Best Straight Razor 2018 (Mar.)


In the ongoing year, while most of men usually enjoy shaving, others believe that one needs to have the best straight razor 2018 for smooth and relieved shaving experience. On a larger part, they are actually right. Just consider having a razor that is blunt, and you don’t have any shaving lather either.
Result? A bleeding face for sure. There is only way to avoid it. Use the best shaving kit and the best foam lather you can. But, do you believe that finding the appropriate one for yourself especially as a beginner is an easy task?
Well it WAS not but now, once you go through this article, you won’t be left with much questions about it.

Why straight razor blades?I

n this era of electric trimmers and customized razors, only the one who actually understands the classic of straight razor blades. One must need to understand the fact that shaving is an art and it needs to be honored with the time it requires.
And the best possible way to do it is by using a straight razor blade which has transformed itself from a necessary bathroom item to a rarely sought item in the market. But still, the people who know what it leads to by using a straight razor blade actually value its importance and use it.
While many of the users believe it to be a more masculine way of shaving, straight razors are credited to provide the closest shave possible with the most control vested with the man using it.

What to consider when buying a straight razor?

If you are coming back to the best straight razor kit, then believe me you are staging a grand come back to masculine style. And it is a surety that the best razors for beginners will work laurels for you.
While there are many factors involved in opting for the best straight razor, discipline is what you need to be a pro in. One cut away from the right areas will spoil the entire look of your shave. You actually need to master the blade to make it your friend for a classic shaving experience. Slow and elegant is what you should be while using it for shaving.
Quality: Quality needs to be high-end. It might add a few hundred dollars, but you need to understand that the best straight razor is required for the best shave. You even need to look what kind will work better for you amongst hard, medium and soft temper blades. Only then you can use it to the best of your needs.
Grind: The size, weight and shape of the grind of the blade is very important. By grind, I mean the concave part of the blade with markings on it. A heavier and fuller grind will endorse more control to the user but will also make the blade sharper and subsequently dangerous too. Similarly, a lighter one will be less sharp and can be used easily as the best straight razor for beginners as well.
Grip: The user of this blade should have the kind of bonding with the blade itself that can allow the best control as well as a solid group for a better shave. Especially when you are looking for best straight razors for beginners, you should be considering the fact that how the user will hold it. Conclusively, the way you hold it is what affects the quality of shave the most.

The best straight razor features:

Let us take a look at what the best straight razor might look like in 2018.

1. The first feature to consider is the width of the blade. While you can opt for a wider blade to hold more lather while shaving, it is not recommended as it will just add to more weight of the blade itself.

2. Another dimension is the material used in the making of the blade. While cheaper straight razor blades are made from stainless steal nowadays and are considered to be better in sharpening and shaving, many users opt for the carbon-steel made razor blades that are manufactured with high levels of craftsmanship and masculine etiquette. But let me tell you that they are equally expensive as well.

3. The third but most important aspect is how balanced the blade is. It should be easy to use and should offer a smooth touch rather than a rough blunt feel while being used. Also, the handle should have a solid and firm grip and the blade’s point should be preferably round in its shape. It will make the razor a lot easier to handle and use.

All you need to consider is that you need to be completely at ease while using the straight razor blade. In fact, we recommend that you should enjoy the feeling when you shave with them.

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