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Do you know what every household wife wishes for? A nicely mowed lawn free from any debris-as clean as a green sheet. However, it isn’t an easy job especially in the presence of plethora of options of mowers. But we have come up with our expert list on best zero turn mower 2018. Researchers have shown that amongst different kinds of mowers in the market, zero turn mowers are the best.

Once you get to know what a mower is all about, you’ll easily achieve your dream of a clean and tidy lawn.

Best Zero Turn Mower – Buying Guide

What to consider while buying it?

It is a specific kind of mower with a zero displacement as it works. It means that it has a turning radius that is actually zero. The reason why they are considered on of the best choices is the fact that they can mow any length of grass and soft shrubs and also have the best power efficiency. Zero-turn mowers are also distinct in a way that they turn and steer on the basis of their hind wheels instead of their front wheels.

This also means that they can turn around at an angle of 180 degrees and believe me you won’t see even a single blade of grass uncut.

Important Features of a good zero turn mower:

Zero turn mowers haven’t remained the same since their origin. In fact, manufacturers have made a lot of changes in the structure, efficiency and technology of the machines to make them more suitable to normal requirements. In the light of this, a buyer should have concrete knowledge of what features the best zero turn mower for the money has. After all, they all need to mow and mow clean.`

  • Range of the mower: This is an important feature that you must consider depending on what is the size of your lawn. If you have a large garden, then you should definitely look for the one with bigger rotor blades so that you don’t have to spend too much time on it.
  • Power efficiency: Zero turn mower are also a better choice than other kinds as they work a lot better. Thanks to a greater number of longer rotor blades while they consume roughly the same power as others. They have the ability to mow the grass neat and also cut around edges and curves which is highly recommended if you have a lawn with trees in it.
  • Better controlled mowing: Mowing a lawn is all about having control on how much and from where you want to mow. Especially in the field of gardening, it is a separate science. Zero turn mowers are recommended as they have delicate steering ability and can cut the grass from any side they please. Their rotor blades can also be adjusted as per desire depending on how finely you want to mow.

How a zero-turn mower works?

If you live in a space where there are a lot many hills and the terrain is not even, perhaps you need the best zero turn mower for hills to work for your lawn. They are not only the best among mowers but are also a better choice for clearing grass than other methods such as solarizing or spraying chemicals to diminish growth.

Above all, it is nature friendly way to mow a lawn too. Since their invention in 1949 by Warrensburg and Swisher, this customized kind of mowers has worked laurels for its owners. If you think of buying a mower for your lawn, zero turn mower is a conventional and better choice.

Operation of a zero turn mower:

There is quite an interesting fact about zero turn mowers too. It can move in forward as backward both direction. You might think yourself as driving a Ford Mustang in your garden!

The driver has control over the back tires that not only help to steer but are also key components in normal operation. The smaller tires usually move around as the bigger ones.

During operation, the mower pivots around a predetermined specific point between the larger wheels while keeping them stationed at a place for support. This special feature actually enables the mover to move in a circle of any radius and also helps in the support while moving on different heighted edges.

Reverse operation is another feature that can help you to cut the grass on both sides of the mower. This makes it the best commercial zero turn mower too. Gardens, fields, terrains anything! You just name and it will mow it as neat as possible.

Some Pro tips for buying the best zero turn mower

Whatever it is, just make a short list of specifications as what you need to have in your mower. It will help you decide while buying. And once you buy it, make sure you drive it as much as possible. Driving a mower is an art and not many people know it.

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