Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 Best Wireless Headphones

I know you’re not gonna oppose me when I say,

“Life of a gym guy and a music geek is dead without wireless earbuds”. Right?

There are plentiful wired and wireless over-ear and on-ear headphones available in the market, but why is the thirst of the best wireless headphones / bluetooth earbuds 2021, this much evident? There are so many reasons for that. I can’t elaborate it in a sentence or two. Just keep going, you’ll be getting answers right away.

I will strongly recommend you to read our Best Wireless/Bluetooth Earbuds 2021 Buying Guide below before making any purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
NameWeightWater ResistanceNoise CancellationUser ReviewsPrice
Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones0.48 ouncesWater and Sweatproofyes4/5Click Here for Price
Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones0.6 ounces2 Sweat proofYes4.3/5Click Here for Price
Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 6.4 ouncesWater Splash and Sweat resistantyes3.8/5Click Here for Price
LG Electronics HBS-760 Bluetooth Wireless Headset6.4 ounceNoNo3.5/5Click Here for Price
1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones0.6 ouncesNoYes4/5Click Here for Price
Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset 0.8 ouncesWater and Sweat proofYes4.3/5No products found.
Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones0.8 ouncesWater and Sweat proofNo3.3/5Click Here for Price
Monster iSport Achieve In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones2.4 ouncesWater and Sweat resistantYes3.8/5No products found.
Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones10.6 ouncesSweat proofYes3.3/5Click Here for Price
JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset9.6 ouncesSweat and water proofYes3.7/5Click Here for Price
Phiaton BT 220 NC Wireless Bluetooth1.3 ounceNoYes3.9/5Click Here for Price
Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones1 ounceSweat ResistantYes3.4/5Click Here for Price
Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones0.8 ounceWater and sweat resistantNo3.9/5Click Here for Price



1. Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones: Buy Now

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones

Founded in 2011, Anker is a specialized company in the domain of computer accessories and equipment manufacturing. Wireless headphones are also included in the list of technological products developed by the firm. This brand is currently representing the first device in our today’s talk, the Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones. Quality or looks, this device is not much behind the leading gadgets in this realm.


Your hunt of the best wireless earbuds under 50 needs some direction. Let me show you the pathway. Seeing the features of this product is the first step in the ladder of successful exploration.

Negligible weight with high fidelity sound:

The trade of weight and capabilities is interesting. You will see the thing repeatedly in this guide. Well, without beating around the bush, the weight of this stylish listening appliance is just 0.48 ounces. Light weight doesn’t mean that the skills are compromised, buddies. Exclusive 6mm drivers embedded into this exciting appliance provide a very fruitful experience of listening to the music lovers.

Stable wireless communication:

Wireless connection attracts every individual, but it’s useless if the sound stability and crispness is compromised. Keeping this prominent issue under consideration, Anker Soundbuds is armed with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which offers smooth and continuous pairing with the compatible devices. It’s not only the wireless mechanism. There are a lot more skills held by the instrument, like magnetic connection and complete noise elimination.

IPX4 water protection:

One of the few basic questions asked by the seekers of wireless headphones is about the resistance of that gadget against water. Well, don’t ask, I am gonna tell the answer myself. IPX4 water-resistant shell keeps the tool free of any water related issues, guys. Jog in the rain or run at the gym, neither of the water or sweat will dare to affect the functionality of this piece of technology. The safety doesn’t end with this; the internal nano-coating provides an extra layer of protection against the water. 

Nice Playtime with cozy design:

Are you worried about the short timing of your previously held wireless headphone?

Throw your worries away, buddies. This powerful piece of earbuds is providing 7 hours playtime so that the movie lovers don’t have to watch their favorite videos in installments. The range is also perfectly suitable for the professional and house wives. It’s because the 33 ft. wireless range will allow them to keep listening the music from a distance. Don’t fret about the hurting problem as well; your ears will not experience any kind of unease while wearing this device.

Inline Controls:

Do on-headset controls annoy you, because you don’t like them?

Well, your worries are taken care of, here, pals. Intuitive in-line controls take care of the controlling aspect very well. The eminence doesn’t stop at the mere volume change and play/pause options, chums. The exclusive built-in microphone with CVC Noise Suppression Technology makes the calling experience really convenient.

Pros Cons
  • Minimal distortion at all frequencies.
  • Availability of carrying case.
  • Magnetic buds attachment.
  • Great adjustability.
  • Economical range.
  • Charging problems, sometimes.
  • Durability problems.


Summing up the discussion on this product, I would like to say that the capabilities of this product are reasonably good. The device is a good option, both in the aspects of sound and design. If you can ignore the little downsides, have it in the cart right away. Most of the buyer didn’t have to repent on their choice after buying this gadget. It is highly recommended from our side.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

2. Phaiser BHS-790 Bluetooth Headphones: Buy Now

Phaiser BHS-790 Bluetooth Headphones

Phaiser is a quality producer of the audio gadgets, and a trusted supplier in many areas of the world. Wireless Earbuds is an area of manufacturing, where this brand has shown serious commitment. Our second product in today’s dialogue is a quality gadget from this producer, the Phaiser BHS-790 Bluetooth Headphones. This item has a number of strengths by its side, including the great warranty time and the audio eminence.


The best wireless earbuds 2017 is a hot topic in the technological sections nowadays. But finding such kind of gadget is not as easy as it may seem. It takes a lot of time and energy to discover the features of the relevant products.

Lightweight with magnetic connection:

Most of the home electronic products are getting more compact in size, but richer in functionality with every passing day. The case of Phaiser items is also not much different. This product is an example. It has got the weight of just 0.6 ounces, which ensures that your head doesn’t pain during the use. Another great thing coming with this device is the magnetic finishing at the backside of each earbud. This feature keeps the buds in-contact while in idle condition, so that you don’t have to find the earbud from the huge mess of wires.

Eminent Sound:

The first and the foremost thing even a novice looks for in an audio gadget, is the quality and crispness of sound. The aspect is catered pretty well here by the 8mm speakers embedded into this little assembly. The exclusive Bluetooth 4.1 adds a little more cream on the user experience. All these strengths enable the user to have sharp and crispy HD sound in his ears, with deep and powerful bass.

Moisture Resistance Build:

Compact earphones are usually required by the people who have an exercise routine or the people with immense music love. For both of these kinds, surrounding environment while using this device may be diverse. Sweating is a mandatory thing in summers and it may damage your electronic gadgets and watches etc. To fight against this prominent issue, the Liquid Nano Coating Technology has been integrated into this tool, fellas. This technology saves the audio tool from sweating as well as accidental drop in the water.

Secure and Comfortable fit:

You know what’s the most common issue with the in-ear headphones?

It’s the frequent slipping out of the ears, buddies. Headphone brands have tried to solve the problem by hooks and hinges to keep the devices intact with the ears. Almost the same is the work, Phaiser has done. The gadget under review is provided with the patented winged earphone tips, which maintain the connection of buds with the ears. This connection isn’t hurting too, guys. The bullet shaped T-400 M Memory foam makes the connection of ear and bud absolutely free of any kind of stress.

Lifetime Exclusive warranty:

Despite of the amazing features, if you still have any kind of concern, just know that this product has got a lifetime warranty on the sweat proof functioning.

Pros Cons
  • Effective Noise Cancellation.
  • Metallic construction.
  • Clear and rich sound.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Good form factor.
  • Not much long-lasting.
  • Short battery timing.


Summing the whole discussion up, I would like to say that the device we have talked about, is a good option, overall. Its traits are good, the fit is comfortable and warranty is included. What do you need more as a proof of the eminence of this device? Just have it, don’t involve it in the falsifications.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1
3. Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: Buy Now

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Samsung is a kind of brand which doesn’t need any introduction. You would already be aware about the efforts of this company in the domain of electronics. The field of headphone production isn’t also free from the big name of Samsung. 3rd product in the today’s talk is from the Samsung family, named, the Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones. Guess what’s the most charming thing about this technological item? This is one of the best wireless earbuds under 50, pals. Light pocket holders will also be able to have their desires fulfilled, now.


The name doesn’t tell the capabilities of a gadget. The features tell everything. Let’s have a look at them, now.

Average weight with studio sound:

Although heavier gadget in the line of ear buds will never be much heavier for your ears, yet for the sake of being truthful about everything, listen to that. The weight these headphones hold is 6.4 ounces. Well, don’t focus too much on the weight, buddies. There is much more to discuss, like the special UHQA technology integrated into this electronic product. This contemporary technology enables these wireless gadgets to deliver a 24 bit digital audio having 2 times wider frequency range than conventional tools.

Noise Reducing Speaker Units:

Speaker unit is a mandatory part of every in-ear and over-ear headphone, what special this product has got?

Well, have a peek and decide yourself. This listening gadget has got 13mm dynamic and 13mm Piezo speaker units, which deliver crystal clear sharp sound. The gadget doesn’t only provide eminent sound; the interference of outer noises has also been catered. The calls sent and received by this device get very smooth by the dual microphone noise reduction and echo cancellation specialty.

Ergonomic design:

Most of the classy gadgets fail when design and user comfort is talked about. The device under assessment doesn’t have a heavy price tag, but the form and factor is awesome. It has surely got the potential of being listed in the best cheap wireless earbuds. Flexible urethane joints and light weight design make this device a piece of gold.

Long battery timing and water resistance:

Are you a traveller or a person who spends most of the time out of the house?

You would definitely be searching for a device with better battery timing. Don’t miss the chance of glancing at this headphone, peeps. It has got 9 hours talk, 9 hours play and 300 hours standby time on its side. It’s enough for even Batman to wear this gadget. Sweating is also a thing, not to be worried about, because this in-ear headphone provides full resistance against sweat and water splash.

Convenient Sound customization:

People nowadays are so concerned and informed about the technology. Demand of sound controlling application is one of a result of that. Samsung has proved its commitment to serve the consumers once again, fellas, by launching a simple but powerful, the Samsung Level App. This application gives the user a lot of leverage to play with the sound. 25 different sound effects can be created in the app, which would work seamlessly with your music automatically.

Pros Cons
  • Expedient around-neck design.
  • Vibration option on the call.
  • Loud audio with deep bass.
  • Also fit for the fat necks.
  • Comfy and cozy fit.
  • Not for runners.
  • Harsh treble.


The discussion on the Samsung Level U Pro ends with these words, pals. Having a bird-eye view over the specifications, doesn’t seem like a bad option, altogether. Its build is good, timing is great and adjustability is up to the next level. What does a headphone lover demands more? A recommended gadget to everyone, except runners.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

4. LG Electronics HBS-760 Bluetooth Wireless Headset: Buy Now

LG Electronics HBS-760 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

In the race of presenting the outstanding audio gadgets, LG has also matched steps with the leading manufacturers. The result is right before you, the LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset. Yeah guys, the next item in our catalog is from LG. With record making play and talk time, this LG product has just won the hearts of many of its consumers.


Can you move forward without looking at the features of this incredible headphone, after such a mighty praise? I really doubt that. Let’s see its features.

Not so heavy, but aptX compatible:

Weight is surely a subjective thing, especially when the earphones are talked about. It doesn’t have a significant impact on the buying process. Anyway, the weight associated with this in-ear headphone is 6.4 ounce. Telling the weight was a formality, chums. The actual strength held by this earphone is the incorporation of aptX technology, which makes the sound compression and transmission to the ear really convenient and fast.

Up to date Bluetooth connectivity:

As the day is reserved to wireless instruments in the field of audio systems, the type of wireless communication is crucial to be discussed. Talking about this equipment, it has got the latest Bluetooth 4.1 embedded into it. That’s not all; it supports many Bluetooth profiles, including HFP 1.6, HSP, A2DP and AVRCP. It means that the functioning of this in-ear headphone with most of your systems is not a dream anymore.

Incredible talk and play time:

Are you impressed by the gadget discussed just before this eminent earphone?

Well, your impression might get changed by knowing the battery timing of this listening instrument. Hold your hearts, buddies. This product has got the talk time of up to 16 hours and 10.5 hours music play time. The battery doesn’t get drained in the idle situation as well. It survives 23 days without any power, pals. Simply amazing! Charging doesn’t take a full day, too. Just give it the power for 2 hours and enjoy endless music anywhere on the planet. 

Easily accessible controls:

Are you a jogging boy who can’t compromise on the addiction of music listening with the workout?

Why would you do so, when you have handily accessible call and play/pause controlling buttons over the headset? The controlling options are not limited to these buttons, dudes. Controls are also available on the headset for volume changing and forwarding or rewinding the audio you’re listening.

Quad Layer Speaker Technology:

Are you interested in knowing the technology working at the backend of these magnificent earbuds?

The quad layer speaker technology is the hero on the backend, pals. It ensures that the sound reaching your ears is absolutely free of any kind of distortion. Good bass, clear treble, smooth voice and nice frequency handling are the general strengths, this technology provides.

Pros Cons
  • Multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Ease of adjustment.
  • Economical range.
  • Stylish design.
  • Quick pairing.
  • No specific noise cancellation.
  • Durability problems.


That was all about the HBS-760, ladies and gentlemen. You have seen the traits and you must have been stunned by the few of its capabilities. Get back to your senses and finalize the decision about the fate of this device in your cart, dudes. I would just say that, don’t overlook the downsides. After looking at every aspect, make your choice.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1



5. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones: Buy Now

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

1More is an award winning firm, dedicated to cream up the life of its customers with some quality audio and soothing base. Next product in our today’s dialogue is a reputed audio gadget from this trademark, the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones (Earphones/Earbuds). With the provision of great adjustability and controlling options, this best seller gadget is difficult to be beaten by the competitors.


Legends don’t only think about the present, they plan the future, as well. That is the main reason of huge searches of best wireless earbuds 2018. It’s time to explore the features of one of the biggest claimer of being the best.

Luxurious Ergonomic Design:

The ability of a gadget to have strong adjustment skills according to the human body is just mandatory, if you talk about the ergonomic design. The oblique angled ear fittings associated with this tool naturally match the ear canals of most of the individuals. They are very less likely to fall out the ears of the music lover. The rest of the adjustment aspect is covered by the 9 sets of included ear tips, which provide a proper fit to all the people with different ear sizes.

Light weight but great audio:

People nowadays want to have the most compact and light weight electronic devices and mobile accessories, so that they don’t get headaches after a few minutes of use. But in most of the cases, features come at the price of weight, which is not happening here. The device under argument is just 0.6 ounces in weight, providing high grade, quality sound. The real reason behind such a great quality is the massive frequency range of 20 Hz – 40 KHz.

Three built-in drivers:

The game of sound quality is played usually by the drivers, both in circum-aural and in-ear headphones. What if you’re getting three drivers in the same unit?

Yeah buddies, I am not joking when I say that these are the best truly wireless earbuds, with two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver. When the capabilities of these three things come into one place, the sound quality just touches the heights of the sky. It caters the sound frequencies ranging from the deep low bass to the sizzling high frequencies.

Inline Controls:

I have seen people discarding many headsets just because of the difficulty of accessing the controls. The users of these particular earbuds aren’t included in that list, ladies and gentlemen. It’s because of the in-line three button accessibility remote, this gadget is equipped with. That’s not the end; the noise isolation capability and a crystal clear microphone embedded into the control section make it more eminent.

Many Accessories:

Whenever you buy a gadget, there is no more cheering thing than getting so many auxiliary components and accessories with it, in free. Brisk yourself to be glad, pals. This in-ear headphone provides 6 sets of silicone ear tips, 3 sets of foam ear tips, a magnetic clasping travel case, an appealing storage case, a durable prong airline adapter and a matching shirt clip. Do you have anything left to complain about, now?

Pros Cons
  • Dual connectivity power.
  • High-end compatibility.
  • Efficient bass handling.
  • Wide frequency range.
  • No sound distortion.
  • Noise isolation isn’t perfect.
  • Build quality isn’t sturdy.


Keeping the aspects of high product quality both in terms of audio and design, it is so difficult to pass the letter of non-recommendation to this gadget. It is surely a device, providing one of the greatest frequency ranges in the history. Despite of the complaints of the consumers, I would not say you to discard this gadget right away.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

 6. Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset: Buy Now

Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset

With the renovation and sophistication enhancement in the smart phones, Alpatronix is a company, which has tried to match steps with the technology in the aspect of audio systems. Customer service is one of the major areas, this brand focuses on. To let the people know about this technological platform, the next item in our list is the Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset. Numerous controls and integration of the latest technological trend is the specialty of this product.


Features are the true face of an electronic product, let’s see this face.

Lightweight with good frequency:

People say functionality comes at the price of weight and size, which is true in some cases. But that doesn’t happen everywhere, all the time. There are scenarios when a lightweight gadget meets the purpose. Take the example of this great headphone, which doesn’t only have a weight of mere 0.8 ounces, but the strengths are also worth mentioning. Let’s start from the frequency response. This particular headphone is having the audio frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 KHz, which is no way less than the average.

Latest Bluetooth Technology:

Bluetooth is the most popular and widely used wireless communication technology worldwide. But the best wireless earbuds 2017 aren’t supposed to rely just on the Bluetooth. Maintenance and upgradation of the technology with time is the area, top notch manufacturers focus on.

The case of Alpatronix is not very different from the competitors, guys. It has got the exclusive 4.2 HD Bluetooth technology incorporated into it, which ensures that the user listen to all the low, mid and high frequency sounds in the best way. That’s not all, pairing and connectivity also takes its best form. The talk time this gadget provides is 6 – 8 hours with 200 hours standby time.

Built-in memory and support:

Have you seen any listening tool providing the option of built in memory handling?

I know that hasn’t happened, at least if you’re following this buying guide. Yeah pals, the device under argument has a built-in 8 GB memory card embedded into it, so that you listen to your favorite music at any time, without even connecting it to your media devices. Let me tell you clearly, this device has beaten the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones in this aspect. It’s not only about the memory, chums. These earbuds fully support the audio formats of APE, WMA, MP3, FLAC and WMV as well.

Stupendous Water resistivity:

Are you a lover boy, who wants to wander in the streets of his beautiful neighborhood, when it’s drizzling outside?

You have got your rainy buddy, in that case pals. This powerful in-ear headphone can be submerged in the water for 30 minutes up to a depth of 3 ft. Such kind of water resistance means that the device can withstand the sweat discharged from the body as well.

Playback controls and Warranty:

Accessing the controls of this earphone is also not a big deal, peeps. Just pick your hand up and touch the buttons on the earbud to do whatever you want. The story doesn’t end with this. 2 years special warranty provided by the device escalates its eminence a little more.

Pros Cons
  • Strong around neck cable.
  • Rapid and simple pairing.
  • Convenient packaging.
  • Fast and smooth play.
  • Good adjustability.
  • Sound isn’t outstanding.
  • Extra small buttons.


Taking all the related aspects and components of HX250 under consideration, it’s not a very bad option, overall. The traits encompassed by it are good, strength is up to a reasonable level, and adjustability is awesome with different users. What do you need more as a proof of eminence? For a medium level, the gadget is highly recommended.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1


7. Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones: Buy Now

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

Amidst a competitive environment between the tech giants, Sony decided to play its part as well. The result aroused in the form of this nice piece, the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones. This device hasn’t relied on just the name of the manufacturer. The capabilities stored in this piece of technology are also awesome. You will surely want to have a gander at it, if you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds under 100.


You can’t think of buying any electronic appliance unless you have its features before you, can you? It’s the turn of Sony to be looked upon, guys.

Extremely lightweight:

Although weight doesn’t have any major impact on the eminence or functioning of a headphone, yet many people think in this way. To calm those people, I would like to mention that the weight associated with this piece of earbuds is just 0.8 ounces. Lightweight doesn’t mean that the traits are compromised. The feathery gadget has also got a built-in microphone embedded into it, for hand free calls without any distortion.

Nice Connectivity:

Have you ever experienced headphones with bad connectivity in your life?

If the answer is yes, you would definitely be careful now. Well, connectivity ease is a thing, not to be worried about here. The brilliant Bluetooth connectivity gets more effective with the NFC (Near Field Communication) one touch pairing with the relevant gadgets.

Sufficient playback time:

You might be used to seeing the headphones with more than 10 hours of the playback time, but that much capability comes at the cost of either money or other relevant abilities. But why spend extra money when your wishes can be fulfilled in a lot less amount? I am not joking, pals. This product has been a strong contestant for the award of the best wireless earbuds under 100. 8.5 hours of the playback time is sufficient, for even more than average use in a day.

Water Protection:

When we talk about the best, water resistance becomes mandatory to be included in the feature list of that product, dudes. It’s not gonna be just in the books. These in-ear headphones are practically water and sweat proof because of the exclusive IPX4 splash proof design. Use the gadget without any apprehension, in the rain or the exercise time, because that mere amount of moisture will not be able to damage the device in any way.

Comfortable and secure fit:

Sony has also made sure that the head of the user doesn’t get strained by the comfortable and adjustable buds. Even if the buds get out of the ear, you’ll not lose the instrument because of the cord joined to both the drive units. Jump, run or pick, do whatever you gotta do while wearing these earbuds, they’ll not fall.

Pros Cons
  • Efficient for sports and gym.
  • Deep bass incorporation.
  • Battery level display.
  • Nice wireless range.
  • Universal pairing.
  • Bad microphone sensitivity.
  • Durability problems.


Concluding the critique on this particular earpiece, this is a nice deal for a mid-level use. It has got the strength of meeting the general needs of the people having jogging and workout routine. If you can ignore or live with the dark sides, have the product on your side. Look for the second option, otherwise.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

8. Monster iSport Achieve In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: Buy Now

Monster iSport Achieve In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The Monster is a brand with a worthy reputation of manufacturing quality cables and audio systems. Headphone production is also a specialty of this company. Let’s take a look at one of the few beautiful devices fabricated by the firm as our 8th product in the list, the Monster iSport Achieve In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. I’ll leave the decision on you whether to include it in the list of the best wireless earbuds 2017 or not.


Regardless of whether you’re a qualified Software Engineer or an IT Specialist, you can’t know all the electronic products in depth. Trying to be knowledgeable is the only way out of the problem. It’s the turn of Monster’s tool, have a look at its features.

Tough and long-lasting:

There are a few uninformed people who think that durability only comes with the iron or steel build. I invite those Einsteins to come over here and have a look at this device. This is purely build from the plastic material with a light overall weight of 2.4 ounces. But the strength and durability are not compromised, buddies. It’s as resilient and sturdy as the mind of an illogical person, not so easy to break.

Efficient Bluetooth connectivity with good playback:

As the today’s discussion is all about wireless equipment, this device has also got wireless, precisely Bluetooth communication powers. The performance isn’t unstable, the smoothness and fluency of sound are reasonably good. This wireless connectivity doesn’t drain out the battery too. 5+ hours of the playback time must be sufficient for you, even if you’re intending to use it during jogging and exercising.

Designed for Noise Elimination:

Have you ever used electronic devices with the noise cancellation feature?

Battery draining is a prominent issue in such kinds of tools. What if you’re proposed with a solution, keeping the feature undisturbed? It would surely be a soothing thing for you. Get ready to be consoled, guys, because this particular gadget has got passive noise cancellation technology incorporated into it. The build and design of this appliance makes the noise elimination possible, pals, without putting a strain on the power source.

Good fit with important controls:

Fit and wear are important, when you’re talking about the headphones specifically. Nobody wants to lose his/her beloved audio gadgets, after spending a significant amount of money on that. A fully secure and tangling wired wear ensures the worriless use of this audio appliance. That’s not all about it. Convenient in-line controls of the sound are also part of the specification of this headphone.

Water Resistance:

It’s not only about the quality and sharpness of sound always, chums. Sometimes, people need out of the box capabilities, like listening the music while taking a bath. In those cases, water resistivity trait comes into play. This device has the provable powers of working in wet environments, believe me.

Pros Cons
  • Doesn’t slip out of the ear.
  • Comfortable for the ears.
  • Loud sound, deep bass.
  • Convenient fit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Connectivity range issues.
  • Durability complaints.


You must have examined by now that the traits of this little piece of earbuds are good at a reasonable level. But let me be honest with you. The level of user satisfaction doesn’t make me feel comfortable. However, if you like this gadget, you may overlook the downsides. I would recommend you to think again wisely but standby your decision, once taken.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

9. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Buy Now

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird is a subsidiary of a giant in the technological world, Logitech. The brand specializes in the manufacturing of quality audio appliances with a notable reputation in the line of sports headsets. 9th item of today’s technology wonder list is a representative of this brand, the Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. If best truly wireless earbuds are the gadgets you’re looking for, don’t take it lightly. The undisturbed and smooth audio is the main specialty of this headphone.


Your face is the representative of whole body, guys. Features are the face of an electronic product, likewise. Let’s read the face of this particular device, now.

Comparatively heavier, but loud sound:

You must have seen the other gadgets in the list being just a few ounces in weight. Yeah buddies, that’s the trend of in-ear headphones. These appliances aren’t much bulky. Looking at the case of Jaybird X2, it seems a little heavy with the weight of 10.6 ounces, but that is manageable, believe me. The premium Bluetooth and lag free connectivity, pay the price of the weight, pretty well.

Sports-grade secure fit:

Although the gadget under assessment is less worthy than the Monster iSport Achieve In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones on the grounds of weight, yet it doesn’t let that device excelling in secure and strong fit. It has patented ear fins embedded on the buds. This part provides the leverage of using this gadget for the long hours and extensive works, making it one of the best wireless earbuds for running.

Cozy Noise Cancelling Ear tips:

Comfort is a crucial criteria, a device has to meet, for making its position in the top of the list products. Along with that, Noise Cancellation is also a part of the debate, nowadays. Keeping every trendy and previous critical aspect under consideration, Jaybird provides the premium Comply foam ear tips with these in-ear headphones. These tips are marvelously designed to provide great noise elimination, comfort and ease. 

Good Battery Timing with convenient accessibility:

Can you compromise on the battery timing while looking out for your new earphones?

Well, that is not gonna happen, I know. For that reason, the battery integrated into this device is awesome, with 8+ hours of talk time and music listening provision. That’s not all; you also don’t have to struggle for changing the volume of the audio momentarily. The complete remote control operation takes care of that aspect, very well.

Lifetime warranty with numerous accessories:

I have experienced the damage of many electronic products just because of mere sweating or a few drops of water.

Here is a solution, if you don’t wanna be the victim, pals. Lifetime sweat proof warranty. I don’t think they could have provided more. To make the lifetime usage practically possible, Comply foam ear tips, Ear fins, Silicon Sport carrying case, Silicone ear tips, Charging cable and Cord management clips are provided with these ear buds.

Pros Cons
  • Efficient wireless communication.
  • Supports over/under-ear wear.
  • Great for cyclists and runners.
  • Incorporation of deep bass.
  • Ergonomic in-ear design.
  • Complaints about sweat resistance.
  • Frequent connection drops.


Giving the whole discussion some final words, I would like to say that the traits mentioned by the Jaybird on the box are just stunning, but practically, this device hasn’t met the expectations of the relevant community. It’s probably because of the inconsistency in the performance and durability. I would like you to think deeply and make a wise decision.

What others say,

Between the memory foam tips and the ear fins, they provide most people with a secure and comfortable fit and tunes that sound great. The price tag is a big asterisk next to their tricky comfort, but after spending some time with them it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.headphones.reviewed

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

10. JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset: Buy Now

JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

You have already been briefed about the trademark of the JayBird. The product on 10th number in our catalog also belongs to this family of headphones, the JayBirdX3 Sport Bluetooth Headset. This audio appliance has a bundle of capacities on its side, guys. Liquid resistivity or battery life, no matter what the talk is about; these stylish and sturdy earbuds leave many claimers of the quality and eminence behind.


In the strong and competitive environment, which audio gadget is gonna have the crown of the best wireless earbuds 2018 on its head. Well, don’t be so judgemental before even being informed. Have a look at the features of this gadget, first.

Small but powerful:

Runners wanna be the stunners these days by having the clothes and belongings, small but stupendous. Their wish doesn’t seem extraordinary until we’re talking about the clothing. But when it comes to the devices, especially headphones, it becomes a little tricky. Finding a compact but feature rich equipment is no less than looking for a pearl in the heap of shells. JayBird has made it simple, ladies and gentlemen, by this version of its wireless earbuds. The weight is 9.6 ounces, but the strengths are great. Take a look at the frequency response range. It couldn’t have been better than 20 Hz – 20 KHz.

Contemporary wireless technology:

This is not 20th century, when people used to get amazed by only the name of a technology. Devices need to be renovated these days, to match steps with the rapidly progressing technology. For materializing this concept of the renovation, JayBird X3 is armed with the Bluetooth 4.1 interface. This technology makes the pairing with HFP, HSP, SPP, A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles really handy and fast. The class doesn’t end on connectivity; the great noise cancellation feature adds a little more strength on the side of this gadget.

Secure and Soft fit:

There are very few difficult things in the manufacturing world, one of which is getting the user satisfaction. X3 strives for getting this thing by providing universal and secure fit to the consumers. The patented silicone ear fins are delivered in 3 sizes, so that the people with any ear size enjoy the endless audio without any kind of interruption.

Sweat proof operation:

You don’t wanna get your earphones damaged by sweat or water, do you?

Liquid is a thing, you shall not be worried about, while using this tool. Thanks to the hyperbolic nano-coating which will keep the moisture miles away.

Long Timings:

Battery draining is the most annoying thing, a headphone user faces. X3 tries its best to eliminate such kinds of problems from the user life by providing uninterrupted 8-hour of battery timings. Don’t be tensed even if it’s fully drained out. Just connect it for the 15 minutes and enjoy the music for the next complete hour.

Sound Customization:

Every human has some distinctive features, which make it eminent among the rest. This product is not a man, but has a distinguishing capability, chums. The android and iOS application for customization of the sound! That doesn’t work only for one time. The settings remain saved, regardless of the audio source your headphones are using.

Pros Cons
  • Excellent sound customization.
  • Remain intact with the ears.
  • Efficient for workout.
  • Good bass handling.
  • Stylish design.
  • Water resistivity is challenged.
  • Durability issues.


Cutting in a nutshell, the audio performance, design and battery time, this in-ear headphone is outstanding in most of the aspects. But it has its downsides as well, in some areas. If those areas don’t interest you much, I would recommend you to have this tool in your cart, otherwise include other options in the selection process, too.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

11. Phiaton BT 220 NC Wireless Bluetooth: Buy Now

Phiaton BT 220 NC Wireless Bluetooth

With deep roots in the industry of audio instruments, Phiaton is a committed firm to make the listening experience of consumers charming. The gadget on the 11th rank in our list is the one from this brand, the Phiaton BT 220 NC Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. The price tag associated with it may dazzle your eyes at first, but don’t get worried. The technologies integrated into this particular gadget are the latest.


Does the tag of being in the list of the best buy wireless earbuds make a gadget outstanding? Well, the need to look at the features is still mandatory. Let’s do that.

Compact but Powerful:

Most of the manufacturers would say that you have to compromise on the sound class for having a light weight earphone. Take a gander here, without considering them truthful, buddies. This 1.3 ounce gadget has the capabilities more than your imaginations. 14.3mm drivers make the sound quality incredible. Active noise elimination technology adds a little more cream on the user experience by cancelling the ambient noises to a stupendous level of 95%.

Bluetooth with aptX technology:

You are definitely expecting this gadget to provide something more than just Bluetooth technology, don’t you?

Well, ready to be amazed. This instrument doesn’t only have Bluetooth 4.0 embedded into it; aptX technology is also incorporated into this in-ear headphone. This technology improves the overall dynamic range and digital streaming efficiency to a next level.

NFC and CVC Technologies:

You were looking for out of the box strengths, right?

Here you go, pals. These sleek earphones also have NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology integrated into them. CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology just continues to escalate the user ease and comfort level by providing crystal clear sound on the phone calls 

Excellent Battery Timings:

I believe that you’re used to listening 5 and 8 hours as the great battery timings of an earphone. Ready to be astonished, chums. This particular set of earbuds has the music play time of as long as 10 hours, which is when you’re sitting in the middle of traffic and surrounding noises. If you turn off the noise cancellation option, play time gets escalated to 17 hours. That is mighty.

BT 220 beats the Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset, even by its stupendous communication and battery powers. The call play time and standby times are 10 and 26 hours, respectively, if NC is turned on. You know what’s even more charming? The gadget only takes 1.5 hours to be fully charged, guys.

Comfortable design with long range:

The purchaser of these earbuds doesn’t repent on his decision, guys, because of the unique and comfy ergonomically designed earbuds. They don’t slip out of the ear so easily. There is good news as well. You can communicate with the audio source being as long as 33 feet away. You certainly don’t have anything left to complain about. Have you?

Pros Cons
  • Wired Emergency connectivity.
  • No distortion in the audio.
  • Clear undisturbed sound.
  • Inline controls.
  • Sleek design.
  • Not efficient for phone calls.


Summing it up, I would like to declare this gadget as the richest in features. Its user satisfaction and sound quality is hard to find in any other listening device. No matter what your status or occupation is; this gadget can serve your purpose, if you can afford it. A highly recommended product from our side really.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1
12. Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones: Buy Now

Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones

Bose is a leading American firm in the dominion of audio equipment production, with annual revenue of US$3.5Billion. The company has got 52 years long history of commitment to the user comfort and ease. The last product of the discussion is the Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones. The brand claims to equip this product with so many distinctive capabilities, like noise control and latest technology.


Features are the real face of a technological product and their exploration is as important to be done before purchasing as knowing your own body specifications.

Lightweight and comfortable build:

Weight is not a thing to be worried about in the in-ear headphones as a whole, buddies. But for the sake of confirmation, let me tell you that this product is not much heavier in weight. These comfortable and securely adjustable ear buds are just soothing like a tea in the morning. Their shape and design conforms to most of the body and ear types, making the gadget universally usable.

Bluetooth and NFC pairing:

In the talk of wireless headphones, Bluetooth incorporation is mandatory. That’s why, this gadget doesn’t rely on just this technology. It also has got the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology integrated into it, so that the wireless connection gets smoother and sound.

Powerful Lithium Battery:

A battery is a critical component in any electronic appliance, which controls the time for which consumer can use a gadget. Being a compact gadget, the battery embedded into this headphone is just according to the trend. The lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to give 10 hours of the wireless listening per charge. It doesn’t take long to charge the battery too. Just connect it to the power source for 3 hours, and your device is ready to give you music listening power.

Noise Reduction:

Noise is the first and last hurdle for the people using headphones, whether they are listening to their favorite lyrics or talking to a friend on their phone. The issue is tried to be minimized in this gadget, dudes, by the efficient active noise cancellation technology embedded into it. The smart Breakthrough technology gives the control of noise cancellation in the hands of the user. Both the design of ear foam and driver is kept so as to eliminate the noise, completely.

Easy Customization:

Nobody just wants to sit and watch the show after wearing the headphones. People want the control in their hands as much as a baby wants his mother around him. An intuitive application is developed by the Bose, ladies and gentlemen, which provides numerous options to the users for modifying the sound and frequency options.

Pros Cons
  • Effective for sports use.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • Foamy earbuds.
  • Sweat resistant.
  • Sturdy build.
  • An expensive option.
  • No wired option.


Moving towards the concluding section of this gadget now, it is a nice option for average level headphone use. There are plentiful technologies and design considerations incorporated in the gadget, which are crucial for the production of a gaming grade earbuds. Have a look at the traits once again, and choose or discard this gadget, right away.

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

13. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones: Buy Now

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Bose, a name of quality and class presents another valuable product in the market, named, the Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones. This in-ear headphone is small though, yet feature rich and efficient in processing. The stylish design, wireless connectivity, customization control and optimized sound offer a valuable bang for the bucks. It has certainly got the power of being included in the list of the best wireless earbuds 2018.


There were times when people weren’t very much interested in the specifications of the products, they were going to buy. But the time has changed so as you. Have a look at the features; everything else has been set up for you.

Light and comfortable:

Being light weight is an important specialty of all earbuds, and this product is not much behind the leading manufacturers. 0.8 ounce is not a significant amount of weight to carry with you. There is an amazing thing about it. Even with this mere weight, the comfort and stability of the earphones are not compromised. It has got stay hear+ silicone ear tips attached to the driver, providing the most comfortable and stable listening experience ever.

Quick wireless Connection:

The device is wireless, you know that and I know that. But that is not all, being wireless is just one part of its way to perfection. The latest Bluetooth technology strengthened by an exclusive NFC makes the communication of this gadget extra fast and responsive. The good news is that the connectivity support offered by the tool is also amazing.

6 hour battery timing:

Negate even 100 times, but I still know how crucially you go for this particular aspect. Everybody wants an electronic product with long battery timing, and you’re no exception. Well, let me brief you about the technical details now. The gadget has got almost 6 hours battery timing. It might be unsuitable for all-day mobile users, but the instrument under discussion is one of the best wireless earbuds for running. The lithium-ion battery embedded into this tool just requires 2 hours for being fully charged, as well.

Moisture resistance:

The gadgets of the people with workout routine or working in the remote areas often need some support against sweating and water. This is because they don’t want to do a boring drive from their home of the office. Bose has found an intelligent solution by providing a kind of gadget which doesn’t get affected by the sweat and rain. Along with the proficient design, a hydrophobic cloth is also a part of the assembly, which keeps the moisture out.

Inline Controls:

Do you want to change the volume or track of the music you’re listening on your way to the office, in seconds?

You don’t need to be panic, because it can be done without even accessing the earbuds. Exclusive inline controls present in the assembly make you the boss of this tool.

Pros Cons
  • High quality focused sound.
  • Strong around neck wire.
  • Adjustability leverage.
  • Effective for sports.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durability problems.
  • Leaking noise.


Giving it the final blow, this in-ear headphone is in no-way incapable. The sound is good, design is beautiful and it doesn’t fall out of the ears. What do you need more in a wireless headphone? Of course, there are some issues with it, but ultimate perfection is a thing which is end of the art, don’t expect it. Have a deep look again and make your choice, the device has got something.

What others say,

The Bose SoundSport Wireless earbuds sound great, are very comfortable to wear, and consistently work well. headphonesaddict

Best Wireless Headphones that are Powerful and Reliable 1

Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

That was all about the best wireless/bluetooth ear buds 2018, peeps. Top of the list products are mentioned, their attributes are discussed and every bit of each item has been written down here. Your job is to just sit and watch the show of the leading equipment in the headphone industry. Among the clutter of so many buying considerations, the most critical and decisive factors in the whole buying process are the weight, water resistance level and the integration of noise cancellation technology. Reviewing all the gadgets on the above mentioned scale, Alpatronix HX250 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset turned out to be the number one, ladies and gentlemen. Suitability of the product in most of the aspects mentioned above is the actual reason for its winning of the game. Going with the same flow, the Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones have got the second rank in the today’s competition. Reason is the same; the capabilities held by the tool are good, and consumers are well satisfied.

The game of class and quality isn’t restricted to the just two devices mentioned above. This story is never ending, if some of the manufacturers cover their downsides. Anyway, the instrument getting third rank in our list is the Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones. Despite of being one of the lowest priced appliances, the resistance against water and noise reduction offered by the gadget is amazing. Users are also comparatively glad with the product. In the end, Monster iSport Achieve In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones also need some recognition. It has got some amazing abilities of satisfying the lovers of the in-ear headphones. The chapter of the best wireless earbuds closes with these words, “Have faith in the professionals and get a gadget which suits to your requirements, the most”.

Best Wireless/Bluetooth Earbuds – Buying Guide

What is a Wireless Earbud?

Wireless earbud is a type in the headphone family, which doesn’t require any wire to be connected to the media devices. Head spinning isn’t also much evident during its use because, it doesn’t cover the whole head. The little buds have internal speakers which provide the sound to the user by residing inside the ears.

Benefits of Wireless Earbuds:

I know you’re desperate to go to the section of information, but you can’t find out the best buy wireless earbuds unless you examine everything discussed here, deeply. I am starting with the advantages, these little technology miracles are showing in general and in particular.


Here is the most primary and a phenomenal feature of the wireless earbuds, fellas. With the worriless life, free of the messing wires and heavy weights, gaming enthusiasts find their soothing corner in this gadget without any debate. These devices fit into the ears really well, requiring no other support or the frame.

Sweat Proof Build:

A smooth and calm life can’t be spent without being conscious about your health and devices. Even if you hate being wet with the sweat, you shall never leave your workout routine. Likewise, buying new headphones every month because of their low liquid resistance level, is not also a wise idea. So where to go, and what to do? Wireless in-ear headphones are your savior, ladies and gentlemen. These appliances are now featured with the exclusive sweat and waterproof technology. Their elegant material and design neither allows them to be smelly nor being malfunctioned by the sweat. 

Ambient Noise Elimination:

Every knowledgeable fellow will give more rating to the wired full size headphones over these little devices, but you need to understand the point here. It’s not 2005 when people had no other choice except to buy expensive Batista sized wired headphones. Technology is changing the trends now, and the result is the sleek pair of earbuds, which are able to cancel the external noise to a very significant level.

Ease of Mobility:

Can you think of carrying your giant personal computer with you all the time?

It’s simply not feasible, guys. Mobility ease is a thing, not provided by every technological item. Gone are the days when you had to stick to your computer for playing games or watching a movie. Wireless earbuds have made the world a better place by enabling the victimized people of electromagnetic radiations to enjoy every kind of entertainment, being away from the bright LED screens. If you’re just listening to the audio music, wandering in the whole house will not disrupt the sound quality, even.

Stable and long lasting:

People are getting the sense of buying long lasting equipment nowadays, whatever it takes. But the durability comes at the cost of price or compromise. You can either buy an expensive wireless over-ear headphone, or you can have the hands on comparatively economical in-ear headphones, which may not provide that much stability in sound quality, but the durability will be awesome. Because of the compact size, the chances of getting worn also get vanished.

Buying Considerations:

You have taken a sneak peek over the competitive advantages of the wireless earbuds by now. Now is the time to discuss the things you should have in your mind, while looking out for these technological items in the market.

Coziness and Adjustability:

There are a hell lot of wireless headphones in the market, but the wearing relief and ease of fitting associated with every device is not the same. So, you must have to do research on the best truly wireless earbuds, so that your ears don’t curse you after you make a purchase. There are so many brands which provide highly capable tools having good adjustability power. Go for one of them, and make your life easier. 

Battery Life:

We’re talking about wireless devices here, peeps. The power for these gadgets will not come from the sky. The battery will provide that, instead. But here comes a new issue. The battery life! The right thing here is to know the timing provided by the average gadget and look for the best option available. Let me tell you pals, most of the listening tools are capable of being functional for about 10 hours. That is the average.

Incorporation of technology:

Incorporation of the latest technology is a thing every computer geek pursues for. For instance, aptX is a contemporary technology of audio codec compression, which paves the way for heavy audio files to be played smoothly. Along with this, the support for Bluetooth versions also matter. The latest version, currently taking over the market currently is 5.0. Keep this figure in mind, while going to buy a wireless earbud.

Accessories and Warranty:

Most of the brands provide many needed accessories with their wireless earbuds, like an extra pair of buds, two charging cables or an ear hook. These things may appear small, but they have massive significance, in actual. Along with these extra things, don’t forget to ensure the availability of at least 6 months warranty with the product. This is enough time to test any kind of machine.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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