Best Toaster Oven 2017/2018 (Apr.)

Best Toaster Oven 20172018

Do you have kids? Or are you a housewife whose husband loves roasted food. If yes, then I can feel we both are in the same shoes. You might be wondering why I am as you. Well, I love it myself and I am unmarried. At this right moment, I am willing to help you ease your problem just I eased mine by buying the best toaster oven 2017/2018. It all happened so quick and then it was me and an unlimited and fast supply of crisply fried food.

Savoring, right? Well, buying such a great toaster oven isn’t an easy task. Making a toast is as simple as ABC but having the right toaster to work for you isn’t so.

Best Toaster Oven 2017/2018 Buying Guide

What do you need to know about buying the best toaster oven?

Whenever you are planning to buy a toaster oven, keep into consideration the following aspects.

  • Size and Capacity: Their a lot many toasters in the market and each with something new in it. What you need to look for in a toaster oven is that it should comply to the space you have in your kitchen. It should be large enough to toast pieces of meat or bread as desired. It is better to have a toaster oven that has two or more shelfs as adding more space will definitely reduce the overall cooking time.
    Similarly the shelfs shouldn’t be too narrow as in that case they won’t hold substantial items.
  • Cord length and inlets: Consider a weird situation. You have some available space on the shelf of kitchen but that is about 2 meters away from the switch where you would like to connect the toaster. You go to the market and unknowingly buy the one with just the cord length of 1 meter. I can’t think of any situation as bad as this one. So, whenever you are buying, take into account the cord length because neither you can create space as you desire nor is it easy to move a switch altogether.
  • Wattage: It seems to be a technical aspect of a toaster oven to be cared for, but you should. Some of the ovens come with a higher wattage requirement and you would be required to install a dedicated circuit for them. Using them on the same circuit as other appliances may be disastrous.
    The tip behind it is, just don’t look for the higher wattage toasters at all. Ask the seller or read the best toaster oven consumer reports before you buy.
  • Extra accessories: Well, there are a lot of sellers that will be more than happy to give away some pans and related accessories free of cost when you buy their toaster ovens. What we recommend is that you should go for the one who is giving the most. It is a nice chance to have some extra utensils for your kitchen even if you are looking for the best toaster oven under $100!

What to pay and how to benefit the most?

Well this question haunts the most buyers I know of. They keep on asking me that when they will have only 3 preset options; bake, toast, broil, how will they prepare foods they have always wanted to. Foods such as bagel, pizzas and cookies seem to be an impossible task.

This is not the case in reality. You are necessarily required to buy the specialized and customized oven for $1000+ to enjoy the foods you love. For that, even the best toaster oven under $50 will work just fine. Here is a small catalogue of how you can get the best of it.

  • The pizza function effectively distributes the heat from top and around the pan. You just need to place the pan on the upper shelf for exposure from all sides. Slow and steady temperature will cook the best pizza you would have ever eaten.
  • The bagel function is also another feature that most of the toaster ovens have nowadays. It will cook your bagel well from the inside while just preparing the crispy crust from the outside by gentle heating.
  • Cookies is what you can prepare totally at ease. Just place the pan and press the button. All heat and temperature presets will work themselves and you’ll get the best cookies in no time.

See, all these features are also present in highly priced ovens. A toaster oven is something that relieves a common man. Baking, cooking, grilling or even warming food wouldn’t be much of an issue if you exactly know what you need to do.
Even if still you can’t make anything out of it, I strongly recommend you practice and experiment with the presets. Create your own presets too and soon you will be no less than the Master Chef of your home. All you need to do is, buy it and then enjoy it.

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