Best Projectors Under $500 2018

Best Projectors Under $500 20172018

2018 is surely not an era of smaller screens especially when there is so much to enjoy and so many to enjoy with. The problem that haunts most of the customers is the fact that either the projectors are costly, or they don’t really come up to what you might be looking for. Here is what you should be looking in the best projectors under $500 2018.

You need to decide what you want to use this gadget for. If it is to be used to serve your business requirements than of course, you will be playing a lot of still images. It is not that one projector would work equally well for both the entertainment purpose as well as the business usage.

If you want the best home projectors under 500 then we suggest that you look for specified projectors that are developed for home theatrical usage. Don’t expect a business manufactured projector to serve the 4k display for your gaming or cinematic graphics.

Area of usage; Indoor or Outdoor:

The usage as well as the selection of this product is directly based on where you want to use it. It is a well-known fact that if you are planning to buy it for outdoor usage, you should be looking for the one that has a higher ratio of resolution and contrast and serves a better and clearer picture too.

However, if you wish to buy this gadget for your indoor usage then you must look for the one that is quieter in its operation and displays clearer images regardless of the angle of vision.

Size and portability:

Size is really matters a lot. If you are looking to install the projector in your home theater for cinematic usage, then it isn’t an issue if this product can be easily displaced or not. However, if you are going to use it randomly on the move for your business presentations and projects, then you should go for a lightweight and easy to install these. You can choose whatever suits you.


Cost is the deciding factor in most of the purchases you make. And it should be.

When you can get the best home theater projectors under 500 dollars then you shouldn’t be paying more for it on any account. A portable projector that can serve all your business requirements will be readily available for around $300 while you may need to add some more cash if you want a wider range of features and quality.

On the contrary, you should have a decent amount of over $1000 for buying the home theater projectors that can be called high quality ones. The more you put in the cash, the better you get till you will reach $10,000 that you can pay for the one that displays 4k graphic quality.

Brightness and contrast ratio:

This is a huge factor in terms of how good a picture will be displayed by your projector. It depends a lot if you are looking such a one that is expected to serve a cinematic need.

While best movie projectors under 500 will be providing just the kind of lumen output to ensure a decent display, adding more value to your wallet will seriously increase your chances of getting the best picture.

If you are planning to use this item in a darker environment, then you can easily work with lower rates of brightness. In opposite to it, you will need a high-power projector with an output of over 5000 lumens at least if you are deploying it in an environment with some amount of diffused light seeping into.

Similar is the case with the contrast ratio. The higher the contrast ratio of the projector you wish to buy, the better picture you will get. It will significantly distinguish between the dark and bright parts of the picture. However, there will be a lot of underlying factors too that need to be catered for before relying on contrast ratio.

Ports and connectivity:

Most of these you will be looking at in the market will be having VGA ports that will accept input from any CPU or laptop in other cases.

However, if you wish to use it for playing games or watching movies on a larger display screen, you should buy the one that has an HDMI port in it too. Take a step further and go for the projector with the USB port integrated in it. It will add up a valuable connectivity feature that you can use simply anywhere.

This is how we can portray the requirements the best projector usually should meet. However, the benchmarks can be variant as the needs of everyone are subjective and change with time. As a customer, you need to decide wisely where your requirements fall.

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