Best Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews

Best Gaming Keyboards 2018

The keyboard is the fundamental component of any computer assembly and its need for performing even the ordinary computing tasks is inevitable. But when it comes to the Gaming Keyboards, the word “Ordinary” changes its shape to “Classy”.

It is a device occupying bunch of advanced and state of the art technical features, not evident in general devices. Keeping these things in mind, our team has compiled a list of Best Gaming Keyboards 2018. Ranging from mechanical switches, wireless functioning and programmable buttons, gaming keyboards provide you everything necessary for making your gaming experience easy and classy. To know the details and specification in more depth, just keep reading and be at ease.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Gaming Keyboards 2018 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
NameConnectivityKey TypeWeightReviewsPrice
RAZER BLACKWIDOW CHROMA KeyboardUSBMechanical2.1 pounds4.4/5Click Here for Price
Corsair Strafe KeyboardUSBMechanical3.3 pounds4.5/5Click Here for Price
CORSAIR VENGEANCE K70 RGB KeyboardUSBMechanical2.6 pounds4.5/5Click Here for Price
RAZER BLACKWIDOW ULTIMATE 2017 KeyboardUSBMechanical3.3 pounds4.4/5Click Here for Price
Roccat Ryos MK Advanced Mechanical-KeyboardUSBMechanical3 pounds3.5/5Click Here for Price
Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800WirelessScissor Switch3.5 pounds4.3/5No products found.
Corsair STRAFE Cherry MX-Best BuyUSBMechanical3 pounds4.5/5Click Here for Price
Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TKUSBMechanical1.2 pounds4.5/5Click Here for Price
Tesoro Excalibur G7NL- Standard And StrongUSBMechanical2.8 pounds3.9/5Click Here for Price
TURTLE BEACH IMPACT 100-Mechanical MimicryUSBHybrid (Neither mechanical nor membrane)2.6 pounds3.9/5Click Here for Price
Corsair K70 RGB RapidfireUSBMechanical2.6 pounds4.5/5Click Here for Price
Razer Ornata ChromaUSBCombo of Membrane and Mechanical2.1 pounds4.2/5Click Here for Price




For all our gaming fans, I have a special treat for you all today. We will be looking into one of the most important components for gaming and that is the keyboard. As there are multiple companies bringing their new keyboards day by day we have to be precise, while choosing one for our gaming needs. And in this respect, Razor has earned a lot of respect. This Blackwidow keyboard is simply superb.


Hold your breath guys before the amazing features of this gadget are unveiled.


With a dashing name and a great fame, Razer Blackwidow Chroma is a state of the art gaming keyboard which will take you into a new world of gaming. It has been specially engineered to meet your needs. One of the key factors that has been kept in mind while its development is durability. This gadget is so engineered that they can withstand 60 million strokes per key as claimed by its manufacturers.

Fully Programmable Keys:

This product has fully programmable keys providing its flexibility and ensuring that user can use it according to his desire. 5 additional keys are also being introduced in this typing control device buddies.  Moreover, media keys are also available which can be used to manipulate the media options. This can be connected to your PC with the help of USB.

Chroma customizable backlighting:

Now last but not the least, it has a multi colored backlit that can support up to 16.5 million colors. These colors not only provide a brilliant effect, but also give you a new experience of gaming as they can be used with multiple effects.


Here is the special part ladies and gentlemen! It has specially designed Razor’s mechanical switches that have won so many awards since their launching in 2010.


Are you one with trust issues, when it comes to technological products? Here is your buddy lads! It has a one year warranty each for parts and labor.

        Pros        Cons
  •   High quality.
  •   Easy customization.
  •   Nice and vibrant color.
  •   USB and direct audio transfer.
  •   Satisfying sound with a USB on the side.
  •   Strength issues.
  •   Stop responding randomly.
  •   Uncontrollable color alteration.


It was all about this product. It has excellent features with good price. I hope you will like it and will be keen to have one for yourself. Razer keyboards are best in the business.

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2. Corsair Strafe Keyboard:: Buy Now

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 1



I have been looking into many of the computer accessories and have always found Corsair on the top brands. They have always lived up to the expectations of their users and have high quality computer hardware meeting the high market standards. Today, we will be bringing our focus on the gaming keyboards produced by them. We will check out Corsair Strafe RGB Silent keyboard which they have developed for a particular use of Gaming community.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Noise Reduction Mechanized Keyboard:

It is first fully integrated noise reduction mechanized keyboard. They have developed it in such a way that you may use it for hours and hour but you will not hear the key noise.

Fast And Durable:

This device is fast and durable which can support the rough use that we usually do while playing games.High-quality circuitry:It has ant ghosting features with 104 key rollover on USB to guarantee a swift keystroke response. It can be connected to the personal computers using USB.Colorful backlit keys:Quite amazing for light loving chaps! The brilliant feature is its Backlit. It has per key backlit having beautiful colors which can be changed according to the desire of the user.

Programmable Keyboard:

Are you a programmer boy?Cheer up as it is fully programmable keyboard. It can be programmed to synchronize it with a mouse and the system.

Media Keys:

Music lover and a gaming geek at the same time? Not an issue pals. It has media keys that can be used to change the media and volume settings and give you a better control over it.Detachable wrist rest:It has a detachable wrist rest that can support its use quiet easily and let you experience the non-stop gaming without any irritation.


Its parts have 2 year warranty which is a very good one.

        Pros        Cons
  •   High Sensitivity.
  •   Customization ease.
  •   Soft and user friendly.
  •   A lot of visual apps that you can download.
  •   Dull color.
  •   Drivers issues.
  •   Clicking noise is an irritant.


As a whole, it is a good product. So do not waste your time and go get your gaming system supplemented with this great piece of innovation. It is considered as a best PC keyboard.

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3. CORSAIR VENGEANCE K70 RGB Keyboard: Buy NowBest Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 2


The Corsair is the name of great accessories that have revolutionized our computing world. They have developed almost all types of gadgets that have brought them a great repute. Now, we will be looking into one of the gaming keyboards that have revolutionized our gaming scenarios. And the name of this gadget is Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB.


Let’s throw some light on its features in detail.They have introduced some new features that were not present previously and have given a new dimension to the gaming. It is a mechanical gaming keyboard that has complete mechanical switches made of cherry.

Mechanical Switches:

Sticking to the key requirements of gaming keyboards, Mechanical switches have been used in this keyboard to ensure durability and silence of keystrokes.  It has been given an aluminum finish that ensures ruggedness without compromising on style. It provides 100 per cent anti ghosting capability with 104 key rollovers that allow the fast use of keys in gaming. It can be attached to the system using a USB and provide ease to the user in this regard.

Detachable Wrist Rest:

If we talk about its ease, it has a detachable wrist rest that allows you to remain comfortable while using it. It’s more than enough young chaps! They just can’t provide whole arm support, seriously.


One of the most important things that Corsair has introduced into it is a use of macros. Macro is a combination of multiple keys to meet the gaming needs. It has been provided with per key backlight that can be adjusted according to the need of user and have multiple ways to show the lights.


It has been provided with new software that let you change the color and texture of light on the keyboard.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Very responsive
  •   Fast and durable.
  •   Good switches and backlights.
  •   Equally good for both gamers and non-gamers.
  •   Built quality is not very impressive.
  •   Doesn’t support Linux and hardware playback at times.


So, all those who have not experienced an advanced gaming level with K70 are recommended to try and feel the change that this can bring in your gaming world.

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Best Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 3Introduction:

Now, we are looking into one of the gaming keyboards developed by Razor. Razor’s keyboards have given a new dimension to the keyboard production and allow the users to have a true gaming experience without any discomfort. The name of this device is Blackwidow 2017.


Its amazing features are listed below.

Razor Signature Mechanical Keys:

This is a state of the art keyboard which uses razor signature mechanical keys that allow durability and required rigidity in terms of use and allow the users to experience extreme gaming in a completely new way.

Anti Ghosting:

These boards ensure 100% anti ghosting, allowing the use of a number of keys at the same time. It has an excellent Gaming mode option with 1000Hz Ultra polling and Braided fiber cable.


Ever experienced compatibility issues with your devices specially keyboards?Don’t fret fellas. It is compatible with the windows 7, windows 8 and Mac OS. These keyboards can be connected to the system using a USB and also support a headphone jack. It also has a backlight option that makes it very beautiful. It supports per key light and in many colors, allowing the user to feel the intensity of gaming.

Adjustable Backlights:

Ever experienced compatibility issues with your devices specially keyboards? Don’t fret fellas. The backlights with Dynamic lighting effects can be adjusted in multiple patterns and are an innovation that must be appreciated.

Use of Software:

Software control is always firm and tight on a device. The gadget under discussion has got this power as well. We can adjust its lights and use with the help of a specially designed software named as Razor Synopse.


This one is robust buddies, such a durable keyboard that it supports 80 million keystrokes and is reliable in all aspects.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Easy to clean.
  •   Solid construction.
  •   A high-end keyboard.
  •   Excellent built quality.
  •   Very accurate and responsive.
  •   Poor quality control.
  •   Unfriendly software.
  •   Difficult software suit.


So, to experience gaming in a new way you need to have blackwidow attached to your systems and should let your fingers feel the level at which Razor has brought us today. You may purchase this one as this is highly recommended.It is a best gaming keyboard.

What others say about it

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate is, according to us, asking for too much moolah. In fact, if you do not want any of the fancy features like the backlighting, the macro keys or the USB port then you can go ahead and buy the standard Blackwidow keyboard which is priced much lower at £54. However, this keyboard is definitely great for multiple hours of gaming! pcadvisor

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5. Roccat Ryos MK Advanced Mechanical-Keyboard: Buy NowBest Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 4


Gaming is one of the many reasons computers are presently being used widely. Our fellow gamers have a lot of requirements as far as hardware is concerned to meet the software needs these days. And to fulfill this need, many brands have emerged as signatures of competitive gaming gadgetries recently. Today, we will be seeing into the features of Roccat Ryos MK Advanced Mechanical gaming keyboard which is one of its kind.


Why it is called as one of the best gaming keyboards under 100, let’s throw some light on its features in detail to find it out.


Gaming passion is intensive in the young generation and the current generation wants everything cool and stylish.  This awesome solid keyboard has a glossy look just according to the needs of cool fellows.Anti-ghosting


It has brought some new concept in gaming keyboards that have taken on its competitors quiet rapidly. One of these features is anti-ghosting that it allows. It allows multiple number of keys to be used at the same time.

Exceptional Processing Power:

It has a 2 MB flash memory that is used effectively by a 32 bit ARM processor.  This capability allows it to be very fast and efficient. Then it has an easy shift technology that allows programming of keys normally known as macros. It allows 500 macros to be programmed to meet your gaming needs.


It is provided with Roccat Driver that allows you to program it to meet your gaming needs. Its switches are all mechanical giving it a brilliant ruggedness and allow fast use of keys.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Solid and Strong.
  •   Fast Typing capable.
  •   No tiring of fingers.
  •   Short life.
  •   Noisy keys.


So, all those gamers who have not tried this piece of innovative technology must have it and enjoy gaming without worrying about any discomfort.

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6. Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800:: Buy Now

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 5


Gaming is no fun with a compatible and competitive gaming controller such as keyboards. Gaming keyboards have been developed with a number of features and in a number of sizes to meet the ever increasing needs of modern games.

So the wait is over my gaming buddies, today is the day you are gonna be well aware about the Logitech Wireless illuminated keyboard K800. K800 has provided an ease to the gamers in term of its compatibility for different modern games. It is considered as one of the best budget gaming keyboards.


Let’s throw some light on its features in detail.

Multi Characteristical:

K800 is solid and reliable. It is quiet, lightweight, lighted and outstanding. Its keys are nice and clicky. It allows you to be more mobile and meets the needs of those games in which there is a lot of movement and in which cables are a hindrance.

Fluid Striking Keys:

It provides easy and fluid striking of keys, making it less noisy and fast in usage. It does not require special batteries and can be recharged using a small micro cable.


Connectivity is a major issue causing the gamers to be bothered, it’s taken care of here. It has been provided with 2.4 GHZ connectivity which makes it fast and efficient.


It has been provided with a backlight that is activated by touch and enables you to look at the keys in the dark as well.

Logitech Software:

It allows its programming with the help of Logitech software that can be downloaded easily from the internet. It is compatible with other Logitech devices using wireless.


It is only compatible with the window with some limitations.


Don’t wanna trust a tech product unless there is some sort of surety? Well, for your kind of people, it is provided with 3 year warranty making its users secure about and make it quiet reliable.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Strong Design.
  •   No connection lag.
  •   Battery life is much better.
  •   Responsive and comfortable.
  •   Smooth with a calculator button.
  •   Little flimsy.
  •   Backlight times out quickly.
  •   Working on Mac is not reliable.


Although it is a little pricey, yet it is a good choice. I am pretty sure that our readers (who play games) will have an urge to have K800 for themselves and enjoy the unlimited gaming experience with it.

What others say about it

Overall this is a decent mobile keyboard that’s small and light enough to carry around with your tablet PC without being too much of a burden.

However, the extra features don’t justify the high price tag, and the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard, while not having Mac support or illuminated keys, is neck and neck with the Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard when it comes to build quality and performance.techradar

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7. Corsair STRAFE Cherry MX-Best Buy: Buy Now

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 6


If you are searching for a new gaming keyboard or any other gadget for your computer system, you must look for a corsair product. Today, I will be telling you about one of the best keyboards for gaming developed by corsair. Its name is Corsair STRAFE Cherry MX. It has indeed stunned its opponents with great speed and reliability.


Let’s throw some light on its features in detail.

Mechanical Switches:

It contains 100 percent mechanical switched developed by cherry. Cherry itself is an unparalleled name in the development of high profile mechanical switches.

Anti-ghosting Capability:

Gaming is quick and need rapid responses. Isn’t it?To abet the gaming geeks here,  it has been equipped with anti-ghosting capability that allows multiple keys to press and processed at the same time. Its textured keys provide a high degree of comfort and ease to the users. It can be connected with the system using USB port which makes it quite easy to handle. It is a fully programmable that allows using multiple numbers of combinations according to gaming needs.

Additional Media Buttons:

In order to control and adjust the media, it has been provided with additional media buttons that control it effectively.


It is provided with eye-catching backlight that makes it look very impressive and stylish.


Who doesn’t want to have a safe side while buying a product? You do of course. Well pals, it is provided with 2 year warranty that makes it reliable to the user.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Lightweight.
  •   Best for both typing and gaming.
  •   Software has lots of customization options.
  •   Doesn’t support LINUX.
  •   Doesn’t support hardware playback.


We have covered almost all the features of Corsair STRAFE cherry mx in a small span and we hope that you will at least give it a try once and we are pretty sure that this product will not disappoint you by living up to your expectations.

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8. Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK- Clean and Minimal: Buy Now

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 7


Cooler Master is one of the brand names that is recognized worldwide for its computer accessories. It has been producing number of gadgetries meeting our requirements. As far as gaming keyboards are concerned, cooler master has created one of the best  in the world and its name is Cooler Master CM Storm Quick fire TK.

We will be exploring the features of these technological masterpiece fellas and will be convincing our readers to have it for themselves if they are computer game lovers because it is considered as one of the best buy gaming keyboards.


Let’s throw some light on its features in detail.

Mechanical Keys:

If you are a computer gamer, you must be knowing the importance of mechanical keys. It is equipped with fully mechanical keys that allow fast usage and efficiency. It has become the hallmark of gaming keyboards and of course cooler master has not ignored it. There is a function for turning off the windows keys.

N Key Rollover:

Want to use multiple keys at the same time?It’s doesn’t seem an issue anymore dudes. It provides N key rollover which means that you can use number of keys at a time, according to the need of the game. It has been provided with full backlight with three modes and five for brightness.

Num Pad:

It has a num pad as well, which is normally not provided by the gaming keyboards. Moreover, it has window key disable features that allow uninterrupted gaming.

Media Keys:

Do you want an uninterrupted music listening experience even while gaming?Here’s the class guys! It has media keys that are 7 in number and provide you ease while controlling the media. Its cable management makes it more flexible and allows the user to move it with tangling the cable.


It is provided with two years of warranty.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Great customization.
  •   Large anti-skid pads.
  •   Multicolor availability.
  •   Thick design, with no wrist rest.
  •   A Little pricey as compared to others.


So, for all gaming fans, it may be an interesting thing and you people will like even more when you will use it yourselves.

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9. Tesoro Excalibur G7NL- Standard and Strong: Buy Now

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 8


Today, I will be helping all our gamer friends to explore one of the basic components of their computer systems. I will be introducing to you a new Tesoro Excalibur G7NL. It is one of the best cheap gaming keyboards of the world.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Mechanical Switches:

Tesoro Excalibur G7NL has specially designed switches which you being gaming fans must be familiar with that is mechanical switches which allow efficient and fast usage of these keyboards. It has three different colors of switches available for users, i.e. blue, brown and red.


Lover of lights and bulbs?

You’re gonna see it in your keyboard as well lads. It has per key backlight that is of blue color. This backlight allows the use of keyboard in dark even.

N Key Roll:

Are you a hasty boy? Want to use multiple keys simultaneously? The outcome of your haste isn’t repentance here my boys, it’s a functionality. This particular keyboard  allows N key roll which means that the number of keys can be pressed and executed at the same time.

Board Memory:

It has a 512 KB on board memory which lets the user to use it as fast as he wants. It allows use of multiple macros according to the need of game you are playing. I was amazed to see the gaming mode function which can be enabled while playing games.


Keyboard compatibility is no more a hindrance in your gaming fun dudes. It is compatible with windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.1. It provides breathing effect and gaming zone effect to its user while playing the games.  It also has a rubber bottom which allows it not to slip and provide enjoyable gaming experience.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Braided cable.
  •   Great quality.
  •   Lots of LED functions.
  •   Software is easy to use and navigate.
  •   Design is very simple and pleasant.
  •   Does not work for a Mac user.
  •   Software isn’t as stable as one would like.


So, my dear gaming friends, it is one of best gaming keyboards for you. So, you must get it for your gaming systems and have a lifetime experience of gaming.

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10. Turtle Beach Impact 100-Mechanical Mimicry: Buy NowBest Gaming Keyboards 2021-12 Mechanical Keyboard Reviews 9


Gaming has been revolutionized in the past few years with the introduction of multiple gadgetries and accessories. Different brand names have come forward and have established their names in this field. Today, I am telling you about one of the best gaming keyboards under 50 named as Turtle beach keyboard Impact 100.


It has all the accessories that a gaming keyboard must have.

Mechanical Sockets:

It has mechanical sockets that allow fast use of keys meeting the needs of modern games.


Don’t want to invest again and again on keyboards?Well, check out this device guys. It is durable and has been mounted on the steel plate giving it necessary ruggedness that is required.

Anti-ghosting Capability:

Its anti-ghosting capability allows it to handle a large number of keystrokes without missing out any key. This is a basic feature that makes it different from normal keyboards. Its keycaps have been specially designed and made for the gaming purpose and are so beautifully made that they do not wear out as you use them for longer durations.

Easy Connection:

Connectivity and compatibility are the two things which decide the worth of a tech product specially keyboard. You can’t disagree. Can you?It is an easy to connect a device that can be attached to any computer system with the help of a USB. It is reliable keyboard that does not let the gaming fans down and can be trusted with if you want to win your computer games.


Its backlight is really cool with different brightness levels.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Keys are very responsive.
  •   Terrific for gaming and typing needs.
  •   An efficient gaming keyboard for Mac.
  •   The operator feels feedback on each key.
  •   Very heavy to carry.
  •   Cheap plastic being used.
  •   Completely unsuitable for typing.


So, I like this gadget to the extent that I can recommend to anyone who wants to play modern day games.

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11. Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire: Buy Now

Best Gaming Keyboards 2018


Legendry speed, fastest keyboard ever, most durable keyboard till date! These are the comments you will hear about Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire but are they true or just a way of marketing?

Let’s analyze its specifications and features to let you know about every inch of it. Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire is a gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Speed RGB switches installed on a light, aluminum frame. Innovative lighting controls on bigger font keycaps provide lively and lively multi-color backlighting.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

USB Pass:

USB pass-through port provides uninterrupted gaming experience. During crucial gaming periods when it is not possible to look for USB port of PC, Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire offers another one right in front of you.

CUE technology:

The new advanced Corsair utility engine helps in controlling, lighting throughout the keyboard for dynamic lighting system.

Multi-color per key:

New feature of multi colors available for each key offers customization of keyboard in limitless ways.

MX Ultra-fast key:

Another exceptional feature of this keyboard is the MX ultra-fast tap speed enabler. Now you can type in swift without missing about any tap during gaming or writing.

Detachable soft-touch wrist rest:

With Corsair, say goodbye to exhausted waists. While getting off from a long gaming session, wrists will dissipate no more, thanks to Detachable soft-touch wrist rest.

Multimedia controls:

Top of the keyboard has out-and-out multimedia controls of top notch level to help you in good background music controls.

FPS and MOBA keycap sets:

Surfaced and silhouetted keycaps deliver maximum grip and improved sense of touch.


Do you hate heavy weights unless it is of your muscles?Well this device is as light as feather with 2.6 pounds weight because of the special aluminum body.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Cleanliness ease.
  •   Durable and dynamic.
  •   High quality manufacturing.
  •   Beautiful lighting controls.
  •   100% anti-ghosting experience.
  •   Software problem.
  •   Double key pressing issues.


Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire is one of the best keyboard considering gaming, design, beauty and speed performance. This device has got speed, strength and agility but if you are looking for a simpler keyboard experience, you might have to keep looking ahead.

Buy from Amazon CTA

12. Razer Ornata Chroma: Buy Now

Best Gaming Keyboards 2018


Guys, take some time out of your day to look at a brilliant new gaming keyboard with superb technological features and unmatchable capacities. Razer, the manufacturer of high quality gaming equipment, has brought you the Razer Ornata Chroma. From the revolutionary Mecha-Membrane to the superior ergonomic design, this product has got it all. That’s why, it is also called as one of the best gaming headsets under 100.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


Let’s give you peeps a chance to completely transfigure your gaming experience, employing the services of this gadget. The Mecha-Membrane technology, features in this device, coupled with the membrane rubber domes and mechanical switches allows a profound typing experience.

Customizable Lighting:

This brand’s new specification will make you jump out of your seats with glee. With this keyboard, you will be able to design, set and display your own preferred lighting effects to improve its user interactivity.

Ergonomic Wrist Rest:

Do you feel troubled while using keyboards for long hours?Well peeps; let me give you another reason to choose the device providing best kind of comfort a gaming keyboard can offer. The wrist rest featured in this keyboard features ergonomics, which makes sure that you’re always at ease when you are using it.

10-Key Roll over:

To make your gaming experience faster and more efficient, Razer has introduced a feature you’ll be grateful for. The built-in anti-ghosting technology in this device allows you to execute up to 10 commands all at once, all the time. Impressive, isn’t it?

Inter-device Synchronization:

Want to create some beautiful, eye-catching visual effects with all of your gaming equipment?Let’s unveil the good news. This gadget features an Inter-device Synchronization feature which allows you to sync all your Razer Chroma enabled peripheral devices so that the effects are visible throughout your gaming setup.

Mid-Height Keycaps:

God knows everything in the 21st century is about making things easier. This device is also assembled to put you at ease. These keycaps are especially designed for your comfort. These keycaps are shorter, hence taking less time for your commands to register, and provides you the maximum level of comfort as a plus.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Rubber Feet.
  •   Braided cable.
  •   Responsive keys.
  •   10 key roll over.
  •   Textured wrist rest.
  •   Large size.
  •   Key stuck problem.
  •   Not reliable for long term use.


This gaming keyboard has transformed the way I used to experience the whole gaming process. Its features like the wrist rest, 10 key roll over, inter-device synchronization have won me over to the extent that I can easily overlook the cons. All in all, the Razer Ornata Chroma is a best-buy and I would recommend it to every gamer out there!

Buy from Amazon CTA

Final Verdict from Author:

So, it was all about best gaming keyboards 2018 reviews. After taking a bird’s eye view over the initial and remaining part of the content buddies, you’ll be pretty well aware of the factors involved in the selection of a gaming keyboard best suited to your needs. Mechanical switch has been seen as the key component of every device; however rest of the functionalities varied throughout the products. Talking specifically about the brands and their gadgets,

Corsair seems to take the cake in this rivalry because of its most of the products included in the list of top quality keyboards including “Corsair Strafe RGB Silent-Ultra Quiet Keyboard”, “CORSAIR VENGEANCE K70 RGB-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”, “Corsair STRAFE Cherry MX-Best Buy” and “Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire”. All the mentioned keyboards have got excellent contemporary technologies incorporated and outstanding user reviews.

But the story doesn’t end here my fellas, remaining brands aren’t that stupid too, they are trying their best to outclass Corsair in this race. “Razer” is a practical example, and they’re not only a part of competition but they’re delivering as well in the form of “Razer Blackwidow Chroma” and “Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2017” as well. Both devices have appealing features for gamers like customization, interoperability, durability and beauty. So cutting short, these are the few best gaming keyboards which might prove themselves as the best one.

Best Gaming Keyboards 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

There was an age when standard keyboards were considered as the king, but with the advancement of latest and innovative techniques, these standard keyboards have been replaced by advanced and up-to-date gaming keyboards. Young lads will surely be unaware of DOS operating systems and those creepy controls of those platforms. Well, they should say thank to the technology giving them such a contemporary devices.

There are two types of gamers in the world, one those who prefer controllers and the others are those who like to have the keyboard. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to any of the above classes, thing that matters is, how good you feel when you get your hands on any one of them?

Keyboards and controllers are the things that can really make or spoil all the gaming fun. I am into gaming myself, well now that we are talking about it, have you played FIFA 17 yet? You must have if you are a gaming freak, anyway, I prefer the keyboard over the controllers and believe me if it isn’t cool, there is no fun playing with it.

Following are different types of gaming keyboards out there, whichever suits you the best.

Membrane keyboard: Unlike conventional keyboards these don’t have separate keys; they are pressure pads with outlines and symbols printed on a flat, flexible surface.

Dome-switch keyboard: They combine circuit board parts together under rubber or silicon pad and are a hybrid of flat-panel membrane and mechanical keyboards.

Scissor-switch keyboard: In this, keys are interlocked with each other under pad in a scissor like fashion, weird technology to be honest.

Capacitive keyboard: Another keyboard that uses the change in capacitance to register what the user has entered rather than changes in the flow of electricity. These are more durable as they are resistant to oxidation.

Mechanical-switch keyboard: They use separate key switches underneath every key, they really are mechanical fellas.

Buckling-spring keyboard: The keys of this product have a tactical and aural response when pressed, some people find that interesting.

Hall-effect keyboard: These uses magnetic technology to sense input from the user, no need to get in to boring details, move on.

Laser projection keyboard: This one is fascinating; it is a small device that projects a keyboard onto a surface. However, disruption in the laser can have effect on keys.

Roll-up keyboard: You can roll these things up after using, that’s how much flexible they are.

Optical keyboard technology: This hardware uses light-emitting devices and photo sensors to optically detect actuated keys. That’s pretty cool buddies.

Main Advantages of Gaming Keyboards:

For gamers, these gaming keyboards are a boon. These have numerous advantages. Long gaming sessions are always tiring especially when the keyboard you’re using is ordinary. You wouldn’t need any proof if you’re a gaming freak. Pressing and using the similar keys occasionally may have a damaging effect on the keyboard. But gaming keyboards are also very effective in this respect.

So what makes gaming keyboards different buddies?

It’s not only durability and versatility, its ergonomic design also which makes it distinct from other standard keyboards. These may also have programmable hot keys which can perform many actions in a single press. A quicker response time between keystroke and action is also a great advantage of these boards.

Important Features:

So what are the traits or advantages of gaming keyboards pals? Here is a list of such kind of things for you.

Wireless and Wired: Gaming keyboards are available in both forms, wired and wireless. Using wireless keyboard, you don’t have to always sit right before the screen unlike wired keyboards that is a strong point of wired devices. Although you have to charge them!

Programmable keys: keyboards with more programmable keys are better, you can define certain functions for them and by just pressing it once, and you can open programs that require multiple clicks.

Display LED: keyboard with some display screens seem more cool, battery level or stuff displayed on them gives them latest look. That is a distinctive feature of gaming keyboards.

Media control: Function on this product that allows you to handle music while remaining in the game is simply outstanding, every keyboard has got to have it and many of them already have it for you.

Luminous keyboard: There are some devices too, which come with options to light up keyboards with whatever colour you want.

Cool Gaming Keyboards

Let’s take a look at two cool gaming keyboards out there.

1. G213 prodigy:

G213 is a wireless RGB keyboard with pretty cool features. Customizable RGB Lighting Zones help you choose your own colours that you want to be displayed on keyboard. It is Spill-Resistant and durable, eating and gaming best combination and while doing that if you accidentally spill some of your food or drink on it don’t worry no harm done.

You can also adjust the angle for your palm, this one comes with two angle adjustments for maximum comfort and longer hours of gaming. Comes with a 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty and is four times faster than standard keyboards, pretty cool thing.

2. G910 Orion Spectrum:

This one is a mechanical gaming keyboard. Its exclusive Romer-G Mechanical Switches make sure the faster command exchange, Intelligent RGB Illumination enables you to select display colours of your own choice. One more advantage is that it has 9 programmable G-keys means you can set them to any function as per your gaming choice and mode.

How We Test Gaming Keyboards:

We don’t use any kind of heavy machinery to examine a keyboard, it’s really simple instead. While assessing a keyboard, the most important thing we check is how simple and comfortable it is to set up. We connect it to, install its software (if vital) and figure out how simple (or troublesome) it is to change its settings.

At that point, we run it through the Ten Thumbs Typing Test nearby a standard Dell office keyboard to see which one composes quicker and all the more precisely. From that point, we assess the software, rating that it is so simple to set up individual profiles, control backdrop illumination and reassign keys.

The story doesn’t end here fellas,  we run every keyboard through no less than four games from different range of types to perceive how well it performs, and whether it has any type-specific positives or negatives. A decent peripheral has simple and responsive keys.

We utilize this device for regular assignments for no less than two days to assess relief and precision.

Because of the above mentioned advantages and ever increasing demand of these boards, I have compiled a list of unique, creative, and downright wacky top 10 mechanical keyboards 2021.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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