Best ios Apps 2017 – Top 10 cool apps for your apple phone


It is an age of science, technology and advancement. Everything is going to change almost on daily basis. Same is the case with Androids and iPhones. I have already written many posts on different topics to give some important knowledge to our valued readers. Now, I thought to write on most important and demanding topic of Best Ios Apps 2017 because of the following reasons.

iPhone Apps are the first and truly better looking as compared to Androids or others because of new Snapchat and Spotify features. iPhone can provide fast updates for all. It works great with all your devices and can offer information in no time.

We will discuss all these Apps under following headings.

1.     Evernote:

Evernote - Best ios Apps 2016 - top 10 cool apps for your apple phone


I have utilized numerous schedule and Note Apps yet this evernote works the best. You can plan updates, Make a Todo rundown and it got all elements you need in a Note taking and a to-do application. You can record Voice updates and Notes as well and the best component of evernote is that you can make a record and it will synchronize your notes, schedules and updates over the greater part of your gadgets.

2. Freedly:



On the off chance that you are a day by day reader who subscribes to numerous rss channels like me then you ought to miss Google reader yet Guess what? Feedly works much superior to anything Google Reader. It do practically same duty as Google Reader however it gives you more features like online networking Integration to superior share and read content shared by your Social rings.

3. Yahoo Weather:

Yahoo Weather - Best ios Apps 2016 - top 10 cool apps for your apple phone


There are lots of weather app available for checking weather reports in all over the world and remain updated throughout the year from summer to winter, spring to autumn, but I would love to prefer Yahoo Weather because it is more reliable and has nice background look by using Flickr’s largest image library. Moreover, it shows various types of images time to time.

4. Pocket:



Internet has made this world a global village. You just connect yourself with internet and read anything you want. But Pocket permits you save all your required important data like texts, images and even HD videos. Not only you can save these but also read, watch and share all these with your friends sitting miles away from you and also sync to your other attached gadgets. Readings become more easily by eliminating the clutter of ads, additional tags and images from the pages.

5. Whatsapp:

Whatsapp - Best ios Apps 2016 - top 10 cool apps for your apple phone

It was a time when people love to send SMS to contact and share important information with one another. But those days have gone now because it is an era of new and latest advancements. Messaging app Recently Acquired by Social media Facebook. It has squeeze the distances. You can send anything using whatsapp like recorded voice, texts and any kind of images. You just need the receiver’s number and internet connection and rest is the history.

6. Dropbox:



Dropbox works the way you do. It is also a best ios app. You may get your files from anywhere, share them with anyone. You can save files on your PC, then transfer these to your iPhone. Then you may keep in Dropbox which is synced automatically. You can send your videos very quickly even if you don’t have a Dropbox. You cannot lose your important data even if you lost your iPhone. You just need to sign in to Dropbox from any other device and get your data in no time.

7. Documents Free:

Documents Free - Best ios Apps 2016 - top 10 cool apps for your apple phone


It has been observed that at times, you want some editing in your documents and spreadsheet files. So, Document Free is here to help all of us which is an awesome app and importantly works free. “Free” doesn’t mean that it is less in features and performance than any other paid Documents editing App. Truly speaking, it is much better than most of the paid Documents. One of the exceptional features of this App is that you can add your Google Drive and OneDrive accounts etc. to it and they automatically sync.

8. Google Chrome:

Google Chrome


Browsers are an essential part of any PC and you may find many of these. Google Chrome has become an ultimate choice for all and sundry. It has exactly the same performance on iPhone as on PC or on MAC. It is an outstanding Browser with some amazing features like Account sync option which lets you open “recently opened tabs” and “Bookmark” on other devices and permit you access your Account’s Browsing History.

9. Instagram:

Instagram - Best ios Apps 2016 - top 10 cool apps for your apple phone


Instagram is one most important ios App. It is easy to get started. You can give your photo a title which is helpful and fun. You can not only shared your photos on instagram, but also on Facebook, twitter, Flickr, Posterous and Tumbir. It’s cool factor provides 11 filters which makes the dull and drab photos and images lively and beautiful.

10. Gmail:



These days, Emails have more importance even than SMS or Phone calls. It matters a lot for all especially Business related people. Being the most used Email service Gmail is one of the most popularly used email app for ios without a shadow of doubt because of its superb features like signing with multi Google accounts, push accounts etc.


So, it was all about Best ios Apps 2017. These are the most important one. You can use all these important ios Apps on iPhone. These are the latest ones. These can make your life very easy and comfortable. Not only business men, but also the rank and file can get great benefit from these Apps. We strongly hope this discussion will be very helpful in the long run.

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