Best Headphones Under $100 in 2021 – Top Over Ear Headphones

Top 10 best headphones under 100

In all honesty, quality headphones models aren’t easy to find. That’s where we come in. We’ve went through dozens of brands, listened to hours of music and binged Netflix using these headsets so you don’t have to. Here you can find the definitive list of best headphones under 100.

Editor’s Choice for the most comfortable, highest quality audio and superior build quality goes to the Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset. Check these out if you’re in a hurry to grab the best overall choice for phones in this price range. They’re a wise investment.

If you’ve got time, we recommend that you read our Best Headphones Under $100 2018 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 2018

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Sony is such a big name in technological world that almost every home has at least one Sony product. Ranging from the hardware equipment to the banking and financing, Sony has got its products everywhere. Our list of the top notch headphones is starting with a product from the same company, named, the Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone. With reasonable driver size and convenient connectivity options, this is simply one of the best over the ear headphones under 100.


The brand name is great, no doubt. Let’s see what the product has got, by peeking at its features.


The size of every electronic appliance in your home definitely has an impact on your life style. But this effect takes an adverse form, when it starts hurting. However, Sony makes it sure that your delicate ears don’t get bruised by the heavy weight of earphones. That is the reason, the device under examination has been built with the compact dimensions of 1 x 1 x 1 inches. Surprised by the littleness? Well, it’s because of the folding construction, peeps. The mere weight of 8.1 ounces adds a little more comfort to the user experience.

Good Neodymium Driver

Guys, a brand can’t brag about being the best, unless it provides the best product, having classy and durable components. To maintain its worth in the eyes of peeps, Sony strives for the excellence, thus presenting a headphone with 40mm drive unit. This size ensures the efficient and clear reproduction of low and high pitched sounds. The magnet embedded into the headphone isn’t also cheap by anyway. It’s of the Neodymium type, making the sound crispier than ever.

Nice Frequency with Stereo Plugs

It feels good to observe so many facilities in one unit, doesn’t it?

Well, this product is one of the few tools, which provide such kind of leverage. On one side, the amazing frequency response of 10Hz – 20 KHz intrigues the IT community. While, the fabulous connectivity options of 1/4″ and 1/8” stereo plugs escalate its worth on the other side. Do you know where the more charm comes? The sound quality! It never gets disturbed, regardless of the type of plug you use.

Long cable with rugged design

Most of the gamers and PC users tend to keep their systems away from them, for which they need long cables of the attached components. Regardless of how far their computer is placed from them, the cable attached to this listening device got its way to connect. This 9.8 foot long cord is totally un-detachable. That was all about the cable, but there is still a lot more to discuss, like the large diaphragm, secure and sturdy build and sleek design of this circumaural headphone.

Pros Cons
  • Meeting industry production standards.
  • Comfortable for long wearing.
  • Harmonic sound provision.
  • Great bass response.
  • Light to carry.
  • Cable is cumbersome.
  • Bad ergonomics.


The discussion on these earphones is gonna end with these remarks, buddies. The device overall is good to use for most of the applications, like gaming and music. But there is a catch for the people, hating unfriendly wired equipment. For the people, who don’t get worried by the tangling wires, this is surely a great option.

Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset

corsair wireless gaming headset

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These headphones made our best overall choice for a reason. It’s the best quality you’re going to achieve in this price range.

We spent 80+ hours testing these out and even written a substantial HS70 review to save you time.

Here’s the footage from the unboxing…

Pros Cons
  • Fits all head sizes
  •  Volume & mic controls
  •  Removable mic
  • 16 hour battery life
  •  Wireless
  • Non-removable ear cups
  • Hair sometimes gets tangled in headset


Depending on what application these are for – these could be the right headphones for you.

Simply, if you’re a gamer and you’re looking for a budget pair of headphones – we highly recommend these. The surround sound audio will give you that extra edge in the battlefield!

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 2018

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Mpow is a dedicated firm, striving to excel in the dominion of consumer electronics and accessories. Headphone manufacturing is one of the fields; the company is providing its services in. Next product we’re gonna discuss here is the prince of the brand, the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones over Ear, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset. With a lot of attractions and services for the gaming geeks and music lovers, the product under critique has got massive potential and can be considered as one of best gaming headphones under 100.


Let’s see what the product has got, by peeking at its features.

Bigger Size but long range

Size is important for every gaming and music enthusiast out there, but they’re not also ready to compromise on the range of gadget. Mpow has done something, other mighty but coward brands are reluctant to do. It has constructed this earpiece with the dimensions of 7.3 x 5.3 x 3.4 inches, but has made its mark in all the other aspects. Take the functioning range of this device as an example; you can enjoy the music, sitting even 33 feet away from your personal computer.

Passive Noise Cancellation

Do you know what it takes to be one of the excellent headphone ever?

It’s the strength of sound and efficiency of the components, fellas. This device under argument surely deserves to be called so, because of the passive noise cancellation technology. It means that you will not have to pay the energy cost for effective noise elimination.

Comfortable 40mm driver unit

After a lot of research, the company reached at the point that the optimum size of the driver for any kind of user is 40mm. That’s the reason; this device has been built with 40mm drivers. But the bigger size doesn’t mean that your ears will get weary. The memory-protein ear cushions guarantee the lasting comfort and coziness. This is not it; the stainless steel slider and a luxurious headband make the user experience more satisfying.

Wired and Wireless Functionality

Wireless functioning is undoubtedly fascinating for everybody, but there are times when the battery life drains and you can’t wait for the gaming session with your brother. For such kind of emergency, this over ear Bluetooth headphone takes the form of a wired gadget. But that time doesn’t come quite often, because the built-in 420mAh battery provides up to 13-hour music time and 15-hour talk time.

Folded Design with high compatibility

Who says that this headphone is not portable?

This device can easily be folded, when needed, buddies. Compatibility is also not an issue, when Mpow headphone is talked about. Its seamless functioning with all the smartphones, tablets and TVs make it one of the best wireless headphones under 100.

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable in every position.
  • Efficient for big heads.
  • Clean and rich sound.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Mac connectivity is problematic.
  • Driver is needed for pairing.


These are gonna be the final sentences about this product, buckle up dudes. The tool we’ve talked about has so many areas of strength, where most of the ordinary audio gadgets lack, like passive noise elimination and long range of connectivity. Yeah pals, I would not hesitate to recommend this device with my both hands.

BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 2018

No products found.

BÖHM is a big pleader of the quality and comfort in the world of audio appliances. Here is a new product from the company, the BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Technology. This is the next item in our list. It doesn’t only have a large name, the capabilities stored by the gadget are also nice.


I know that you have a tight budget and you’re looking for the best on ear headphones under 100. Peeking at the features of every gadget in this search is the right way to go, fellas. Let’s keep doing that.

Bigger but Stereo Drivers

Compact size is a thing which intrigues everybody, but can you experience the speed of an SSD drive in a Micro SD card?

Absolutely not, it’s impossible. This is the reason; you don’t have to fret about the 7.8 x 7.1 x 1.8 inch extents of this device. Weight may also seem like a bit heavy, but the great things come at the great weight. Don’t make it an issue. 1.9 pound weight is easily manageable. All these apparent troubles are pushed into the background by the premium stereo 40mm drivers, providing bumpy bass, bulging mid and intensive high frequencies.

Noise elimination with good frequency

Who wants to hear the sounds of crying babies inside and roaring traffic outside the home, while playing his favorite game?

At least, I would get offended by any of this. Active noise cancellation does the job here, peeps. Just press the button and enjoy noise free listening. But you must be informed about the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones. That gadget is more energy efficient than this audio appliance of the BÖHM. However, with the frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 KHz, this audio tool tries to provide all the highs and lows in the sound you hear.

Advanced and long range connectivity

It’s so frustrating to lose the lyrics, pacifying your ears, the moment you step outside your room. Isn’t it?

To leave such kinds of issues behind, the instrument under argument is armed with the most advanced 4.0 Bluetooth. This CSR Bluetooth supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP, totally. Only support isn’t the specialty, 33 foot wireless range is even more fabulous.

Comfortable long listening

Many devices in the market claim to provide longer talk and play times, but nobody can even wear those cheap gadgets for long, because of the uncomforting ear cups. But the cushioned leather ear cups present in this tool support the battery timings of 16 hours playtime and 18 hours talk time pretty well.

Good Compatibility

You can never miss this field, I am well aware of that. Well, the device doesn’t get beaten by the gigantic names like Sennheiser, Bose, Beats and Monster, etc. because of its seamless working with almost all the Apple and Android devices.

Pros Cons
  • No sound degradation at distance.
  • Aux cable included.
  • Economical choice.
  • Full adjustability.
  • Sleek design.
  • Cause headache sometimes.
  • Non durable strap.


Summing the conversation on this product of the BOHM, its most of the features are convincing. Only headache issue needs to be looked upon. Ultimate choice is yours, buddies. A recommended piece from my side.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 2018

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SENSO is a reputed name in the realm of audio equipment. The products of the trademark are known in the whole world, because of their quality, good sound and attractive looks. The next item of the today’s discussion is an ear bud, but furnished with a lot of related components. The tool I’m talking about is the one and only, SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones. Along with the incorporation of obvious things, this headphone has so many unique specialties.


The strengths held by this apparatus are not just gonna come to you to introduce themselves. You gotta do some effort. So unveil the secrets of this gadget with your own hands by taking a glance over features.

Compact and Portable

Although over ear headphones are given preference in most of the professional setups, yet talking about compactness and lightness, nothing can beat ear buds. Don’t believe me?

Take a gander over this outstanding listening tool, simply one of the best in ear headphones under 100. The little size of just 4.9 x 1.3 x 4.7 inches is the reason of its inclusion in the list of the bests. The mere weight of 0.2 ounces also makes it a reliable option to look upon.

Latest technology with long range

Technology knocks at the door of manufacturing industry after every few days and compels its integration in the new lot. The results are pretty evident by the incorporation of the Bluetooth V4.1 wireless technology with CVC 6.0 Noise Suppression Technology in this particular appliance. This heavy duty Bluetooth makes this device able to function with all the compatible devices placed up to the distance of 30 feet. The second technology mentioned above takes very good care of the external noise and ensures that you don’t observe any distortion in your listening.

Ergonomically designed waterproof build

Do you know where this headphone takes the distinction?

It’s the ergonomically designed waterproof construction, dudes. The flexible ear hooks, gel silicone ear buds and the overall elegant design just certifies that you experience untiring and comfortable time of music listening.

Excellent battery time

A headphone user can’t be happy, unless the gadget he/she uses has significant battery timing. But all the concerns of such kind of people are catered well by this device. Its lithium polymer battery lets the user enjoy up to 8 hours of music listening, with a quick charging time of 1.5 hours. The battery also doesn’t drain out rapidly, if kept idle. It takes 240 hours for the battery to die.

Pros Cons
  • Loud, clear and responsive sound.
  • Provision of car charger.
  • Included carrying case.
  • Micro USB Cable.
  • Soft ear loops.
  • Problematic charging light.
  • Durability issues.


Giving today’s argument on this product a final touch, its capabilities are just out of the box. The power of the gadget is the actual reason of it, being the best seller in the headphone market. The mere dark aspects are not enough to just throw this item in the bin. It’s a strong recommendation from my side.

What others say about it,

In conclusion, the SENSO earbuds are definitely one of the best budget deals out there, provided you can deal with the lack of features present in equally-priced, but larger and bulkier headphone sets.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 2018

No products found.

COWIN is a reputed name, when it comes to the audio appliances. Being committed to the quality and excellence, this marque is striving to provide the users with best products. Next item in our catalog is the best seller from this company, the COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. This item has a reason for being the most selling gadget.


Exploration of all the top level devices in this list is crucial for finding the best wireless headphones under 100. So let’s decide the fate of this gadget by gendering over its features.

Bigger but Eminent

You must have looked the crazy people, running behind the compact gadgets, but have you seen any of them fully satisfied with their choices?

The answer would be big No. You can’t find happiness in the small places, dudes. Open yourself for the new and advanced things and learn to cope with them. You can surely start with this exclusive headphone, whose extents might be greater for you with the figure of 6.5 x 3.6 x 7.1 inches and the capabilities are not gonna disappoint you as well. The drive unit is same, comparing it to most of the competing gadgets, 40mm. But the depth and accuracy of the bass are just praiseworthy.

Swiveling cushioned ear cups

The most annoying thing associated with the over ear headphones is their inability of the ear cups to move. This incapability doesn’t only make the wearing uncomfortable, but the storage also becomes cumbersome. To eliminate the issue, COWIN has equipped this device with the 90o moving ear cups. Wearing and storage, all kinds of the problems just take a life long trip to the Mars, because the ear cups are fully protein professional type. Skin texture and light weight of these headphones make it a nice option to deal with.

Impressive battery with long timing

I know that your survival will become difficult without the availability of a powerful battery in your earphone. Due to the reason, the power capabilities of this device are just outstanding, far better than the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones. Yeah buddies, this item has got 600mAh battery, which stands by your side in every thick and thin of the power shortage and travelling. It can actually make you hear your desired things for 30 hours seamless. 3.5mm audio cable is also included, for the facilitation of wired connectivity.

Noise Cancellation with good frequency

Frequency range is something which defines the proficiency of a headphone in terms of catering low and high sounds. This device doesn’t lack in this functionality, peeps, with its 20 Hz – 20 KHz frequency response. That’s not all, an icing on the cake is the Active Noise Cancellation Technology integrated into the gadget. This feature works with all the connectivity options, dudes. You simply don’t have to fret about anything.

Pros Cons
  • Solid and crispy sound.
  • Comparatively lighter.
  • Powerful Bluetooth.
  • Long play time.
  • Portable carrying case.
  • Finger prints on the plastic.
  • Too small power switch.


Taking all the related aspects under view, the device I’m talking about, is really a good option for the seekers of quality sound. This earphone is simply awesome for almost every application area. Above everything, the battery timing is just fabulous. I would definitely like to recommend this product.

Ailihen I35 Stereo Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 2018

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Ailihen is a specialized firm, dedicated to provide the consumers of audio appliances with classy gadgets, both in sound and the looks. Now is the turn of a product from this brand to be discussed, the Ailihen I35 Stereo Lightweight Foldable Headphones. This is simply one of the most suitable options for the people looking for the best on ear headphones under 100. The ergonomic design, coziness and the price tag make it an attractive thing.


You can’t know jack, unless you explore his bio data. Likewise, to know this Ailihen item, explore the features, first, buddies.

Comparatively larger size

Bigger isn’t a bad word, guys. Small size isn’t always what people pursue for. There are some bulky fellas out there, who can’t find the clothes and shoes of their size. But Ailihen warrants that they don’t struggle with finding the right headphone for their big heads. The size of 12 x 6 x 3 inches is a proof of that. But that doesn’t mean, a 5’5” person can’t buy it. Adjustability is another distinction of this product. Above all, it can be folded for convenient and compact transportation.

Wired connectivity

Everybody pursues for the smooth and uninterrupted connectivity in his headphones. And it comes with the wires. Wired connectivity is the most stable and proficient method of communication in gadgets. That’s the reason; this listening tool is armed with a tangle free, braided-nylon cord. The tale doesn’t end at this. With the good frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, this earphone with 1.5 m string length tries to incorporate all the low and high frequencies coming from the source.

Elegant Build with cushioned driver

People with the taste of music also have a taste of style and shape. This audio appliance is just suitable for such kind of peeps, because of its professional grade decent design. Its 40mm drive unit is fully able to provide stereo worthy sound to the consumers. It’s also not only about the beauty and audio, the most important thing is the time you can wear this gadget for, and it depends on the effortlessness of wear. The Protein genuine leather earmuffs allow you to enjoy the crispy music for much longer duration than your imaginations.

Effective Noise Cancellation

Buddies, you don’t wanna hear the chit chats of your siblings while listening to the music or playing games. Do you?

Ailihen I35 enables you to avoid that, by its prolific on ear muffs, which block all the ambient noises and provide you with the most satisfying listening time.

Good Compatibility Range

There is no use of an electronic appliance, which refuses to connect with most of your systems. But don’t you fear, pals. That doesn’t happen in this case. The item under consideration has a 3.5mm audio jack, which enables it to connect with most of the smartphones, laptops, PCs, CD Players and Tablets.

Pros Cons
  • Good for all age fellows.
  • Very economical option.
  • Fully foldable ear cups.
  • Padded headband
  • Variety of colors.
  • Volume change with wire movement.
  • Ear piece get lose sometimes.


For the lovers of the class and pursuers of economical tools, this on ear headphone is undoubtedly the most effective option. It is significantly better than the competitors in features and budget. You may find it deficient in some areas, comparing to some gadgets, but take a look at the price before raising an argument. It is absolutely the best bang for the bucks.

Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports EarphonesBest Headphones Under $100 2018

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Founded in 1993, Hussar is continuously providing the world with multimedia products, including the quality headphones. The annual turn over of the company is about $12 million. The brand is introduced to you, because the 8th item in our product list is from this producer, the Bluetooth Headphones, Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports Earphones. With application in several areas, this in-ear headphone is giving a tough time to the best bluetooth sports headphones under 100 2018.


Now is the turn of Hussar’s item, have a look at its features in detail.

Ergonomic design and sweat proof

Are you intending to use the earphones for a variety of applications?

Well, take a gander over this product, peeps. Its ergonomic form makes the wearing absolutely free of trouble. Soft ear muffs get adjusted in the ears very comfortably and the silicone ear hooks get tangled with the ears conveniently. That’s not all, the professional class soft silicone gel surface make the gadget fully sweat proof. The gadget is also IPX7 waterproof with Nano coating. All these capabilities turn this device into a stupendous option for Gym, jogging, running, playing and Hiking.

Latest Technology

Well, don’t be confused, pals. Ear bud is a technology, and V4.1+EDR is the technology incorporated into it to make the wireless connectivity possible. People say that the Bluetooth connection isn’t that reliable. Those people need to be ignored, because the frequency response associated with this item is great, 20 Hz – 22 KHz. This range enables the device to handle all the low and high frequency sounds, which consequently make this gadget one of the best bass headphones under 100.

Ambient Noise Cancellation

Noise is a significant intruding factor in the efficient listening experience of the music lovers and game seekers. The device under critique takes care of the surrounding sounds pretty well, buddies. The exclusive CVC 6.0 is the real hero behind the scenes, which act as the facilitator in the noise reduction. Circuit design of the appliance is also optimized to improve the performance, further.

Long talk and standby time

As mentioned earlier, this earphone is fully wireless and it runs on battery. That component is powerful enough to make the user experience satisfying. 9 hours of the talk time and 240 hours standby time reflects the capability of the battery integrated into this device. And this functionality doesn’t need a heavy fee too. Just charge the headphone for 1.5 hours and enjoy uninterrupted connection for the half day.

Pros Cons
  • Compatible with most devices.
  • High grade sound quality.
  • On ear bud controls.
  • Over ear hooks.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Bass distortion at higher sounds.
  • Charging issues.


Cutting in a nutshell, the product under discussion is a nice option, if seen from the aspect of the features availability and sound quality. But considering it in a more realistic way by taking goods and bads into account, this device didn’t result in a very good user practice. Ultimate choice is yours whether to go for it or not.

Sound Intone I65 Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 2018

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Sound Intone is a popular brand in the audio industry. The primary goal of the company is to satisfy the consumers with the excellence of its products. The second last item in this buying guide is gonna be from this manufacturer, the Headphones Sound Intone I65. The device is slim and attractive like a beautiful bride and capabilities aren’t less than the leading gadgets of this realm as well.


To have this unmarried bride on your couch, you need to look at its features. Let me help you with that.

Middle size, but good frequency

It’s not about finding the audio appliance with the highest frequency or smaller size. It’s actually about the right mix. This earphone seems like a good mix, dudes. Its dimensions are just acceptable, 7.68 x 6.89 x 3.15 inches and the frequency response is just identical to all the leading devices in this list, 20 Hz – 20 KHz. It means that the bass this little sound machine can cover is the same, as covered by the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones. Having this device on the head doesn’t hurt also, because the weight is just 12.3 ounces.

Convenient design

Travelling enthusiasts always seek for the compact gadgets to make their travelling bag as little as possible. Don’t look at the size, peeps. This headphone can easily be folded and adjusted in the smaller areas. Compactness is one thing; the strengths I have in queue to expose are numerous. One of the few other amazing functionalities of this tool is the tangle free cable. The manufacturing material is of the type that the cable doesn’t get messy. It always remains as straight as the trunk of a tree.

40mm driver with relieving wear

The drive unit has its role in the provision of quality sound to the ears because the surface area for the sound to make contact with the ears really matters. The gadget under argument doesn’t lack in this aspect, chums, by the incorporation of the mainstream 40mm driver. The ear muffs aren’t also much harder. These are fully cushioned instead, to keep the ears cool and calm.

Inline Controls

Many gamers get frustrated by the audio controls on the ear cups because of the difficulty of access. But this piece brags to be one of the best gaming headphones under 100, due to its inline controls. User can now easily adjust the sound by using the buttons residing on the 1.5m long cord. Play and pause the audio is also an effective feature included in the controls.

Good Connectivity Range with Warranty

This little earphone doesn’t refuse to connect with any device; you have in your home, chums. The universal 3.5mm audio jack makes the connectivity possible with all kinds of smartphones, tablets, computers, MP3 and other devices. This device doesn’t fall after a few days of use, too. 6 months exclusive warranty consoles the concerned fellas, pretty well.

Pros Cons
  • Passive Noise Cancellation.
  • Perfect for most ear types.
  • Universal connectivity.
  • Comfy on ear built.
  • Great bass.
  • Delicate production material.
  • Many durability complaints.


You must have examined yourself that this earphone of the Sound Intone matches to most of the reputed products in features. But don’t avoid the fact that this device didn’t result in better user experience. It might because of the durability problems. The book is wide open before you, now. Make your decision once for all, but wisely.

AELEC S350 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 2018

Among the list of renowned and expensive brands, AELEC is a one providing classy products to the consumers in a comparatively lower budget. A nice depiction of class from this brand is the AELEC S350 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, which is the next item in our discussion of today. This ear bud is one of the latest devices integrating contemporary technology into them.


The hunt of the best in ear headphones under 100, wouldn’t have been so easy, I know that. But there is luxury after hardship. So, don’t worry and concentrate on the features, this item has got.

Little size:

The size of this earphone is gonna be too small, dudes. Don’t get surprised, it’s an in-ear headphone. The extents are just 1.42 x 0.79 x 1.18 inches, which show the compactness of this sleek ear piece. One great advantage this device has, over the gigantic circum-aural headphones is that, your head will not spin while wearing this. The weight of 9 grams is just negligible.

Wireless Connectivity with advanced technology:

You already know by the name that this earphone is a wireless audio appliance. So what’s new? The technology! This gadget has Bluetooth V4.1+ and EDR APT-X audio decode technology embedded into it, pals. The HD sound, provided by the gadget is a result of this amazing technology working on the backend. Don’t go away, there is still more to be revealed about the device. Another thing also paves the path of the lossless stereo sound. The thing I’m talking about is the CVC 6.0 super noise reduction technology, which cancels all the external interferences right away.

Secure and cozy wear:

You must be annoyed by your old ear buds, which have caused pain in your ears. That’s why you’re looking for a new device. Well, take a break at this item, dudes. Its buds are very soft and smooth. They are ergonomically designed, to adjust in the ears smoothly without hurting or popping off. These small pieces don’t leave your ear even in the condition of shaking and moving, like cycling and exercising.

Fully Sweat Proof:

Are you thinking about how can the earphones get sweaty?

Well, it’s the gym or jogging time, pals. This is the area, where over and on ears headphones almost fail to perform. Cushions get damaged by the sweat real fast. But sweating related problems just find their place in the hell, when this piece of ear buds is talked about. It has sweat proof components, which make it a perfectly usable gadget during the time of workout.

Dual Device Connectivity:

Are you a business man with two phones?

Do you want to be updated about both of your phones simultaneously? Not an issue, chums. Just connect this ear bud with both of your phones and have a worriless life.

Good Compatibility with Exclusive Warranty:

The connectivity of this listening gadget with most of the sources out there is also not a dream, in this case, guys. Its seamless compatibility with all the phones of the Samsung, Apple, Motorola, LG and other smartphone brands is a reflection of its adherence to the class. 18 months warranty on the full gadget and lifetime warranty on sweat proof operation consoles the worried hearts a little more.

Pros Cons
  • Exclusive volume control.
  • USB port on the earbud.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Full plastic build.
  • LED indicator.
  • Bass handling isn’t efficient.


Concluding the discussion on this in-ear headphone, the features encompassed by it are very awesome, in this price range. Almost every aspect related to the listening has been covered by the gadget. If you don’t need a headphone for sophisticated and professional grade use, just have it. You’ll never repent on this decision.

Best Headphones Under $100 in 2021 - Top Over Ear Headphones 1

Best Headphones Under $100 2018 – Buying Guide

What is a Headphone?

In the simplest terms, headphone is a listening device which can be connected to most of the media devices, including laptops, PCs, mobiles and tablets. It is the specialized aural gadget, which solely does the task of audio provisioning, without the incorporation of any kind of microphone.

Kinds of Headphones:

Generally, the headphones have three different types, depending on their sort of construction. All the forms are mentioned below:

Circumaural headphones:

Circumaural or over ear headphones are the specialized sound receivers, which cover the whole ear. These sorts of devices have both advantages and disadvantages. The external distortions are totally cancelled out because of the whole ear coverage, but the ears get weary very soon, at the same time.

Supra-aural headphones:

Second kind of listening devices is the supra-aural or on ear headphones. These hearing appliances are comparatively smaller than the first type, mentioned above. They reside just on the ears, covering lesser area, but the noise cancellation isn’t that awesome. However, handling is easy because of the portability.


Third and the most compact form of the headphones is the Earbud type. These are the smallest and most portable gadgets, which provide focused sound into the ears directly. Noise elimination isn’t much evident, though.

Types of outputs:

Headphones can’t only be distinguished on the basis of size, dudes. Output type also matters a lot. Some devices have only one speaker embedded in them named mono speakers. On the other hand, some other appliances have two speakers implanted in them, which are termed as the stereo speakers. The later gadget has two independent channels for the play of sound, which make them capable of playing distinct sounds from two speakers.

Areas of Application:

Like every other gadget in the domain of technology, headphones are covering a very large consumer base with the incorporation of a lot of areas. Some of the places where the use of this device has been just inexorable are mentioned below:

Studio Rooms:

Have you ever visited any RADIO or TV studio?

Well, it must have been a show of headphones, microphones and consoles there. Don’t know why they’re so interested in audio appliances? Buddies, for a DJ or a TV anchorperson, listening to all the instructions from the director and other sounds is very crucial. So, the presence of a quality headphone there is just unavoidable.

Competitive Gaming:

Gaming nowadays is all about precision and practice. You can’t throw a missile in a war game, unless you don’t know the exact direction from where the sound of the enemies came. Once you hear the sound, direction can easily be determined, and you get the edge over your competitor right away.


Are you an office guy, working in a development environment?

Quality headphones are crucial for you then, buddies. These listening devices play their role, whether you want to listen to the sound in your developed game or the audio in your favorite downloaded game. It’s not only about the games, peeps. You can also listen to your desired music now in the office hours, using these hearing facilitators.

Recording Places:

Have you got a singing bird inside you? Do you want to know what the most important thing is, when you’re getting your video recorded?

It’s the audio source, pals. You can’t sing efficiently, unless you hear the relevant music without any distortion. Quality headphones are the gadgets, which help you out here.

Workout and Sports:

Sports and workout have no direct relationship to the aural products, but it has a strong relation with the behavior of people. Most of the young lads of the current age are fond of doing exercise and sports, listening to their favorite songs along with. You’ll see ear buds in almost every second person jogging in the park, just observe.

Buying Tips and Tricks:

The purchasing process of the headphones is not a straightforward procedure, fellas. It’s simply not as easy as using the gadget. Well, without any further talk, let me cut it to the chase. Below is everything you need to know and remember while going out for the purchase of a headphone.

Nature of Use:

This is the most basic question you need to ask yourself, chums. If you’re just gonna use these listening appliances during your gym time, looking for the best studio headphones under 100 will do no more than making you exhausted. Studio devices will just be useless for you. Always go for what you need. Following this way, you’ll never repent on your decision.

Budget Considerations:

I know you’re already very careful about this aspect, guys, but let me put more emphasis on it. Don’t worry if you have budget limitations, everybody has. Just make sure that you get the best, which could have been gotten in that money. A balance of the price and features is what you should look for, in short.


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