Best Smart Wallets 2021 That Have Redefined Luxury 2021

Wallets have evolved by leaps and bounds over the years. Even a few years ago, the best looking, expensive leather wallet would swell and tear when a large number of credit cards are placed inside. Of course, the makers have noted the many inconveniences associated with wallets. The recent string of incidents surrounding skimming and fraudulent practices to steal critical credit card information, have prompted these manufacturers to introduce more intelligent products.

This compilation of best smart wallets reveals how some of these cash and card carriers made of leather have exceeded the capabilities of its predecessors by miles. The capabilities of some of these products will definitely take you by surprise.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Editor’s Choice
Trackable Anti-Lost Bluetooth Wallet, Intelligent Tracker Finder with Position Locator (Via Phone GPS) Bifold Cowhide Leather Minimalist Credit Card Purse (Black, Horizontal)
Most Powerful
Bryker Hyde RFID Blocking Slim Minimalist ID Outside Front Pocket Wallet, Money Clip, 9 Slots, Leather (Slate Gray)
GPS-enabled,Can be charged for a few hours and would last for a month
Can detect electromagnetic signals as low as 25 KHz This wallet includes 8 card pockets, 1 ID window, as well as a money clip
RFID Blocking
Editor’s Choice
Product Image
Trackable Anti-Lost Bluetooth Wallet, Intelligent Tracker Finder with Position Locator (Via Phone GPS) Bifold Cowhide Leather Minimalist Credit Card Purse (Black, Horizontal)
GPS-enabled,Can be charged for a few hours and would last for a month
RFID Blocking
Most Powerful
Product Image
Bryker Hyde RFID Blocking Slim Minimalist ID Outside Front Pocket Wallet, Money Clip, 9 Slots, Leather (Slate Gray)
Can detect electromagnetic signals as low as 25 KHz This wallet includes 8 card pockets, 1 ID window, as well as a money clip
RFID Blocking

Best Smart Wallet – Comparative Table

Product NameFeaturesRFID BlockingPrice

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet

Top-grain Dutch leather; High on aesthetics; 30-day money-back guaranteeYes

No products found.

Ridge Slim Minimalist Metal Wallet

Metal body, aluminum-plated; Minimal designYes

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Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost WalletGPS-enabled; Can be charged for a few hours and would last for a monthYes

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Pitaka Magwallet

World’s first magnetic carbon fiber wallet; Easy to slide cards outYes

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Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet

Can accommodate 12 cards; Includes 6061 aerospace-grade CNC’d AluminumYes

Click Here for Price

Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Men’s Wallet

RFID blocking and other security mechanisms; Impressive designYes

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Lethnic Men’s Bifold Wallet

Includes a 180-day warranty; includes 6 card slots, 4 functional pockets, 1 long top compartmentYes

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Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold Wallet

Three metal variants have been used to create RFID barrier material; can comfortably accommodate 6 to 8 cardsYes

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SERMAN BRANDS Smart wallet

Offers a 12-month warranty; various color choices such as Texas Brown, California Desert, and Canyon Red availableYes

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Bryker Hyde Front Pocket Smart Wallet


Can detect electromagnetic signals as low as 25 KHz; this wallet includes 8 card pockets, 1 ID window


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1. Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet

No products found.No products found.

Wallet manufacturers are doing their best possible to keep thieves and hackers at bay. This wallet, developed by Ekster, is a great example to learn how the product has evolved over the years.

Measuring approximately 4.1 x 2.5 x 0.59, this smart wallet can store approximately 10 cards, and yet not seem swollen, unlike many yesteryear products of its kind. The most noteworthy feature of this wallet is the incorporation of RFID/NFC blocking technology in its manufacture by the makers, which prevents skimming and  theft of private data. In the past, wallets have been scanned, and details of the cards stored in them were duplicated, by miscreants. Owning such a wallet would definitely keep such worries at bay.

As far as the design is concerned, Ekster has employed high-quality, top-grain, Dutch/German leathers, which greatly contributes to its aesthetics. The ingredient not just contributes to the wallet’s luster, but is also quite long-lasting. The size is quite compact, and it is quite easy to slide this into your pocket.

The most interesting aspect of this wallet manufactured by Ekster is the fact that the brand is willing to refund the complete amount within 30 days, if the product fails to meet expectations. This implies that the makers are quite confident of the product’s durability and its ability to impress.

        Pros        Cons
Presence of RFID blocking technology
30-day moneyback guarantee
Quite compact, doesn’t swell when several cards are stuffed
Not a long-lasting product

2. Ridge Slim Minimalist Metal Wallet

Ridge Slim Minimalist Metal WalletClick Here for Price

This Ridge Slim invention is a tad too unconventional for a wallet, which is one of the features of this product that instantly grabs attention. There aren’t really many wallets that are made of metal, which easily makes the Minimalist stand out in a store that has stacked arrays of products of its kind. However, the makers give you many more reasons to leave a lasting impression about this wallet in your minds.

The advantage of the metal body is that the contents of the wallet are well encapsulated from hackers and even some of the most sophisticated RFID chip readers. Thus, you can rule out the possibility of critical information being decrypted from a distance, which has been a pattern among several crimes surrounding credit/debit cards.

The adoption of Aluminum plating and elastic screws that are interchangeable, contribute to the durability of this wallet. The metal body, thus also overcomes the age-old issues of wear-and-tear, when a lot of cards are stuffed inside wallets.  The product isn’t susceptible to any kind of damage by exposure to water too, which means this wallet is long-lasting for sure. A metal clip integrated in this metal wallet firmly holds money bills and prevents them from falling accidentally. Most importantly, if you are walking on crowded pavements or subways, the presence of the metal clip would prevent thefts by a large extent.

The wallet is also quite compact compared to many traditional products of its kind, yet it does a great job at holding a significant amount of content efficiently.

Buying the product also means you bag a lifetime guarantee that covers the replacement of elastic, screws, cash strap plate, as well as a money clip.

        Pros        Cons
The metal body is quite great at preventing hacks caused by RFID chip readers
Highly durable due to the incorporation of Aluminum in the manufacture
The screws of this wallet aren’t really durable and fall off frequently

3. Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost Wallet

Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost WalletClick Here for Price

The next time you are on a crowded train or the subway you definitely don’t have to fret over a stolen wallet, as long as you are the owner of sophisticated piece such as this one.

The product comprises of a range of functions such as Location Record, Smart Find, and Remote Photographing, which prevent untoward incidents to the best possible extent.

Have you ever heard of someone calling their wallet through a phone, or vice-versa? Well, the manufacturers have turned this idea, which seemed absolutely impossible a few years ago, into reality. The wallet can be bridged with your smartphone by utilizing Bluetooth.

That’s not all, you can synchronize your phone’s GPS along with this wallet to track its current position. By utilizing this approach, you can know the approximate location of your wallet, if it goes missing for a while.

The wallet needs to be charged for approximately 5 hours for it to last approximately a month, which makes it useful for quite a few tasks.

Apart from the technical abilities of this wallet, this Smart LB product is quite noteworthy for its design. Manufactured using top grain leather, this wallet includes two pockets, four card slots as well as an ID display window. This product can accommodate a considerably big stack of cards, yet the leather wouldn’t swell and wear out.

The product is also quite inexpensive considering the number of features it offers, which is another reason that explains why it is totally worth an investment.

        Pros        Cons
Charging merely for 5 hours can make this wallet last for a month
Wallet can be traced through a phone’s built-in GPS
Includes several functions such as Location Record, Smart Find, and Remote Photographing
Not available at nearby outlets, virtual stores are the only channels
You may have to wait at least a week or two to find one

4. Pitaka Magwallet

Pitaka MagwalletClick Here for Price

What makes this product smart and worth a mention on our list is the fact that it is touted as the world’s first magnetic carbon fiber wallet.

As far as the design is concerned, this wallet is quite sleek as compared to many leather variants we have come across in recent times.

The main raw material, and the design of this wallet as a whole, prevents any kind of damage that could be caused due to RFID blocking, skimming and other fraudulent activities.

Sliding cards in and out of the wallet only requires a stroke of the thumb, which is a lot more convenient as compared to the hassles of removing them from such traditional products.

However, if you own cards that include magnetic strips, stacking them in this wallet would demagnetize them, although the cards would still continue to work efficiently as before. If you are quite particular about the magnetic strips not losing their power, you can probably skip this wallet. Credit/debit cards with microchips aren’t at risk or vulnerable to any sort of damage when stored in the Pitaka Magwallet.

        Pros        Cons
World’s first magnetic carbon fiber wallet
Quite sleek and RFID blocking-enabled. Capable of preventing activities such as skimming
Demagnetizes cards with strips, due to its inherent property.This behavior may be disliked by quite a few

5. Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet

Dango D01 Dapper EDC WalletClick Here for Price

The design of this wallet is quite impressive and it can very well compliment your attire. Well, it would be great to delve deep into its other noteworthy features as well.

Manufactured in the USA, the Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet can accommodate as many as 12 cards. Its RFID blocking ability is another feature that deserves to be noted. However, it isn’t as effective as other variants on our list in terms of skimming prevention.

If you are at a party, this wallet can prove to be really handy since it includes a built-in opener, which isn’t something you usually find in products of its kind.

The wallet doesn’t really swell when quite a few cards are stuffed in it. Including 6 cards increases the thickness of this product by only around 0.3 inches. This expansion is quite reasonable, unlike many yesteryear products that stretch and wear out over a short time period.

Weighing just over 2 ounces, the manufacturers have included 6061 aerospace grade CNC’d aluminum in its manufacture, which renders significant durability to the product. This Dango wallet includes a chassis to which the top-grain leather used in its manufacture has been secured using bolts.

Buyers can choose from the various shades the makers have to offer. These options include Brown Rawhide, Jet Black, Satin Silver Bifold, Moss Green, as well as Whiskey Brown. Not many wallet manufacturers offer so many choices in terms of colors.

The recent times witnessed a few complaints about the quality of the leather deteriorating, which could be a cause for concern. However, the few advantages this wallet has to offer can still be considered and the product could be one of the purchase options.

        Pros        Cons
Highly durable
Wide range of color choices
RFID blocking ability
Not very effective in preventing skimming

6. Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Men’s Wallet

Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Men’s WalletClick Here for Price

This wallet, produced by Vaultskin, is probably the best fusion of tradition and sophistication. They undoubtedly bear a resemblance to many leather wallets we have probably seen in the past, but a look at its innovative features will make you realize this product has much more to offer.

For instance, the smart strap included in the product makes it easy to slide cards out, which is a noteworthy ability. However, the key differentiating factor is the high-tech insulation offered by the wallet that shields it against fraudulent activities such as using electronic signals to scan credit cards. So, owning this product assures a lot of critical information isn’t stolen by miscreants.

Even if you are commuting across spaces not generally considered safe, the aforementioned feature should hopefully put an end to the anxiety surrounding thefts. So, this could very well be that trustworthy wallet that could be carried during those trips, especially if you are a frequent trotter.

Unlike many such products available today, the Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Men’s Wallet is quite slender, and can accommodate as many as ten cards. This watch could be a great gift for your loved ones and can be included in your list of various options being considered for those birthdays and anniversaries. The manufacturers also offer this wallet in a box that’s high on aesthetics and allures buyers at a store or even those checking it out online. If you are pretty old-school and still prefer the traditional wallet, you can probably consider this product since it has seamlessly bridged nostalgia with modernity.

        Pros        Cons
High-tech insulation prevents hackers from stealing critical information from credit/debit cards
RFID blocking ability at an advanced level, as compared to other competitor products
A few instances of RFID blocking feature working inconsistently

7. Lethnic Men’s Bifold Wallet

Lethnic Mens Bifold WalletClick Here for Price

Quite cheaply-priced, the Lethnic men’s bifold wallet offers several benefits that wouldn’t clearly meet your eye at the first glance. Manufactured using leather of the finest quality, the top layer of this wallet is covered using oil that makes it easy to maintain.

Measuring roughly around 3.73 x 4.52 inches, this wallet is quite sleek and can easily slide into even small pockets. The design of this product is quite laudable since it includes 6 card slots, 4 functional pockets, as well as 1 long top compartment exclusively dedicated to storing money.

This wallet can accommodate approximately 10 credit cards as well as 15 to 20 bills/receipts, which is quite an impressive capacity. Despite the number of cards stored in the wallet, it doesn’t expand unevenly and tear, unlike several yesteryear products of its kind.

During its design, the makers did their best possible to ensure this product has an advanced RFID shield that eliminates unforeseen financial crimes such as skimming to the greatest extent.

Any attempts of breaches by electronic signals of 13.56 MHz frequency can be easily detected and their ill-effects can be shunned. Most wallets, produced by the best brands, are industrially manufactured, which lends a typical look, but not this Lethnic product. The brand employs skilled artisans to produce large numbers of this invention and aesthetically these wallets are far superior than many manufactured by adopting dedicated machines.

The manufacturers offer a 180-day warranty that ensures replacement of defective products that have arrived at your doorstep. Lethnic either offers replacement of the faulty wallet with an entirely new piece or refunds cash entirely.

        Pros        Cons
Quite sleek as compared to several premium wallets
RFID blocking technology prevents the occurrences of fraudulent financial crimes
Produced by artisans and not machines, which is the reason behind its unique look
Not highly durable

8. Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold Wallet

Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold WalletClick Here for Price

Not just one of the cheapest, this Zitahli wallet is also the thinnest product of its kind you would possibly find today. However, equating cheap price with the notion that the product wouldn’t live up to the expectations would be a grave mistake. This Minimalist wallet has proved that exceptional quality can be expected from a product that is quite cheaply-priced too.

This wallet can accommodate approximately 6 to 8 cards as well as a few money bills which is now the minimum expectations most individuals have as far as wallets are concerned.

The RFID barrier material included in the wallets comprises of 3 metal variants, and these layers are really effective in shielding credit/debit cards against external damage. Thus, the design of the wallet shields its contents like a fortress against external breaches.

The Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold Wallet is quite effective in preventing your credit as well as debit cards from any vulnerabilities resulting from foreign electronic signals. The product is quite adept at blocking signals of frequencies equivalent to 13.56 MHz and even slightly higher. However, the wallet isn’t really effective in blocking the potential damage that could be caused to numerous hotel room and access cards that have operating frequencies of around 125 KHz.

The wallet is quite durable and stronger than many high-priced wallets manufactured by some of the leading brands across the globe. The makers have adopted a Japanese cardboard in the manufacture of this wallet, which renders the product its overall shape.

In the recent past, this Zitahli product has been quite a popular gift choice for numerous occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Father’s Day, and many others. An embodiment of luxury, latest fashion trends, as well as technology, this product is totally worth the price. The makers, in fact deliver it in a gift box inclusive of a cloth sleeve, which is probably why it has found so many takers.

        Pros        Cons
RFID barrier material includes 3 metal variants
Impressive design that can accommodate 6 to 8 cards
Fails to detect any attempts to hack cards that operate at frequencies as low as 125 KHz

9. SERMAN BRANDS Smart wallet

SERMAN BRANDS Smart WalletClick Here for Price

Some of the top priorities for SERMAN BRANDS, a leading wallet manufacturer, while engineering this invention of theirs were safety, privacy, and security. To a considerable extent, the brand has succeeded in accomplishing these milestones.

The design of the wallet in particular is quite noteworthy and includes a front pocket, 2 pockets on the inside, as well as a slot to insert money bills. The makers have also included a smart pull-strap in the design which makes it really convenient to access your cards. You can easily slide the cards you need in and out of this wallet, thus enhancing this product’s degree of usability. Another noteworthy feature of the design is the presence of a pull-tab aimed at making the wallet less bulky.

As far as security is concerned, the makers have adopted an advanced RFID SECURE technology in the manufacture of this product to prevent the damage caused by signals of approximately 13.56 MHZ and higher frequencies. Thus, the information embedded in most credit/debit cards can be saved and mishaps, to a large extent, can be averted by using this wallet.

The manufacturers have also applied for a patent for this product, which speaks volumes about its uniqueness. In addition, SERMAN BRANDS offers a 12-month warranty that effectively compensates customers who have received defective products.

As far as choices of color are concerned, the brand offers Texas Brown, California Desert, and Canyon Red, which are quite attractive and high on aesthetics too.

The brand has also appointed an efficient customer service team to address the concerns of the buyers. A money-back guarantee is offered to those who are totally dissatisfied by the product. To be precise, either the customer receives a new product for free or is offered a complete refund, to compensate for his loss.

        Pros        Cons
Inclusive of an advanced RFID SECURE technology
Includes a 12-month warranty and money-back guarantee
Several color choices
Impressive design
Cannot prevent the damage caused by RFID signals with frequencies as low as 125 KHzBryker Hyde Front Pocket Smart WalletBryker Hyde Front Pocket Smart Wallet

10. Bryker Hyde Front Pocket Smart Wallet

Bryker Hyde Front Pocket Smart WalletClick Here for Price

Widely hailed as the security guards of personal information, the Bryker Hyde Front Pocket Smart Wallet, has redefined sophistication to a great extent.

The product has been manufactured using the finest full grain leather, which renders a rich texture that would be perceived attractive by most people almost instantly. Adoption of RFID technology is one of the most vital aspects of this product.

The wallet includes 8 card pockets, 1 ID window, as well as 1 money clip, and can be easily slid either into the front or back pockets. The product can easily detect electromagnetic signals with frequencies of approximately 13.56 MHz. Thus, the wallet has an ability to shield itself against external electromagnetic signals, especially those arising from a hacker’s source.

Unlike many other smart wallets, this Bryker Hyde invention can detect attempts to hack hotel cards and several other access tools that have a frequency of approximately 125 KHz. This age-old shortcoming which this product has overcome, makes it one of the most powerful wallets of its kind.

Since this wallet is quite light and high on security features, it makes it a perfect companion for your travel. You would seldom find such wallets that are perfect blends of safety and comfort.


        Pros        Cons
The design of these wallets includes 8 card pockets, 1 ID window, as well as a money clip, which is impressive
Quite light and includes several security features
Money clip snaps within a short time period

Buyer’s Guide

The number of smart wallets available across online stores today is quite overwhelming. If you aren’t really a tech-savvy person, this deluge could probably push you into a state of dilemma and you would be unable to judge the product closely tailored to your needs.

These are a few factors that are common among most smart wallets that could be considered before you buy one.

RFID-blocking Ability

This is the most vital feature that’s pretty common among most smart wallets manufactured today. In the wake of the rise in the number of skimming attacks by miscreants, the makers of several wallets have embedded an RFID blocking ability in their wallets. Most debit/credit cards have frequencies of approximately 13.56 MHz and higher, which make them vulnerable to skimming attacks.

Most smart wallets have been equipped with the ability to prevent foreign electromagnetic signals from stealing any useful information from credit/debit cards.


Some of the wallets available today have a built-in GPS system that makes it really easy to trace their locations in case of thefts or if they’ve gone missing for some reason. The Smart LB Smart Wallet, a product included in our list, is GPS-enabled, can be paired with smartphones, and is highly secure.


Several smart wallets today have succeeded their predecessors in terms of aesthetics and durability. Some of the products available today have metal bodies that make them quite durable as compared to several traditional wallets we know. Such materials, used in the manufacture, make these products highly durable and resistant to damages of several kinds, such as exposure to water and an overwhelming number of cards.

A few wallets today, surprisingly, utilize the services of skilled artisans who etch them with their own hands, as compared to many others that are manufactured using machines. A bit of research of leading smart wallet manufacturing brands would lead you to products  that are unconventional, or rather unique, in terms of aesthetics.


It is equally important to measure the features being offered by the manufacturers for a wallet against the price. An expensive wallet that offers nothing apart from an attractive design is an investment simply wasted in an era where technology has so much to offer.


1. What is a smart wallet?

A smart wallet is a significant enhancement over the traditional ones we have been using over the years. Most of these products are coated with material that ensures RFID blocking and prevents damage that could be caused due to external electromagnetic signals emitted from a hacker’s sources.

Some smart wallets can also be tracked using GPS, which helps owners identify the latest locations of their possessions, if they are lost or stolen. Even in terms of aesthetics, a few of these products include money clips and metal exteriors that prevent deterioration.

2. Which is the best smart wallet available today?

A wide variety of factors determine one’s choice of a smart wallet. These could range from color, design and technical finesse to price. Hence, the idea of a perfect product is quite subjective since the expectations of each customer completely vary from the other.

However, if we are to suggest one of the products from our compilation of smart wallets, it would probably be the Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost Wallet, for its many insane technical abilities. The product is everything we couldn’t probably imagine wallets to offer, even a few years ago.

The wallet is a perfect answer to the age-old concern of how thefts can be prevented and the locations of stolen products can be traced. The wallet has a built-in GPS that can be connected to a smart phone and if it has gone missing, the product’s last location can be identified.

The product has an RFID blocking ability that prevents miscreants from copying critical information from credit/debit cards. Skimming has been a crime trend in recent times and this wallet effectively puts an end to such fraudulent activities which couldn’t be curbed by many of its predecessors.

3. What are the features to look for in a smart wallet?

Smart wallets are far from the yesteryear products we know that are merely useful in terms of storing money bills as well as cards. Some of the wallets of recent times include an RFID blocking ability aimed at preventing incidents of skimming. Thus, your wallets wouldn’t fall prey to the many fraudulent financial activities that have become tad too common today.

Some of the wallets have a built-in GPS mechanism that makes it easy to pair them with smartphones. During the case of a loss or theft, it would be quite easy to identify the last location of the lost product by using your phone. Even a few years ago, not many would have imagined that a wallet would be technically equipped to help individuals track its whereabouts.

It is also vital to measure the features being offered against the price being quoted by the makers. Gone are the days where all an expensive wallet had to offer was just an aesthetically high product with a few pockets. The products available today are far superior in terms of sophistication.

4. What is RFID blocking?

Many smart wallets are coated with materials that prevent RF (Radio Frequency) signals from accessing the contents of the wallet, especially the critical information stored in credit/debit cards.

The intricate details stored in most of these cards can be tapped by signals of frequencies measuring around 13.56 MHz. Thus, a lot of smart wallets have been tailored to particularly watch for incoming electromagnetic signals of such frequencies. While several products fail to block signals with frequencies as low as 125 KHz, a few wallets such as the Bryker Hyde invention on our list works effectively against a wide range.

It is important to understand the frequency spectrum a wallet can detect and prevent, while considering the idea of buying one.


We hope this compilation of best smart wallets turned out to be really useful for each of you on the pursuit of an ideal one. There are undoubtedly many products that are really great at not just storing your cards and bills efficiently, but also preventing theft and skimming. Smart wallets can keep several kinds of fraudulent activities at bay and prevent people from stealing useful information.

Since we indulged in an exhaustive research of best smart wallets available today, we feel the Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost Wallet is a product that definitely worth an investment, as we had mentioned earlier. The product has been designed to keep thefts and other fraudulent activities at bay. At the same time, this wallet can also be tracked by utilizing a phone’s GPS system, which helps detect its last location, if at all your prized possession has gone missing.

However, we still suggest you to go ahead with a wallet tailored to your needs the most.

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