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Best Portable Monitor 20172018

Monitors with a huge base and size? LED monitors limited to a single place?
Come on! You have been living ages behind. Why care for such big and sturdy monitors when you can get the best portable monitor 2018.

Yes, you heard it right. I am talking about a whole new revolution of portable monitors. Monitors in your backpack or even in your laps ready to be turned on and used whenever you want!

You might be thinking how the connection might be established or what about the big blue VGA cable. Well for your information, it has been replaced with a USB connector that will work just the same. That’s what we call the “remote revolution”.

Best Portable Monitor 2018 – Buying Guide

Why a portable monitor?

The need of portable monitors came into effect when the idea of laptop evolved. While everyone was thinking of a whole computer in your lap, some might have hit an idea of a monitor too

Main Benefits

The benefits of these are numerous. Once you get to know the perks of them, you’ll definitely hit the next button to buy them straight away.

  • Remote and easy to carry: When you are talking about the best portable monitors, you are definitely portraying a lightweight, slim and easy to carry gadget that can be connected to your laptops anytime and any where you like.
    Most of them come with sleek defined edges that are not only visually appealing but also cut on the weight overall making them as easy to carry as anything else.
  • Cheap but still with quality: You might be thinking that these gadgets would be coming with some hidden tech features that will make them costly. In reality, it is just opposite to it. They are far cheaper, yet offer the same visual display and quality as the other high end monitors in the market. The reason that makes them even better is their availability at the remotest places you can think of. For example, what about watching The Conjuring in the middle of an Amazon rain forest?
  • The gaming factor: Yes, now with such huge advancements in the filed of technology, you can have best portable gaming monitors too. So, now your gaming consoles aren’t just limited to the conformity of your room, but you can even enjoy it while on a subway.
    However, you can’t expect them to be as good as specified gaming monitors offering 4K displays. But still, you will have a great deal of the feeling on the move.
  • Multi-screen displays: While most of the updated versions of the Windows offer window stacking and split screen features, still many people find it absolutely tiring to switch between windows and tabs at a single time. However, now as portable monitors are available, you can have two windows opened on two screens or even more. This will enable efficiency as well as effectiveness of any task you are performing.
    This multi-screen display is also quite a delight when you are gaming especially in racing games.
  • Security systems: Security and surveillance is all about having multiple screens all operating at the same time. Although, you don’t need to move that system around much, still having smaller portable monitors will save a lot of your space and will be easier to handle as well. What if I tell you that they are energy efficient? Head on to buy them.
  • Cinema on the go: You might not have thought of it yet, but you can still give it a try. Whether you are camping in the mountains or are getting a massage at a center, you don’t need to miss your entertainment. Get a tripod stand and place your portable monitor on it and you will get the best cinematic experience in the respective scenario.

USB type C: The technology behind portable monitors:

USB technology is one of the most applied technology around the globe nowadays. With the advent of USB Type C, now it can handle data as much as 10 gigabits per second and that too supported by power sources of up to 100 watts. This is the very technology that has surpassed laptops and has made best portable monitors for laptops as well.

Buying or not buying a product is all up to you. What you need to realize is the fact that portability and remoteness is the future of technology and workplaces won’t be effective as they are now. Soon there will be no offices but people working as they like from where ever they are.

For such a technological boom, you need to be having such systems as a portable monitor beforehand. What might be coming is the AI powered systems working on complete auto pilot and their performances being recorded on interactive screens. I just want to let you know that,” Portable monitors are the future”.

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