Best Microphones For Gaming and Livestreaming 2018


I hope you will not negate me when I say:
“Microphone and gaming has become a part and parcel for enthusiastic gamers ”. Right?

Getting a “Best microphone for gaming and livestreaming 2018” has increased over the internet in the last couple of months. It’s because of the arrival of new innovative games in which voice communication is an unavoidable part. Well, don’t spin your head by thinking too much about the built-in microphone in your computer or the one attached to your headset. The quality of those pieces is never gonna satisfy you as a gaming geek. To involve the little kids in our discussion, too, we’ll start from the basics.

What is a microphone?

It is basically a wired or wireless computer accessory which performs the function of carrying your voice from one source, system or device to another. It can also be used for the purpose of audio recording. Keep reading to know why the gadget is important in gaming.

Best Microphones For Gaming and Livestreaming – Buying Guide

Main Advantages:

Some of you must be thinking still about the actual need of gaming mikes, when we have the same gadget with a headset. Well, the reason for having a mike is same as the reason for having a TV, while you can still play any channel on your mobile phone. A specialized gadget is always more satisfying. Here are the few reasons, why a gaming mike is crucial in your life:
• More advanced games requiring specialized vocal hardware can be played.
• Sophisticated and separate sound recording system.
• Gaming efficiency increases at so many levels.
• Your setup seems more professional.

Considerations Before Buying Best Microphones For Gaming and Live streaming:

You can’t just rush into the market and chose any random mike for catering your vocal needs, pals. Can you? You definitely need some guidance to bid on the right horse. Good news for you, here is everything laid down you need to know before looking for a gaming mike.

Looks and Design:

Gaming geeks worry about the looks of their gaming system more than their own appearance, you’re not gonna deny this fact. Well, this is why; the gaming mike also has to be nice and elegant in design. The thing is also important even if you’re not a gamer, but you wanna record yourself for a wider range of audience. The looks of mike will definitely impact your reputation because viewers notice everything.

Recording class:

The primary function of a mike is to record the voice of the person who is wearing the gadget at that moment, no conflict on that. That’s the reason; quality of recording is, by far, the most crucial buying factor among all, when it comes to the purchase of mikes. You don’t want to let your gaming partner compare your voice with the zombies. Do you? A quality mike helps you in the process of conveying the message in a clear voice.

Convenience of Use:

Nowadays, gaming is not like breaking some bricks with your head by jumping. It is much more strategic and mental. That is the reason; you can’t afford to buy junky and incapable peripheral computer components, dudes. The “Ease of use” aspect is as important in mikes as it is, in the rest of the computer parts. This is because; delay of even a second in conveying your message to the team mate really devastates the mission. You must be able to handle the gadget efficiently.

Adaptability with the surroundings:

A mike is supposed to carry your voice at the other end in every surrounding condition, dudes. I mean, it must have the capability to be placed anywhere on your computer table or your side table when you’re using computer on the bed. Cutting the crap straight, the mike you’re going to buy must have a proper stand with preferably a shock mount.


Noise Reduction Mechanism:

No gamer wants his remote gaming partner to listen his family chats. What do you say, pals? I hope, you would say the same. Well, that’s what noise cancellation technology is here for, guys. This innovative mechanism ensures that only your voice goes through the mike, not your younger brother’s.


This is a very important specification of a gaming mike, pals. It can either be unidirectional or omnidirectional. But you can’t say that the best microphone for gaming and livestreaming 2018 will be one of them. It really depends on your needs. If you just need to convey your voice at the opposite end, a unidirectional mike will serve the purpose. On the other hand, if the mic is placed in a conference room, where every speaker is needed to be heard, the later one will do the job.


Price is last but not the least aspect, you need to think about, while looking out for a mike. Nobody wants to pay extra bucks. That’s the reason, everybody pursues for the best cheap microphone for gaming. Just keep in mind all the tips provided in this content and you’ll get to the gadget of your choice.

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