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As autumn has just set in and you would be worrying about the heap of leaves in the backyard of your home. While they do look a magical color sometimes, but they do need to be cleared at the earliest before they form too much of a heap.

You don’t need to worry about clearing the huge piles of leaves until you have the best leaf blower 2018 at your service. You just need to look for the appropriate one and you’ll be all good to go.

A secret perk of the leaf blowers is that they aren’t only limited to blowing away leaves. Rather in summers you can blow off dust using them too and can clear your walkways. Buying it is kind of a win-a-win situation.

Types of leaf blowers: What you want in 2018?

However, this decision might not be as easy as you think as you need to care for a lot many other factors involved too. There are numerous types available and what you need to do is to find the best leaf blower for yourself.

  • Corded electric blowers

While it might look a bit old fashioned in 2018, but still many people use the corded electric blowers that were originally manufactured for single person usage. They are extremely light in their weight but are noisy as hell.
The power you usually get is quite fruitful as you can easily clear a garden of about 30-40 meters. The only drawback one can think of is the limitation due to cord in it. Especially when you are working in a dense garden, we suggest you go for the best cordless leaf blower.

  • Cordless leaf blowers

If you have a small garden, a heavy pocket and above all if you like remoteness of usage in terms of leaf blowers, the cordless type is for you. It is quite a lightweight unit and absence of cord makes it a gem.

But, gems are expensive, right? So is it too. Not only it is expensive but the power it provides is also less in par with the corded electric blowers. Most of the times, it can survive on full charge is just an hour which is considerable while buying too. You can even store it in a bag and it will become the best backpack leaf blower for you.

  • Gas powered leaf blowers

They are a complete new dimension and have nothing much to do to the electric blowers. However, they give tough competition due to immense power in a cordless mode. They actually are a replacement to the best battery powered leaf blower you can even think of. They produce noise while working but the gas has enough power to offer for a medium sized garden.

Factors considered while buying the best electric blower for your garden

Whenever you consider about buying a leaf blower, you need to take into account some very important factors before you decide. These factors are not only universally accepted but are also deciding ones while making any purchase.

  1. Size of your garden: The blower you are looking for should be adequate for the size of the garden or backyard you own. A less powerful one for a huge garden is just like throwing away money and a highly powered for a small patio is just another example of wasting your resources.
  2. Purchasing power: Everyone wants to get the best, right? But, not everyone has the purchasing power of doing so. What you need to consider is where your requirements lie and then buy the best leaf blower by paying the least sum. Looking for a cordless blower will definitely add to the expense.
  3. Noise: Yes, it is a heck of a problem. At least I can’t sleep while my son clears away the backyard with a huge corded electric blower. I admit I made a mistake, but you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Just look for the quietest one and you’ll have the peace in solitude.
  4. Power: There are many leaf blowers available in many power ranges and you’ll be amazed to see how drastically their prices and specifications differ. It’s you who needs to make the right choice as per your requirements.

Brands and the condition of the blower isn’t much of an issue. It isn’t a clothing item. What does matter is the efficiency so before you buy, take reviews from people on the internet and people around you. Not only you’ll get a general knowledge, but you will also get to know what experience they have had with their leaf blowers, so you can avoid them beforehand.

Whatever, just clear all those leaves before they really reach your doors and you need to stand in your home to start cleaning them!

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