Best Whole House Water Filters 2021


A whole house water filter system is the easiest and most environment-friendly way to get the cleanest and freshest supply to your hot water heater, faucet, showerhead, and your washing machine.

Picking the right filter system is a challenging task as there as so many great products on the market. There are also several factors that you will need to consider before clicking that ‘buy’ button. It is important you understand what a whole house water filter system does before picking one. If you’re looking for the best whole house water filter, this buyer’s guide is for you. 

Whole House Water Filtration System

Model NameFilter CapacityWeightDimensionsStagesPrice
  iSpring WGB32B100,000 gallons49 Pounds21 x 8 x 28 inches3Click Here for Price
 Aquasana EQ 10001 milliongallons10 Pounds9 x 46x 44 inches3Click Here for Price
 3M Aqua-Pure100,000 gallons9.8 pounds6 x 6 x 27 inches1Click Here for Price
 Express Water100,000 gallons62.8 pounds23.5 x 8.5 x 29.5 inches3

Click Here for Price

 Culligan WH-HD200 -C10,000 – 24,000 gallons3 pounds7.5 x 8.3 x 16.3 inches1Click Here for Price
 Watts WH-LD6000-8500 Gallons per filter4.47 pounds7.5 x 5.5 x14 inches3No products found.
 DuPont WFPF13003B15000 gallons2.1 pounds13.6 x 5.7 x 5.5 inches1Click Here for Price
 Apex 3-stage MR3030upto 20000 gallons54.2 pounds30 x 24 x 12 inches3No products found.
 Pelican PC1000600,000 gallons21 pounds21 x 19 x 59.5 inches4No products found.
 Home Master HMF2SDGC100,000 Gallons48 pounds24 x 9 x 25 inches3Click Here for Price
 Reverse Osmosis Revolution20,000 gallons11.85 pounds16 x 8 x12 inches2Click Here for Price


iSpring WGB32B

The 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System from iSpring featuring 20-inch sediment and carbon filters is the ideal Point-Of-Entry (POE) filtration system for municipal (city) water.

Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan – Lasts a family of four for 6-12 months
  • Effective against –  fine sediment, carbon, iron, lead, and manganese removal, dirt, rust, chlorine taste, and odor
  • Filter Capacity: 100,000 gallon
  • Stages: Three
  • Unit colour : Blue
  • Rate: Fifteen gallons per minute.
  • Filters out chlorine taste and odor, rust, and sediments down to 5 microns
  • NSF certified to remove any particles larger than 5-microns
  • Simple, compact, and super easy to install
  • Best whole house water filter for city supply

The iSpring 20-Inch Big Blue Whole House Water Filter comes in 2 variants. For homeowners, with city water treatment in mind, the iSpring WGB32B filter is worth considering. The iSpring WGB32B is recommended if the water in your home is heavily chlorinated.

The 1-inch port gives you a flow rate of 15 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). It easily removes fine sediment and carbon, iron, lead, and manganese from your water supply. The stage 1 filter comprising of a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter removes dirt and particulates from your water.

Next, your water passes through a 5-micron coconut shell carbon filter capable of removing up to 95% of the contaminants, including chlorine, sediment, herbicides, pesticides, rust, and other chemicals. This ensures you get clean, tasty and healthy water through your house.

The iSpring whole house water filter system attaches to a wall-mountable metal bracket and does not require a professional, but a bit of plumbing knowledge on your part will be needed for a successful DIY.

If you’re using PVC pipes then the threaded 1” female inlet and outlet make installation and servicing easy. We recommend installing shut off valves to ensure you have no trouble in servicing the system. Maintenance is minimal and iSpring provides great customer service in case of any issues.

 iSpring WGB32B Whole House Water Filter system

iSpring WGB32BClick Here for Price


        Pros        Cons
Filter size of 100K gallons.
High Flow Rate of 15 GPM.
Deals decisively with all municipal supply contaminants.
Covered with a 1 year warranty
Filters will need replacement every 6-7 months
The Plastic parts might become leaky.
This system won’t be effective against well water supply


The Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House Water Filter System 

A high-performance filtration system which filters sediment and > 97% of chlorine using carbon and KDF media filters.

Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan – 10 years.
  • Effective against – Rust, sediment, microscopic dust particles, chlorine.
  • Filter Capacity: Main filter — 1 Million Gallons, pre- and post-filter varies.
  • Stages: Three.
  • Unit colour : Blue
  • Rate: Seven gallons per minute.
  • UV Sterilight Filtration that removes 99.99% of harmful germs.
  • No salt, electricity, or backflushing required.
  • 10-year-limited-warranty.

The Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 is a holistic whole house water filtration system which comprises of a filter, pre, and post-filters with optional upgrades such as the salt-free softener and a UV chamber. For a family of 3, that uses a 100 gallons per person per day on an average, the Aquasana whole house water filtration system can easily last more than 9 years.

The EQ1000 has two other filters, the pre-filter, and the post-filter which don’t last anywhere close to a million gallons. The pre-filter, with a lifespan of three to six months of ‘city supply’ or one to three months of ‘well supply’, reduces rust, dirt, and microscopic particles down to the five-micron level.

The main blue filter reduces the chlorine and balances the pH of the water by utilizing a copper-zinc oxidation media, activated carbon and crushed mineral stones. These are effective against water-soluble heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, and algae. The post-filter is carbon which further reduces chlorine content.

The carbon filter should last 6–12 months in the city and 2–6 months with well supply. Aquasana offers a replacement tank at the end of the main filter’s lifespan which costs slightly less than the whole system and comes with a lifespan of 2-3 years. This makes it worth the money.

The Upgrades of this Product – The Aquasana Simplysoft Salt-free water descaler and Aquasana UV filter

 The Salt-free softener or descaler reduces and prevents the build-up of scale and corrosion in your plumbing but doesn’t actually remove them, so if high mineral levels are a concern, you may need to add other descaling gadgets to work in tandem with the Aquasana. The increased lifespan of the water softener cylinder is of one of the biggest reasons to opt for this model.

On the other hand, the UV light purifier takes care of 99% of microorganisms still left in the municipal water even post-treatment.

The pro-grade install kit includes brass fittings, a pre-filter, a post-filter, and all the supports and shut-off valves needed for the installation. The components included in this kit are high-quality, so leaks or faulty parts shouldn’t be a problem.

Being the heaviest on our list and requiring a pex crimper for the installation, we recommend availing the services of a professional plumber. In our opinion the Aquasana Eq1000 is definitely one of the best whole house water filtration systems for well and tap water.

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole house water filter

AquasanaClick Here for Price


        Pros        Cons
Filter size of 1 million gallons and life of 10 years
Removes > 97% of chlorine and microorganisms
Is a good return on investment in the long run
Easy to change filters
Best whole house water filter for well water
The pre and post filters require frequent replacement
Weight of unit requires installation on floor
Not certified to remove heavy metals
High upfront cost


The 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Filtration System – Model AP903

 The 3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Extra-Large Capacity Whole House Filtration System features the Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design, an industry first for this application. This makes the 3M Aqua-Pure system the best whole house water filter cartridge, amongst others featured here.

Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan – Lasts a family of four for up to 23 months
  • Effective against – Sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine taste, and odor
  • Filter Capacity: 100,000 gallons
  • Stages: One
  • Unit Colour: 304 stainless steel
  • Rate: Twenty gallons per minute
  • Stainless steel head with a 25-year warranty
  • Twist-off filter replacement
  • Filters out chlorine taste and odor, rust, and sediments down to 5 microns
  • Simple, compact, and super easy to install

The 3M Aqua-Pure, another popular filtration system makes it to our 2019 list. The Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System sports an FDA CFR-21 compliant all-new SQC design (Sanitary Quick Change) filter cartridge with a 5-micron filter.

It is a simple and clean solution to get rid of chlorine, sediment, and rust in your water. The Aqua-Pure, with a filter capacity of 100,000 gallons and a Best-Amongst-Class Flow rate of 20 Gallons Per Minute(GPM), is economical.

Its non-corrosive stainless steel head comes with a warranty for 25 years. The twist-off feature of the filter mount makes replacement super quick and easy. The replacement unit costs $150 and two minutes to replace.

Being a single-stage carbon filter, if your water supply isn’t already clean, the filter will get clogged up pretty quickly. The life of the 3M AquaPure whole house filter can be increased for up to 23 months using the proper sediment pre-filter.

In case doubt still remains regarding the cleanliness of your water source, installing a shutoff valve before the filter will be a good idea.

3M AquaPure Whole House Water Filtration System – Model AP903

3M Aqua-pureClick Here for Price


        Pros        Cons
3M offers an industry-leading 25-year limited warranty
High flow rate: 20 gallons per minute
Easy to install and tool-free replacement
Super Affordable
Needs pre-filters if sediment content is high in water supply
Replacement filters are expensive
Flow rate might decrease as contaminants build up


Express Water WH300SCKS Whole House Water Filter

The 3 Stage Home Water Filtration System uses Sediment, KDF, Carbon Filters for delivering 99% clean and fresh water.
Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan – Lasts a family of four for up to 12 months
  • Effective against –  Chlorine, Rust, Pesticides, Dirt, Sand, Insecticides, Silt, Turbidity, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC), Herbicides, Cloudiness, and Odors
  • Filter Capacity: 100,000 gallons
  • Stages: Three
  • Unit Colour: Translucent
  • Rate: Fifteen gallons per minute
  • The filter is verified to meet NSF / ANSI standards
  • Simple twist off housings and drop-and-go filter design makes filter changes absolutely hassle free
  • Simple, compact, and super easy to install
  • This is a good option for you, if you are dealing with heavy water contamination in your supply

The Express Water Whole House Water Filter features a NSF-certified comprehensive three stage system. This provides water that not only is odorless and fresh but also protects your home appliances, expanding their life span.

Stage 1 is a Sediment filter filtering out sand, rust, and dirt. Next is the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion KDF) filter which captures the heavy metal contaminants. And finally your water passes through the Activated Carbon Block (ACB) which removes the bad odours and tastes. This stage captures the chlorine, total organic carbon (TOC), pharmaceuticals, pesticides, turbidity, and other contaminants.

The three filter housings are connected with high-capacity, 1-inch flow connectors based on a stainless steel frame. The 1-inch flow connectors give you a flow rate of fifteen gallons per minute, which easily covers the needs of a family of four.

Users have also noticed no pressure drops. The stainless steel frame gives you the flexibility to either mount it on your wall or keep it on the ground. The Express Water system gives you little reason to hide it in the basement as it looks pretty good owing to its high-quality build.

This system comes with pressure release buttons and gauges which makes it easy for you to observe and maintain your system. Installation will require a professional’s assistance, but filter replacements are very easy and tool-free.

Customer support offered by Express Water is also prompt and helpful.

Express Water Whole House Water Filtration System – Model WH300SCKS

Express water Heavy metalClick Here for Price


        Pros        Cons
Effective against well water
Filters are easy to replace
This system is heavy therefore requires a reinforced mount or ground installation
Inlet and outlet ports might be leak prone

Side Note:

Express Water is a manufacturer known for its reliable reverse osmosis systems and this whole house filter features the exact same carbon block and granular activated carbon filters that you would normally find in its RO units.

Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water Filter

A Sediment filtration system housed in a clear casing makes for a very effective, affordable and good-looking system.

Buyers Quick Guide: 

  • Filter Lifespan -3 to 6 months
  • Effective against -Dirt, sand, and silt build-up in plumbing lines
  • Filter Capacity: Main filter —10,000 to 24,000 gallons
  • Stages: One
  • Unit colour: Transparent with grey metallic hub cap
  • Rate: Three to ten gallons per minute
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • NSF Certified

Out of the five different water filtration systems that Culligan offers, we reviewed the WH-HD200C model here. Your choice should depend on your specific needs keeping in mind your housing styles, capacity and flow rates among others.

The Whole House – Heavy Duty (WH-HD) 200-C Whole House Water Filter is Culligan’s latest product which has a 1 inch outlet/inlet port. If you have a big home, then the WH-HD200 C makes perfect sense. The HD in the name literally stands for Heavy-Duty!

The system works to limit sediment and scale build-up thereby protecting your plumbing and increasing the lifespan household appliances. You will find this system quite nifty at keeping dirt, sand and silt at bay, making your water feel and taste much better.

The clear housing keeps you updated on the status of cartridge and workings of the filter. This makes maintenance hassle free.

Another cool feature is the built-in bypass valve. You can replace the filter without having to turn off the water supply to your entire house using this. Simply put the valve in the bypass position, push the pressure relief button, smoothly open the housing and you’re good to go.

The Culligan’s larger inlet/outlet ports (1″) also give you increased water flow of 3-10 gallons per minute. Hooking up this system is made super easy by the inlet and outlet connectors which are standard with this setup.

What the Culligan WH-HD 200-C lacks in filtration capacity, more than makes up by being really easy on your pocket. Filters are cheap and easy to replace and maintaining this system is a hassle free experience.

If you’re good with tools, installing the WH-HD200C won’t be a challenge. All these factors makes the Culligan WH-HD200-C/WH-S200-C a great option for people on a tight budget and whose main interest lies in protecting their plumbing and household appliances from sediment and scale.

We wouldn’t expect extraordinary results in terms of water purity.

Culligan WH-HD 200-C Whole House Water Filter

Culligan WH-HDClick Here for Price


        Pros        Cons
The WH-HD200-C is compatible with 5 different filter cartridges giving you greater flexibility according to your need
The transparent container allows you to check the condition of your filter cartridge
Affordable and Low Maintenance
This system is heavy therefore requires a reinforced mount or ground installation
Inlet and outlet ports might be leak prone
The bypass valve which may be hard to turn and requires lubricating


The Watts WH- LD Premier Whole House Filter System

A light-weight sediment filtration system with a clear casing, the WH-LD is an efficient pocket-friendly option.

Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filters sediment, dirt, and rust
  • Filter Lifespan: varies
  • Stages: One
  • Unit Colour: Transparent
  • Rate: Ten gallons per minute
  • NSF tested and certified
  • Clear housing to easily identify when to change the filter
  • The unit comes with 3 filters included
  • Equipped with a built-in bypass valve for convenient access when making filter changes
  • Helpful for well water supply and/or water with rust and dirt particles
  • 3/4” ports costing less than $5, fit standard household plumbing
  • Equipped with a 50-micron sediment filter, ball valve, and wrench

Its low starting price and a very efficient water filtration process help this system provides the best price/value ratio amongst the other models on our list, and we only included the best.

The Watts WH-LD whole house water filter system, the absolute cheapest option on our list, comes equipped with a 50-micron filter which removes sediment, dirt, rust, and suspended particles.

Easy to connect to standard household plumbing, its stainless steel inserts make for an easy and leak-free installation. Highly trained technical support staff on call in case you need help during the installation process. The unit’s bypass switch makes filter changes mess-free, although a physical shutoff switch before the filter might be a good idea.

The Watts WH-LD whole house water filtration system is NFS tested and certified. This means that the water you drink has passed the harshest testing and the highest purity standards.

Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter system

No products found.No products found.


        Pros        Cons
This package includes 3 filters and replacements which are inexpensive
Clear housing lets you track filter effectiveness and maintain replacement schedules much more easily
Filter changes are made easy by the built-in bypass valve
Depending on the quality of the water supply, filter changes will be required approximately every 3 months or sooner
You may need to hire a professional plumber for installation


DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House 15,000-Gallon Water Filtration System

The DuPont WFPF13003B Whole House Water Filter is another good low-budget option on our list.

Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan: Varies, up to 20,000 gallons
  • Stages: One
  • Unit colour: Blue
  • Rate: Five gallons per minute
  • Filters: Sediment, scale and dust particles down to 10-micron.
  • Easy to install

Featuring a standard capacity, 10-micron sediment filtration system, the WFPF13003B removes sand, scale particles, and turbidity.

Since it’s quite affordable, you can buy it as a pack of three, further equip it with a carbon filter and you will be able to remove most of the chlorine and other dissolved chemicals in city treated water. Our advice would be to combine the 15-micron, the 10-micron and the 5-micron for all-round protection.

The unit comprises of an easy-to-change 500-series poly block cartridge, mounting bracket, the head with housing and a hardware wrench. As a bonus, inlet and outlet ports are 3/4″ in size and therefore fit with most standard plumbing fixtures. Although the flow rate you get with the WFPF13003B is only 5 gallons per minute, you will not notice any pressure drops.

This whole house filter is another affordable option on our list. You shouldn’t confuse this with a proper heavy-duty system which will remove the majority of harmful contaminants from your water.

The DuPont WFPF13003B filter is moderately sized which makes installing the DuPont an easy task for anyone with little plumbing knowledge.

DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House Water Filtration System

DuPont WFPF13003BClick Here for Price


        Pros        Cons
Easy to install for those with basic plumbing skills
Made of heavy duty plastic
Comes with 3-year warranty
Replacement filters are super cheap. And due to the 10″ cartridge, all standard filters sold by DuPont and other manufacturers like Culligan and Pentek can be placed in the housing
Filter is not visible due to the blue colored housing
Lacks NSF or WQA certification
3/4″ FIP that connects to the main inline water pipe is sold separately

Smart Tip: You can arrange three or more purifiers in sequence to make your own multi-stage whole house water filter system. You could start with a 10 to 20-micron filter, followed by 5 microns, and a 1-micron filter at last. This setup is likely to guarantee excellent drinking water quality safe for consumption.


APEX MR-3030 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter

The Apex MR-3030 whole house water filter system built for eliminating all forms of water impurities like sediment particles, chlorine, water odor, and smell.

 Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan: Varies, up to 20,000 gallons
  • Stages: three
  • Unit colour: white/blue
  • Rate: fifteen gallons per minute
  • Filters: Sediment, manganese, sulfur, chlorine, heavy metals, micro-contaminants down to 1-micron
  • NSF certified components
  • One of the few filters on the market that are effective in removing heavy chlorine byproducts

The Apex MR 3030 features a 3 stage filtration process. In the first stage, your water passes through a 20 inch 10-micron polypropylene sediment filter. This removes sediment, rust and other particulate matter from your water.

In the next stage, this system treats your water for chlorine, chlorine-derived pollutants and other chemical contaminants present in city water supplies. It does so by using a KDF85 media and organic coconut shell activated carbon media.

This stage removes the dissolved iron and hydrogen sulfide odor as well. This helps in protecting your appliances such as clothes washers and dishwashers and plumbing system including toilets, bathtubs and showers and from staining and odor.

This stage also removes 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. The third stage is an NSF Certified, acid washed, high-performance organic coconut shell activated carbon Block Filter which absorbs heavy chlorine by-products such as chloramines, THM, and TCE. The double carbon briquettes filter out volatile organic compounds (VOCs), insecticides, pesticides, and industrial solvents.

The APEX MR-3030 delivers a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute which is sizeable enough for a small home, although owing to its 20000-gallon capacity, you may end up changing filters more frequently.

Is it an affordable option for clean refreshing water? Of course!

Apex 3-Stage Whole House 20-Inch Big Blue Water Filtration System MR-3030

No products found.No products found.


        Pros        Cons
3 different filters ranging from 5 microns, 1 micron and a carbon filter for cleaner water
This filter can conveniently treat well or city water without hassles
Great flow rate of 15 GPM.
Budget friendly for a small family
Low filtration capacity
Changing filters can be a real pain


Pelican PC1000 Water Filtration System for Whole House

The Pelican PC1000 whole house water filtration system provides great-tasting, chlorine-free tap water at every outlet in your home.

Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan: 1,324,800 gallons over 5 years
  • Stages: Four
  • Unit colour: Stainless steel
  • Rate: Twelve gallons per minute
  • Filters: Sediment, manganese, sulfur, chlorine, heavy metals, micro-contaminants down to 1 micron
  • NSF certified components

With the filter boasting a capacity of 1,324,800 gallons combined with a flow rate of 12 gallons per minute, this makes the Pelican PC1000 one of the best whole house water filters for large households.

It features 4 filter stages to trap sediment and chemical impurities. First, a 10″ inch sediment pre-filter (5-micron) removes larger particles to protect the subsequent filter media from clogging.

Next, A Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) reduces chlorine taste and smell (96%). And finally, a Bacteriostatic copper-zinc oxidation media (KDF-55) is mixed into the tank to inhibit bacterial growth. This is important due to the exceptionally high filtration capacity. You can easily upgrade the PC1000 with a UV-light stage to get rid of 99.9% of harmful microorganisms.

The single-cylinder design makes it easy to handle and install. After you install the Pelican PC1000 you will immediately notice a remarkable difference in the quality of your water. All things considered, this one is our best whole house water filter.

Pelican PC1000 Whole House Water Filtration system

No products found.No products found.


        Pros        Cons
Massive Filter capacity and lifespan
Certified against both NSF 42 and 61 standards
Overpriced, considering that the cheap plastic parts make this prone to leakages.
You will require extra hose bibs to make sure the wastewater finds its way to the drainage.


Home Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House 2-Stage Water Filter Review

Designed to treat water for chloramines, chlorine, lead, mercury, taste, and odor problems.

Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan: Varies, up to 95,000 gallons in carbon filter
  • Stages: Two
  • Unit colour: White/blue
  • Rate: Twenty gallons per minute
  • Filters: Sediment, manganese, sulfur, chlorine, heavy metals, micro-contaminants down to 1 micron
  • NSF certified components
  • One of the few filters on the market that is effective in removing chloramine
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty

The Home Master HMF2SMGCC whole house water filter uses a 2 stage filtration layer. The first stage filter is a 4-layer multi-gradient depth sediment filter which has sizes ranging from 25 down to 0.1 microns.

The oversized filters come with 1-inch ports and have no problem supplying 10 gallons of clean water per minute. This filter can last a family of 4 for about 12 months, although its duration is determined by its usage and quantity of sediments accumulated in it.

On the other hand, the second stage filter is a mixed media granular activated catalytic carbon filter designed to keep impurities like mercury, lead, and copper out of your water. This ensures up to 95% all round protection from any kind of water impurities.

Certified against NSF/ANSI standard 42, the Home Master whole house water filter enhances the water quality aesthetically, improves the smell and taste of your home water by significantly decreasing the amount of chlorine.

The filters come fully assembled and the kit has steel mounting bracket with bolts, housing wrench, and a direct, easy-to-understand instruction manual making the Home Master HMF2SMGCC probably one of the easiest water filtration systems to install on our list. It comes with a great handy manual and Installation is pretty easy.

Home Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House 2-Stage Water Filter

Home Master HMF2SMGCCClick Here for Price


        Pros        Cons
95,000-gallon filter provides a family of four up to 12 months
This filter can conveniently treat any water without hassles
Filters out everything you need to worry about, but keeps the beneficial minerals
The 2-stage water filtration process removes up to 95% of sediment and treats chlorine, chloramine, and other contaminants
Minimal maintenance is required
Priced on the higher end and the replacement filters aren’t cheap
Changing filters can be difficult
Port threads are plastic, not metal, and aren’t as durable as they could be


Reverse Osmosis Revolution Whole House Water Filter

A Dual Stage Whole House Water Filtration System with Sediment & CTO Filters.

Buyers Quick Guide:

  • Filter Lifespan: Varies, up to 20000 gallons
  • Stages: Three
  • Unit colour: White/blue
  • Rate: Upto 10 gallons per minute
  • Filters: Sediment, manganese, sulfur, chlorine, heavy metals, micro-contaminants down to 1 micron
  • NSF certified components
  • One of the few filters on the market that is effective in removing chloramine
  • It comes with a 1 Year filter supply (extra 3 sets)

The Reverse Osmosis Revolution Whole House Water Filter is on the low end of the price spectrum but still gets the job done. Note that the brand itself is called Reverse Osmosis Revolution. The system we’ve reviewed here does not use reverse osmosis technology, but a 3-stage carbon filter system.

In the first phase, a sediment filter traps sand, dirt, rust, and scale particles up to 5 microns in size. In stage 2, a 10-inch granular activated carbon filter acts upon chemicals such as chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radon, thereby getting rid of cloudiness, unpleasant tastes, odors and colors.

In the final stage, a 10-inch carbon block filter removes industrial solvents, pesticides and insecticides. The result is superior quality water for your whole family.

This water filter has a 3/4” port and a 10-inch wall mountable housing. This system’s capacity isn’t as high as the others on this list, and the flow rate of 10 gallons per minute is also on the lower end.

We suggest you double-check your requirements. Filters will need to be replaced every 3 months, and the kit comes with one extra set of filters.

Reverse Osmosis Revolution Whole House Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis RevolutionClick Here for Price


        Pros        Cons
Low cost whole house water filter system
Comes with 3 extra carbon filters
Easy to install
Filters have a short lifespan of 4-6 months
Does not filter nitrates, chromium and arsenic



  1. What is a whole house filter?

Whole house filters are Point of Entry (POE) filtration solutions. They differ from Point of Use (POU) filters as they are installed at the main water supply. This gives you clean water in your hot water heater, faucet, showerhead, and your washing machine.

A good filtration system makes water safe for consumption by removing potentially harmful contaminants and improves the smell and taste of your water and reduces hardness.

  1. What type of Whole House Water Filter do I need?

The type of system best suited for your requirements can be determined by keeping the following in mind:

  • Quality of water in your area – The Environmental Protection Agency conducts regular checkups of water quality across the country. This will give you a starting point on your hunt for the right system.
  • Source of water supply – Knowing whether you’re getting well or city water is crucial as there are solutions which specialise in filtering each according to their contaminants.
  • Flow rate – Measured in gallons per minute (gpm), is the amount of water that your faucets and appliances are rated for. Your household consumption and family requirements will give you a fair idea as to which flow rate will deliver the best results.
  • Port size – Gives you an idea whether the filter system is compatible to your water source inlet. So to avoid hassle, be aware of taking note of your house’s plumbing compatibility.
  • Filter size, capacity and lifespan – Filters are central to all systems and filter replacements are the only constant.
  • Dimensions need to be taken into account for installation, as some of the heavy-duty models might require massive space.
  • Pick a filter certified by an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited certification body (examples: NSF or WQA Gold Seal).
  1. What are the benefits of Whole House Filter?

A whole house filter is a one stop solution to all your water filtration needs:

  • It provides clean drinking water
  • Protects your home plumbing and appliances from mineral build-up, staining and scaling.
  • Gives you chlorine free and odour free showers giving you and your family healthier hair and skin
  1. How Long Do Water Filters Last?

There is no one answer to this question. It will depend on a lot of combined factors. These include conditions set out by individual manufacturers – how often you use your filter, how much water passes through your filter, and whether you have hard or soft water coming through your pipes.

  1. How much does a home water purification system cost?

As the options range from small and inexpensive single-tap units to more pricey whole house treatment systems, there can be no definite answer to this. While deciding upon a choice, you will also have to take into account recurring cost for maintenance and a one-time installation fee if you’ll require professional help.

  1. Who needs a whole house filter?

Anyone looking for clean and odorless water.

  1. Does the whole house require a water filter?

If the water quality in your home is not found to be up to the mark, this can mean damage to your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Contaminants that find their way into drinking water at home can be injurious to the health of family, pets and plants. So to ensure clean drinking water, and long-running efficient appliances and showers, we suggest installing a whole house water filter.

  1. Is a whole house water filter worth it?

If you take the costs of replacing plumbing and repairing appliances, add that to the cost of installing an individual filter at each of the water outlets at your house, and compare that to the costs of replacing filters occasionally for getting clean, fresh water. You will realize the whole house water filter makes a pretty good investment which offers great benefits.

  1. How often should I change my whole house water filter?

A whole house filter requires occasional attention and filter changes as set out by the manufacturers’ recommended service and maintenance instructions.

  1. What are the best whole house water filters that remove fluoride and chlorine?

Quite a few brands, mentioned on our list are quite effective against chlorine and chlorine derived contaminants. The brand iSpring, featured in our rankings here is one of the best whole house water filters for tackling both chlorine and fluoride issues.

In our modern daily life, more and more modern appliances make our life more healthy and convenient, for example  a hand blender lets us have a fresh juice in a few minutes, an air purifier lets us breathe fresh air in home. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful time.


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