Best Graphics Card Under $100 in 2021

Best Graphics Card Under $100 in 2021 1

I hope you’ll not contradict me when I say:

“Graphics card is a heart and soul of any PC or laptop”. Right?

Keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with good news and you won’t have to put extra burden on your pocket to get hands on this gadget. As you are here to get graphics card under tight budget of 100$, we have compiled a list of best graphics cards under $100 2018 for your convenience. But before going into the details of this list, just sniff through some important aspects related to this product which will be helpful in finding your desired item.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Graphics Cards Under $100 2018 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.

Comes with a stand, cover, and drumsticks

NameRAMMemory Clock RateScreen ResolutionUser ReviewsPrice
EVGA GeForce 8400 GS 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM1200 MHz1920 x 1200 pixels4.3/5No products found.
EVGA GeForce GT 730 4 GB 4 GB DDR35010 MHz4096 x 2160 pixels4.4/5No products found.
EVGA GeForce 210 Passive 1 GB1238 MHz2048×1536 pixels4.4/5No products found.
MSI ATI Radeon HD64501 GB DDR31333 MHz2560 x 1600 pixels4.3/5No products found.
EVGA GeForce GT 730 2GB 2 GB5010 MHz4096 x 2160 pixels4.3/5No products found.
EVGA GeForce GT 6102 GV DDR31000 MHz2560 x 1600 pixels4.3/5No products found.
ASUS GeForce 2101 GB1200 MHz2560 x 1600 pixels4.2/5No products found.
XFX AMD Radeon Video Card ONXFX1PLS21GB GDDR31066 MHz2560 x 1600 pixels4.1/5No products found.
MSI R7 250 Video Graphics CardDDR3 SDRAM1,800 MHz4096 x 2160 pixels4.3/5No products found.
ASUS Graphic Card R5230-SL-1GD3-L2 GB GDDR55000 MHz1600 x 900 pixels5/5No products found.

1. EVGA GeForce 8400: Buy Now


EVGA GeForce 8400EVGA is a reputed brand in the retail, distribution and production of graphic cards, motherboards and many computer accessories. The brand has been providing quality computer components to the world since 1990. An economical option in the list of quality graphic cards by EVGA is the EVGA GeForce 8400. With awesome features and powerful supply, this gadget beats many of the beasts out there.


After spending a hefty amount on your PC, is your pocket heavy enough to afford a costly graphic card? Well, GeForce 8400 is a deal for you, one of the cheap graphics cards in the market, readily available. Let’s explore what it has got for you.

Memory Details:

Why do you need even a graphic card, dudes?

It’s because your already available RAM can’t afford to play heavy games with intensive graphics, you need support.This product of the EVGA has got 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM in it; you don’t even have to look at your ordinary RAM for handling most of your multimedia processes.

Clock Rate:

Do you need more data processed in the minimum duration?

Well, take a dive into this device, pals. Its 520 MHz base clock rate enables your GPU to work with the speed of a giant. That’s not all guys;its 1200 MHz memory clock rate is well capable to handle your huge data processing tasks. Don’t get upset anymore.

Power Supply:

Don’t want to have extra trouble regarding power while using a graphic card?

Well, take GeForce 8400 into account, dudes. You need only 300 Watts or greater power supply to have your computer flying on its both wings. This requirement is simply achievable, so change your tensed mood and party.

Bit Width/Bandwidth:

Are you aware of another factor directly impacting your data processing?

Well, you gotta listen to this, guys. Bandwidth is the factor, but don’t fret by thinking about the capabilities of this particular machine. With 9.6 GB/s of the memory bandwidth, this machine is absolutely proficient in its processing tasks.

Operating Systems:

Which operating systems do you use buddies?

Are you a hater of the windows 10, like me? Well, EVGA hates it too. That’s the reason this hardware is only compatible with the systems having Windows XP, Vista or 7 in them.

Screen Resolution:

You don’t want to see pixelated graphics while playing the PC games, nor doing some graphic operations, do you?

It feels like being in the eighteenth century, I can understand that. This sweet product right here offers the maximum screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Enjoy the clear screen, dudes.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Can work with Linux as well.
  •   Works with older PC too.
  •   Good for dual monitors.
  •   Economical option.
  •   Upgradable RAM.
  •   Easy to install.
  •   Fan is noisy sometimes.
  •   An older gadget.


Giving the final comments, this product of the EVGA has potential. Although it’s a little earlier item in the list of EVGA products, but don’t ignore it, if it’s in line with your needs. An excellent  gadget for moderate level usage actually, recommended from my side.

Best Graphics Card Under $100 in 2021 2

2. EVGA GeForce GT 730: Buy Now

EVGA GeForce GT 730


You are already well familiar with the great name EVGA. It’s time to have a deep look at another valuable product of the brand, the EVGA GeForce GT 730. From the high memory to finer resolution, this item has surpassed many big claimers of the quality and eminence. It has got many unique capabilities as well.


Take a look at the specification dudes, before thinking of introduction as a bundle of brags.


What’s the most basic purpose of you, buddies, while buying a graphics card?

It’s the distribution of tasks ladies and gentlemen. The sharing of data processing, depending on the type of data and its size. These are the peculiarities of a graphics card, and RAM is the controlling factor of all these strengths of a device. You certainly don’t need to look anywhere else, when you’re getting the 4 GB DDR3 RAM integrated into a system. Yes , I’m talking about none other than the EVGA GeForce GT 730.

Clock Rate:

Do you want your graphic card to handle extremely intensive multimedia tasks?

Well, get this gadget with the power of a horse and the speed of a tiger. Its base clock rate of 700 MHz and memory clock of 5010 MHz is just mesmerizing. It happens once in a blue moon, don’t miss the chance.

Memory Bandwidth:

You know the importance of memory bandwidth in your graphics card, don’t you?

Well, let me cheer you up by telling the strengths of this device in this regard, fellas. It has got memory bit width of 128 bits and the maximum bandwidth of 22.4 GB/s. You can have a sound sleep now dudes, without the nightmares of your computer crashing.


You must be having a huge 4k display panel, if you’re a gaming geek or a graphics designer. Well, you can’t work with lower resolutions, then, can you? You don’t have to do that actually, because you are now getting the best graphic card under $100 with the ultra-HD finest resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. 

Connectivity and Cores:

A gadget without the ease of connectivity is just like a handsome person, unable to walk. But the device we’re talking about is not disabled at all. It has 2 DVI-I and a mini-HDMI connection port integrated into it. And connectivity is of no use, when you can’t get the processes on your system, the ultimate fast. This device is capable of doing that buddies, with its 96 CUDA cores.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Integrated cooling mechanism.
  •   Works with all the PC builds.
  •   No need of drivers.
  •   Extension options.
  •   Low power needs.
  •   3 monitors aren’t supported.
  •   Unsuitable for Windows10.


That was all about another beautiful item of the EVGA. Looking at the specifications, strengths and the level of consumer satisfaction, having the hands over this gadget seem compulsory to me. Don’t wait to have it on the table, just go and grab it. It is highly recommended.

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3. EVGA GeForce 210 Passive: Buy Now

EVGA GeForce 210 Passive


The eminence of the brand continues, with the ultimate addition of the EVGA, the EVGA GeForce 210. With great processing strengths, high display power and wide range connectivity options, this device is one of the best of its kind. Its support for the hardware and software is also exceptional.


Are you the one enthusiastically finding the best graphics cards under $100, because of the tight budget? Well, examine this gadget, bros. It might be soothing for you.


I don’t need to emphasize on this aspect dudes, it’s pretty much self-obvious. Well, the device we’re reviewing currently has got 1GB of random access memory. Don’t think of it as the PC RAM. That’s a separate thing, performing different tasks. This component of the card is totally dedicated to the extensive multimedia tasks. Get the tool in your system, and WELCOME to the uninterrupted, fast computer, dudes.

Clock Rate:

Are you thinking that all the clocks of the world work at the same rate?Haha, it’s not the wall clock I am talking about, pals. The clock rate here means the rate of memory transfer, a card is capable of. Well, coming back to the GeForce 210, it has got 520 MHz as the base clock rate and 1238 MHz as the Shader clock.


Fine resolution soothes the eyes and bad resolution worsens the visuals and the mind, EVGA is well aware of that. And for that reason, it provides the consumers with the maximum analog resolution of 2048×1536 pixels and the maximum digital resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, more than enough for your ordinary photo, video operations.

Connection Interface:

A person without connections in the society is just helpless. The condition of such kind of a graphics card is not much different, fellas. Despite of the lower price range, this product is not among the helpless devices out there. Its PCI-E 2.0 x16, DVI-I, HDMI and VGA connectivity interfaces are the brilliant options, one can have under this price tag.

Operating Systems

Incompatibility of the hardware with your operating system is the thing most upsetting, isn’t it? Well, the time for you to upset is not here anymore, friends. You’ve got this buddy which can work quite efficiently with Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows Vista 32/64bit and Windows XP 32/64bit.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Low temperature operation.
  •   Linux compatibility.
  •   Economical choice.
  •   High performance.
  •   Easy installation.
  •   Not 4K resolution capable.
  •   Passive cooling.


Conclusively, this item of the EVGA is super-fast for the normal operations of audio and video. And its gaming capabilities are also unquestionable. The price EVGA is offering for such kinds of strengths is also reasonable. I certainly don’t have any reason to refrain from recommending this gadget. A highly recommended one.

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4. MSI ATI Radeon HD6450: Buy Now

MSI ATI Radeon HD6450


MSI (Micro-Star International) is a multinational company based in Taiwan. It has provided technological solutions to the world since 1986 by its quality computer hardware. An economical option given to the consumers by the brand is the MSI ATI Radeon HD6450. This item has got much strength in the aspects of efficiency, memory and cooling operation.


In the hunt of the best video card under 100, don’t forget to peek at the specifications of this particular tool.


Don’t you want your personal computer to run at the speed of a jaguar?

You definitely do. A highly featured RAM can do that, dudes. But how are you gonna find the device with appropriate RAM size? You don’t have to do that, actually. ATI Radeon HD6450 is just here to serve you with its DDR3 1 GB RAM. And the good news is, “You’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere, if your computing needs escalate after purchase”. This gadget has the extension option, always available with it.


Looking and examining the pixelated images does no good, other than giving headaches. Ultra high resolution is the need of the hour actually, because high profile computing operations can’t be executed with an ordinary resolution. For all these reasons, MSI has armed this card with the resolution capability of 2560 x 1600 pixels, must be soothing for you.

Clock Rate:

Just like the relationship with your Bae, you can’t compromise on the few things here in a graphics card as well. One of those major things is the clock rate. The clock rate defines the rate of data transferred per unit time. It’s gotta be reasonable. And you’ve got the thing in this product, dudes. Its base clock rate is 625 MHz and the memory clock rate is 1333 MHz.


A man supporting his family and the near ones is considered a noble person. Likewise, a graphics card supporting the latest technologies is the one, considered eminent. And you’ll be amazed by the support, this small piece of hardware provides to the consumers. It supports AMD Stream Technology (Blu-ray and HD DVD), HDCP technology, Microsoft DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1.


A device unable to get connected by most of the connection cables is no more than crap, at least in the gaming and designing needs. But this card is not crap, buddies. Its ability to communicate by PCI-Express 2.1 x16, DVI, VGA and HDMI cables make it a must have for the gaming enthusiasts.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Convenient up gradation.
  •   Efficient in 3d rendering.
  •   Awesome performance.
  •   Compatible with Linux.
  •   Economical option.
  •   Unavailability of drivers.
  •   Incompatibility with XP.


Cutting the discussion in a nutshell, this product has almost everything, required for an uninterrupted user experience, but the unavailability of drivers is a big catch. Look for a solution to this problem. The choice is yours buddies.

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5. EVGA GeForce GT 730: Buy Now

EVGA GeForce GT 730


A mid-level device in the range of EVGA products is the EVGA GeForce GT730. With better resolution, minor weight and acceptable RAM size, this device is suitable for the most of the people out there who need to do some moderate level computing operations on their machines.


Guys, I know you are on a search mission of the best graphic card under $100 2018,  so skim through the traits of this machine.


The ability of a gadget to function with extended and clear options is just unquestionably necessary. RAM is more important than anything else, in a computing device. Don’t take the size of 2 GB RAM offered by this gadget as low as this figure is more than enough to perform your routine operations.

Screen Resolution:

The screen resolution has a notable impact on the purchasing process of computer hardware, especially the graphic cards. This is the reason; EVGA has tried to relax this product from the other duties. Generally, the screen resolution provided by this hardware is 3840 x 2160 pixels. Don’t freak out peeps, this isn’t final. The maximum screen resolution, which can be supported while using this card, is 4096 x 2160 pixels.

Clock Rate:

Do you know how importantly clock rate impacts the data transfer and hence the overall quality of a graphic card?

Well, this aspect is crucial, dudes. Memory clock rate defines the eminence of a card, in the most basic way. Coming to the tool under review, its base clock rate is 902 MHz and the memory clock is 5010 MHz.


A gadget without being compatible with most of the hardware and software platforms is no more than a delicious but poisoned food item. EVGA knows the importance of interoperability and that’s the reason GT 730 is able to work with almost all the operating systems. It functions very well with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Good news for the conventional people who don’t wanna leave the XP. Support for Windows XP is also provided in the gadget.


Do you know how critical the connectivity is?

Ask your elders, fellas, who struggledwith this aspect more than anything. This gadget has got the potential to incorporate PCI Express, PCI Express 2.0, PCI Express 3.0 and VGA, HDMI ports in it.

        Pros        Cons
  •   No need of drivers in Windows10.
  •   DVI to HDMI converter.
  •   No extra need of power.
  •   Excellent performance.
  •   Easy to install.
  •   3 monitors aren’t supported.
  •   Not a quiet machine.


Finalizing the critique of this product, it has got the ability of working with most of the entry level gamers or the people with good graphic needs. This item is simply not for the people looking for the ultra HD 4k display. If it strikes you as a suitable device, don’t miss the chance to get your hands on it.

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6. EVGA GeForce GT 610: Buy Now

EVGA GeForce GT 610


In the long list of products developed by the EVGA, another quality item is the EVGA GeForce GT 610. This graphics card offers a nice deal to the user by the bundle of things incorporated in it. Almost every aspect of the quality and heat-free operation is covered in this component of the desktop computers.


Before deciding the fate of the gadget in your trunk, let’s examine the characteristics of this graphics card in depth which is considered as one of the best budget graphics cards.


What do you think of the memory when it comes to the graphics card, pals?

This gadget is simply not built to accommodate a hard drive; there is no use of it. The memory we talk about in this tool is the RAM, the cache memory used by the running graphics and gaming apps. It surely has to be significant,to cater your heavy multimedia tasks. And this machine of the EVGA takes your wishes into account very well by its 64 Bit DDR3 2048 MB of RAM.

Clock Rate:

What is the time when you need a graphics card?

Most of the people will answer, “Gaming and Graphics”. Buddies, do you really know what happens at the backend? I don’t think so, well let me be the instructor here. The memory clock rate actually defines the amount of data which can be processed or transferred per unit time, using a specific gadget. If the banners you design are of the wall size, you definitely need a device with very high clock rate.

The memory clockrate you need will be pretty small, if you just want to design the Facebook covers. This component of the PC assembly has got the base clock rate of 520 MHz and the memory clock of 1000 MHz. You just have to know your needs.The rest of the story will be told by the specifications of the gadgets.


Are you fed up with the unfriendly and stubborn computer ports, which can be connected to just a few limited devices?

Welcome fellas, in the new world of connectivity and interoperability. GT 610 is fully compliant with the PCI-E 2.0 16x port. That was not all about the connection, dudes. This product has also got the support for the output devices to be connected by DVI, HDMI or VGA ports.


You must have heard this word, while talking about the laptops. Well, it actually means the number of parallel processors, working on a graphics card, peeps. And this beauty has got 48 CUDA Cores working in it.

Power Requirement:

A PC component requiring high power will definitely put you in trouble. So what’s the thing for you to do? Use a card with low power requirements. And here you got that, with the recommended power supply of 300 W or greater.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Fully compatible with Windows 10.
  •   Efficient for dual-monitor usage.
  •   Integrated cooling mechanism.
  •   Overclocking capabilities.
  •   Quiet operation.
  •   Support for Direct X 11 is foggy.
  •   Weaker GPU.


Well, it’s time to end the discussion. EVGA is undoubtedly a name of quality and excellence. The features of this product are good, but not the best. Few bugs in the tool also make it a risky choice. But ultimate choice is yours. Best of luck in anyway.

Best Graphics Card Under $100 in 2021 2

7. ASUS GeForce 210: Buy Now

ASUS GeForce 210


Asus is a prominent name in the world of computer hardware. Founded in 1989, this company is a quality provider of the laptops, routers, graphics cards and other technological equipment since then. An economical addition in the line of company products is the ASUS GeForce 210. With passive cooling mechanism and reasonably efficient components embedded into it, this device must be checked.


Finding the best video card under 100 is not a piece of cake, buddies. You gotta be consistent in the exploration process and get the deeper knowledge on products. To do the same with this ASUS’s device, let’s have a look at its specifications.


It’s all the game of memory, guys. The gadget with the most amazing memory usually gets the crown of being the best. This is because; RAM defines the space which can be used by a multimedia process separately from the system. Don’t fret peeps, you don’t require 32 GB RAM for your routine audio/video operation. Most of your multimedia tasks can conveniently be managed by 1 GB of the RAM, which is the range provided by this specific gadget.


One of the most crucial things while talking about the graphics card is the ease with which a specific output device can be connected to this component. The more the number of ports on the board are, the more efficient the display of your system will be, consequently. The good news is that you don’t have to look very far from getting the maximum connectivity in your products. This tool is fully compatible with PCI Express 2.0 x16. Its 1 DVI, 1 DVI-I and a native HDMI port, provide the most efficient visualization experience, one can have.

Clock Rate:

Guys, you know what’s the most interesting aspect about the memory clock rate?

Well, it has a fascinating relation to the heart. Heart beat defines the amount of blood going in and out. Likewise, this particular aspect gives an idea about the power of the gadget to process and transfer that amount of data. Without making you wait any longer, GeForce 210 has got the core clock rate of 589 MHz. 

Cool operation:

Have you experienced a heated system, while playing a heavy game?

You must have faced such kind of situation a number of times. But heating is not a thing to be worried about in this product, dudes. Although, it’s not armed with a fan, yet its thermally optimized design makes it one of the coolest machines ever.

        Pros        Cons
  •   1080 p HD resolution provider.
  •   Compatible with Windows 10.
  •   Perfect for dual-display.
  •   Economical option.
  •   Low power needs.
  •   Non-helping drivers sometimes.
  •   Unsuitable for mini books.


This is all about about this ASUS’s card, buddies. If all you need this product for is playing old PC games, get it at the drop of a hat. Otherwise, just keep exploring other products, a little higher in your range. For ordinary users, this tool is the best one, a recommended one from my side.

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8. XFX AMD Radeon Video Card ONXFX1PLS2: Buy Now

XFX AMD Radeon Video Card ONXFX1PLS2


One of the most competitive companies in the globe working with hardware of computer is XFX. They are known to excel in bringing to hard core gamers, graphic cards, PSUs and PC cases to give the best gaming experience to game geeks. It is ranked amongst the top 10 video card selling companies all over the world.

This product of XFX has made its way through to the essential most accessories for gamers in the current era. What is the reason behind so much fame this best graphic card under 100 gets? Let us read below to know the answer.


This tiny thing has a whole world of surprises locked inside. It will bring to you the advantages that you might not even have imagined of getting. Update your computers by simply adding this gadget to them. What great secrets are hidden in it will be well explained here.


Great things come in small packages. Who would have thought of getting so much from a gadget as little as this?

The dimensions of the essential are measures as 0.55 inches by 6.61 inches by 2.71 inches.

Dual Screen Ready:

Want to make gaming more exciting with the best video card under 100?

Enjoy the dual display as XFX extends old methods to new entertaining ones by doubling your screen. Immerse more into the game and become better gamers with this amazing facility.

Fanless Design:

Noise must be a pain in neck for you. Don’t worry when XFX takes care of your wishes.

Keeping your graphical processing unit cool with low temperatures within optimal parameters, this tool eradicates the noise pollution caused by the fans with its amazing fanless design.

Low Profile Brackets:

Compatibility can be a great concern for some perfectionists! We understand your concerns.

This product tags along with it, low profile brackets to ensure it fits well with the small form factor cases and systems. You do not have to worry about buying them separately. Thanks to XFX.

XFX Duratec Professional Grade Components:

Quality over quantity is our slogan! You do not want to spend bucks over the same thing again and again obviously, do you?

Not to worry as far as you have this high quality product. No details are missed to ensure high performance with highly durable parts be it capacitors, ferrite cores, mosfet, brackets, PCB material and what not. After all, out possessions need a long healthy life too like us.

        Pros        Cons
  •   More immersion with dual screen ready.
  •   Great AMD drivers and optimisation.
  •   Improved performance.
  •   High quality output.
  •   No noise problems.
  •   Less durable compared to other in market.
  •   Poor customer support by XFX.


If you are looking for something that keeps your eyes blessed with good quality graphics on dual screens, this is the right product for you. However, if you wish to have something you can overload with tasks yet expect it to last a lifetime this might not be a good choice to opt for.

Decided already with all the knowledge you have now?

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9. MSI R7 250 Video Graphics Card: Buy Now

MSI R7 250 Video Graphics Card


Micro Star International, commonly known as MSI, is a popular Taiwanese company of information technology that has been producing remarkable computer hardware and related services for over years. The company is ranked in the best 20 corporations by Top Taiwan Global Brands. The graphics cards by the company are indeed remarkable.

MSI R7 250 Video Graphics Card in one the best graphic card under 100. Let us see what benefits and features this has to offer users.


This gadget will bring to you the features that you always wished to have for your computers. Upgrade your PCs with this tool and bring life to old traditional systems. Following are some amazing incentives that are offered.


What thickness of the card will fit your computer? Will this card be appropriate in size?

Are you pondering over these questions? If so, do not stress your mind anymore. This essential comes in a size that is appropriate for almost all computer systems. The dimensions are 6.6 inches by 9.5 inches by 2.1 inches.

Propeller Blade Technology:

Are you too cool to have those heated up noisy tools? Let MSI bring to you something as cool as you are.

This exclusive technology by MSI will give you 20% additional airflow and 50% bigger are of cooling than the previous generations. This does so with 10cm larger fans.

All Solid Capacitors:

Who does not want their best buddies to live as long one does oneself? Rest assured this friend of game geeks will live even longer than your own life with its superb durability.

Even when under full load, this tool has at least 10 years ultra-long life. The capacitors are rock solid with low ESR, cool temperatures and high efficiency.

Afterburner Overclocking Technology:

Are you looking for something jaw dropping that will make you jump with happiness? Let me tell you that news.

This accessory will bring some astonishing benefits. It lets you monitor fan speed, enables in-game recording of videos, remote controls for both iOS and android and on top of all, built in DX 11.2 benchmark. Doesn’t it give butterflies in your tummy to have the best video card under 100?

AMD HD 3D Technology:

2D gaming is outdated and we know you are too anxious to switch to 3D gaming.

Feel free to add this tool to your old computers and enjoy Stereoscopic 3D gaming support with Stereoscopic 3D display, glasses and Blu-ray compatibility. It additionally gives third party Stereoscopic 3D middleware software support.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Remarkable performance and fast operations.
  •   Low temperatures operation.
  •   Sits well with compact size.
  •   Excellent picture quality.
  •   Budget oriented.
  •   RAPTR Game recording software crashes most games.
  •   Limits overclocking.


If you are tight on budget it is highly recommended to get this gadget with all necessary features and some good quality with great value. However if you have some extra bucks, spend it on some better quality cards. As you notch up, prices will gradually increase too.

Hold your breath for experiencing further benefits once you have this tool.

Best Graphics Card Under $100 in 2021 2

10. ASUS Graphic Card R5230-SL-1GD3-L: Buy Now


ASUS Graphic Card R5230-SL-1GD3-L


ASUS is another famous Taiwanese Company that produces high quality computer as well as phone hardware. It is world’s number 1 brand of motherboards and gaming.

This product of ASUS lets you take your old computers to a whole new level. It is a perfect choice for your slim line home theatres PC build. With remarkable features it will give you best of both worlds.


Like numerous other products of ASUS, this gadget too, comes with some amazing benefits and specifications that will make you love this best graphic card under 100.


Want something slim and smart?

This card is just the right size for your devices. It measure 1.6 inches by 6.7 inches by 2.7 inches.

0 dB Silent Cooling:

Looking for something perfect to build a hushed HTPC?

ASUS ensures creating heat skins with a large surface are to volume ratio to keep systems and surroundings as cool as a cucumber. Surprisingly, this eradicates the annoying noise often tools come with.

EMI Shield:

Is clarity of signals and safety a concern? Of course it is. Let ASUS take care of it.

66% of electromagnetic interference is eliminated by the EMI Shield of this gadget inclusive both received and given off by the card. This in turn makes signals stable, display more clear and the computing environment safer and healthier to use.

GPU Tweek with Streaming:

Do you want instant online streaming?

This feature will let you share screen actions in real time for people to enjoy them live when you play. On top of everything, this decorates your screens with streaming window scrolling text, pictures and images!

Tune graphics intuitively with the best video card under 100!

This displays complete specifications and card’s status with GPU-Z. Overclocking is easier with GPU clocks and voltages synchronized. You wish to get detailed current multiple types of information and monitoring widget lets you do it. It takes then pain of updating drivers and BIOS versions on its own. On screen actions can be streamed in high definition to the web. Isn’t this great news?


Want to immerse into your games completely?

The Stereoscopic 3 D gaming will let you be a part of the games and more close and personal with your favourite celebrities as you watch Bly-ray 3D Shows.  In addition, this feature will enable you to create high level visual effects and fine data visualizations.

DirectX 11 Support:

Graphic Galore is for everyone!

DirectX 11 supported gadget gives you a stunning quality detailed graphic galore for clear picture of cinematic quality.

Hold on. There is much more to it.

        Pros        Cons
  •   GPU Tweak feature for interactive interface.
  •   Lowers Graphic Card EMI.
  •   Silent passive cooling.
  •   Low profile card.
  •   Instant streaming.
  •   Supports only 2 monitors at a time
  •   No DVI-I connector.


It is a great gadget to be bought if you wish to achieve clear signals, safer environments and noise free operation. It keeps it cool within and around systems and gives a high quality picture. People would love its instance streaming. However do not get it if you wish to connect about 3 monitors, it works well with 2 monitors only.

Are all ambiguities cleared?

Best Graphics Card Under $100 in 2021 2

Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

So, it was all about our best graphics cards under 100 2018 reviews. Now, it’s time to summarize the whole discussion in just a few sentences. Well, the controlling aspects of efficiency while talking about graphics card are the RAM, Memory Clock Rate and the Maximum Screen Resolution supported. In this race of being the best, a strong competition has been seen among the ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and the EVGA, but the Gigabyte took the cup here. The most proficient card, we have on our list is the Gigabyte GeForce GT 740. This tool has got each and everything in the most optimum range, thus providing nice user experience. The most amazing thing about this product is the level of user satisfaction. Among the big names of ASUS and EVGA, EVGA GeForce GT 730 managed to make it to the second position, in our lists. This product has got the second trophy because of its amazing features, high RAM and satisfied user base.

Almost every second gadget in the list has the potential of turning the tables. Being in the third rank, Inno3D NVIDIA-Geforce GT 730 proves that. With its high RAM, great frequency clock and a better resolution, it just can’t be ignored. On the 4th rank is the Gigabyte GT 420, having excellent memory capabilities, high clock rate and considerable screen resolution. The rest is up to you, folks. Get the gadget meeting your needs, and stop worrying about the performance issues altogether. Best of luck my friends.

Best Graphics Cards Under $100 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

What is a Graphics Card?

Let me put it simple for you guys. A Graphics card is a hardware accessory connected to the CPU for the display of high quality videos on the monitor screen. It functions by transforming video data into electronic signals which are sent to the LCD/LED for image generation. Quality of image is highly dependent on the type and potential of graphics card used.

Components Involved:

This video assistance device isn’t simply a card inserted into the CPU, as obvious from the name. It has many components and sections involved. Let’s discuss them one by one, fellas.

Motherboard Slot:

The port on the motherboard of the CPU where a graphics card is installed is named as the motherboard interface or slot. It can either be a peripheral component interface or a PCI Express, or an Accelerated Graphic Port. This is the place where video data processing is handled.The quality of the image and video is directly linked with this motherboard interface. But you don’t need to rob a bank for buying such kinda device peeps, believe me. Sometimes, money can’t buy you happiness. You can get the best graphics cards under 100 quite certainly.

Monitor Connection:

The CPU can’t display the video/picture itself for you fellas; you need the monitor for the execution of this task. But how can you connect the monitor to your graphics card? As simple as the chemical formula of water buddies, just connect the VGA, HDMI or DVI cable of your monitor screen to the graphics card unit and your connection is ready. All you have to ensure that your graphics device is compatible with the cable type.


Don’t wonder guys, when I say: “A graphics card makes your computer the Arnold Schwarzenegger”. Arnold was able to do two different tasks at the same time. And GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) does the same. It makes your CPU capable of doing complex mathematical calculations related to the videos, being an independent memory unit. It is basically a chip present in the card assembly, which works specifically for the video operations. And you don’t need extra bucks for having this gadget. This functionality is even present in a cheap graphics card.


VRAM (Video RAM) is the memory unit of GPU guys, and it acts as a separate container of temporary video data storage. It works in parallel with the main processor and stores all the images/video processing information on it, making the computing process faster and more efficient.

Things To Know Before Buying:

Going for the purchase of any technological gadget without having compulsory knowledge about it, isn’t a very wise thing to do. So let’s be wise and discuss the essentials of the best video card under 100, every new buyer should know about.

Know your needs:

Knowing your needs is an important part of the game fellas. Why do you even need such kind of device and how much is the average processing rate you require? These two questions are the basis of your assignment of finding the best graphics cards under $100. Once you have the answers, you’re halfway there. Rest is to read the specifications of the respective tools and find the one most suitable.

RAM of the Card:

Computation power or quality provision capability of your card is linked to the RAM it has. Higher VRAM can handle the videos with a significantly high rate of frames per second while lower RAMs are able to work with only low quality videos and ordinary games. FIFA 17 requires the graphics card with 8 GB RAM. So, just make sure that the graphics card you’re gonna buy has sufficient RAM for the games you play and the movies you watch.

Cooling Systems:

Do you hate the warm laptop placed on your lap whenever you start playing a game or watching an HD video?

You can’t love that, we know guys. This problem also has a way out, like every issue in the world. Let me put it through built-in cooling mechanism in the card assembly. It can surely make a huge difference peeps, because it dissipates the excessively generated heat energy by the fans installed in the case. And this is how your multimedia and gaming experience gets more cooler, fantastic and satisfying.

So, these are some important things one will have to consider before buying.


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