Best Wireless Doorbells 2018 (Mar.)

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I still remember my childhood and from that I remember my uncle’s home in Arizona. It used to rain a lot in those days and I remember we never rang his doorbell in those days. The reason was the shock that the dripping water from the wires could give us.

But, now I heard that they have got the best wireless doorbell 2018 that never ever gives any shock. In fact, I was shelled shocked to know so I did some research about some doorbells too and thought to share it with you too.

Best Wireless Doorbells 2018 – Buying Guide

While the purpose they serve is singular which is to avoid from shocking. There are several types of doorbells. There are some very simpler ones, while you can also find smart doorbells with cameras and mic embedded in them. With such a diverse product range, all you need to consider is just the following key points.

  • Water and heat resistant: We recommend that your doorbell should be waterproof at all costs. A little amount of water peeping through and your visitor will experience a real deal of vibrant shock.
    Not only this but your wireless doorbell should have the capacity to stand fluctuating weather conditions too.
  • Variant frequency options: Wireless doorbells are all about sending the radio frequency waves and your chime should be receiving it easily. However, if you live in a small colony and your neighbors have also installed a wireless doorbell, then it is very likely that your chime receives their signals and rings up.
    To avoid it, just change the frequencies to setup a security password to be verified on both the bell and chime.
  • It should have a loud audible range: There is no point in buying a wireless doorbell whose range isn’t long enough to be heard all over the house. Especially if you have a home where the distance between the doorbell and other rooms is long due to some walkways, then you should look for some extra in terms of range.
  • Adjust the receiver quantity: It is completely your call how many receivers you would like to have for your doorbell. The best wireless doorbell 2017 would have worked with 2-3 receivers but as the technology has advanced now, you can opt for 2 even. Be remindful that the number of receivers has nothing to do with the quality of the doorbell but the size of your house.

The best wireless doorbells come with the best aesthetics!

You might consider buying a doorbell as a singular job but still it involves a lot of care to be taken. The reason behind it is the fact that a doorbell is there to remain in your home for years to come and you will hear and see it every day. For this, give a read to what you should consider about your choices.

  • A lovely chime means each guest is welcomed: I have often gone to some houses where the chime sounded like some whimpering. Believe me, I was annoyed at that. Always make sure that your doorbell chimes are the sweetest and most melodious. You know a customizable chime will allow you to play your own musical sounds too.
  • Control the volume as you desire: You have the authority to control the volume of the chime as you desire. Mostly doorbells have this pre installed feature that allows you to take control of volume.
  • The right size and shape matter: You should first take a look at the available space besides the wall and then decide which doorbell you will buy. Also consider that the shape looks appropriate with the door too.
  • Be a designer:Get the best designed doorbell. The number of shapes and styles available to you are huge. You just need to look for the best wireless doorbell for your home. You can see the one in plastic or even in wood. You can also look for some vibrant and rich colors or some neutral colors too that match your door or the wall around the doorbell.

How to buy the best wireless doorbell?

  1. Don’t rush into buying the doorbell for your home. Instead, I strongly recommend that you ask some people living around you for reviews and exchange information before you buy.
  2. Also, compare the retail prices and see which doorbell with what features suits you better.
  3. Hang the doorbell outside your door at a comfortable height for a person to reach. It shouldn’t be so low that kids mingle with it all the time. Nor it should be so high that an average man has to jump to ring it.

The thing that really matters is the circumstances. While we have given our honest reviews about the wireless doorbells, it is now completely up to you which one do you buy.

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