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Best Kegerators 2018

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Kegerator is a best solution for your never-decreasing thirst of beer. Right?

You don’t even have to peek into the websites for finding an appropriate Kegerator. I am gonna put down here the list of the best kegerators 2018 along with their whereabouts. It is basically a refined form of a refrigerator to accommodate kegs. Kegs are the devices used for the storage of beer, for as long as 6 months. These can also have built in ice machines, mini fridges, wine coolers, dishwashers and the sink.
I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Kegerators 2018 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
NameDimensionsTemperatureKeg handlingUser ReviewsPrice
EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Kegerator24 x 20.1 x 48.5 inches30 – 40oFFull sized half shell sankey keg, two sixth kegs4.2/5No products found.

Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator

28.1 x 23.5 x 35.5 inches31 – 46oFfull-size keg, pony keg, or 2 5-gallon kegs3.8/5No products found.

Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer

25.5 x 20 x 33 inches34 – 45oFFull size keg, two 5 gallon kegs3.5/5No products found.

Kegco Full-Size Homebrew Kegerator

25.5 x 20 x 33 inches35 – 42oF1/2 barrels / Full Size Kegs (15.5gal), 1/4 barrels / Ponies (7.75gal)5/5No products found.

EdgeStar BR2001SS Ultra Low Temp Kegerator

26.5 x 20 x 35 inchesLow 30’s to Mid 40’sFull sized half shell Sankey standard keg, two 5 gallon kegs4.3/5No products found.

EdgeStar BR2001SS Stainless Steel Kegerator

26.5x 20 x 35 inchesLow 30’s to 45oFFull sized half shell Sankey standard keg, two 5 gallon kegs4.3/5No products found.

Versonel Freestanding Kegerator

25.25 x 21.25 x 47.25 inches34 – Mid 40oF¼ barrel, 5 gallon, 5 gallon D system and ½ barrel full size3.1/5No products found.

EdgeStar KC3000TRIP Kegerato

23.375 x 23.625 x 33.5 inches32 to 50oFoversized bevel edged keg, a full size half barrel keg, a pony keg, slim quarter keg, or up to three sixth barrel kegs2.8/5No products found.

EdgeStar KC3000TWIN Kegerator

23.38 x 23.63 x 33.5 inches>32 to 50oFOversized Keg, full sized keg, 3 corny kegs and 3 sixth kegs3.9/5No products found.

Edgestar KC2000SSTWINHBKG Kegerator

24.81 x 20.1 x 48.5 inches30s to mid-40o F1 full size keg, 1 pony keg, 1 slim-pony keg, 2 sixth barrel kegs and up to 2 cornelius homebrew kegs3.9/5/strong>No products found.

1. EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Kegerator:– Black: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

EdgeStar is a reliable name in the world of electronics. Ranging from the production Kegerators to the portable ACs, this brand has got notable reputation. A quality one from the brand is the EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator– Black. With strong build, beautiful looks and efficient performance, this item of the company is the apple of the eyes of a bigger community.


You drink quite frequently and you’re in need of a Kegerator, that’s obvious. The thing you’re looking for, the best home kegerator can’t be found, unless you explore the features of the entire top class appliances. Let’s start with this one.


I would never allow a gigantic refrigerator or beer storage device in my house. Will you?

It’s too hectic to handle fellas, and I simply can’t do that. A balance of quality and size is the thing, every drinker looks for. Talking about the extent of this particular gadget, it has 28″ H x 16 3/4″ W x 15 1/2″ D internal diameters and 48 1/2″ H x 20 1/10″ W x 24 13/16″ D external diameters.

The size is not very big to handle, buddies. It can easily be accommodated on a side of your room. The weight also lies in the acceptable range with a figure of just 81.6 lbs.

Keg Implanting:

Which type of keg are you gonna place in your kegerator?

Well, that is a very serious question you need to ask yourself before buying a particular gadget, dudes. Let me enlighten you with the traits of this product. It can store a full sized half shell Sankey standard keg. Your wish don’t die, if you aren’t comfortable with the full sized keg. Two sixth kegs can also be placed inside the appliance very conveniently.

Satisfying Temperature Range and Conversion:

Are you a lover of the cold beverages?

Well, you need to take a look at this product, buddies. You’re definitely gonna like it because of the ultra-low temperature maintenance inside the appliance. It can maintain the temperature from low 30s to the mid 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You are not aware of another charm of this device. It can take the form of a refrigerator as well, guys. Just remove the kegs from the box and you’ve got a refrigerator in front of you. The power and voltage required by the gadget are 105W and 115V respectively. 

Easy Mobility:

When I mentioned the weight of this cooling gadget, were you thinking about the difficulty of picking it up?

You absolutely don’t have to worry about that thing because of the rolling casters attached on the lower side. Just move the gadget in your house, wherever you want. Nothing is gonna be a hurdle in front of your choices.

Classy Components:

What do you think of this item, peeps, just a box with a little space for the Kegs?

It’s not like that. That is the very basic definition of a Kegerator. It has actually got a two piece drip tray, chrome safety rail on the upper side, a protective floor plate and the reversible door. Of course, there are also secondary components, like a dual faucet tower, Sankey Coupler, single gauge regulator and couple washer, etc.


1 year warranty on all these parts must increase your satisfaction level.

Pros Cons
  • Best for freezing cold lovers.
  • Own beer brewing facility.
  • Sufficient internal space.
  • Simple to setup.
  • Compressor is noisy at times.
  • Leaking issue.


Looking at all the ins and outs associated with this product, it seems like a nice deal. Its specifications are good and customer retention is also reasonably sound. The product can’t be faulty in this scenario. I would recommend it. Match it with your requirements, and finalize your choice.

Best Kegerator 2021-Top10 Best Home Kegerator 1

2. Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator:Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

In the list of competing Kegerator brands, Keggermeister is one of the famous providers. The appliances manufactured by this company aren’t much behind the leading gadgets, in performance and durability. Our next product in the list is manufactured by this marque, the Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Full-Size Single-Tap Beer Refrigerator and Dispenser, Black. This device is strong in many aspects a user usually looks into, like compatibility, ease of use and multi-purpose usage.


You can’t claim about a gadget being the kegerator best buy, unless all the features of that product are inspected closely by you. So, let’s start doing it without any wait.


Have you ever bought a machine, without even looking at it physically or knowing its extents?

No sensible person is supposed to do that. That is the reason this aspect is mentioned in the first place, here. The space, this product is gonna cover in your room, is 28.1 x 23.5 x 35.5 inches, buddies. Weight may seem a little heavy with the value of 80 lbs, but the pleasure you’ll be getting from drinking the cold wine will make this gadget a newly married bride for you, so sweet and delicate.

Reliable Dual-Functioning:

A gaming DVD with the tag of 2 in1 fascinates me a lot; and you’re getting the same here. A refrigerator with the ability to be used as a Kegerator! It must be soothing, if not fascinating. It’s because you don’t need to lighten your pocket by buying a separate cooling machine for your food items.

Multiple Kegs Handling:

Its primary task of is to incorporate the kegs in it and its efficiency is relied directly on the types of kegs supported by the machine. There is one thing; all the appliances must have in them, the capability to adjust a full size keg in them. This feature basically allows you to use this gadget for all the parties of friends and family, you have in your home. KM2800NK has got this strength on its side, guys, but it’s not the only feature. Accommodation of a pony keg and 2 5-gallon kegs is also a part of the specifications of this gadget.

Clear displays and regulators:

Do you consider it tricky to monitor the internal temperature of your kegerator and the remaining CO2 concentration in the cylinder?

You’re just overthinking, if this is so, because there is a separate screen on the outer side of this appliance, which depicts the internal temperature. To cater the CO, dual gauge regulators are embedded in the gadget. Also know that the Carbon Dioxide residing in the container is sufficient to be the supplier of 4 full size kegs.

Moving Convenience and beer life:

You already know that the mass of this machine is great. 4 rolling casters attached to the appliance make your life easier here, pals. Just move it wherever you want, by slightly pushing. And don’t get worried about the rotting of your beverage, even if you’re going on vacation. Keggermeister guarantees three months as the minimum lifetime of the drink residing inside.

Pros Cons
  • No internal fan is needed.
  • Fast cooling time.
  • Great packaging.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Quick set up.
  • Regulator doesn’t work sometimes.
  • Beer Freezing.


All the factors involved in the process of buying have been laid down before you, ladies and gentlemen. Have a look at all of them closely, and make your decision. Don’t change your decision because of the low level of user contentment. People just don’t always like the elegant things. It’s totally up to you, now.

What others say about it,

With its attractive chrome guardrail, affordable price, and keeps beer for up to 3 months. It is definitely worth your consideration, and should be carefully weighed against the Nostalgia, although we believe it wins out over the EdgeStar. whatsflame

Best Kegerator 2021-Top10 Best Home Kegerator 2

3. Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

Cydea Inc. is a reputed firm in the line of beer dispensing and freezing equipment manufacturing, having Kegco as its leading subsidiary. Our third product in the list of top ten is the child of this brand, the Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser. Having a lot of space inside and powerful cooling technology, this device needs to be looked upon by you, for sure.


If you wanna make sure that the device you have in your cart is the best buy kegerator, looking at the features of all the top 10 gadgets is indispensable for you. Going with the flow, it’s the turn of this Kegco item to be explored.


Whenever electronic appliances come under consideration, a range of related traits are discussed. The primary aspect a buyer looks into, even if he is a novice, is the size of the machine. Therefore, I’m not gonna keep this aspect hidden from you. The size associated with this particular kegerator is 25.5 x 20 x 33 inches.

Being straightforward, this is a bulky machine, with the weight of 99 pounds. If you can’t afford this much weight, consider buying EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator, comparatively lighter than this gadget.

Exclusive Conversion Capability:

There is a plethora of debate on the capabilities of Kegerators as the refrigerators. Most of the people don’t stand on the side of Kegerator, considering it a specialized device for the beer storage. It’s not like that, chums. You can definitely store either a full sized keg or two 5 gallon kegs in the box, but that’s not the end of the story. The ability of the gadget to be converted into a refrigerator is also unarguable. Just place the wire shelves inside the box and your fridge is ready.

Freezing Cold Temperature:

Do you want to feel the shivering cold wave in your backbone, by drinking the freezing wine?

A fully adjustable thermostat installed in this device allows you to feel that. The temperature of the drink can conveniently be adjusted in the range of 34 – 45F, buddies. In the winters, you can now make sure that the beverage you take is neither too hot, nor too cold. 

Energy Efficiency and External Tank:

Some people get frightened by the name of the kegerator, perceiving it a device requiring high power. It’s just a mini-refrigerator, guys, requiring the equivalent amount of electricity. This gadget is 25% energy efficient, in actual. The design and the technology embedded in this dispenser are both actually playing their part in lowering the power usage. The CO2 tank implanted on the inner side, behind the keg is also not difficult to be accessed. There is a tank mount on the backside of this device. Internal pressure adjustment and gas concentration gauge, all controls can just be shifted to the back side. This feature makes the accessibility very handy.

Controlling and Components:

The weight is significant, no doubt on that. But it doesn’t mean you’ll have to call your neighbors each time, you’ll want to move the equipment. 2.5” rolling casters beneath the gadget make the mobility way easier. A removable drip tray takes care of the leaking liquid while transportation. Some other components connected to this kegerator are polished stainless steel tower, double gauge regulator, a coupler with stainless probe and a steel rail on the upper side.

Pros Cons
  • Convenient for home brewing.
  • Large interior.
  • Stylish design.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Leaking problem on floor.
  • Compressor complains.


Looking at the specifications, strengths and the weaknesses of this machine, it doesn’t seem like a bad option, overall. But closing the eyes from the dark aspect isn’t also a wise thing to do. Keeping the low user satisfaction level in mind, make your decision and stand by it.

What others say about it,

If you’re looking for a super quiet and energy efficient kegerator for in-home use, the Kegco single tap kegerator is your best choice. savoredjourneys

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4. Kegco Full-Size Homebrew Kegerator: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

You must have heard the name of Kegco, before. The last product was from this company. Moving forward with the same trademark, the next product in the queue is the Kegco Full-Size Homebrew Kegerator Single Faucet Ball Lock Keg Dispenser Stainless Steel. This product is very good in all the aspects; design is awesome, components are good and the storage capabilities are just adequate.


Every man of the current age wants a durable product. You will also be looking for the optimum gadget, which will retain its place even after one year in the list of the best kegerators 2018. Now, take a look at the features, this device has got for you, buddies.

Dimensions and Keg handling:

Compactness and smallness in any equipment come at the price of capabilities or the durability. But some home owners can’t simply accommodate huge devices in their places. The way to go for such kinda people is finding a device with the balance of size and skills. Talking about this item of the Kegco now, it has the extents of 25.5 x 20 x 33 inches. Before considering it huge, take a look at the EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser – Black and decide yourself. Yeah buddies, the current gadget is more compact, having reasonable internal space.

Spacious design with Conversion:

Multi-functionality is a thing, which captivates everybody. It must be having the same impact on you. The spacious interior of this allows the placement of two 5-gallon ball lock home-brew kegs, fellas. But that’s not all; this item gives the absolute permission to its users, converting the gadget into a refrigerator. Just remove the kegs and place the wires in their engraved place inside. Of course, a keg can’t be placed inside in that case, but you can conveniently place 2 liter bottles or the gallon jug inside, making the beer dispensing still possible.

Double gauge CO2 regulator:

What is the most important part in the whole assembly, controlling the cooling power of a Kegerator? Do you know that?

It’s the carbon dioxide gas, pals. A cylinder, mounted either inside or on the backside of the device has the gas in it. All beer dispensers are armed with that cylinder and this particular gadget is no exception. It has a 5 lb, aluminum alloy cylinder for the gas storage with two gauges on it. One gauge tells the pressure inside the Keg and the second depicts the remaining gas in the cylinder.

Quality components:

Don’t want just a box with the name of a beer freezer?

Here’s the deal for you. This box has so many components required for being called as a Kegerator. An air tube with 5 feet length and 0.3 inch diameter, gas in and beer out couplers and a 3” polished draft tower made from the stainless steel are the general parts included with the freezer. Interior steel floor mat, textured top, chrome guard rail and a removable drip tray further elevate the prominence of this beer storage equipment.

Manual Temperature control :

Kegco ensures in its equipment that you’re the boss, able to control all the associated things to a gadget. That’s why, it’s armed with a manual thermostat.


Talking about the assurance from the company, it has a 5 years warranty on the compressor and 1 year on the parts and labor.

Pros Cons
  • Convenient temperature customization.
  • Environment friendly device.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Beautiful design.
  • 4 rolling casters.
  • Equipped with only one tap.


Summing it up, the device under argument is actually the best option so far. The capabilities of all the equipments are somehow same, but they vary in durability and user retention. This product has everything on its side. It’s actually a highly recommended one.

Best Kegerator 2021-Top10 Best Home Kegerator 1

5.EdgeStar BR2001SS Ultra Low Temp Kegerator: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

The worthy brand of EdgeStar isn’t limited to just one item in the list of top ten Kegerators. It actually has numerous such kinds of items. Our 5th machine of the today’s discussion is one of the best mini fridges for kegerator, the EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion. This quality item has simply outclassed many pleaders of the class and eminence, out there.


People who buy their home appliances blindly always repent on their choices. To avoid such kind of situation in your life, peek at the features of this EdgeStar device.


Do you want to keep your home neat and clean, without any congestion of the furniture and electronics?

Well, knowing the space taken by this device is crucial for you, then. The size of this beer condenser is equivalent to the extent of most of the leading gadgets in this realm. 26.5 x 20 x 35 inches is the figure. I know the next thing popping in your mind, the weight of this appliance. 81.6 pounds of the weight is lower than many other products on the list, buddies.

Dual Functionality:

Do you want your electricity bill to be within a specific limit? Are you going to freeze your beverages, occasionally?

Here is a refrigerator for you, which has full potential of being transformed into a Kegerator. All the required hardware and parts are just included in the purchase box. Connect the CO2 cylinder, install the draft tower on the upper side, make connections of all the ducts and tube and boom. Your item is just ready. Place the keg of your choice inside and make your family occasions more colorful.

Ultra-low temperature maintenance:

A refrigerator is supposed to maintain a cold environment within the box, and the level of temperature is an important factor indicating the prominence of a gadget. The temperature range provided by this equipment just matches to the range provided by most of the leading brands. Low 30’s to mid 40’s is a superb range, to be honest.

Keg Placement and warranty:

Do you need to change the kegs inside your dispenser quite frequently?

Well, this item can expediently incorporate a full sized half shell Sankey standard keg in it. Of course, two small sized kegs can also be placed inside. This must be amazing for you guys, because your dream of the home brewing is now gonna be your experience. EdgeStar also makes sure that your experience is not for a short duration. A warranty of 1 year on the parts and 3 months on the labor, show their love for the consumers.

Power Usage:

People think of the Kegerator as a high power dissipating gadget. But that’s not true in all cases. This machine requires just 115 Volts of the voltage and 105 Watts of the power.

Pros Cons
  • 2 corny kegs easily integrate.
  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • Mobility convenience.
  • Easy conversion.
  • Handy setup.
  • Heating issues reported.


Giving some conclusive remarks about this beer freezer, its traits have no downside, dudes. All the specifications are just according to the needs and customers seem pretty satisfied with this gadget. Discarding the machine blindly will not be a wise decision. I would recommend taking this product under serious consideration.

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6. EdgeStar BR2001SS Stainless Steel Kegerator: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

The EdgeStar has maintained the legacy in all of its equipments  and the reflection of that is the EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion. Don’t try to find the differences between this gadget and the machine mentioned above, these two appliances are not much dissimilar. To find the areas of differences, just go with the flow and keep reading.


People don’t easily find the best buy Kegerators, buddies. It takes a lot of time and energy to find such kinda gadget. But you don’t have to do either of that. Just read the features of the next item in the list and you’ll meet your destination.


There is no lack of space-conscious people in the world. Therefore, don’t panic, if you’re one of them. Just be calm, I am gonna put down the information of size here, right now. 26.5 x 20 x 35 inch is what the extent of this home fermentation tool, just same as the size of the previous gadget. Weight of the two gadgets is also exactly same, 84 pounds.

More of a Fridge:

Do you need to buy a freezing gadget for your food and drinks? Is wine your secondary choice?

Here is the deal for you, fellas. This product of the EdgeStar is basically a refrigerator, and no one can even tell at the first sight that it could also be a Kegerator. This is because of the mesmerizing temperature range of this item. It can go from the low 30s to 45oF, more variation than the previous gadget from this brand. The reversible door, tower cover, protective floor plate and the feature of wire rack shelving make it a complete refrigerator.

However, the conversion isn’t much tricky too. All the hardware equipment is provided along with an instruction manual.

Full Size Keg Handling:

Despite of being a fridge basically, the usage of full sized, half shell sankey standard keg is not a dream in this product. The integration of two half sized, 5 gallon kegs is definitely true, as well. But you may need to note that the support of Coors, Miller rubberized and other over sized kegs is not provided with this item.

Mobility Handiness:

Movement of heavy electronic appliances has been a tedious task, always. The problem just gets elevated, when the machine doesn’t have any kind of wheels beneath it. But that’s not the case here, pals. Four rolling casters rotating behind the gadget make the movement easier than ever.

Elegant and Strong build:

You must have been finding the difference between the two EdgeStar products, mentioned one after another. Well, the main area of variation is the build, design and the door. This particular gadget provides you the stainless steel door with beautiful and eye-catching finish.

Pros Cons
  • Fermentation is very efficient.
  • Works like full sized fridge.
  • Economically feasible.
  • All fitting included.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Temperature control is tricky.
  • Keg gets frozen, rarely.


Giving final thoughts on this Beer dispenser and Coke freezer, it’s certainly a great product to have. Looking at the dual strength, especially, this item is very difficult to ignore. The size, weight, design and controls, everything just fit in the lines. A recommended gadget.

Best Kegerator 2021-Top10 Best Home Kegerator 1

7. Versonel Freestanding Kegerator: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

Versonel is a good provider of the portable products in the realm of home improvement and electronics. One of the highly used gadgets by the firm is the Versonel Freestanding Full Size Kegerator Keg Fridge Beer Dispenser Stainless Steel SPP155BDSS. If strong build, dual functionality and freestanding operation are what you’re looking for, it might be the full stop of your search mission.


There is a tactic used by some brands, like overrating a product, but hiding its actual specifications. But you gotta believe that the features narrated here are just real amongst kegerators at best buy.


You don’t wanna get into trouble by buying a huge sized gadget, you don’t need. It is not gonna happen, unless you get fooled by some one. Well, the real size of this appliance is 25.25 x 21.25 x 47.25 inches. Don’t ask, I am gonna tell the weight now. It is just 88 pounds, heavy. The weight is good, in one aspect, kids can’t move it. And this much bulk is not difficult for an elder fellow to hold.

Conversion Ease:

It doesn’t matter whether you need a Kegerator/refrigerator for your home or you’re gonna setup a bar, this dispenser is not going to deceit you. Its 34 to 40oF temperature range and two internal wire shelves make it a reliable refrigerator. But it’s not only a fridge, the Chrome tap, single black tap tower, 2 piece stainless steel top drop tray, CO2 cylinder with regulator, keg coupler, chrome guard rail at the top and so many other components make it a good Kegerator too. Conversion is also not so tricky, buddies. A detailed instruction manual is also provided with the device.

Ample of Storage Capacity:

Are you a bar owner or a person with big family, requiring a large sized Kegerator?

This product of the Versonel is for you. Its ability to handle ¼ barrel, 5 gallon, 5 gallon D system and ½ barrel full size is just undeniable. The placement of full sized keg makes the capacity very appealing. Storage of 170L / 6.0 Cubic Feet isn’t low by any aspect.

Easy Movement:

Do you feel it hectic to empty your fridge every time you have to change its position?

Well, don’t get tensed, you don’t have to do that regularly in this case. 4 rolling wheels implanted beneath this gadget make it an easily moveable substance. Your machine doesn’t roll, while sitting on a slope, buddies. The wheels can handily be locked and removed.

Energy Consumption:

Heavy energy consumption by any appliance hurts everybody in the form of higher electricity bill. But it’s not gonna be the case here, chums. The 150 V voltage required by the fridge is just same as needed by most of the energy efficient Kegerators.

Pros Cons
  • Assembling is straightforward.
  • Good for home brewing.
  • Ice cold drink making.
  • Beautiful door.
  • Effective CO2.
  • Relatively difficult instructions.
  • Noisy, in some cases.


The time to end the discussion has now arrived. So let me do that. The capabilities of the gadget are good, pals. But the only catch here is the lack of user satisfaction, which is very critical. Just take a look at the bads of this equipment, keep the reviews in mind and make your decision. It might be a good option for you; there are good reviews as well, after all.

Best Kegerator 2021-Top10 Best Home Kegerator 1

8. EdgeStar KC3000TRIP Kegerator: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

EdgeStar is back with another classy gadget, pals. The name of that exclusive device is the EdgeStar KC3000TRIP Full Size Triple Tap Kegerator with Digital Display – Black. This is not an ordinary gadget; the capabilities stored in it are awesome, just out of the box. It is perceived as the best mini fridge for kegerator by some panels of the society.


What are the things, a person is identified by? Of course, his height, weight and looks, his features in other words. You need to know the features of this device, too. Just keep reading.


Size is a crucial factor, which can make or break your decision about buying a gadget, it’s widely accepted. So, you’re not gonna be unaware of this important aspect, any longer. The space, this little product is gonna cover in your room is just 23.38 x 23.63 x 33.5 inches. Weigh is not going to make you mad, as well. 80 pound is by far the lightest weight in the list.

Multiple Keg type integration:

Every electronic appliance and machinery has some sort of distinctive specialty, and the unique capability of this particular device is the integration of multiple kegs in it, even oversized ones. Apart from that, it can also take care of 3 corny kegs and 3 sixth kegs. These specialties ensure that you have your favorite beverage in hand, whenever you need them.

Superb temperature range with display:

Temperature range is what soothes you the most, using any kind of Kegerator or refrigerator, we just know that. 32 to 500F is the range provided by only a few gadgets out there. And you know where the best part is? You don’t have to open the fridge every time; you need to peek at the temperature. A digital display embedded outside provides you with everything you need to know.

Refrigerator – Kegerator:

Another valuable strength of this freezing device is its dual capability of being used as a refrigerator or the Kegerator. Put on the taps, install the drip tray, establish the connection of the COduct with the keg and boom. Your item is ready to store enormous beer in it. To use it for the second purpose, just remove the tap, cover the hole with a cover, put the wire shelves in place and you’re good to go. Your assembled fridge is just ready.

Movement ease and Energy Consumption:

50 pound of the weight is so difficult to be handled by most of the people, buddies. This device is having a 80 pound weight, but still so easy to move around. Rolling casters attached to the lower side make the moving process much easier. An amazing thing about this cooling machine is the same energy consumption comparing it with the gadgets of competing brands. 105W power and 120V voltage is enough for this electric machine to run.

Pros Cons
  • Fully adjustable temperature.
  • Extra foam can be avoided.
  • Self-brewing made easier.
  • Quickly assembled.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Only a single gauge regulator provided.
  • German kegs don’t fit easily.


Summing the discussion up, this device of the EdgeStar is perfectly capable of handling every type and size of the keg with the provision of quality drink. The refrigeration skills of the device are also indisputable. I don’t have a solid ground to give this product, the letter of non-recommendation. So, it’s totally up to you.

Best Kegerator 2021-Top10 Best Home Kegerator 1

9. EdgeStar KC3000TWIN Kegerator: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

EdgeStar requires no more introduction, buddies. Capabilities of a gadget speak for itself, and this is what happens in the case of EdgeStar. Our 9th item in the catalog of top notch Kegerators is again from this reputed brand, the EdgeStar KC3000TWIN Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display – Black. With the provision of wider temperature scale, numerous components and the immensely eye catching design, this product must be examined. Cool.


Features are the face of a gadget, you must believe that. Just believing is not gonna change anything. Keep reading the specifications, without missing this imperative gadget because it is one of the best rated kegerators.


You must be familiar, by now with the importance of this particular area associated with all the Kegerators. Therefore, without wasting time on giving a lecture about it, I am gonna put it in writing, right away. This device is gonna take 23.375 x 23.625 x 33.5 inch space of your living room. Well, the size is not much different than most of the appliances out there. Same goes for the weight, which is just 79.5 pounds.

Excellent temperature range and display:

The primary job of a Kegerator is to make your beer cold or provide an efficient medium for the storage, because alcohol gets rotten in a very short time, if kept in the open air. The job is done very well by this particular gadget, dudes. Its temperature range of 32 to 50oF is just amazing. You also don’t have to open the fridge every time you need to take a look at the temperature inside. The digital display mounted outside gives this information, right away.

Capabilities as a dual Functioning Machine:

Are you trying to kill two birds with the same rocket?

You’re going well, pals, because this device of the EdgeStar arms you with this feature, in the true essence. Its deep chill mode with all the dispensing components included, make it a good Kegerator as well as a refrigerator. A guard rail on the top, drip tray and 2 wire shelves just enhance the elegance to a more soothing level.

Oversized Keg Compatibility:

These to be used in the homes don’t require high storage place. But when it comes to the bars, clubs and big families, incorporation of large sized kegs is crucial. This device ensures that you are able to place any kind of keg inside, a larger oversized bevel edged keg, a full size half barrel keg, a pony keg, slim quarter keg, or up to three sixth barrel kegs.

Assembling and Mobility:

You must have seen the electronic products in the market, whose assembly is more difficult than the algebraic questions of Mathematics. But you don’t have to be a mathematician or an electronics engineer to be able to get it together. Just follow the manual and your item will be ready in just half an hour. Movement of the device is also very convenient because of the rolling casters.

Pros Cons
  • Acceptable voltage and power needs.
  • User friendly control panel.
  • Range of keg integration.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pony keg placement is tricky.
  • A little complicated manual.


Specifications are mentioned, covering all the aspects, peeps, which are pretty good. We believe that this item will surely fulfill your thirst. Its excellent reviews show that it is a recommended product.

Best Kegerator 2021-Top10 Best Home Kegerator 1

10. Edgestar KC2000SSTWINHBKG Kegerator: Buy Now

Best Kegerators 2018

It seems like EdgeStar has taken over the whole industry of the home brewing by its quality appliances. Last product of the brand in the list of top 10 is the Edgestar KC2000SSTWINHBKG Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs – Black and Stainless Steel. This item is a strong nominee for the award of the best home kegerator because of its unique capabilities and stylish looks.


Don’t just take this gadget same as the others discussed above, it has a lot of distinctive features. Let’s examine what are those.


You can’t take the next step even, in the race of knowing the technological gadgets, unless their dimensions are laid down before you, that’s pretty obvious. Well, taking care of the obvious things first, note down that the extents of this device are 24.81 x 20.1 x 48.5 inches. Don’t worry about the weight, too. I’m not hiding that information from you. This product is 81.6 lbs in weight, comparatively lighter than many branded equipments out there.

Low Temperature Commercial Unit:

Are you tired of going to the clubs and bars for enjoying some quality wine?Do you really want a commercial grade, beer synthesizer and preserver at home?

This option might be the most economical and optimal for you, dudes. Just have a look.  Although 30s to mid-40 degrees F temperature is common, it has many further capabilities, like 2 piece drip tray, protective floor plate, 2 commercial to home brew conversion kits and chrome safety rail.

Better Keg Configuration:

Keg placement is different in different products, unarguable. But the one supporting most of the kinds is considered as the business class by the beer lovers. The Keg configuration supported by this particular Kegerator is also very consoling for the alcoholic guys. It can handle 1 full size keg, 1 pony keg, 1 slim-pony keg, 2 sixth barrel kegs and up to 2 cornelius home brew kegs.

Provision of the Components:

Your wish of self-fermentation can’t be turned into the reality, unless you have all the needed components with you. To make your dream come true, the constituents of this refrigerator type Kegerator are kept as 5 pound CO2 cylinder, a regulator, 2 standard “D” couplers, a tower, beer line, gas line, faucet, tap handle and an empty reconditioned ball lock. No other accessory is needed to make your device show the magic.

Movement and Warranty:

Guys, you don’t have to call your elder brother to change the position of this equipment. It can be displaced from its position by just a slight push, because of the rolling casters installed with it. You don’t also need to fret about the lifetime of this equipment, dudes. 1 year warranty on the parts must be comforting to some extent.

Pros Cons
  • Handy to fridge conversion.
  • Acceptable energy consumption.
  • External CO2 tank mount.
  • Convenient setup.
  • Efficient design.
  • Kegs provided aren’t sterilized.
  • Operational noise.


The discussion on this last piece of the beer dispenser should end, now. It’s because there is nothing left to discuss about this item. The abilities are right before you. Just know your freezing and drinking needs, and make your choice. Price tag is a little heavy, but the features pay the price. A recommended gadget, really.

Best Kegerator 2021-Top10 Best Home Kegerator 1

Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

That was all about the best Kegerators 2018 reviews, peeps. Your knowledge on this piece of technology must be sufficient, by now. All the relevant and decision oriented aspects have been discussed. Revising again for you, the critical buying factors are the dimensions, temperature range and the support provided for different types of kegs. The last and the most significant thing to consider is the level of user contentment.

Keeping with this criteria, the appliance getting 1st rank in the war of being the best is the Kegco Full-Size Homebrew Kegerator Single Faucet Ball Lock Keg Dispenser Stainless Steel. With a compact size, this product has won the hearts of the users, because of the high-level support for the numerous kegs. In the tough competition of excellence, the product ranked on the 2nd place is the EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion.

The capabilities stored in this gadget are also just awesome. Customer retention is another characteristic feature of this device.

Giving an honest and unbiased review, I am bound to say that all the items in the above list are suitable options. However, some of them have won the trophy because of a number of reasons. The device on third number in our list is the EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion. Being a stupendous refrigerator and a Kegerator, this item of the reputed brand is also a durable one in the eyes of the consumers.

The eminence doesn’t end, here. After seeing a strong competition, the EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser – Black has finally been able to be listed at the 4th standing, due to its convenient extents, good temperature range and efficient handling of the kegs. Now it’s time to pick your desired product. Choose the device intriguing you, and make your life easier and enjoyable.

Best Kegerators 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best one:

Before moving on, keep in mind one thing that  you don’t have to be a beer expert in finding the right Kegerator. It’s quite a simple process. You must have these few questions mentioned below in your mind about this appliance, but you absolutely don’t have to fret my buddies, just read keenly what is written here.

  • Do I need any Tools for making this device work?
  • What should be the quality of the tap?
  • What temperature is maintained by it?

So, these are the few questions that you have to keep in mind. Let’s jump to the main thing now peeps, the factors you need to care about, while looking out for a Kegerator.


You don’t want any gadget to over fit your place of residence, do you?

For this reason, every device you purchase must have suitable dimensions according to your room. Size also varies with the need of drinks. You’re surely gonna need the best home Kegerator with optimal size and capacity. This is up to you, whether you want your place to be home or a beer cafe. In any case, the size should be according to that.

Keg type:

Which keg type amazes you the most, buddies?

Whichever it is, make sure that it can be incorporated in the Kegerator you’re buying quite conveniently. Mostly, these devices are capable of handling more than one type of kegs. Anyway, look for the integration of your beloved keg and the Kegerator at the first place.


Are you a clean and sophisticated person, simply can’t afford to have anything smelly or reeking?

Well, you gotta be little active peeps, because even the best home Kegerator needs to be cleaned frequently. The only problem in it in terms of cleanliness is the frozen layer of ice and wine inside. Most of the material inside gets defrosted as the compressor switches off. But for complete washing, you will need its cleaning kit.


I am not talking about the temperature of your surroundings fellas; it’s the temperature your item can go to. The optimal limit of the temperature your device should go to is 30­oF. Any temperature lesser than this, nobody can give assurance about the right condition of your brews. So look for your needs, and don’t buy an appliance if its temperature range is not suitable, even if it is the best buy Kegerator.

Cost and Quality:

Whatever and whenever you’re buying, keep one thing in mind peeps. Don’t fall for the money, always fall for the quality instead. In the case of Kegerator’s specifically, you’ll need to have a look at the refill time of CO2, availability of spare parts and the build quality of the gadget, you’re intending to purchase. Just make sure that the device under your review is the best mini fridge for Kegerator.


So guys, you can’t compromise on the longevity of any electronic appliance, can you?

Well, do that in case of Kegerators too. Some aesthetically pleasing devices can be fragile like glass. So, don’t fall in the trap of beauty. Evaluate the device against the durability standards and make your choice.

Main Types:

Everything has categories in it, even humans have types. Well, let’s stick to the Kegerators for now. There are primarily two types of this electronic appliance mentioned and discussed below:

Mini Kegerators:

Are you looking for a beer chilling device to use at home? This is the right appliance for  you guys. This is because you don’t have to control a full sized large chiller now. 1.5 gallons of beer are usually held by these containers, enough for you and your occasionally invited friends. This is actually the Kegerator best buy in the market.

Portable Kegerators:

This is the most professional and efficient type in terms of pouring the perfect point of cold beer into the glass. You’ll surely be able to avoid foam while using this best buy Kegerator. Get a piece and enjoy the party, fellas.

Above are not the only ones one can choose from. Take a close look at other types of this gadget mentioned below which are also very famous.

  • Full Size Kegerators.
  • Outdoor Kegerators.
  • Builtin Kegerators.
  • Countertop Kegerators.
  • Undercounter Kegerators.
  • Commercial Kegerators.
  • Bar Kegerators.
  • Diy Kegerators.
  • Thermostat Kegerators.


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