Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2020

best youtube video cameras in 2018

Over 100 hours were spent testing out all of the top brands. Here’s the list of the best video cameras for YouTube in 2019.

We strongly recommend you read our Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2019 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

GoPro HERO4 Silver

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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GoPro is a renowned tech company based in America, with a history of 15 years in the domain of camera manufacturing and video-editing software development. GorPro Hero4 Silver is a reflection of the company’s eminence in Camera development buddies.


It has all the compulsory features integrated. Let’s have a detailed look over them.


Have you seen those heavy cameras used by the photographers of the first decade of the 21st century?

You surely don’t want that. For that reason, knowing the dimensions of this device is very important to you. It’s just 1.53 x 2.79 x 2.8 inches in size with an extremely light weight of 0.32 pounds.

Built-in Touch display

Do you want to just tap on the screen of your photo capturing device and get your desired output, fellas?

Well, you require a camera with touch display in short. This service facilitates you in numerous ways, especially in control, short-framing and playback. The menus seem more clear, unambiguous and easily accessible in this gadget.

Fine Video Quality

Video quality is one of the most critical aspects, a camera is tested on, pals.

Well, don’t fret, if you already know that. I am just setting the ground to give you the true and precise information on the class of this camera. GoPro HERO Silver is fully capable of capturing the crisp and clear videos of things, usually 1080p or 720p qualities. Since your ultimate destination is the best cameras for YouTube, the ability of the camera to have multiple image qualities is unquestionable.


Easy communication from the camera with other gadgets in the network is crucial for you, buddies, because it’s the most basic thing you need them for. Well, talking about the integration of this aspect in currently reviewed gadget, this tool incorporates various levels of multimedia connectivity. It can send the videos and pictures made by it via Bluetooth or Wifi, pretty conveniently. And this is not all fellas; you can use the GoPro App to have a more sophisticated engagement with the camera, making it a live video remote.

Advanced Characteristics

Remember pals, a nice video camera can do a lot for you than your expectations. If you’re a nature lover, taking the instrument in your cart is inevitable, because of the specialized features like Time lapse, Night lapse. The most amazing thing about these functions is that they improve the photos taken at night specifically.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Shutter speed can be controlled.
  •   Water proof design.
  •   Economical option.
  •   Renovated sensor.
  •   Long battery life.
  •   Poor wireless connectivity.
  •   Overheating problem.


Looking at the specs and features, this video recorder has got almost everything. Its quality is high, range is good, weight is less and customization is easy. What do you need more pals? It’s a highly recommended one from my side.

Nikon D3300

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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Nikon is undoubtedly the most prominent name in the area of optics manufacturing. The products produced by Nikon are in fact, most trusted around the world. A leading camera device manufactured by this company is the Nikon D3300. From sensor quality to the compatibility and configuration, this photo capturing device encompasses almost everything.


If you want your gadget to be the best video camera for YouTube, knowing the characteristics of this gadget is crucial for you, buddies. Here are the details you need to know.


Size and weight of any gadget are surely gonna influence your decision about purchasing a video camera, fellas. We’re not gonna make you wait longer for providing this information. 4.9 x 3 x 3.9 inch is the extent of this optical instrument. And you wouldn’t believe in the weight of this device, with such a huge number of capabilities. It’s just 15.2 ounces in weight.

 Lens and assembly

Lens and the associated values determine the magnifying power of a camera, pals. All you need to have is a good idea of how these factors are, in the device you’re going to purchase. Well, the lens used in the Nikon D3300 is interchangeable, with auto focusing ability and the optical zoom of 3x. Thinking about the sensor, now? You’re not gonna be uninformed about it anymore, peeps. It has a 24.2 MP CMOS DX-format sensor, more than enough to meet your needs.

Video Capabilities

As you need the camera best suitable for YouTube videos, knowing about its video performance is important for you. The frames per Second in a video are the main indicator of performance and quality. Keeping an appropriate number for this factor is compulsory to keep the perfect balance between the eminence and the size. D3300 has several modes of video capturing. You can achieve the high definition 1080 prints by changing the value of fps, in the range of 24-60. This tool is also much more flexible in the video formats. You can choose the recorded format of the video from MPEG-4/H.264/MOV.


Fed up with those vivid, unclear displays of conventional cameras, guys?

You need to move on technically, then. This device in front of you right now has got 3 inch LCD with 921,000 dots in it, pretty suitable for your general video recording needs.


Battery life is a thing no one can compromise on, buddies, because the most common use of cameras is the photo shoot sessions at a picnic. The latest trend in the peeps, v-logging, also simply needs high battery time. For that reason, this tool incorporates a battery time of almost 700 photos.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Image exposure can be controlled.
  •   Convenient transport of the data.
  •   Equipped with wireless adapter.
  •   Excellent macro functionality.
  •   High shutter speed.
  •   User interface isn’t that good.
  •   Low quality shutter.


This was all about the beauty of Nikon, dudes. Now is the time of final decision, whether you like the gadget or not. Well,still 50, 50? Let me put you at ease by giving the recommendation. This device has absolutely no reason to be dropped. I will recommend it from my both hands.

What others say about it,
It is the most popular choice for YouTube videos since it span across many different video types (vlogging, outdoors, skits, and more). wirerealm

Canon PowerShot SX260

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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Ladies and gentlemen, the product we have on the table now is presented by the Canon, a corporation well known in the manufacturing of optical equipment. The device gonna be discussed specifically is the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS, a powerful camera with extremely astonishing image resolution and great color performance.


Let’s discuss some traits of this feature-rich camera device, buddies.

Shutter speed

Are you a photographer looking for a camera that has shutter speed ranges on a wide angle lens?

You have to look no further fellas, as this device has shutter speeds that can be set from 1/3200 of a second to 15 seconds.


Guys, do you know where is the unique charm of this tool?

It’s the GPS. The GPS logger function on this camera can help you track and then essentially locate all your photo/video shooting areas and map them out for you. Wow, how amazing!


Peeps, are you tired of carrying around inconveniently large camera equipment?

This camera is ultra-slim, around 1.25 inches thick, while still managing a 20x optical zooming lens. This makes it effortlessly portable as well as sturdy, with its plastic and metal body.

Face ID

Be ready to be stunned by another exciting feature this camera occupies, dudes, and the Face ID feature. This function can recognize up to 12 familiar faces. It will then give them priority in zooming and focusing while taking pictures. Impressed already? We certainly have more.

Photo Stitch

Here’s another charm, pals. Be consistent. This allows you to take photos that you have already lined up using Stitch Assist, and then use the Photo Stitch tool to stitch them all into a single panoramic image.

Video quality

Now everyone, you might wanna take this machine in the hands, after hearing this. This camera has got 1080p Full HD video making quality with a stereo sound. You can watch that video on your HDTV or transfer it to your laptop computer and share it on social media too.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Auto shutter speed/aperture combination.
  •   Special movie/video recording button.
  •   Includes three single-tone effects.
  •   Has Optical Image Stabilizer.
  •   Full range optical zoom.
  •   Audio has enhanced bass.
  •   Takes time to autofocus.
  •   Drains battery fast.


The device is a good bang for the bucks peeps. The zoom, the auto-mode, the weight, screen and processor capabilities can dowonders. The pros this camera comes with far outweigh the cons. You get used to the auto focus and you can easily edit audios to decrease the bass to your requirements. Overall, it is an immensely unique product and I will recommend it to even professional photographers looking to up their camera equipment.

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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The appliances of the Canon brand, as evident from the name, are as efficient as the fire of a Canon. In the realm of digital cameras, the Canon 0111 C001 Power Shot XS610 HS is a quality product manufactured by the company, guys. It’s an economical option, with highly sensitive sensor, crystal display and much more.


Your search mission of the best possible gadget just can’t be accomplished without proper research, peeps. Let us provide you the platform.


Knowing the dimensions of this instrument seems like really important to you, buddies. Well, don’t wait for it, then. It’s 2.2 x 5.5 x 6.3 inches in size. And the weight is not so unbearable too, fellas. It’s just 1.03 pounds, as little as a baby bird.

Sensitive Sensor

Image and video quality provided by a camera is all dependent on the sensor, isn’t it? That is the reason; this tool encompasses this aspect very well with a 20.2 Megapixel High Sensitivity CMOS sensor. And this is not all, fellas. A DIGIC 4+ image processor is also incorporated in the device. It has also got the ability of 18x optical zoom (25-40 mm).


The display of your video recorder needs to be fine and crispy, for better visualization of the scenes while recording. For that purpose, Canon has embedded a 3.0 inch, full LCD display, with 922,000 dots.

Video Recording

The quality of the recorded video is also unquestionable in terms of resolution and size. The ranges available are 1920 x 1080, 640 x 480,1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080p. Do you still need a second option for catering your high and medium resolution video needs, buddies? I don’t hope so.


Have you experienced the hectic procedure of transferring the video files from your old cameras by Memory card? I feel for you guys, then. This is absolutely not the case here. You can just connect your device over the built-in WIFI with compatible mobile phones and start moving the videos to your desired locations. USB Connectivity is the second option for you.

Flash and focus

A camera is as good as nothing during the night, if it doesn’t incorporate the flash light. Canon doesn’t forget to provide this valuable feature buddies. Internal flashlight is integrated in the device with the options of Auto, Flash off, Flash on, Red-eye reduction and Slow Synchronization.


A capable battery is the part and parcel of every camera device, which is a symbol of excellence. And to maintain the legacy, PowerShot SX610HS is armed with a 3.9 Watt Hours Lithium Battery with a voltage of 3.7 Volts.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Efficient in low light conditions.
  •   Reasonable price.
  •   Compact device.
  •   Distant Zoom.
  •   Easy to use.
  •   Low water resistance level.
  •   Large video size.


You have examined the ins and outs very deeply now, pals. Feature-wise you have most of them incorporated in the gadget and there is no quality limitation as well. The tool is recommended from my side.

Canon EOS Rebel T5

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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A boss in the camera manufacturing, Canon provides another powerful device in an economy range with the name of Canon EOS Rebel T5. This video recorder doesn’t only have an excellent sensor, but the built in components and accessories associated with this gadget are also up to the mark.


Before making an impression about this device, taking a close look at its traits is indispensable. But make your impression soon, before this gadget gets out of stock, dudes.


Guys, you surely wanna know the size and extent of this optical facilitator. Therefore, I am just gonna laying it all before you, without beating around the bush. Product dimensions are 5.1 x 3.1 x 3.9 inches, not much different than the other leading appliances. Weight is gonna intrigue you though with a figure of just 15.4 ounces.

Sensor and Image Processor

What is the primary controlling factor of image quality in a camera? Don’t say megapixels, please. The associated sensor is the actual controller of the quality, pals. Well, the sensor embedded in this particular product is the 18 megapixel CMOS (APS-C). Image processor is also out of the mark. DIGIC 4 image processor is incorporated in the assembly, dudes.

Lens and technical details

A camera without a lens is just like a man without eyes, a blind man in fact. It means that taking a close look at the lens specifications is crucial for you, fellas.This video recorder comes with EF-S 18-55 mm IS II standard zoom lens and EF 75-300 mm telephoto zoom lens with an aperture of f/4-5.6.

Video Quality and other perks

Your ultimate destination, the best camera for YouTube videos must have the capability of making fine resolution videos. To facilitate the people like you, Canon has launched the gadget with EOS 1080p full HD video mode. Other related characteristics are shooting at 3fps, Scene intelligent auto mode, unique filtering, flash light and a guide.


A crisp image can’t be captured with a blurry display, any issue with this statement? Of course, there can’t be. But do I have a budget for buying a photo/video recorder with ultra HD display? You must be asking this question from yourself. Forget the budget peeps; you have got one of the best cheap cameras for YouTubehere. It features 3-inch LCD TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor for efficient scene viewing.

Zoom level and shutter speed

High zoom level and fast shutter speed are necessary for your camera to be one of the best, pals.This beauty right before you incorporates the shutter speed varying in the range of 0.0025 to 30 seconds, quite a nice option to consider. Digital zoom of 8x is also a part of the device’s specification.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Numerous settings for quality control.
  •   Easily comprehensible features.
  •   Best for beginners.
  •   Wide ISO range.
  •   Safe packaging.
  •   Autofocus doesn’t work always.
  •   Mechanical shutter noise.


Giving the final words about this video recording machine, it’s a nice deal overall. You have got the video quality, customization and control, everything in the hands. It simply has nothing, to be dropped from your wish list. A recommended one from my side too.

Nikon Coolpix S7000

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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Folks, you’re already well aware of the big name of Nikon. It is a Japanese company working on producing imaging and optics equipment. The product of Nikon we want to talk about today is the Nikon Coolpix S7000 16 MP Digital Camera. This camera has some well-known specifications such as its superb image quality, mind boggling image quality and Auto Focus technology.


Other than the qualities mentioned, this device has much more in it. Let’s discuss.


Before you ask, let me put the dimensions first, 3.9 x 1.1 x 2.4 inches with a feathery weight of 5.8 ounces.


Peeps, if you’re sick and tired of holding onto unnecessarily large cameras, we have a solution for you. This camera is made of metallic and plastic builds that makes it sturdy. It is also extremely portable and lightweight, allowing it to be carried in a purse or a college bag.


This camera takes zooming in to a whole new level. Here’s the new charm. The lens of this device allows for a 20x optical zoom, 40x with Dynamic Fine zoom and a digital zooming function as well.


Guys, you will not look at sharing or uploading photos and videos the same way after this, because it’s revolutionary. A Nikon Snapbridge allows for images and videos to be transferred directly and wirelessly through a WI-FI connection and Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) in your tablet or phone.

Video Quality

Now take a look at what users like best about this device.The video quality that this incredible camera comes with is 1080p Full HD with stereo sound capability. Adding creative effects such as applying time lapse to your videos can be done directly without any hassle.

Scene modes

For effortless photo capturing and a great camera in general, this tool is there to help. It is equipped with 18 different scene modes like snow, sun, night portrait, etc. These will help you to match the situation to a scene mode and take the perfect image from the camera.

Auto Focus

Last, but not the least; take a look at this function. The intelligent Auto Focus technology that this device comes with is instant and accurate enough to put your worries to rest. It focuses on the right thing and the photo is never out of focus.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Maximum customization of settings.
  •   Uploading/sharing images via WI-FI.
  •   Brilliant color performance.
  •   Image stabilization is good.
  •   Clarity on telephoto shots.
  •   Very much Compact.
  •   Delay after pressing the shutter release.
  •   No instructions or owner manual.
  •   Function dial turns easily.


This commendable device has been a game-changer for my photography sessions. It has improved how I take natural scenic shots or even if I have to switch to a homey or nighttime feel. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to invest in it, to get the best out of the product.

Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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The brand name Canon doesn’t need an introduction, for sure. But its fresh product, the Canon VIXIA HF R700, definitely needs some introductory statements. As you’re in the hunt of the best cheap camera for YouTube, this gadget seems like an appropriate choice with its Camcorder, longtime battery, quality display panel, ultra high video quality and much more.


Giving any statement about VIXIA HF R700 would be unethical, before skimming through its traits. Let me put them all for you here.


Wanna handle a large and heavy movie camera on your shoulders? Of course not!Well, check out this piece, dudes. This handy cam has got the size of 23.2 x 13.4 x 8.1 inches. Let me be honest regarding the load too. Its 5.9 pound weight is not as low as the weight of most of the modern cameras in the market, but none of them are the handy cams.

Sensor and Image Processor

An eminent camera must have a stupendous sensor along with a quality image processor; nobody should raise hands on this fact. Well, the product under review has been developed knowing the needs of the current age. It has got 3.28MP high definition CMOS sensor with DIGIC DV 4 image processor.

Video Quality and saving formats

Are you annoyed by the stubborn old video cameras, whose quality has no charm and video format is incompatible with most of the systems? This device might be a source of satisfaction for you, buddies with its 1920 x 1080/60p video camera quality. Video recording formats are AVCHD & MP4, very widely accepted indeed. The story of excellence isn’t that short. It encompasses 57x zooming capabilityand Super Range O.I.S as well.

Display and Controls

Display of a camera is same as a windscreen of the car. You can’t drive, unless the way is clear. Likewise, you can’t capture a moment, unless you see the scene and controls uninterruptedly. For that reason, this photo buddy is equipped with a 3” LCD screen touch panel. SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slots and four shooting modes are icing on the cake with such an amazing control option.


A camera with drained or no battery is not more than a trash box, fellas. This is why; the gadget is armed with an Extra battery BP-727.


You definitely need to know the external components and accessories; this photo capturing device has with it. The things are SanDisk 64GB memory card, tripod, camera case, USB card reader, 3 piece cleaning kit, a memory card folderand a cable similar to HDMI.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Sound incorporation is pretty well.
  •   Additional USB Cord.
  •   Suitable for vlogging.
  •   Long battery time.
  •   USA warranty.
  •   No single focus lens included.
  •   No built in Wi Fi


Conclusively, I would like to say that this camera is right for the money. It incorporates most of the traits;any quality gadget can have. User satisfaction level is also excellent with this gadget. It’s a highly recommended one from my side.

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Canon EOS 70D

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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The Canon, a name of quality has broken the grounds once again with a brand new quality gadget, the one and only Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera. Ranging from the advanced features to the necessary accessories, this device incorporates everything you need, in just one box.


The functionalities EOS 70D encapsulates, are crucial for you to be explored. So stop fretting and start digging.


You don’t have to build muscles to carry this video recording tool, pals. It’s a really compact one with the dimensions of 5.5 x 3.1 x 4.1 inches. Weight also lies in the acceptable limits. It’s just 1.7 pounds, as heavy as a mobile phone.

Sensors and Image Processors

As the main task of the camera is to take photos and videos,the sensor needs to be highly sensitive and image processing must be rapid and efficient. Moving on to the tool under discussion now, it has got a powerful 20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor. The image processing ability of this gadget is also unquestionable dudes. DIGIC 5+ image sensor is integrated into it.


Only a quality windscreen can let the drive see through it. Likewise, a quality display can make you capable of watching the things on the other side of the lens more efficiently. The need for the panel to be crystal clear is more emphasized when the numbers of control options on the screen are huge. This is the case with Canon EOS 70D, pals. Its 3” glossy LCD touch screen with 1,040,000 dots is capable of doing wonders.

Video Quality and Flash

Premium video quality just can’t be compromised when the best video camera for YouTube is the gadget you’re hunting. Built-in flash is also a part and parcel of the best video cameras in the market. Let me tell you the good news guys, this gadget has it all for you; 1080 video quality with frames per second as 30, 25 and 24, 780p with 50/60 fps with the file formats of H.264, MPEG-4 and MOV. This is not all dudes; built in flash with integrated speed lite transmitter and hot shoe is another feature, maintaining the legacy of the Canon products.

Easy Sharing

Do you feel it annoying to remove the memory card, every time you need to transfer anything? You don’t have to be annoyed anymore buddies, this device features an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card, from which data can easily be transferred via built-in WIFI and EOS remote app.

Other technical strengths

This gadget has much more on its side, dudes. Some of those capabilities are 19 point cross-type AF system, up to 7fps image capturing, ISO 100-12800, GPS compatibility and free Amazon drive service.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Viewfinder feature is very helpful.
  •  Menus are easily comprehensible.
  •   Drive modes are distinctive skills.
  •   Particularly effective for vloging.
  •   Can use EF or EF-S lens with it.
  •   Facial autofocus.
  •   Not a high quality bit format.
  •   SD card problems.


Given the price, sensitive lens, Seagate and other perks associated with the camera, it just can’t simply be dropped out of the wish list. Its range of features and functions pay the price pretty well. I have no reason to give this product the letter of non-recommendation.

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Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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Panasonic is a big name in the manufacturing industry of electronic equipment. It’s a one century old company in fact. Therefore, the Panasonic products don’t require any other identifying mark. Another reflection of the class from the side of this brand is the Panasonic LUMIX G7 4K Mirrorless Camera. Only features don’t define the excellence of this visual recorder, its weight and compactness also play their part.


In the chase of the best camera for YouTube videos, don’t forget to look at the qualities of this specific device.


Were you going to ask about the size of this beautiful optical device?

Well, don’t tire your tongue dudes, I know your concerns. It’s 4.9 x 3 x 3.4 inches in size, quite a small gadget. Satisfied with the size? Well, let me enlighten you up with a quality criteria, pals. “The gadget small in weight, but rich in features is the most reliable device usually”. LUMIX G7 seems like reaching close to the criteria, with a weight of just 14.4 ounces.

Sensor and Image Processor

You already know how crucially these factors affect the quality of your captured image or recorded video, especially in the low-light conditions.Let me soothe you up a little now. The resolution of the G7’s sensor is 16 MP, perfectly capable like the large sensors in other DSLRs. Its next generation intelligent Image Processor ensures the image quality isn’t degraded. And that’s not all; here is more charisma for you. Recording videos in low light conditions is not a problem anymore, because of its incredible ISO 25,600.

Video Quality

You can’t simply compromise on the quality after spending a hefty amount, Panasonic knows that. That is why; this gadget is armed with 4K Photo and 4K Video function, dudes. Just make sure that the card you use is rated as the UHS Speed Class 3 [U3] and start enjoying the ultra-HD 4k resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Display and Controls

Clear display and reasonable controlling options are critical for your ultimate video making experience, it’s an understood fact. That is the reason; this video maker is furnished with a fully articulated 3” TFT LCD. It is a valuable product in terms of controls too. Six buttons on the body and five buttons on the menu are just enough for controlling the functions of autofocus, ISO adjustment, photo mode, exposure type and shutter speed.


A commendable battery is a must have in the Panasonic equipment, guys. LUMIX G7 features a Lithium Ion battery providing an average battery life of 350 photos.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Effective for YouTube videos particularly.
  •   Consistent and durable.
  •   Too easy to handle.
  •   Super sharp lens.
  •   Minimal noise.
  •   Autofocus doesn’t work occasionally.
  •   Freezing issue at times.


Keeping the price tag and everything else under consideration, this camera is a right option for the newbies and intermediate level photographers. It can also be used for making family photos. In short, it’s a good choice for ordinary use, a recommended one from my side.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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A big fish in the manufacturing industry of electronic equipment, the Canon, presents another valuable product, the Canon EOS Rebel T5i. With provision of images and videos in numerous widely used file formats, this gadget offers so many functions revolutionizing the user experience in photography and video making.


Now is the time to focus on the specifications of this machine, fellas. Below is everything you need to know about this gadget.


You don’t have to wait too long for knowing this little but important aspect, dudes. It’s 3.94 x 3.11 x 5.24 inches in size. Weight is a little greater compared to the other gadgets with a figure of 3.84 pounds.

Sensor and ISO

Which is the most important factor, deciding the quality of images captured by you?

It is the sensor of the camera, dudes. For this reason, the gadget under discussion is armed with 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, quite a capable component. Another important factor deciding the fate of a camera is the ISO. This aspect is covered in the Canon EOS Rebel pretty nicely with a value of 100-12800. If you don’t feel satisfied with this figure, its expandable option to 25,600 might intrigue you, buddies.

Video Quality

A digital camera is the same as a mobile camera, if the video quality isn’t good. What to do then? Look for the best gadget out there, pals. Rebel T5i provides 1080 p quality with 30, 25, 24 fps and 720p quality with 60 and 50 fps. What do you need more, when you’re getting a 29 minute HD video in H.264 format so conveniently?

Image Quality

The camera has image capturing capabilities too, with video facilitation. Canon covers this aspect too by giving a continuous shooting speed of 5 fps with the digital zoom of 1x. 


A camera without a clearer display is no more than a man suffering from farsightedness. Keeping the importance in view, this camera features a 3 inches fully articulated LCD display with the maximum display resolution of 1040000. And you know where the charm is? You don’t have to find the buttons for controls displayed on the screen. A full touch display panel, is there to facilitate you.


A camera can’t function without a working battery, you know that. But you don’t have to worry even little, peeps.This component of the Rebel T5i is pretty strong; with an energy content of 8.1 Watt Hours and a weight of 52 grams. Class doesn’t end here pals, 440 photos of average battery life provide you the ultimate photography and videography experience you need.

        Pros        Cons
  •   High quality touch display.
  •   No need of filters.
  •   Easy to set up.
  •   User Friendly.
  •   Light weight.
  •   Inefficient in audio tracking.
  •   Low build quality.


Summing it all, this gadget is not a bad choice, in any aspect. You have got sensitive sensor, high video quality, clear display and powerful battery, almost everything. What do you need more to get the certification of this device as one of the best gadgets out there? A recommended one from my side.

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Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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The boss in the manufacturing of optical apparatuses, the Canon, has come up with a new device, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera, just fulfilling the high-end needs of the consumers. Its excellent sensor and fine components provide high quality videos and ultra HD photos, just in accordance with the needs of regular camera users.


Looking at the features of a gadget is crucial for making the purchase decision, buddies. Have a good look and clear your concerns.


No need to debate on the importance of this little factor pals. It is undoubtedly the most basic part of the decision criteria. Coming to the point, Mark II has got a size of 4.41 x 3.07 x 5.87 inches. The mass of the gadget is also so small. 2.01 pounds is not a heavy figure, peeps. Is it?

Sensor and Image Processor

Are you worried of the low capability sensor of your aged camera?

Well, it gotta be replaced by a brand new device, buddies. Take a look at this beauty with 20.2 MP CMOS sensor. And you don’t have to look for high sensitivity in any other gadget buddies; this gadget covers it all for you with its ISO range of 100-16000. Its extendibility option to 51200 is like an icing on the cake.

Video and photo Quality

A person looking for the best camera for YouTube videos can’t simply compromise on the video quality. This is the reason; Canon has incorporated Full HD video capability in the gadget with stereo sound recording. You surely don’t need to demand anything else pals. That was the appeal for the videographers. What is the attraction for photographers? Well, the thing is high speed continuous shooting up to 10 fps. It shoots images like a camcorder.


Are you a user of the old conventional cameras with dry and dull displays?

Well, let me revolutionize your multimedia experience to a new level, dudes. EOS 7D has got 10x digital zooming capability on a 3 inches LCD display. Maximum display resolution is 1040,000, just more than enough.


A proficient battery is a part and parcel of a quality electronic appliance, it’s a known fact. This product is made eminent by integrating an 80 grams 14 Watt Hours battery into it. This little component can provide the power of capturing as more as 670 photos, a significant figure actually.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Distinguishing battery life.
  •   Full exposure control.
  •   Easily customizable.
  •   Fast shutter speed.
  •   Quality autofocus.
  •   Not a sharp sensor.
  •   Poor detailing.


All the ins and outs are just before you ladies and gentlemen. Now is the time for you to throw the dice on the table and see your fate. There is absolutely no suspicion in the quality of this product, and it’s highly recommended from my side.

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018

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Maintaining the legacy, Canon gives another option to the users of digital cameras in its series of optical equipment. The new product is the Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR camera, dudes. Its high efficiency sensor, continuous image shooting ability, crystal clear display panel and numerous video and photo modes provide the user with the most amazing experience.


How’re you going to do the screening process for the gadget you need, fellas? You need to see the specification for that. Dudes, take a look with present minds.


You don’t have to wait too long for knowing this aspect, pals. Just be patient, its size is 4.11 x 3.09 x 5.47 inches which may seem like a little larger than typical devices. Weight is also a little greater with the figure of 6 pounds, but a warrior without a bulky war suit is no more than an unprepared man ready for death. Look at the features first, before discarding it.

Sensor and Image Processor

Do you feel it tiring to find out the camera with prime quality image and video display?

Well, focus on this factor, buddies. A camera can’t have excellence, unless its sensor and image processor are outclass. That is the reason; this gadget is equipped with 20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 5+ image processor. You certainly don’t need anything more than this, peeps.

Display and Controls

A car without a dashboard is not more than a piece of trash, fellas. Same is the case with a Camera; it’s not more than a plastic piece without proper controls. This product has got a 3” articulated LCD display panel with 1,040,000 dots on the screen, enough for your image capturing and viewing needs. That is not all, pals. You have got a touch control feature with this display as well.


The battery is indispensable for any battery operated appliance, this is unarguable. But knowing the supported battery types and life is crucial for you, so listen. This Canon product is powered with an 80 gram 13 Watt Hours battery. Its type is the Lithium-Ion LP-E6 rechargeable battery. The capability of this component is also pretty satisfying buddies, 920 photos of battery life is a hard thing to find.

Included Components

This is not a simple camera box, dudes. A lot of components are included with this device as well. Let me name them. Eyecup, Battery Pack LP-E6, Wide Strap EW-EOS 70, USB Interface cable and EOS Digital solution disk are the main accessories. Take a good look at them, and choose the camera accordingly.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Menus are easy to navigate.
  •   Facial autofocus is great.
  •   Stereo sound capability.
  •   Optimum for vlogging.
  •   1080p HD resolution.
  •   Two lens options.
  •   Autofocus has issues at times.
  •   Unwanted delicate sensor.


That was all about the Canon EOS 70D, pals. You must be well knowledgeable on this gadget by now. Now is the time to finalize your choice. If you ask me, then this device is capable, don’t just throw it away. Add it to your wish list with our highly recommendations.

Best Video Cameras for YouTube 2018 – Buyer’s Guide


You will see every middle class person in the world complaining about this bold world mentioned above. Let me give you a lifelong tip buddies. Know your budget limits and only see the products in that range. Your life will become happier than ever. Just know your upper and lower limits and get the best whatever you can get in that range. For instance, if you’re going to buy a DSLR, you have the range of $200 to $2000 in front of you. It’s your call to pick the gadget.

One thing is sure; you can get the best out of your budget, if you make your choices wisely. So take a good look at the mini cameras, Camcorders, digital cameras and cinematic cameras available in the market and establish a relationship between your need, budget and the available options. Get the gadget right away whose association is the strongest. And congratulations, your search for the best cheap cameras for YouTube is over. Cheap here, mean the best economical option guys.

Type of the videos to be captured

Before you start thinking about buying a camera device seriously, you need to answer this question as well peeps, whether you’ll be capturing the scenes of nature or funny videos with your device or doing the vlogging. This is because; the choice of camera depends heavily on its intended purpose. A device for recording personal videos will be far different than the one used to capture fine and clear scenes of green leaves having a humming bird on them. You should always know that your ultimate goal is not to put your video on a Facebook Status or a snapchat story. It is gonna be a part of the YouTube video resources. So, you should be peeking out for the best video cameras for YouTube.

Types of Camera

Have you ever seen distortion in YouTube videos? You must have observed that. Let me tell you the reason guys. That’s because of the bad quality of camera sensors. Such kind of VGA camera can never be the best cheap cameras for YouTube. You gotta purchase a quality product to avoid low quality videos. Some general types of cameras and their attributes are mentioned as follows:

DSLR Cameras

These cameras have diverse applications and they are suitable for high resolution image and video recording specially.

Mirrorless Cameras

This is the refined form of DSLR Cameras, but a little more expensive.

Sport Cameras

This is the specialized kind of cameras for the sports. Great for filming different angles of a player during playing.


These are medium quality cameras for home videos.

Point and Shoot

This is a small sized, high quality camera, perfect for travelling photographers.

Mini Video Cameras

These are also pocket size, little cameras, but not of very high quality.

Talking about the best cameras for YouTube videos, the device having the capability of capturing the finest quality video with smallest size is the one wearing this crown. Regardless of whether you buy a DSLR or a mini video camera, it must be able to be uploaded on the YouTube with all qualities.

Role of Sound in Videos

Have you seen movies with low audio?

There is no more annoying thing than that. So what’s the way out peeps? DSLR is top of the list in the best cameras for YouTube 2018 in this respect. Some external accessories can also be added with cameras to ensure the maximum audio quality. According to professionals, audio in a recording is as important as the video.


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