Best Treadmill Desks Reviews in 2020- 12 Walking Workstations

best treadmill desk reviews

Did you know that treadmill desks boost productivity?

Whether you want to stay in a decent shape or have a stimulation to remain active through out the day, workout is the way to go. But if in case, you don’t have the time on your hands to take a break from your household chores or business, no problem at all. Treadmill Desks are just the perfect solution. Though, they can sometimes turn out to be unreliable with their competence, Best Treadmill Desks in 2019 have sworn to not disappoint you.

With treadmill desks, you can walk while work at your fullest potential. More so, with the following 2019 models’ standout in their phenomenal performance, allowing you to have increased energy, reduced pain in joints and the lower back from prolonged sitting, weight loss, improves productivity, and reduced blood pressure.

It is an effective approach to work while at the same time burning calories. It is a smart answer to the health problems caused by sitting in a chair and staring at a computer screen. We all are aware of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Treadmill Desks Reviews 2019 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.

Comes with a stand, cover, and drumsticks

NameWeight LimitMotorWarrantySpeedPrice
Exerpeutic 2000 Electric Treadmill400 pounds1.5 HP high torque motor5 years1 to 4-MPHClick Here for Price
Lifespan TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desk350 pounds2.5 HP drive motorLifetime Frame warranty0.4 – 4 MPHClick Here for Price
TrekDesk Treadmill Desk58 poundsmanual2 years1MPHClick Here for Price
ProForm 505 CST Treadmill325 pounds2.5 HP DC motor1 year10MPHClick Here for Price
Exerpeutic Fitness Walking Treadmill350 pounds1.5 HP high torque motor1 year4MPHClick Here for Price
Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill119 pounds2.25 HP impulse motor1 year10MPHClick Here for Price
Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill225 pounds2.5 HP DC motor1 yearAs fast as you can walkClick Here for Price
ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill230 pounds3.5HP motorLifetime frame warranty12MPHClick Here for Price
Exerpeutic TF1000 Electric Treadmill400 pounds1.5 HP high torque motor5 years4MPHClick Here for Price
NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill251 pounds3.0 CHP motorLifetime frame warranty12MPHClick Here for Price
Goplus 500w Folding Electric Treadmill250 pounds500W motor5 year4MPHNo products found.
Lifespan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk252 pounds2.5 HP drive motor3 year4 up to 4MPHClick Here for Price

1. Exerpeutic 2000 Electric Treadmill: Buy Now

Best Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


The paradigm of health and wellness incorporated has been awarded by WTC, a famous world class sports event company to develop, design and manufacture high-quality products of Exerpeutic under Ironman Brand.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Heavy Duty Design:

It is built on a heavy-duty metal frame which makes it powerful enough to support the weight of people up to 400-Ibs. 1.5HP High Torque motor is used in order to provide the user with best performance workout all the time.

Backlit LCD Computer Display:

It is provided by a blue backlit High-intensity computer LCD window display that shows the distance walked, speed, elapse time, calories burnt, and heart pulses monitoring. The display monitors have special buttons that will enable you to change its speed at which it operates. It is operated between 1 to 4-MPH and a graph that shows at which pace you are working out.

Large Desk Top:

It has a large desktop with dimensions of 4-feetL * 2-feetW at the widest section. It also has extra accessories which are; 2 article holders or cups, an AC outlet Station, and the pre-drilled hole for AC cords.

Extra Long Handles:

It has extra long safety handles of 18 inches long which are 2 times the length of other treadmill desks handle length. The handles are equipped with convenience buttons which are for controlling incline level and belt speed. Pulse sensor and Heart rate monitor on the handle measure pulse and heart rate.

High User Weight Capacity:

It is tested to accommodate people of 400 pounds and this is because of heavy duty-reinforce metal frame. The frame supports the heaviest people too during a workout.

Wide Tread Belt:

The belt provides the user with enough running and walking area to achieve efficient and effective workout. It is a excellent Folding Treadmill.

Table Metal Stand:

It includes a metal stand like iPads, Kindles and another type of tablets. You will be able to browse the internet, watch videos and listen to songs of your choice. It can actually be folded up quickly and can be stored when not in use.

Incline Adjustment and HP Motor:

It ranges from 0% to 15% in order to provide a more challenging workout to the user. A motor of 1.5-HP high torque can operate at speed range of 0.4-mph and can go up to 4-mph. It used a quiet drive which reduces the noise.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Affordable.
  •   Easy to assemble.
  •   Burns 4-5x calories.
  •   Light in weight (100 pounds).
  •   Long handle bars for convenience.
  •   Not adjustable.
  •   Less desk room.
  •   Low motor drive speed.


If you are a small height person who has a very narrow budget and wanted to use Treadmill Desk for enjoying Netflix on an iPad, then I will suggest you this product.

What others say,

Exerpeutic 2000 is truly a “highly capacity” desk station treadmill. Stay fit and say on top of your work when you combine your efforts with this unique wellness machine. runnerclick


2. Lifespan TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desk: Buy Now

Best Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Lifespan Fitness brand is well reputed for offering distinctive workout programs through treadmills. Company’s main concern is safety and health.

You never want to spend your life sitting behind a desk. Isn’t it?

The main idea to design TR800-DT5 was to design ideal desk treadmill which would be the best for a workplace. It provides the opportunity to carry on your work and health side by side. Want to Know What’s Cool About it!


Let’s discuss its features in details to know why it is called as best lifespan treadmill desk.

Unique Design:

It has no arms and computer console attached at the machine front. Console limits your position. Using this treadmill you can position as you like.

Walking Options:

Walking belt is 18″ wide and 52″ long. It’s perfect for those people have long legs. Select speed from 0.4 – 4 miles per hour. Users can easily type at 1.0 – 1.5 mph speed. It also counts your steps. You can set your daily goal just as 10,000 steps and this will count your steps to show your progress.

The Desk:

The desk is not attached to the treadmill but you can attach by assembling it. Its height is adjustable just like some chairs. It is important to adjust your treadmill workstation height according to your choice while walking in front of desk. There is a lot of flexibility that users 4’8″ tall to 6’8″ tall can adjust its height.

Multi functional Armrests:

The armrests are in front of the desk and designed in a way for working in comfort. They also help instability.

What about elbows?

They will feel comfortable on squishy foam armrests.

Large Workplace:

Measurement of desktop surface is 46.5″W x 31″ D, which provide the user with the ability to work on multiple devices. It has a tray underneath the table and a cable slot too for storing cables. Large desk where computer, laptop, gadgets, telephone, notebooks and other accessories can be placed.

        Pros        Cons
  •   25HP drive motor.
  •   Very quiet product.
  •   Adjustable desk height.
  •   Handle users of all heights.
  •   Weight capacity 350 pounds.
  •   Take a lot of Space.
  •   Sometimes beep loudly.
  •   Manual adjustment of height.


I think it would probably be a life saver for Workaholic, even though it is costly as compared to others but it is the one of the best among its competitors. It is the best Treadmill for those who are looking to work and walk.

Buy from Amazon CTA

3. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk: Buy Now

Best Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Trek Desk is a well off company committed to health and work rate enhancement products that will empower the lives and health of their customers. Their mission is to improve daily lives.

No time to work out because of busy routine!

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk fits essentially any treadmill permitting employee and students to walk gradually while working without sweating or additional time out of the day.


Let’s discuss its features in details.

Roomy Desktop:

This walking desk is large enough to accommodate a computer keyboard, 2 – 3 monitors, a cell phone, mouse, files and just about anything you need to be at your hand while working. Desk Size measures 74 inches by 34 inches.

Folding Ability:

Under desk treadmill has the ability to be folded for compact storage to save space. It doesn’t take much time. It can get fit under bed and along the walls. It is also known as Folding treadmill.

Weight Capacity:

Every treadmill has weight limit. This product can support up to 50 pounds of equipment. Its running area is composed of durable metal base support system.


It has all accessible treadmill control accessories. A phone stand and file tray enhances its desk usage. Cup holders for placing tea or coffee while working. The robust metal supporting arms which provides you comfort and stability.


Some products lack the feature of height adjustment. It gives you the chance to keep the height at your comfort level. Its height is adjustable from 46.5 to 56.5 inches.

Go and Grab the best:

Using a Trek Desk Treadmill Desk will not give all the benefits of fast paced workout but still it has a lot of value. These are more affordable than other products.

A desk is a dangerous place from where you watch the world… Choose it wisely!

        Pros        Cons
  •   Affordable price.
  •   Adjustable height.
  •   Spacious work area.
  •   Solid construction.
  •   Stability and durability.
  •   Very unstable desk.
  •   Does not come with a treadmill.


The large desk capacity always provides a lot of space for convenient working but the extra large desk will not suit every treadmill. If control and size placement are well matched, I assure that Trek Desk is the good among the other products of the same price, but requires manual power.

What others say,

The TrekDesk Treadmill Desk is a great all-in-one treadmill workstation for those who aren’t overly concerned with price. It is built with high-quality construction and has both desk and treadmill components. However, its price is a little bit high.runnerlight


4. ProForm 505 CST Treadmill: Buy Now

Best Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Proform is a well-known company serving humanity since 1990. It deals with the fitness and gym equipment.

To stay healthy and fresh, you need to workout on regular basis. For this purpose, ProForm 505 CST has tons of innovative features and sturdy designs. Most users of all fitness levels are impressed and positive things to say about it.


Let’s discuss its features in details.

Space Saving Design:

It can be folded vertically for the sake of storage easily. Its standard design is much more compact than other products.


Actually, it’s not the most powerful motor. Mid-range capability electromagnetic DC motor is of 2.5HP. It is durable and doesn’t make noise.

Program Variety:

For an entry level treadmill, 18-built in a program is quite good. Workout programs are developed by certified personal trainers and experts.

iFit Live Technology:

By using this technology, you are able to sync all your workout information. It can be sync directly in the personal computer too. It can build history archives of a workout. It saves important information such as your time and distance. You can use that data to check your progress. It also allows you to use Google Map.


It has a 6-inch backlit display monitor. It has a large viewing angle.Track your heart rate is very important to check your workout intensity.  It has two hands gripped sensors on the handle bars. That’s why it helps you to monitor your heart rate effortlessly and accurately.


It has an internal fan which is used to cool down the motor and drive the system by reducing noise.It is equipped with iPod compatibility and 2 Intermix Acoustics speakers.


     Pros        Cons
  •   Long Performing Life.
  •   Compact to Save place.
  •   The Motor Works Quietly.
  •   Easy to Assemble and Use.
  •   Good Quality and Nice Price.
  •   Weight Capacity is 250 pounds.
  •   Lack Advanced Features.
  •   Manually adjust the Incline.
  •   Not suitable for Tall (6ft+).


I agree that ProForm is a reputable brand and important for its quality products. If sometimes anything goes wrong, customers face frustration experience. But it doesn’t mostly happen. When it attaches to desk, it gives product all the features of both, Treadmill Desk and Standing desk.


5.Exerpeutic Fitness Walking Treadmill: Buy Now

Best Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Exerpeutic products are being introduced to US market since 2007. Since then the products have been accepted and trusted by the customers because of high quality. They provide 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.One step at a time is Good Walking!Walking is still best cardiovascular exercise for people of almost all ages, fitness levels, and body types. Your workout routine is no more disturbed by changing the weather.


Let’s discuss its features in details.

Motor Rating:

This product has 1.5 HP (horsepower) high torque motor is used. Motor’s power increases when any resistance is applied to its belt (High Torque).

Heavy Duty Frame:

Heavy duty frame is capable of to handle high weight capacity with side rails of the platforms. It is tested to have 350 pounds of user weight.

Speed Range:

Maximum speed is 4mph. At this speed, the user can get fitness by walking workout rather than run. It has Adjustable speed settings.


It has speed control buttons present on the top of its right handle.It has 18 inches safety handlebars which prevent any balance loss. It is easy to assemble. Attach the computer and it’s ready to use. It is foldable and easy to move and transport via transportation wheels.

LCD Functioning:

LCD display shows distance traveled, speed, calories burnt and time was taken.Allows easy on and off of the device and belt size is 36″L x 16″W.


Warranty is always important because if any mishap occur, it is use to claim the product. It has 1-year frame warranty, 5 years motor and 90 days for its parts.

 Pros        Cons
  •   55inch exercise Belt.
  •   Speed 10miles per hour.
  •   Easy to Use Menu System.
  •   Strong and Stable Design.
  •   Cushioning for the Track.
  •   Smaller Display Screen.
  •   Heavy Weight of the Running Deck.


It is thought to be the best one that is being purchased by people at a highly affordable price. It has high weight capacity and is of sturdy construction.This product is also available in an upgraded form.If you are searching for a walking treadmill which offers you the features you need at an affordable price, then I suggest you, this is the product you are looking for.


6. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill: Buy NowBest Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Weslo is a famous brand by IHF (Icon Health and Fitness) is renowned for its quality products, best features, easy handling, and durability. It is working since 1977. Their mission is; “First In Fitness”.It is one of the cheapest folding Treadmill and no 1 bestseller on many online sites. It has all necessary features. For smaller workout rooms, it is perfect.


Let’s discuss its features in details.


It’s 29 inches in width, 64.5 inches in length, and 55.5 inches in height. Lighter than most of other products but still heavy to lift.It has a powerful 2.25hp impulse motor. The basic part of any product is a motor. It gives a speed of 10mph. just increase the motor revolution and its speed increases.

Easy to Fold:

It does not take much time when it comes to storing. It usually takes less than a minute to be folded. This folding treadmill feature saves your time and space.

Six Workout Programs:

It always helps out its users to achieve their goal. It comes up with 6 builds in programs for a workout to help you in fitness training. Best trainers designed these programs. So have not to worry about its effectiveness. Just place your thumb on the easy pulse sensor and your pulse and heart beat will appear on the screen.

Comfortable Cushioning:

It enhances the comfort of its users. It is designed to give the best comfort features. During exercise, it gives you coziness to keep you comfortable.

No Extras:

Unlike other walking treadmill desks, this product doesn’t have an accessory tray, water bottle holders, book holders and music player.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Extra stability.
  •   Comfortable to use.
  •   Two manual inclined positions.
  •   Available at an affordable price.
  •   No incline range.
  •   Lacks heart rate monitor.


Indeed it is a highly rated device. Its company provides solid built quality and excellent warranties for their machines. Its efficiency along with its high performance and stability make it best for a workout. They provide an environment of gym friendly features at your home.


7. Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill: Buy NowBest Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Stamina Products Inc. has working since1987 and providing customers with affordable, creative and innovative equipment. They are one of the beginners to manufacture the fitness equipment. It’s just like,”A Family With an Old Person has a Living Treasure of Gold”.It is one of the highest ranked manual treadmill of famous company. It provides economical running and walking workout without depending on an electric motor. Its price is so affordable and it provides its user all the benefits like another under desk treadmill. It is dual weighted flywheels.


Let’s discuss its features in details.


You can easily fold it vertically to store in small space and can easily be accommodated under a bed, vertically along wall or wardrobe.It is easy to carry it to other places such as while shifting and changing room setting. It consumes a little space.


Nowadays new treadmill desks assembly is really a very tough job. But this product is easy to assemble if you carefully follow the instructions. It is kind of easy to assemble in an hour.

Track Belt:

Durable track belt which is highly secured and slip resistant. It has foam padded front. Rails are present on the sides of machines. Although belt is factory adjusted yet a user can also adjust it if needed.


Rubber gripped handles helps a user to workout with comfort. They also provides stability to our body.

Incline levels:

Because of this feature the user can burn more calories while covering the same distance. A knob is present which is removed to get incline position.

Electric Meter:

It has an electric meter which shows time, distance and speed.It made it easier to calculate your workout information by which the user can get accurate information about a workout.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Price is Highly Affordable.
  •   Lightweight and easy to move.
  •   Heavy sturdy Frame for durability.
  •   The user is secured by Nonslip running surface.
  •   The belt is little sticky.
  •   The annoying part is its noise.


Every product has some flaws in it. It’s not necessary that cheap price products have these issues only, costly products have some technical faults too. Stamina is one of the pioneer’s brands in this field. It is best under desk treadmill, under the budget 200. The users are highly satisfied with its quality and performance.


8. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill: Buy Now
Best Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Proform is a well-reputed company serving in the field of fitness and health since 1990. It just deals with the fitness and gym equipment. It’s an old brand and always consider its consumer’s comfort.Stop wishing, Start doing!This machine is built on 30 years fitness technology and engineering. It is designed to burn extra calories, boost cardio endurance and improved product features. It helps to workout without going outside. Walking helps to maintain a healthy life.


Let’s discuss its features in details.

Easy to Read Monitor:

It has 8″ backlit display clear monitor. It is used to check workout performance of users. It also displays speed, distance, time, pulse, incline, and calories. It has a large viewing angle to monitor. Also has a track-style display.

Suspension Cushioning System:

Useful to protect users from any injury. It reduces the impact on joints. It is useful for the people suffering from ankle and other joint issues. Users feel comfortable while doing a workout.

Large Running Deck:

A Large deck of 60″ long and 20″ wide. You get more space to move and will not feel as you are on the edge of the belt.It gives 3% decline and 15% incline. The decline is a better option to challenge your body.

iFit Live Option:

Nowadays people always look for more useful applications that will help them in their daily routine. iFit Live is technique that allows you to download new workouts for your treadmill. You can workout for new goals.

Large Backlit Console:

Backlit console is very bright and easy to read. It has touch buttons to change you incline and speed. It also has iPod dock along with speakers. It provides you the opportunity to get entertained during workout.


There is a tray below console to place your keys, rolled up magazines or remote etc.Special Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring sensors on the device, when coming in contact, shows your heart rate and pulse. It has a fan that during hot days and long workout sessions, it gives effective cooling to a motor.Workout like a Champion!It helps to burn calories with daily workout and allows a person to feel healthy, satisfied and active in his life. Workout made our brains more productive, they relief our stress and helps to rock in future.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Tread Belt is Wide.
  •   High Quality 7″ Display.
  •   32 built-in workout apps.
  •   Table Computer Shelves.
  •   Weight capacity 350 pounds.
  •   iPod compatible with port and speaker.
  •   Heavy Weight.
  •   Monitor required for iFit.
  •   Sometimes slow customer service.


The Pro series of ProForm brand is a hit. It lacks fancy colored touch screen but has a lot of featured exceptional program varieties. It is customer’s favorite choice. It has basic and appealing perks. It works perfectly with a powerful motor, yet quiet. All of above which appeal the most is its life time guarantee.


9. Exerpeutic TF1000 Electric Treadmill: Buy NowBest Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Exerpeutic is famous for providing Treadmill Desks around the globe since 2007. Their products have been accepted and trusted by the customers because of high quality.Your Weight Matters For Your Health!For a full workout, you only need a best treadmill. It is perfect for the starters. It is best for the super heavy person to workout on daily basis to get rid of health issues and get out of the danger weight zone.


Let’s discuss its features in details.

Wider Treadmill Belt:

Small sized belts don’t provide enough space for workout. The wider belt helps in workout. 20″ club size belt ensures extra safety while working out. It can support heavy people.

LCD Display:

Want to monitor your daily workout progress? It is very easy to track your daily workout progress through this LCD display. It can show your work time, speed, calories burnt, and distance walked.

Heart Pulse Pad:

When the user touches these pads attached on handles, pulse and heart rate is displayed on the screen.

Speed Control Buttons:

Maximum speed of this product is 4 mph.It has different speed levels and these levels are adjustable. Special buttons are present to increase or decrease the speed of the folding treadmill.


Now houses are not very spacious. It is easily foldable and can be transferred to any place easily. Use its hydraulic shock absorber for a quick store. It can be stored under bed or besides cupboards.

Weight Limit:

You think you are overweight? Wait, it has 400 pounds weight capacity. It allows heavier people too to workout on this treadmill. It helps fat people to get rid of obesity.

Power Motor:

Fitness Electric Treadmill has 1.5 hp high torque motor which is powerful enough to work for hours and hours. It is quiet motor which doesn’t even create noise. It can be used in offices.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Incline.
  •   Extremely quiet.
  •   18” long handles.
  •   Best quality frame.
  •   Designed for Walking.
  •   Belt sometimes slides a bit.
  •   Handlebars are low for tall people.


If you never try you will never know!Those who love to workout will love this product too. If you want a compact workout product, you must try this. Customers are happy with this product. It doesn’t make noise. It helps to burn plenty of calories in long run. It has a powerful motor, strong frame, and several safety features.


10. NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill: Buy NowBest Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Nordic Track is a popular brand which is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient fitness equipment around the globe. The company was founded in 1975. Treadmill desks of this brand are available in affordable prices but the C series is best in working and less in price. It provides great basics for muscle toning and cardio training.


It has all the most desirable features you always wanted for your product.

High-quality track:

The smooth running track is of 20″ x 60″ which make it long and easy for the runners to workout without any disturbance in running speed.Flex select cushioning is an off/on procedure. When it is on, it provides excellent joints protection.

Commercial Motor:

:3.0 CHP motor is designed to operate quietly and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.Maximum weight limit for this product is 325 pounds.It can be vertically folded when not in use and space is free for other uses.

Power Incline:

This feature helps you to increase the rate of you calorie burn during a workout. It inclines from 0% to 15%. Walking Treadmill with inclines is always preferred by the customers.

Table Bracket:

It helps you to personalize your workout experience. You can stream youtube videos and use fitness apps to improve your workout.

Workout Variety:

You always look for advancement in everything then this product has 32 new workout applications that can help in many ways to improve your lifestyle through a workout.

Console Screen:

It has 7″ backlit LED which is easy to read at any angle. It shows the progress of speed, calories burnt, distance, pulse and heart rate. It also has a web browser.


Feeling hot during Workout? Nordic Treadmills have an auto breeze workout fan will keep you comfortable. It can be set to automatic according to your workout intensity.The only Bad Workout is the one, you don’t do!It doesn’t come with extra perks like some other high product models do such as decline option. Its features encourage you to workout for better healthy life. They provide us the chance to live active and healthy life.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Music Friendly.
  •   Desirable belt size.
  •   Life Time Guarantee.
  •   Desirable creative features.
  •   Fast running speed for fast runners.
  •   Have large footprints when in use.
  •   Tablet computer holder is not at eye level.


It is tough for other products to beat one of the best treadmill desks as it has a Long track, strong motor and programming features that distinguish this product from others. I think, it is the best device which encourages you with its features to workout every day.


11. Goplus 500w Folding Electric Treadmill: Buy NowBest Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Goplus brand is admired all over the world because of their quality production and durability. The treadmill is becoming the most popular exercising machine used nowadays at homes for a workout.Looking for uncomplicated maintenance, setup and storage workout product?If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, Goplus 500W folding portable electric treadmill is best for you. It has a multifunctional display and many other unique features among the treadmills of its range.


Let’s discuss its features in details.

Ease of Assembly:

Most of the time to assemble any electronic product, it’s always very difficult and take a lot of time. Whereas it’s a simple and lightweight machine. It takes almost 30 minutes to assemble.

Multifunction Scan:

It has LED screen display which shows distance, time, speed, and calories burnt. It provides proper progress of workout. It is very helpful if you are counting calories to lose weight.

Cushioned Deck:

The deck is not spacious but it is preferable because it provides comfort with cushioned deck. It makes it easier to get into walking and running after surgery. It reduces and absorbs the impact of an injury.

Emergency stop for safety:

It has a safety key which prevents the injury by stopping the treadmill in case if you step or fell away from the machine.

Powered motor:

Motor is the basic part of any electronic product because product’s working depends on the efficiency of motor. GoPlus is well known for its quality. They use 500W motor that run the machine which is just according to its functions and size.

Speed and Weight limit:

It gives the best speed for runners. Speed ranges from 1km/hour – 10km/hour.Its weight capacity is 250 pounds. Although it’s not much but it is efficient in working.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Sturdy.
  •   Affordable.
  •   Space saving.
  •   Well packaged.
  •   5 years warranty.
  •   Unstable belt.
  •   Fixed incline.
  •   Uncomfortable for tall people.


You cannot expect much from this treadmill but it still does what it is made for. It is simple but attractive design, easy to handle and assemble. It is best among its competitors. It allows comfortable cushion deck which is no doubt a unique feature. It is easy to use and understand its features.


12. Lifespan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk: Buy NowBest Treadmills Desks Reviews 2018


Lifespan Fitness brand is well reputed for offering distinctive workout programs through desk treadmills. Company’s main concern is safety and health. It was first introduced in 2001.If you keep going, you’ll get there. Consistency is the key to Success!The treadmill gives you the chance to remain productive while doing common sedentary tasks and taking care of yourself.


As it is regarded as a best lifespan treadmill desk, let’s discuss its features in details.

Quiet and Powerful Motor:

Using a product with noisy motor is very unethical for office use. LifeSpan comes with a quiet operation to avoid disturbance in your working environment. It uses 2.25HP powerful motor which can continuously keep going for 6 consecutive hours. It’s automatic and goes off when not in use.

High Speed:

It’s mostly difficult to go to the maximum speed of the treadmill. Its speed ranges from 4 up to 4MPH according to the user’s need. Most users set its speed up to 1 – 2 miles per hour. Those people who have a weight of 350 pounds or below can also use this treadmill. Through up and down buttons which are easily accessible, you can change your speed.

Efficient Belt Cushioning:

It comes with the perfect cushioned 50″ x 20″ walking surface that absorbs the strike impact that your joints and feet don’t get stress effects. It makes the runner comfortable and it ensures an enjoyable workout session without noise.

Complete Shock Absorption:

Its shock absorbing quality will give a comfortable walking session. It comes with 6 shocks absorber on different points of the product track. Because of these shock absorbers, you will not experience any vibrations and noise. It will help you to concentrate more on your work.

Steady and Spacious Working Area:

You always wanted a treadmill desk that will not disturb your desktop activities. This treadmill has a unique feature that desk frame is placed separately in front of the workout machine so that when you make movements, your desktop activities do not interfere.The desktop working area has an elegant gray steel frame to match with the treadmill. Its desktop is spacious with a size of 29″ x 38″. You can comfortably use it in office and can place all your workplace essentials on it.

Adjustable Height:

The users with the height range from 4’10” to 6’10”. The maximum and minimum height of the desk is 55″ and 41″. Its height almost accommodates all users.

Easy to Use Controls:

Its easy control system doesn’t require any special skills. They are simple and easy to handle. You have to go through products guidelines to operate with much ease. It has improved Bluetooth technology and provides the data of workout including time consumed, distance covered, calorie burn, and no. of steps taken.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Easy mobility.
  •   3 years warranty.
  •   Sufficient desktop space.
  •   Build sturdy and substantial.
  •   Quite easy to assemble and use.
  •   Expensive.
  •   Uncomfortable for tall people.
  •   Bit tiresome to adjust the height.


Heaviness is its price of Quality. Speed is not an issue for most of the users because they use walking treadmill instead of running one. Its high-quality components suppress the subdue vibrations and mechanical noise, keeping your focus on the workout. It provides perfect ergonomic position whether you are height is tall or short.


Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

So, it was all about my best treadmill desks reviews 2019. I’ve discussed multiple treadmills desks  keeping in mind their features, brand, and most importantly the quality. You can choose any of the above mentioned treadmills because all of these machines are equipped with versatile range of features to accommodate needs and requirements of the fitness freaks.

But, if you wanna choose something more specific, we have that leverage for you. If you want an energy efficient, potable and budget-friendly exercise machine, you can choose 500w folding portable treadmill. If you have no budget issues and you want a sophisticated machine, go with the NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill which contains 32 built-in apps to help you achieve a perfect achieve.If you are the one who prefers durability, high-tech design, and spacious machines; Trek-desk treadmill desk is probably the best option for you considering its sturdy design and modern features.Choose a treadmill that best suits to your needs – Because you are the one whose gonna use it.

Best Treadmills Desks Reviews 2019 – Buying Guide

Why Treadmill desks?

Treadmill desks are an emerging trend. There are many reasons why you ought to think about getting as a treadmill desk, and among those reasons are:

  • Cures evening laziness by getting your blood pumping
  • Helps prevent back and neck pain brought on by awful posture
  • It helps in the anticipation of diseases brought on by an inactive way of life.

Wait! Healthy?

If you are a healthy person then why you are so worried about your health?

In our todays life, people are busy in their offices and those who are writers or painters, are also stuck to sit throughout the day. So many health problems people are facing today are related to too much sitting such as Heart Diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, and many others which are linked to lack of movement in busy daily routines.

Sitting throughout the day lead to poor posture, which can promote discomfort at night as we try to sleep. Proper body movement during the day allows increased flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body. By staying active, it will change our everyday lazy life.

Tired of sitting all the day at your treadmill for desk! Have no time for workout…

Don’t worry. Here’s the solution for your problem.

Pain is the main problem in so many people’s life. However, the pain is not always physical. There are some other factors too which make it difficult for people to live their best life. Sometimes they only need motivation and inspiration to bring positivity in their lives.

A 30 minutes of Workout is just 2 percent of your day!

Professionally, we all know that regular physical activity and movement improves our cognitive function. This helps us to think better and behave in a good way; because we are basically smarter and active. Walking helps in our Enzyme activity. When we walk, pumping of Endorphins takes place which releases Dopamine. These aids in other areas of lives. Its human nature that when he starts feeling better and always continue to improve. He start to eat better, stick to their workouts and, tries to have healthier choices in lives. Physical and mental health is necessary to ensure that people will do best at their work and in their life too.

Mostly writing or doing office tasks is interrupted by phone calls or research work. While these activities don’t require us to be seated. A concern planning is required to make it possible to be active during all these times. For Example,

When talking on a phone, stand up and do some simple sketches besides your desk, if you use the wireless headset you can free your hands during that phone call. Similarly, if you are doing all your work on desks while sitting, why not to use Best Treadmill Desk of nowadays  when you reply the emails or surf the internet?

Sitting while working is a thing of the Past! Not only you can stand but now you can walk too, thanks to the Treadmill Desks!

A healthy life is a secret to successful life. We also have Standing desks but there is no orthopedic advantage of standing at a place for hours even it is exhausting to stand all the day long. In the past, along with Standing Desks, some people also used Wobble boards. But these were not helpful as Treadmill Desks are! As our bodies are designated to move around and work at its best.

Have you ever wondered to be multitasking at times?

Working while walking doesn’t come naturally. For this purpose, the advanced technology introduced us with Desk Treadmills. These are manual or can be powered by motors. Walking while completing a number of tasks is very easy to do, whether calling, typing, reading, writing or any kind of office work. It’s easy to overcome most of the health issues by using it.

You can Work on yourself, for yourself, by yourself.

Most of us are familiar with Treadmill and Treadmill Desk is its modification. Treadmill is a running or walking device mostly used at gyms and homes. They are now modified to Treadmill Desks. In this, they have a desk attached to the device. It makes easier for you to complete your tasks while doing a workout. Some people mistakenly feels that Desk Treadmill means just sitting on a chair and moving your feet.

A proper desk attached to Treadmill are adjustable. You can adjust its height according to your height and need. The desk space is enough to place a desktop computer or a laptop. There are sit stand Treadmill Desks too.

“Move A Little, Lose A Lot”

Those who wanted to get rid of obesity but even after dieting, they are not getting their wanted results, this is the best product for your use. It’s a perfect solution to exercising while working. Mostly, we don’t have enough time to exercise and walk daily. It helps us to finish our workout and daily tasks side by side.

Those who have heart diseases, Hypercholesterolemia, and Diabetes problems, and don’t have time for a proper walk, can facilitate themselves by having a Treadmill Desk at home.

Does it Really Work?

You have not to worry about the weather, it can stimulate race courses and conditions, safer than running outside. Running is convenient and you can perform other tasks along running on it.

Replace the standing with walking one. Start workout for an hour or so. You will feel difference and will feel more active and healthy. The more we made our body used to sit, eat and eventually sleep, the more it will definitely affect our life. We become dull and can’t perform well in life. It helps us in many ways.

Physical Benefits:

  • Reduce Muscle Strain.
  • Increased Heart Rate.
  • Improve Metabolism.
  • Muscle Engagement.
  • Improved Circulation.
  • Decreased Backache.
  • Versatility.
  • Strong Bones.
  • Improve Speed.
  • Joints Flexibility.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness.
  • Weight Management.

Some other benefits are:

  • Improved Mood.
  • Reduce Stress.
  • Creativity.
  • Focus and Mental Capacity.
  • Confidence.
  • High Work Output.

Types of Treadmill Desks:

Following are the main types of these desks.

Manual Treadmill Desks:

Manual Treadmill Desks refers to work under the user’s power rather than driven by motors. They are very slow for running. Manually adjustable desk height create stability issues and make it difficult to work and increase your heart rate, defeating the purpose.

Advantages of Manual Treadmill:

  • Cheaper
  • No electricity required.
  • Quieter
  • Required less maintenance.

Motor Driven Treadmills Desks:

This type is the combination of beauty, sophistication and advanced technology. They have wide gear ratio which operates it in perfect desired speed. Its speed limit is different with different products. It has a blue tooth connectivity so you can connect wirelessly. It also has USB ports so that you can also charge your iPod, cell phone etc. It also provides walking history and track your progress. Some also tell about the calories burn during the session and provide with heart rate and pulse. It has a suspension system which constantly protects your joints and knees as you walk.

Motor Treadmill Desks are known as Best Treadmill Desks because they increase comfort level, reduce joint pain and fatigue and speed recovery from long workouts. These are designed for style and function. Its design allows blending in any home and office environment. It has a compact modern display console which has your complete data at your fingertips including walking time, steps taken, calories burned, your speed and distance traveled.

Advantages of Treadmill Desks:

It has so many advantages like,

  • Weight loss.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Reduced stress.
  • More energy.
  • Satisfying low impact workout.
  • Reduced risk of Diabetes and Heart Rate.

Want to up at-home fitness game?

Common questions in our mind while looking  can be:

  • Space: How much space is required?
  • Safety: Is it safe to use at workplace and home?
  • Noise: Does it distracts others around me because of noise?
  • Usage: What is its average use?
  • Desk Type: What should be the size and height of desk?
  • Warranty and Service: What can I expect from product warranty?
  • Maintenance: How much maintenance is required?

Generally, normal space is required. It can be placed at the corner of living or working place. For safety, thoroughly read its guide book to know about its speeds and other functions. It doesn’t make noise but vibrations are produced as you walk on it. You can use it 3-4 hours per day. Select the most appropriate Desk Type which is suitable for your use. During warranty, if a problem exists in products service, you can claim your product. Inspect and clean your Walking Treadmill Desk every 3 months to maintain its performance.

Features You Must Consider Before Buying:

  • Adjustable height.
  • Motor power.
  • Top speed.
  • Ergonomic desktop.
  • Deck cushioning.
  • Data ports.
  • Workout programming.
  • Safety features.
  • Readouts.
  • Customer service.
  • Price.
  • Warranty.

With a variety of different price ranges and features, these treadmills desks are a great tool for anyone who wants to burn extra calories.

These features were a common practice in choosing best treadmills desks reviews 2017 but we have observed almost similar kind of features this year as well.


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