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Consider a situation. It is raining outside, and you are just back from your college. The only thing you can do at the moment is gaming. You turn your system on and try to play the recently published Watch Dogs 2 only to know that your monitor doesn’t support its settings. For that you need best gaming monitor 2018 that will be able to the stream the high FPS of the game.

Well, such situations are as common as anything nowadays and I have seen people working hard for months just to buy a high-end and extremely expensive monitor. What if I tell you that you can enjoy almost the same characteristics by having best gaming monitors under 300 dollars even. You will be calling me a fool in no time.

But, there are a few brands that sell high quality gaming monitors at the price of trash even. What you need to do is to be patient and take a look at what is the best for you!

Cheapest monitor brands in 2018

There are a few brands that are very cheap as compared to many others in the market. The reason behind them being cheap is not their incompetence but the easy and cheap availability of workforce in the countries where such brands are based in.

There are many brands that sell the best gaming monitors under 200 too and get thousands of sales. A few examples of such brands are

  1. ASUS has a few monitors that have been manufactured solely for gaming and are available for as low as $160.
  2. MonoPrice is another brand that is solely known for its low-price monitors that can be used for gaming as well thanks to their ability to hold on to faster FPS rates.
  3. Dell can be traced back many years for making affordable display monitors with good resolution capacities that can be used in gaming too.
  4. AOC is a lovely brand which is not only offering cheaper gaming laptops but also offers some products in addition to the package such as speakers and data cable packs.

What to look for in the best monitor for gaming?

Buying the best gaming monitor in 2018 is not as simple as it used to be in 2017. Now there are many companies in competition and you can get even more than what you got in previous years by paying the same amount. However, the value isn’t as important as some of the features that are as follows

  • Response Rate: The response rate of a gaming monitor is defined as how quickly a screen updates when any new command in input. As gaming is all about being the most efficient and fastest in terms of actions and response, then this is what you need to look for before you buy.
  • Size of the monitor: Size of the gaming monitor you possess is all your personal choice. You can opt from the smallest screens to the biggest LED screen ever. What is considerable is how detailed can a monitor show images of high resolution.
  • Resolution: Most of the modern games in 2018 are all made with the idea of Virtual Reality. They have tried to show the games as the happenings would have appeared in the real life. That is why the resolution of the monitor you are buying is really important. Your monitor should have at least 1080p HD resolution support.
    If you have the one that displays the 1440p graphics easily then you don’t need to worry much about graphics details. The next level is 4K graphics which offers a whole new visual experience to the user.
  • Refresh rate: Gaming is intense and gaming monitors should be able enough to handle the flow rates without disrupting the images much. It should not be mixed with the response rate. A standard monitor usually comes with a 60Hz rate while highly specialized gaming monitors have a better rate of up to 144Hz.

Some Pro tips for buying the best.

It is not an easy or pleasing process to buy and then ask for a refund or replacement. Especially in case of gaming monitors where one needs to exactly know what his requirements are and then he or she should consider buying the product.

One more important scenario is the fact that not all graphics cards work in compatibility with all the monitors, so it is a better choice if you just buy the graphics card and the monitor required for your gaming at the same time.

Now there is another debate as if LED is a better option or LCD as a gaming monitor. The answer to it is as you like. While LED might be cheaper, LCD also has angle of vision issues.

Either case, enjoy gaming.

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