality and Speakers:

The technological world is progressing towards more and more realistic gaming by the concepts of VR (Virtual Reality) and 4-d. What do we have in the audio realm?

This appliance is gonna show you a reflection of that. With the 7.1 channels of sound, this headphone really rocks our gaming with its clarity and outstanding sound effects. The Dolby sound option makes it more clear and comprehensive. Especially when tested for the shooting games, every bullet shot out with such a whizzing sound someone standing in a real-time environment. Frequency response of the device is 15-28,000 Hz. It’s also equipped with noise cancellation technology. Because of all these strengths, it always shines at a distinction for its sound quality of headsets. It has never felt me low with the proper highs and mids and the crisp sound through its speakers.

Perfect for 3d:

Are you a lover of the 3d games?

The low quality audio appliance can’t work for you in that scenario, fellas. Here is a soothing option for you. It’s actually built for the 3-d gaming. The advanced E.A.R technology integrated into the tool results in an outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity.


Don’t consider it a kind of super natural thing, which can’t be connected to your personal computer, guys. The universal 3.5mm audio jack and 2.0 USB interface make this headphone compatible with all kinds of PCs and laptops having Windows XP, 7 or Vista both 32 and 64 Bit.

Installation Guide and Warranty:

Sennheiser knows how to take care of its customers, peeps. That’s why, you are going to get an installation guide along with the handset itself. This guide helps you out through the installation of software and its usage.You don’t have to be worried about its lifetime as well. This headset has a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Long cable.
  •   USB sound card.
  •   Too light to carry.
  •   Outstanding microphone.
  •   Efficient for long gaming sessions.
  •   Low quality control.
  •   Ear pads get dirty quickly.
  •   Ineffective noise cancellation.
  •   Unsuitable for lower frequencies.


Giving this review as final touch, this gaming headset has a great bundle of features including good sound excellence and auto-muting of the MIC. This headset lived up to the tech forums and is highly recommended for our valued consumers. Even if your bought gadget happens to be malfunctioned, the warranty will take care of that. Highly recommended from our side.

What others say,

£200 is a lot to spend on a headset but the Sennheiser PC 363D is one of the best on the market. It lacks some design aesthetic but more than makes up for it with its excellent audio and microphone capabilities. Trustedreviews

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2. Kingston HyperX Cloud: Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018


You can’t be uninformed about the name and achievements of the Kingston. It’s a reliable name in the manufacturing line of the computer storage and products.The brand doesn’t ruin the high level exceptions of the people by presenting the Kingston HyperX Cloud, one of the best gaming headsets under 100. With a striking lightweight design and outstanding sound quality, this gadget is a tough one to beat.

This headset is developed by Kingston which is a top brand name when it comes to computer accessories. This particular design was developed in Sweden.


You really have only two options to evaluate a gadget, dudes. Either use it for a while, or research on it. We have taken care of the first part; so you just see the features mentioned below.


Your personal computer, keyboard, mouse and all the other peripheral components must be stylish and sleek, if you’re really a gaming worm. This gadget is not a brick, as well.

Let me share some of the design features of this gaming headset, starting from the ear cups which are leathered material and soft on the ears, also holds the ears very properly. The 7.1 sound channels activated through the external sound card module when you need it.

Ports and Colors:

You’ll certainly be aware of the universal audio jack embedded in most of such kind of products. Yeah peeps, I am talking about the 3.5 mm input jack for attaching your headphones to the audio source. This tool has got it. HyperX Cloud comes in three different color combinations, but I preferred the one in white and black which really attracts me a lot.

Comparison with older version:

You must be thinking of upgrading your audio device if you’re a user of the previous version of this headset. Let me help you with that.

As compared to its older version, there are slight changes in HyperX Cloud which mainly include the addition of a USB sound card module. This gives you the ability to handle the volume of speakers and mic on the sound card. Frequency response rate of the device is 15-25,000 Hz, pretty nice. That’s not the end; it’s also armed with noise cancellation technology.


Compatibility check is an important part of a product’s evaluation, fellas, you know that. Well, this tool is not gonna turn its back on you, regardless of the kind of system you’re using. It is fully compatible with PCs, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, airplane adapters and PS4 consoles.


Do you use computer for more than 10 hours a day?

Your eyes must be paining in that case. You gotta stay away from the screen. And this device is gonna help you with that. Some of the users may find the wire attached to the headphones comparatively small in length, but don’t get panic about this because the USB sound card module gives you enough length for the mobility when you insert the jack into audio slot.

        Pros        Cons
  •   A stylish headphone.
  •   Interchangeable cups.
  •   Weigh is just 380 grams.
  •   Equipped with Carrying case.
  •   Compatible with many devices.
  •   Unclear sound.
  •   Not wireless.
  •   Unsuitable for big heads.


My verdict for this headset is yes; because it works equally well with both computer systems and mobile devices. I hope that by now you all would be planning to get one of these state of the art headphones for yourself, so that you can have a comforting experience of game and music playing.

What others say,

Would I still recommend the HyperX Cloud? Absolutely, especially at this price. The sound quality is second to none in this bracket, the build quality is superb, and it’s extremely comfortable. Make no mistake, though: It’s the microphone that’s holding this headset back. It’s fantastic, until you actually open your mouth. Then it’s just okay.pcworld

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3. Sharkoon X-Tatic SR: Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018


Sharkoon is not a new name, when gaming gadgets come under argument. The company is fully dedicated to provide high end gaming peripherals to the community. The next tool in this discussion is from the same marque, the Sharkoon X-Tatic SR. Universal connectivity, easy configuration, stupendous controls and great performance are the strong sides of this device.


If you’re really in the business of finding the best budget gaming headsets, you gotta keep your eyes down and examine the features of every item in this list.


Would you like to wear an ugly gadget on your head?

I don’t think so, because it will make you look like a scumbag. This device is not of such kind, fellas. It has a sophisticated design with black, red and white colors in its assembly. The grey and black tones make the looks of the tool, stupendous.


Computer accessories tend to be very nosy sometimes. They don’t accept to function with all the system, they connect. The gadget under evaluation doesn’t annoy the users in that respect. In fact, it is compatible with PS3, PC, Xbox and almost all types of consoles. It has got USB powered rumble effect with a detachable mic as well.

Connectivity type:

Deciding the connectivity type of the headset is really a subjective matter. Some people like the wireless headphones and others feel comfortable with the wired devices. This gaming Sharkoon headset is a wired headphone with one driver and a headset microphone, buddies. It is a closed circumaural by wearing type. Frequency response is 20-20,000 Hz and it’s not equipped with noise cancellation technology.

Perfect for Xbox:

Xbox is a very widely used gaming gadget, no doubt on that. If you are from the same family, then this X-Tatic is a must-go for you, because it is especially designed for the gaming fanatics of Xbox and gaming consoles. It is supported with a Dolby Pro sound feature which makes the gaming sound more real and sharp. I found the in-line volume controller really handy in keeping the sound level as per my need.

Easy to use:

The use of this device is as simple as rain; you don’t have to be a computer engineer to use it. For the Xbox gamers, you are going to arrange an extra component of HD AV cable to work it fully functional. On the other hand, the PC users have to just put the jack into a 3.5mm slot of their computers to make the sound work.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Economical choice.
  •   Excellent sound quality.
  •   Pro Dolby Sound feature.
  •   Strong and flexible build.
  •   Works well for external sound.
  •   Need a lot of cables.
  •   Lack of treble definition.
  •   Continuous hissing sound.
  •   Amplifier doesn’t work without USB.


Giving some concluding remarks about the headset, it’s a real quality device. It has been in demand since its launch. And by now, I am sure that you must have made your mind to buy one of these for your own self. Let me assure you, this instrument is one of the best gaming headsets in the market at present and you will definitely like it.

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4. Razer Kraken: Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018


Razer Inc. is a privately held Singaporean brand, specialized in the manufacturing of computer hardware devices. Now is the turn of the Razer Kraken to be discussed in this technology talk, which is a cheap gaming headset. Certainly, it lacks a few important technical properties, but this is what can be delivered best in this price range. It is one of the best gaming headsets under 100. Along with the great sound performance and stylish lighting, this device takes care of the aesthetics as well.


It’s always difficult to brag about the capabilities of any kind of gadget without knowing its features. So let’s start exploring this gadget.


Design of most of the electronic appliances just affects their visuals. But the scenario is different here, dudes. The design in gaming headset also affects your head. Taking the issue under consideration, Razer has fabricated this device. They claimed this headphone to be the most comfortable one and according to my thoughts, they are right in these claims. Kraken headphone really feels very soft on ears with its ear cups which are textured with memory foam. Also the head band is stuffed with soft cloth inside, giving a strong grip on the head.

Mid-range Headset:

Gaming headsets are of course available in a variety of capabilities. The range of frequency response associated with each tool is unique. Kraken is a mid-range headset with circumaural type. It has got 3.5 mm stereo audio and a boom mic. Moreover, it has not been provided with noise cancellation, phone controls or wireless gaming headsets capability. Frequency response rate of this headphone is 20-20,000 Hz. These traits may not look like extra ordinary, but they are just right for a mid-level gaming operation.

Color and lighting:

Black is a common color when we talk about gaming headsets, but every person out there is not a lover of black. I hope you’ll agree. Well, these headphones are available in two basic colors, one is pure black and the other one is fresh leaf-green. Both of the colors look very appealing. That was all about the color of the casing. There is also a lighting panel embedded into the device with 16.8 million customizable color options.

Sound quality:

Everything can be compromised but one thing users can’t overlook while purchasing a headset is the quality of sound. Discussing the sound quality, this tool just conforms to the industry standards. The advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound engine escalates the sound performance by so many levels. The highs and mids are also quite balanced and give a textured sound. However, the users who are having a more high-end featured headset are not advised to try out this one as they are not going to be satisfied.

Audio Calibration and Drivers:

A manufacturer can’t provide the exactly wanted audio setting to all the users, it’s nearly impossible. That’s why, Razer gives the cord in your hands, peeps. With the powerful Synapse configuration software, you’ll be able to customize the audio just in line with your wishes. In the whole process, the fabulous 40 mm large drivers with neodymium magnets are gonna facilitate you with the quality sound right in your ears.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Customizable.
  •   Easy software.
  •   Retractable mic.
  •   Very Comfortable.
  •   Economical option.
  •   Cheap casing.
  •   Non-removable mic.
  •   Volume control isn’t easy.


Finalizing the thing, keeping in mind its price and specs, what does your mind say? Confused? Don’t you worry fellas, there is no kind of mess involved with the purchase of this tool. It’s reasonably good in the areas of sound quality, connectivity, design and performance. A recommended one from my side!

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5. Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset – Black: Buy Now 



You’re well aware of the big name of Senheisser and the list of quality gadget manufactured by it. The next gaming headset presented in this talk is another quality item of this brand, the Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset. Incorporation of the advanced technologies in both the speaker and microphone part makes this device a very reliable one. It also meets the comfort requirements posed by the gaming community. It is one of the best PC gaming headsets.


Best PC gaming headsets are not gonna walk to you by themselves. You gotta do some hard work for that. And the only work in this scenario is the examination of the features of this tool.


Have you ever used a headset built by a cheap manufacturer?

You must know then, what is a cozy and comfy design. Yeah pals, the accuracy and fineness of the form is not only vital for the aesthetics, but for the headrest as well. Well, the build of this tool is open acoustics with a weight of just 10.5 ounce. This minor bulk is gonna cause your head spin.

Sound Quality:

Your gaming will be very dull and colorless without the incorporation of the sound, dudes. You will be very clear on that, if you’ve tried playing the game without sound. The quality of sound must match with the graphics, in short. Well, the tool under argument isn’t weak in this realm. Because of the integration of the Sennheiser’s original transducer technology, the sound provided by this gaming headset is just stupendous. You don’t even know, whether you’re listening these chatting voices from the street in the game or the street outside your home.

Powerful Microphone:

After the speakers, what is the second most important component of the gaming headsets?

You’ll know the answer, if you’re smart. It’s the microphone. Don’t be confused, this component is used in many multi-player strategy games. The one implanted into this headset is powerful. Not only armed with the Noise cancellation technology for the crystal clear conversations, but the controlling options are also awesome. Along with the intuitive microphone volume controls, the auto mute option by raising the boom arm is also stupendous.


All the technologies and strengths are of no use, if the headset you’re wearing gives you headache after an hour or two of use. What do you say? You’ll certainly not include such kind of tool in the list of the best pc gaming headsets. Well, don’t just think too much, chums. The device before you right now has the ultimate comfort—plush velvet ear pads. The foam pads don’t only keep your ears in a soft environment, but give them the approach to fresh air, as well.


People don’t take interest in any kind of device, if it’s not attachable to their hardware systems. Do they?

Well, this gaming headset is not among those junky gadgets, guys. It features a 3.5 mm audio input jack, which makes it fully compatible with almost all kinds of PCs, Mac, consoles, mobiles and tablets.

        Pros        Cons
  •   A multi-purpose tool.
  •   Excellent comfort level.
  •   High quality braided cable.
  •   Sound isolation is effective.
  •   No need of USB connection.

  •   Little smaller earcups.
  •   Inefficient bass handling.
  •   Outside interference aren’t minimzed.


Giving this debate a final touch, the device being discussed is an excellent option overall. It doesn’t only have a brand tag associated with it; the capabilities of the tool are also fabulous. The controlling options, the reliability and the performance of the both microphone and speaker make it a standing gadget. A recommended one!

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6. ASTRO Gaming A40: Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018


Astro is not a kid in the world of gaming headsets, fellas. The next gadget we’re gonna discuss also belongs to this brand, the ASTRO Gaming A40. Give it a shot, if you’re pursuing for the top gaming headsets. Astro series headphones have taken on the market by storm including this one and have gathered a lot of customers.


Don’t consider all the gaming headsets expensive, dudes. You can actually find the best pc gaming headsets under 100, without any significant effort.


You certainly know the importance of the design and built, when headphone are talked about. Don’t you?

The gadget is supposed to put your ears and heads at rest, not crest. A40 has been built especially keeping in focus the long wearing of headphones, pals. The soft and spongy ear cups are going to cover your ears perfectly producing even pressure on both sides. The size of head band is purely adjustable according to the need. You will notice armed-mouse on the side of a cup which can be altered by attaching it on the either ear coupling hence giving us a feature of design customization.


You don’t wanna waste a considerable part of your salary on a earphone which refuse to connect with your mobile phone. Do you?
Well, the tool under review is not like that.It has 3.5 mm stereo connection along with 1 driver per ear. This connectivity jack makes the usage really handy.

Microphone and Controls:

Microphone is as important in gaming headset as the vocal power of a human being to survive. Availability of the speaker and microphone controls is also crucial.

Well, this machine is pretty powerful in both these aspects. It is armed with a highly sensitive omni-directional microphone that focuses completely on the mind of the individual and minimizes the background interference. Talking a little bit about the controls, they are all located in the middle of the wire. An in-line mute switch, a volume control wheel and an answer/hang up button makeup the whole controlling mechanism.


Gaming geeks usually play the games on one kind of systems, but for some advanced and heavy games, they need to shift from one hardware/software system to another. That is the scenario, this gaming gadget helps in, dudes.

It has been tested with Xbox, PlayStation console and the mobile phone/tablets and the result was very nice. You have to grab a proper adapter for Mix Amp to make it work with Xbox. So if you are planning to buy A40, you will have the Mix Amp provided by the company which makes it shine. But it is indeed best gaming headset for ps4 as well. Frequency response is 20-24,000 Hz and earphone is equipped with noise cancelling functionality.

Boxed Accessories:

Astro is not a local name, peeps. It strives to live up to the expectations of the high level professional users by their quality services. The available cable in the box gives you multiple connectivity options for various devices you have. Along with the cables, you are going to get a carrying pouch in which the headphones can fit perfectly after folding. So, they can be carried safely anywhere without the damage.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Detachable cable.
  •   Crystal clear sound.
  •   Long connecting cable.
  •   Mix Amp with Astro A40.
  •   Wide range compatibility.
  •   Easiest volume adjustment.
  •   Mic is of low quality.
  •   Constant hissing sound.
  •   Distorted sound at high volume.


Overall, Astro A40 gives you a powerful sound output in this price and especially for the enthusiasts out there, it is going to be a great peripheral device for their gaming systems. Sound quality and rest of the features are indeed very good and you should get your hands on it if a very high quality mic is not your priority.

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7. CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset : Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018

Corsair is a reliable American brand in the world of gaming headsets, dudes. The company was established in 1994, to be exact. Moving on to our next gadget in the queue, it’s from the same marque, the CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset. It’s not only famous for its unique looks, but the performance level this device provides is also unbeatable. There are many aspects actually, in which this tool has stood out.


There is no need to hunt the market for the exploration of the best pc gaming headsets under 100. This device is just a reflection that such kinds of tool exist.

Sound Quality:

The first thing even a nerd would ask about, while looking at the gaming headsets is the quality and eminence of the sound provided by that device. That’s the reason, this aspect is addressed first. Well, the tool you’re seeing right now, is featured with genuine Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology. The multi-channeled positional audio gets smoother by the tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers.

Wireless Operation:

Annoyed by all the wires around your computer chair?

Here is a machine which can reduce the tension of wires from your life. Corsair Void Pro! Yeah guys, this is a low latency, 2.4 GHz wireless audio tool with upgraded antenna design for enhanced coverage. It can connect itself to the tools in the range of 40 ft, pretty satisfying. The battery isn’t also weak in any aspect. 16 hours of the battery time doesn’t seem like less from any side.

Comfortable build:

What is the main difference between the local cheap headsets and a branded one like this?

Both of them let you hear the voices at the other end of the system. The difference lays in the build quality and the comfort level, pals. Well, this gaming headset is not just stylish, it is also soothing for the ears and the head because of its microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam. It also reduces the heat buildup and moisture.

Microphone and lighting:

Microphone is a component of the headset and lighting is the way to soothe the tensed gaming enthusiasts, fair enough. This appliance doesn’t also contradict with the accepted gaming headset requirements. Consequently, it is armed with a unidirectional noise cancelling microphone. LED mute indicator is also a part of the microphone assembly. Coming to the lighting part, its dynamic and customizable RGB backlighting allows for a huge number of color options.


Controlling the electronic gadgets is tough usually, but not in this case anymore, fellas. This headset built purely for gaming is offered with Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. This engine provides a user friendly interface to interact with and control the Corsair gadgets.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Great ergonomics.
  •   Sturdy and durable.
  •   Provides positional hearing.
  •   Doesn’t make the ears weary.
  •   Convenient and accessible controls.
  •   Noisy device.
  •   Mic is not detachable.


The story on the Corsair headset ends with this part, ladies and gentlemen. Looking at its traits in all the connectivity, performance and compatibility aspects, the gadget doesn’t seem like lagging behind. The price range is also not unmanageable and the users are also well satisfied. A recommended device, in fact!

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8.Unique Metal Diaphragm Headset: Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018


JC Porter is not very famous but quality manufacturer of the gaming gadgets, especially in the section of headsets. The next item to be put in this catalog has been chosen from this brand, the Gaming Headset with Unique Metal Diaphragm and Mic. It doesn’t only provide a nice audio to your ears, but the microphone capabilities of the device are also out of the mark. After examining the gadget completely, you’ll surely be calling it one of the best gaming headsets under 50 that ever existed.


Without knowing the features, you can only get the gadget of your desires by chance, you know that. So why don’t we stop wasting time and focus on the traits.

Build and Design:

There is a reason, most of the gaming headsets in the market are striking and appealing. Are you thinking of the reason?

Well, let me tell you that. It’s the demand of the users. People nowadays are so design conscious. That consciousness has shaped this gaming headset in a double metal beam design. Consequently, it offers you a range of height adjustment options. That’s not all, the 50 mm drivers are very soothing for your ears because of the ventilate protein cushioned design. Another thing good for the aesthetic of this tool is the glaring LED lights.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is the first and the most important factor you need to look at, if you’re really looking for a gaming grade headset. I don’t think I need to emphasize this aspect anymore. Well, talking about this device specifically, it offers an immersive 360-degree sound field, making you able to hear all the low and high frequencies of the sound. The frequency response of the tool is not extra ordinary.But it’s surely better than the earphones in this price range, 20hz – 20KHz.


You’ll not find the names of the best budget gaming headsets in a journal, dudes. You gotta be the journal, and here is all you need to do. Just gaze at the specifications of this tool, which doesn’t only have a stupendous speaker. A quality microphone is also a part of the specifications of this instrument. Its noise cancellation technology just makes sure that none of the words spoken from your mouth get lost in the wind. They all reach to the destination without any doubt.


All the powers and controls of a device are useless when you can’t use them. What do you say?

Well, the tool under assessment is armed with a 7.22 ft.long tension and twist free wire for reliable connectivity. The cord ends with a 3.5 mm audio jack, fellas. Just plug in the jack in your tool of choice and start enjoying.


You’d definitely be hunting a gadget with wide compatibility range, if you’ve used the old fashioned earphones, which talk to only one device. Well, this strenuous hunt must end now, peeps, because the tool you’re seeing works stupendously well with PC, PS4, X-box one, tablets, MP3 players and mobile phones.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Easy to use.
  •   Reasonable price.
  •   No outside interference
  •   Perfect for the big heads.
  •   Stupendous sound quality.
  •   Not cancels the noise completely.


Summing up the argument on this tool, it not a bad option at all. With the price range and the features it offers, overlooking the tool will be your biggest mistake, for sure. It’s capabilities may not match with the technology giants out there, but the sound quality, performance and build must be satisfying for a normal gaming operation.

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9. Sades A60: Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018


Sades is a good brand for headphones, that’s what the “Toms guide” says about this name. As the next gadget in our discussion, let’s explore the traits of the Sades A60, a stylish production of the company. This is one of the best PC gaming headsets under 50, you ought to know that. In fact, it is one of the best headphones available in the market with a reasonable price.


The difficult time of exploration and finding is coming to an end, dudes. We’re just close to the destination of finding the most efficient gaming headset. Just keep examining the features.


The design is not only an aspect to care about for the ladies in their dresses and jewelry. It is also of vital importance while buying the gaming headsets. The gadget under examination is really strong in this realm.

The first thing I felt on holding this on-ear headphone in my hands was the soft and nice padding on both the ear cups and headband. I checked the durability of the plastic by molding it rudely on the sideways and found it really a strong one which impressed me very much.


Your own and your wife’s head must not be of the same size. Is it?

And you definitely don’t want to buy the separate computer headphones for both of you. Here is a deal for you, buddies. The head rails are adjustable with sliding-and-click feature, thus giving you desired fixing. This model comes with a retractable microphone which fix back to its position when you are not using it. This flexibility will save the headset microphone for any damage.


Did you ever need to adjust the jack of your earphone in your laptop to have the voice clearly communicated to your ears?

The issue is not gonna arise here, fellas. The jack is adjusted itself here. This is a wired headphone model so the wire giving the connectivity has an adequate size around 2.5 meters. It is wrapped with a soft nylon material and does not get tangled. This earbud has a frequency response rate of 20-20,000 Hz. Moreover, it works with PC and Mac very well.

Passive Noise Cancellation:

The eminence of a gaming headset can’t be satisfied, unless its capabilities as a noise shield are known. The device under review is pretty strong in this aspect, peeps. Its closed ear cup design covers the entire ear, blocking out all the unwanted sounds from entering into the ears of the user.

Volume Button, Mute Button And Vibration Control:

You definitely need to control the sound of the audio, while wearing a headset. Or you gonna hear the same amplitude of sound all the time?

Controls are essential, period. Moving forward, you will come up with an in-line control which is having the up and down volume buttons for sound volume, a mute button for headset microphone and speakers and a vibration control button.

Some people get irritated by the vibration function instead of loving it. The vibration features can be powered on or off with it which gives you an extra sensation during games. Once I plugged into the port, the lights on the control button powered up in blue color highlighting the function button. These lights made the headsets more attractive. It has 30 mm loud hailer speaker. Its plug type is a USB with approximately 3 meters long cable.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Stylish device.
  •   Powerful bass.
  •   Not very costly.
  •   Great for calling.
  •   Good sound quality.
  •   Low volume level.
  •   Large and heavy.
  •   Low quality mic.


Keeping in mind its price, you might think of it as the most efficient option, but you may need to review your decision. Because spending a little high on high quality headphone is way better than wasting money over low quality. The choice is yours buddy.

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10. G430 Gaming Headset: Buy Now

Best Gaming Headsets 2018


I don’t need to tell what kind of reputation Logitech has got in the gaming community. People are crazy for this brand, believe me. We’re heading towards the last gadget of this technology talk, the Logitech G430 mac gaming headset with Dolby surround sound.The device named by me has not only the tag name of Logitech associated with it. Its capabilities are also stupendous. It outclasses many quality claimers in the aspects of sound listening, speaking and ear comfort.


There are so many people calling it the best gaming headsets under $100. Wanna know, why? Well, you can’t find the answer unless you see the features of this device in detail.


Headphones are not manufactured like being molded in a machine with the addition of components afterwards. It’s a sophisticated process and there are separate design teams to look at the proposed build and design closely. Well, the process is even more professional in the case of this firm.

I felt the design one of the most comfortable one for the ears without pinching them. The spongy foam on the cups is really soft and swiveling made them easy to fix on the heads.


The choice of color has a marked impact on the visuals of a device. The build of this gaming headset is of plastic with the combination of sea-blue and black colors make it an admirable gaming headphone.

Folding, noise-cancelling mic:

Do you want to send the message to your gaming partner with the voice of your crying baby in the background?

You wouldn’t want that, I believe. This gaming headset will never let you down. It has folded noise-cancelling mic which reduces distracting background noise for clear listening. You may easily rotate this mic according to your best position of listening or up and out of the way when you’re not talking.

Comfortable swivel ear cups:

Long hour gaming is not gonna be tough anymore, peeps.

Breathable performance sport-cloth ear pads decrease heat and moisture build-up to keep your ears comfortable during long and intense gaming sessions. The ear cups also lay flat to protect them when you’re not wearing the headset.

Customization Software:

No one likes the default settings, when it comes to the electronics. That’s the reason; this gadget is powered with something which enables you to control the device in your own way.

The headphone is equipped with customization software which helps to manage the sound settings. You can install the software from the CD provided in the box. This software lacks with the features of individual profiles. It means you have to make the settings all over again for each game you are playing, hence giving you very less flexibility.

Elegant Mic:

The story of a headphone ends with the speakers, but the tale of headsets is a little lengthier. Microphone is the additional component, dudes, and this device is equipped with exclusive noise cancelling mic removing all the background noises. Mic can also be rotated to the back side in the condition of non-use.


The headset being discussed is not a kind of tool, which works with only few systems. Device is actually efficient to work with many kinds of devices fellas.It can work with Window 8,7, Vista and Play Station 4 very smoothly.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Nice sound quality.
  •   Removable sound card.
  •   Better than predecessor.
  •   Dolby 7.1 surrounding sound.
  •   Suitable for glasses wearers.
  •   Bad Mic quality.
  •   Retractable gadget.
  •   Not fully functional with PS4.


Giving this gadget some final words, I am quite satisfied with this gaming headset for ps4 and would recommend it to you all. It is indeed a treat to the ears and gives an ease when you play games on not only PS4 but also on all types of gaming consoles.There is nothing for you to worry about.

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Final Verdict From Author:

So, it was all about best gaming headset reviews 2018, guys. It’s time to do the final decision about the fate of your ears, whether they’re gonna be covered by Astro A40 or Razer Kraken. Well, this decision is crucial and you know pretty well about the complications associated with this decision till now. Let me give you an expert advice by ranking the efficient products in the hierarchical form. Based on the specs and quality, Kingston HyperX Cloud is the device distinctive from all other products in the realm because of its high end features and compatibility with multiple platforms. It has got a noble reputation among the user as well.

Gaming Headset with Unique Metal Diaphragm and Mic is the second best option you have got mates because it contains almost everything a gamer can wish for. Ranging from high frequency response to high quality speakers and mics to noise cancellation function, this device is a must have. It’s also compatible with wide range of devices. User reviews are not bad either. If you’re a PC gamer, guys Sennheiser PC 363D is the device you should go for. This device doesn’t only high frequency response and wide range of features but it’s the device users are most satisfied with. Sades A60 is another device which you should avoid pals because it has delivered far less than the claims.

Best Gaming Headsets 2018 – Buying Guide

Technology is always showing signs of change and advancing with new and latest forms appearing seemingly out of the blue. Many people have, as of now, grasped wireless Bluetooth earphones, yet there are those that sense fairly careful about experimenting with new innovation.

One of the greatest misunderstandings about Bluetooth headphones is that they are valuable when chatting on the telephone. Bluetooth innovation is available in a ton of the present day home appliances accessible, making these earphones a standout amongst the most valuable and adaptable speculations that you could make. Why you should buy this? Following are the advantages.

Advantages of Gaming Headsets:

No Cables:

Obviously, a standout amongst the most essential features of these best buy gaming headsets is that they are without hands, as well as don’t have a cord attached that you have to stress over. This makes these ideal gadgets when you have to move around the home a considerable measure or you’re on-the-go. Utilizing Bluetooth technology is additionally simpler and easier on your batteries as less energy is needed to radiate signals.

Great Sound:

At the point when Bluetooth earphones firstly available on the market, they were costly and the sound quality was fundamentally more terrible than a corded pair of headphones. At last, this made people presume this innovation wouldn’t last. But in last few years, these have increased quality and in general, they are comparable in sound performance to the outdated ear buds. Moreover, bass-boosting and sound isolation technologies assures that you can hear your music or conversation softly and clear without disturbing your environment.

Stylish And Trendy:

They have been made stylish, ultra sleek and trendy keeping the fact in mind that they are made for working out. They are not only technologically advanced but also good enough to look stunning with any outfit.


They used to be expensive at the beginning which was out of the reach for average person’s budget. Even the lower quality headphones were pricey. But latest technology has solved this issue effectively. Although it is a fact that, like all other things, the higher the quality, the higher the price, yet you can find good featured headphones at very reasonable price.


They are portable and great multi-tasking. For example, you can drive the car attentively and explain the personal or professional deal to the client simultaneously.


They also offer durability, permanence and reliability along with other eye catching features. So, users don’t need to worry about the wires or codes getting cut broken.

Compatibility between game consoles:

They work with multiple video game consoles including your PC. With the help of your PC, you may get clear and crispy sound quality if you have installed sound card.

Considerations Before Buying:

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is definitely the most important aspect while buying any kind of headset. Likewise in selecting a gaming headset, sound quality should be considered, whether it’s too loud or too slow. Pitch and clarity of voice are the important aspects of sound quality and they need to be considered before going for any gaming headset.


Although microphone is not a fundamental part of any headset guys yet it’s definitely a plus if you get it along with the headset and it’s not annoying too. But look at the mic too, whether it’s foldable or not, stretchy or firm, sensitive or normal, equipped with noise cancellation function or not.


Nobody wants strain in the ears after listening music or playing games, so you have to be very cautious while buying any gaming headset whether it’s comfortable or not.

Positional Sound:

Well guys this is the modern age and gaming geeks can go to any extent for good gaming experience. In the games of guns and wars, microphones equipped with positional audio are able to detect the direction from where the sound of bullet comes. It’s a rare function but it’s incorporated, look for it if interested.

Surround or stereo Sound:

Surround sound refers to the sound having positional audio incorporated and it needs multiple speakers in the earpiece and more advance ear cups. So, you have to go for it for positional audio. However if you’re not interested in positional audio, you can simply get your hands on stereo headphones.


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