Best Webcam for Stunning Video Conferencing 2021

Different types of webcams are available in the market to suit your preferences. While some streamers prefer to use a high end camera, others go for webcams because they are easy to use and come for a reasonable price. Unlike digital cameras, the video captured has comparatively small file size and can be easily edited. You can also save your videos directly to your computer without a capture card. Webcams are notable for having fewer controls but at the same time offer good video and audio quality.

While it is true that laptops available today come with an inbuilt webcam, it fails to produce quality videos. In case you are planning to include yourself in the video you should hunt for a webcam that will help you become the next YouTube or Twitch celebrity. Therefore, investing in a webcam before you show your face to the world becomes important for all live streamers.

To help you make a sound investment we have done a detailed research and come up with several popular products for you that have the best features and specs available in the market.

Take a peek at the best webcams for streaming available in today’s market.

NameResolutionFrame rateFocus
Logitech C920S HD Pro1080p30 fpsAutofocus
Logitech Brio4K30 fpsFixed focus
Logitech C922 Pro Stream1080p30 fpsAutofocus
Razer Kiyo1080p30 fpsAutofocus
Logitech C270720p30 fpsFixed focus
Marantz Professional Turret1080p30 fpsAutofocus
AUKEY Webcam 2K HD2K15 fpsManual focus
Mevo Live Event Cam720p30 fpsAutofocus
Aukey Webcam 1080p1080p30fpsFixed focus
Genius WideCam F1001080p30 fpsManual Focus

1. Logitech C920S HD Pro

Logitech C920S HD ProClick Here for Price

Logitech has become the manufacturing giant of the digital world. Their presence can be felt across various digital arenas including gaming and music. Their obsession with the digital world can also be felt in the webcam arena. Logitech has a few webcams that has gained immense popularity with streamers.

Seven years since its release, Logitech’s C920 is still ranked as one of the best webcams. The unique selling point of the camera is the privacy shutter attached to the camera placed above the lens. The privacy shutter helps you to control what your viewers can see; it also helps protect the lens.

C920 is famous for its video quality. It records 1080p at 30 fps [frames per second] offering clear video recording. If you hate tinkering with the focus and brightness of the camera while recording you can trust the C920 to get the perfect focus and brightness to add consistency to the video. The camera is equipped with RightLight 2 technology which maintains the image clarity by detecting the lighting conditions and adjusting brightness, contrast, and color settings accordingly. Also, if you are used to moving too much while you record or you speak with constant hand gestures, the camera has a speedy and accurate autofocus which locks focus wherever you move.

While the autofocus is accurate, the auto white balance can be finicky at times. The auto-calibration gives a blue tint to the recording which adds a colder tone to the video. However, this can be fixed by downloading the Logitech Camera Settings software which has a slider to adjust brightness, contrast, color intensity, and white balance.

A set of integrated stereo microphones are featured on either sides of the camera. The audio was found to be tinny and scratchy; therefore, the audio quality is just passable.

        Pros        Cons
Good video quality.
Difficult setup.
Privacy shutter.
Finicky white balance.
Speedy and accurate auto focus.

 2. Logitech Brio

Logitech BrioClick Here for Price

Regarded as Logitech’s best webcam, Brio is the one among the few mainstream webcams that offer recording with 4k resolution. The webcam can identify the finer patterns in your t shirt and also give a detailed picture of your surroundings. In case you want to fit a few of your friends on the screen don’t hesitate. Brio has a 90 degree field of view which can fit in two people without seamlessly.. Besides, it is also one of the best wireless cameras helping you to affix the camera wherever you choose.

Capable of recording 4K at 30 fps the camera can accommodate all your video recording needs. Equipped with HDR, Brio can make you look good even on your lazy days. However, to enjoy this ultra HD attribute you need to have the monitor and apps that will support recording at 4K. Also make sure you plug the camera into the USB 3.0 port to support streaming in 4K.

The video quality is further optimized by the RightLight 3 technology. RightLight 3 helps to optimize the image quality by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color settings. It also helps the camera adjust to low light surroundings. The technology is capable of handling the autofocus deficiency of the camera. C920 has a fixed focus feature which should be avoided if you are live streaming. Rightlight 3 will help adjust the picture quality and the sharpness so you needn’t stress about the fixed focus. However, the webcam can’t handle motion as the fixed focus takes time to readjust when the object is moved away from the camera.

You should keep in mind that not many websites support 4K streaming. YouTube has started to support 4K streaming while others have shown a ‘1080p is decent enough’ approach. Even though you might not be allowed to upload your content with 4K resolution on all the platforms, having a webcam which offers a greater picture quality above others can add to your production value.

One noticeable drawback is the audio quality of the integrated microphone of the camera. The microphone attracts background noise and fails to give a clear audio. If you are a pro streamer we would suggest buying a standalone microphone.

        Pros        Cons
4k recording
Good lighting adjustment
Fixed focus
Poor audio quality

3.Logitech C922 Pro Stream

Logitech C922 Pro StreamClick Here for Price

Logitech introduced C922 Pro Stream as an all-rounder webcam with a simplistic design. The webcam has a host of features which can suit activities from video conferencing to live streaming. It is also reasonably priced so all you amateur streamers can consider buying this webcam. It supports a wide variety of applications from skype calls to game streaming.

C922 Pro Stream features a resolution of 1080p/30 fps. If you are game streaming and want to load your frames faster you can turn the resolution down to 720p and bump up the playable frame rate to 60 fps. Even though the webcam maxes out at 1080p resolution and doesn’t possess the feature of ultra HD streaming, amateur streamers can choose this product because it has decent specs that is worth the money.

Apart from 1080p resolution C922 Pro Stream has automatic low light correction to enhance your video quality under dimly lit conditions. If you are a night owl who prefers streaming at night, go ahead and strap on the C922 Pro Stream to your monitor.

A streamer looking for a wide angle lens can choose a C922 Pro Stream as it is equipped with a full HD Glass Lens with an FOV of 78 degrees. You no longer need to manually focus your webcam because the C922 has a default autofocus setting which will automatically focus on the objects in front of the camera. The webcam has an inbuilt mic on either sides of the lens which would be beneficial for amateur streamers who can’t afford a separate microphone for their streaming gear.

Like most other webcams C922 Pro Stream is plug and play ready. You just need to connect it to the laptop via the USB, let your PC complete reading the driver and you can start streaming.

        Pros        Cons
Good low light correction
Easy setup
The autofocus fails to clearly focus on smaller objects
Audio quality is just passable

4. Razer Kiyo

Razer KiyoClick Here for Price

The unique selling point of Kiyo webcam from Razer is the halo featured around the cam. There is an inbuilt ring of LED light which encloses the tiny camera. Apart from the gorgeous look, the webcam is known for producing highly detailed pictures and color accuracy. For those who are looking to make a livelihood out of streaming, Kiyo is definitely a choice as it will add to the production value and make you look great on camera.

All the game streamers out there might feel like this webcam was designed specifically for you. We know you always prefer gaming from a dimly lit room so you can clearly watch the characters fumble and fight on your computer. However, the dimly lit room wouldn’t help you stream with clarity, since most of you will choose to project yourself in a smaller frame while your game is on a larger one. The adjustable light around the camera comes into play here.

You can turn on the LED ring light and choose a setting that would cast ample light on your face. At the highest setting the camera can cut out the dark shadows around your eyes. The light can also be turned off if your room is well lit. The light will save you the cost of rigging a light source in your room. Therefore, the Razer Kiyo webcam is exceptionally proficient in handling low light conditions and is one of the best webcam choices for gamers. Regardless of the conditions, streaming in Kiyo can deliver sharp images with good picture quality.

Getting to the resolution of the camera, it can record 1080p at 30fps; you can tone down the resolution down a notch to 720p and record at 60 fps. The autofocus adds makes the video quality industry grade. It is also adept at handling without losing the sharpness of the image. Besides, the camera can capture sudden exposure changes.

Moreover, the Kiyo has a built in microphone, but you can’t depend on it if you are making a professional video. The audio is not clear while playback. Another disadvantage of the webcam is the undetachable USB 2.0 cable. It is also not as long as the other webcams manufactured by Razer’s competitors.

        Pros        Cons
Led light around the webcam
Highly detailed pictures
Good for game streaming
Undetachable USB cable
Poor audio quality

5. Logitech C270

Logitech C270Click Here for Price

C270 is another webcam from Logitech’s product line. The C270 boasts excellent video quality. Unlike C270’s sister product the C922 Pro Stream, it does not have an option of 4K streaming. However, the video and audio quality is decent and it comes for a modest price. C270 is compact and can easily fit into your pocket.

Looking at the specs of C270, it is quite capable to record a crystal clear image and a pitch perfect audio. Even though the webcam cannot provide a 1080p resolution, it can record 720p at 30fps enough, to give you an impressive video feed which is totally worth the money. However, we recommend choosing this product only if you are a beginner at vlogging and can get by with a 720p webcam.

If you are looking to create a channel to broadcast gameplays you wouldn’t need to bother too much about the resolution because you will show yourself in a small frame most of the time.

You also don’t have to worry about the picture clarity as it is equipped with standard auto light correction. The auto correction helps your video to have image clarity even in low lit conditions. Even if your recording surroundings are bathed in bright sunlight your video feed would still be optimized to provide an HD quality video. The lens quality is standard and the movements are so synchronized that you barely notice any pixelation, which is a desired feature for streamers.

There are a few drawbacks for this product. The webcam has a fixed focus. This would mean that you remove all the unwanted objects from the background so that the viewers can focus their attention on you. There is an inbuilt microphone, but the audio quality doesn’t match the needs of a streamer. Also, the camera tilt is flimsy; you might feel the camera will fall off your laptop.

Overall, this webcam packs features that are worth the money especially if you are an amateur streamer. Even though, the camera doesn’t produce stunning visuals, the picture clarity is decent enough for a beginner to get by.

        Pros        Cons
Fixed focus
Tilt is flimsy

6. Marantz Professional Turret

Marantz Professional TurretClick Here for Price

Marantz Professional Turret is one of the most innovative and attractive recording devices. It is considered as an all-in-one broadcasting tool as the device is fitted with a microphone as well as a camera – the best fit for a radio recording session. This device lets you podcast and stream in picture without the need of additional accessories.

The Marantz professional Turret has a visually appealing design. It has a cylindrical stand with a height of approximately 50 cm which is fitted with a camera. A metal swivel arm extends from the cylindrical stand which supports a cardioid condenser microphone. The camera can be rotated 180 degrees to the right or left.

While it is an audio first device, the camera can also deliver a professional level video quality, therefore, it is ideal for professional streamers. The camera has an LED ring light which has an adjustable brightness. You can also choose to change the filter around the camera in case you want to switch the exposure. The turret comes with three kinds of filters, blue, white and pale yellow. You can choose between the three to match the color temperature of your ambient lighting.

The turret camera is capable of delivering full HD 1080p video at 30 fps. The camera performs well in low light conditions as it is equipped with automatic low-light correction. The camera has a high speed autofocus, unfortunately, this can’t be turned off. The high speed autofocus will affect your video if you are a person used to speaking with gestures.

        Pros        Cons
Fitted with both microphone and camera
Automatic low light correction
Has three light filters
Uncontrollable high speed autofocus

7. AUKEY Webcam 2K HD

No products found.No products found.

The Aukey Webcam 2k HD is known for its image and audio quality. The webcam is one of the best rated products on Amazon and also among the budget-friendly webcams available. The webcam is best suited for amateur streamers because it offers industry grade performance at a low cost.

Though the camera boasts 2k recording, the camera disappoints when it comes to frame rate. The frame rate offered for recording in 2k is 15fps. Minimum standard for streaming is 30 fps especially if you are game streaming. Otherwise, you will end up with a choppy video which looks like a group of still images flashing by on the screen. However, you can push the resolution down to 1080p and get a frame rate of 30 fps. Even at 1080p the camera delivers a crystal clear image.

The camera also comes with a smart light adjustment feature which optimizes the brightness according to the lighting. The image projected by the camera is oversaturated; however, this can be fixed by changing the settings in the streaming software that you are using.

We wouldn’t suggest this camera if you want to shoot a moving object because it has a manual focus design. The webcam goes out of focus as soon as the object on the screen moves. The focus adjustment ring affixed around the lens of the camera helps manually adjust the focus. This can be a hassle for most streamers because adjusting the camera every time an object moves on the screen is not possible.

Coming to the audio quality, the camera has noise cancelling microphones. The audio produced is a bit grainy but clear. Overall, the camera has good video quality and decent audio quality. It is also affordable and therefore a good choice for a streaming.

        Pros        Cons
Good audio and video quality
Manual focus
Images are over saturated

8. Mevo Live Event Cam

Mevo Live Event CamClick Here for Price

The Mevo camera is specially designed for live streaming. Mevo can livestream to Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube. Though the recording maxes out at 720p, it offers impeccable video quality for streaming content online. Mevo boasts of having a 4K video image, however, the streaming video image maxes out at 720p. The video records 720p at 30 fps delivering a decent video quality.

The unique selling point of Mevo is its live editing feature. With real time editing you can create a more attractive video by eliminating a fixed view for the audience. This feature is a great add on to the production quality of your video and has the potential to bring in more viewers to your page.

Also there is another way to avoid a static shot. You can install the Mevo app on your device which will help you to zoom in and out on various parts of your screen while recording. The ability to zoom in and out and create different focus points will make your live content more impactful. The app will also let you switch between cameras while shooting which will allow you to capture a scene from different angles without difficulty.

The webcam also has an autopilot feature that lets the camera automatically zoom in on faces. However, it is advised to be careful while using this feature because sometimes the autopilot tends to focus on the wrong body parts.

At first glance Mevo might seem budget-friendly. However, once you get your hands on the product and start recording you will find out that you will need additional devices for a professional quality video. The primary deficiency is low light correction, so your recording won’t be clear without appropriate lighting. Besides, the audio quality of the in-built microphone is not professional grade, so you will have to get a standalone mic and connect it to the camera.

If you are a pro streamer who takes a lot of time to record a video you will have to buy an extra battery pack because Mevo has poor battery life. You would also require a tripod to fix the camera because the webcam doesn’t come with a mount.

        Pros        Cons
Good video quality.
Mevo app has live editing feature which allows real time editing.
Poor battery life.
Extra accessories are required for the camera to be fully functional.

9. Aukey Webcam 1080p

No products found.No products found.

The Aukey webcam 1080p’s ability to capture with stereo audio is what makes it suitable for streaming. As its name suggests, the camera records 1080p at 30fps, the standard for streaming videos. The camera’s performance is reliable so is its audio quality. This product is highly useful for streamers who are looking for a webcam with good image quality, but do not want to spend too much money.

We don’t advise Aukey Webcam 1080p to pro streamers because, while it does offer good video quality, it is not a professional grade. The image when zoomed in is blurry. Also, under low light conditions the camera will not deliver a quality image. Therefore, using an Aukey Webcam 1080p will require additional light settings to get a clearer picture.

Businesses and gamers can depend on this camera as the image quality is good for video conferencing and game streaming. The camera can capture your reactions real time and is fitted with fixed focus which will lock the focus on the object in front of the camera. The fixed focus can also handle motion, therefore, can deliver video without any lags. Video conferences also have the added advantage of clear audio quality offered by the integrated microphone.

        Pros        Cons
Best for video conferences.
No low light correction.
Fixed focus.

10. Genius WideCam F100

Genius WideCam F100Click Here for Price

The Genius Widecam is advertised as a camera to enhance your chatting and video conference experience. The camera is modestly priced and boasts of having a good image quality. It is also visually appealing with a sleek look and can mount comfortably on top of your PC. It comes with an undetachable USB wire which can be used to connect the camera to the PC. The camera is also rotatable by 360 degrees on its mount in case you want to picture what is happening on the other side of the monitor.

The unique selling point of Genius WideCam F100 is the “ultra-wide angle lens” with 120 degree FOV. You can comfortably fit three people in the camera while streaming, so there is no need to push people away to be seen on the screen. The picture clarity is decent but not good enough for professional grade.

As with all the wide angle cameras there is fish eyeing on the farther edges. Also, the audio input is decent. It is clear and natural but much quieter compared to other webcams. Besides, the microphone’s noise cancelling ability adds to the audio quality.

The camera records a full HD 1080p video at 30 fps. It performs well in a room with good lighting; however, a dimly lit condition can severely affect the picture quality. The image appears grainy and the picture lacks focus. The webcam comes with manual focus which can be adjusted by the ring placed around the lens but should be avoided especially when you are live streaming. Game streaming will prove to be a hassle as it has manual focus design and lacks low light correction.

The low image quality can be fixed by employing the ArcSoft Webcam Companion 4 software that is included along with the package. If you don’t have a CD drive to install the software, you can choose to download any chat software or app to tweak the settings of the camera.

        Pros        Cons
Good image quality.
Wide angle.
No low light correction.
Manual focus.


1. How to live stream a video?

A few websites allow live streaming with just a click of a button. For example, YouTube and Instagram have the  Live option for easy streaming. Most other websites would require a third party application [encoder] to stream a video. Streaming from an encoder significantly increases your image quality.

Most of the streamers now use the Open Broadcasting System [OBS] software. If you are using OBS you need to select your video capture source. You go to the sources option on the app, click on the add button and select ‘add video capture device’. Two options pop up on the screen, ‘create new’ and ‘add existing device’. Click on create new and enter your devices name.

If you are using a DSLR you will have to use a device to capture the video, like the El Gato’s Camlink. So, once you add your device, the dialogue box that appears next will have a device option again. The device that you are using to capture the video will automatically appear under the device option. Select the device and the video that your camera is recording will immediately appear on your computer screen.  You can also select the resolution that you want to stream in.

To live stream a video you should first log in to the website that you want to stream from. Tap on your dashboard and go to stream option on the website. The stream option has different names for different websites. For example, Facebook has a live video option while YouTube has a stream now option. For streaming you will need a stream key which will have to be retrieved from the settings of your account. When you click on the stream video option you will be asked to enter the stream key.

After entering the stream key, go back to OBS and click on preferences, where you will find the stream option. You will be asked to put in the details of your streaming service along with the streaming key that you have already copied. Enter the details and click on the start streaming to live stream.

2. What is the best position for a webcam and a green screen when streaming?

The best shot can be captured when you leave plenty of headroom while grabbing the video. Picture your screen with a tic tac-toe grid. Position yourself in the center of the grid such that your eyes are parallel to the first vertical line of the grid. Also make sure your shoulders are in the shot. This head and shoulder shot is optimal for communication.

Additionally, find the right distance between you and the camera. Don’t place yourself too close or far from the camera. Too close to the camera can make you look creepy and make the viewers feel uncomfortable. A far shot will fail to give a personal touch to your video. The right distance means that you should be positioned in front of the camera where your face is clearly visible and the viewers can make out if there are any hand gestures.

3. Do webcams need special software for live streaming?

All webcams require software for live streaming. The most commonly used software is the OBS software. There are numerous other third party applications that help to live stream a video like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Livestream, etc.

4 .How to use a DSLR as a webcam?

Most professional live streamers use a DSLR instead of a webcam. DSLR might not be in everybody’s price range, but it has a numerous features that can impress anybody.  . These cameras come with a bunch of settings that can help manipulate your video giving you greater control over the production.

To set up a DSLR you first need to connect it to your computer. For this you will need an HDMI cable and a device to capture your video like Camlink. Camlink helps store your video and transfer it your computer while you are live streaming. Plug in one end of the HDMI cable to the camera and the other end to Camlink. Connect the Camlink to the computer. Open the broadcast software, adjust the settings and start recording.


There are numerous webcams on the market that are budget-friendly and at the same time offer good performance. So, while choosing a webcam the three main features to look for are the resolution, frame rate and the field of view. The higher the measure of each of these features the better the image quality. Also keep in mind that the cameras which are expensive deliver professional grade video quality. Therefore, we would say that the Logitech C920S HD Pro is the best webcam for streaming. It is modestly priced at the same time offers HD video quality and decent audio quality.


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