Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x to Achieve that Desired Computing Speed

Be it programmers, analysts, gamers, or data scientists, most of these professionals have preferred AMD over the years for the brand’s finesse in engineering processors that have surpassed expectations. Recently, many tech-savvy individuals have been raving about the Ryzen 7 2700x, one of AMD’s latest inventions.

However, incredible computation speed cannot be achieved by a processor alone. A Ryzen 7 2700x, for instance, coupled with a sophisticated motherboard can help achieve the speed to process applications that are highly graphic-intense. Many gamers and individuals prefer customizing their computers by appending highly sophisticated motherboards, to achieve their desired computing speeds.

However, choosing the ideal motherboard for assembling has often proved to be a daunting task for most people worldwide. Here’s our compilation of best motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x for all of you striving to tailor a system with the best possible computational capacity.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Top 5 Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x – Comparative Table

Product NameDimensionsWeightPrice

ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Motherboard

12 x 3 x 9.6 inches3.5 Pounds

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MSI Performance Gaming AMD X470 Motherboard

1 x 1 x 1 inches3 Pounds

No products found.

Gigabyte X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming Motherboard

15 x 12.2 x 4.2 inches2.95 Pounds

No products found.

ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero

12 x 1 x 10.6 inches6.45 Pounds

No products found.

ASRock X370 Professional Gaming

12 x 9.6 x 1 inches2 Pounds

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ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Motherboard

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ASUS is undoubtedly one of the most trusted manufacturers of computer hardware, and the brand has proved its finesse yet again with the ROG Strix X470-F. As far as the configuration is concerned, there are many factors that are worth boasting about this cool invention.

The motherboard is driven by 7th generation Athlon processors and dual NVMe M.2, which collectively contribute to its unparalleled speed and connectivity. The manufacturer also facilitates a scope for personalization by offering Aura Sync RGB lighting, 2 RGB headers, as well as one addressable RGB header along with this product.

Apart from lightning speed and great connectivity, there’s another factor many gamers and avid movie watchers would adore about this unique product. Powered by several Japanese capacitors, this motherboard includes an 8-channel HD audio feature, which implies the sound output that could be achieved by the ROG Strix X470-F is impeccable.

        Pros        Cons
Includes best-of-breed components
Includes the RGB light-sync feature
Motherboard gets heated up quickly

MSI Performance Gaming AMD X470 Motherboard

No products found.
No products found.


As the name suggests, this motherboard is completely a gamers’ delight. The fact also implies the product is incredible at processing most applications that are heavy on graphics and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). The AMD X470 Motherboard excels at low latency and bandwidth management, which is why every gamer should probably think of owning this piece. A noteworthy fact of this MSI product is that it’s equipped with an award-winning Click BIOS 5 feature that offers a high-resolution font, as well as favorites and search functions.

Most importantly, this motherboard can be seamlessly bridged with the RYZEN and 7th Gen-A Series/ Athlon Processors. Imagine the processing speed that can be achieved when two such sophisticated components are coupled together.

        Pros        Cons
Ideal for gaming
Low latency and excellent bandwidth management
Performance isn’t consistently good

Gigabyte X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming Motherboard

No products found.
No products found.


The Gigabyte X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming Motherboard supports some of the best processors available currently. These include the AMD Ryzen 2nd Generation, Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics, Ryzen 1st Generation, 7th Generation A-Series as well as Athlon X4 Processors.

As far as storage is concerned, the Gigabyte X470 AORUS includes dual-channel Non-ECC unbuffered DDR4, as well as 4 DIMMs. In addition, the motherboard also offers 2-Way CrossFire/ SLI Graphics Support, which makes it suitable for gaming and running other applications that are high on animation.

Not just its technical capabilities, even in terms of aesthetics, this product is quite unconventional as compared to many other motherboards. The manufacturer, Gigabyte, has been hailed for the ultra-durable design it has achieved with this product in particular.

        Pros        Cons
Impeccable design
Compatible with some of the best processors
Inconsistent performance

ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero

No products found.
No products found.


If you don’t intend to completely trust the abilities of the ASUS ROG Strix X470-F, the manufacturer has another variant tailored just for you – the Crosshair VI Hero. This is another impeccable invention of the reputed hardware brand that will leave you awestruck.

The motherboard can be coupled with AMD Ryzen AM4, 7th generation Athlon and HD 2000 series processors to achieve excellence in performance.

Apart from an industry leading 8-channel HD audio, another noteworthy feature of the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero is Intel’s latest I211-AT Ethernet Controller, which makes this motherboard ideal for gaming.

These facts about this ASUS invention make it totally worth a buy, if coupling with the Ryzen 7 2700x is what you have in mind.

        Pros        Cons
Includes the gaming-friendly Intel I211-AT Ethernet Controller
Includes 8-Channel HD Audio
12-Phase VRM Design
BIOS and motherboard temperature sensor function inconsistently

 ASRock X370 Professional Gaming Motherboard

No products found.
No products found.


ASRock’s reputation in engineering motherboards is well known, and with the X370, the brand has achieved a computational speed just what today’s tech-savvy generation wants.

Supportive of AMD AM4 Socket Ryzen Series CPUs, this ASRock invention includes two USB 3.1 Ports (1 Type-A, 1 Type-C), ten USB 3.0 Ports (6 rear, 4 via headers), as well as four USB 2.0 Ports.

If you are keen on overclocking the Ryzen 7 2700x you own, probably this motherboard is your best bet. This ability is an advantage that steers this motherboard ahead of several other products of its kind.

        Pros        Cons
Large number of ports
Supportive of AMD AM4 Socket Ryzen Series CPUs
Can help achieve overclocking in Ryzen 7 2700x
Less durable components

Buyers’ Guide

We are sure the product reviews have helped you so far. Yet, if you are still plagued by ambiguity and have been indecisive about choosing the right motherboard, these are a few factors to be considered.


The primary criteria a motherboard needs to satisfy is being compatible with not just Ryzen 7 2700x, but a range of other processors as well.  Even if you want to upgrade to a more sophisticated processor in the near future, it’s important that the motherboard you choose currently can be seamlessly integrated with the best of technology available currently.

Go through the configurations of the various cutting-edge motherboards in town right now to see if they satisfy this criterion and won’t become obsolete too soon.


Design is an important factor as well that plays a vital role in figuring the best motherboard. The array of components embedded, that contribute to the computational ability, and efficiency to work seamlessly even under high workloads and stress are factors to look for in a motherboard. Reading reviews of motherboards extensively should help you get a clear idea of what a good design is.


Compatibility and design are the factors that should determine if a motherboard is worth the money or not. Measuring price against configuration and extensively reading product reviews should help determine if a product is worth the money or not.

1. Which is the best budget and gaming motherboard for Ryzen?

The expectations of users from motherboards, in terms of computational capacity and budget may vary significantly, and it’s difficult to zero-in on a product in particular. However, ASUS has manufactured a few variants that are generally budget-friendly as well as ideal for gaming. The ASUS ROG Strix X470-F in particular has been tailored for gaming and is quite reasonable too.

Apart from an impressive configuration, ASUS’ reputation in manufacturing hardware is a reason why you should probably opt for this product. The combined prowess of this motherboard and the Ryzen 7 2700x can together help achieve an unparalleled computing speed.

2. What are some of the best brands selling budget and gaming motherboards for Ryzen?

Most computer hardware manufacturers today have invented their own motherboards, and have been striving to deliver gadgets with the best configurations. ASUS, MSI, ASRock, and Gigabyte are a few renowned motherboard manufacturers. All these brands have introduced multiple variants with impressive features that amplify processing speed significantly.


We hope this compilation of best motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X proved to be useful for each one of you. Based on our research, if we were to suggest a product, it would probably be the ASUS ROG Strix X470-F, for many reasons. Apart from the reputation of the brand, the interesting array of sophisticated components is another reason to love about this wonderful invention.

Coupling this motherboard with the rest of your computer system could help achieve an unparalleled processing speed and is totally worth the investment.

However, you can always indulge in your own research too, to identify a product that’s better aligned with your needs.

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