How to Make a Comic Book on The Computer Easily

Comics are always exciting to kids as well as adults. The world of comics is vast with millions of comic books trying to get to the frontline of the battle. Star Wars, Batman, Watchmen are all favorites. Even comics like Asterix and Obelix and Calvin and Hobbes make it to the list of great comics of all time. This article is for those who want to follow the paths of their favorite comic book creators.

Comic book creation is not an easy task. You first have to have a story in mind. The characters should take shape in your mind, which you should roughly sketch on a book. Once you have a clear idea of the script, you are ready to start creating your first comic book. Sketching and writing out the entire story on books have become old school. In this digital world, you should know how to make a comic book on a computer. 

Digital artwork produces cleaner and sharper art and has lots of features to help you fix minor mistakes along the way. Various software offers comics-specific drawing tools you can use to make your comic book.  From drawing, texts, lettering, to page layouts this software can handle tons of features that you would need, to create a comic. These software packages will help you out together storyboards and create narratives, and at the same time allow you to put your artistic stamp on the project.

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How to Make a Comic Book on the Computer?

Here are four of the best comic book creator software that can help you create your comic books.

1. Manga Studio 5

How to Make a Comic Book on The Computer Easily

Manga Studio 5 has everything that digital artists who create illustrations and comics would want. It is cheap compared to other alternatives in the market. It has a user-friendly interface that you can easily adapt to. You can easily create pencil drawings and color them with inking and coloring brush engines. The brush engine is excellent at handling pressure sensitivity and therefore contributes to fine stroke quality with sharp leads and ends. You can make direct-drawn lines and curves with preset line-weighting. 

The software is equipped with a built-in page manager that lets you sort comic pages, number them, and import text. It has multiple page templates that can serve as an example for you with 36 unique comic panel layouts. You can use this program to create your comics from scratch, which is what many advanced users want. 

2. Comic Creator Studio

How to Make a Comic Book on The Computer Easily 4


This is beginner-friendly software that accompanies a range of graphics, characters, and settings. This is strictly for learners as there is a lot of existing artwork that can ease you into the creation of comics. This is especially for those who lack drawing skills but have a great story for a comic book that is worth reading. 

You can easily drag and drop art into the pre-designed backdrops. Adjusting text and thought bubbles is easy, so is dropping words into them. There are hundreds of props and backgrounds that you can pull into your scene. You can quickly create a comic strip using the existing artwork, props, and background to enhance your storyboarding skills and grasp the controls of the software.

3. MyPaint

How to Make a Comic Book on The Computer Easily 5

MyPaint is a free-to-use software for beginners that offers a wide variety of tools for comics and manga creation. Typography, effects, colors, and drawing tools are some of its most noteworthy features. This software can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Unlike other software, MyPaint doesn’t require a high-end computer with an excellent graphic card. This is a user-friendly software that was specially developed to facilitate manga and comic-making.

4. Poser Pro 11.3

How to Make a Comic Book on The Computer Easily 6

This software is for pro comic creators to help them with 3D animations and digital images. There are different packages that provide a tour with numerous pre-designed images which you can access while making comics. It allows you to edit these pictures so you can tailor available images to your taste. The editing process is easy to grasp and intuitive. There are even background images that can be used in your comic story. 


Getting Started

Some artists prefer to sketch comics by hand and then scan it into their computers for clean-up, coloring, and lettering. Some of them depend on their computers for the entire process. The right method depends primarily on your comfort level and the software you are willing to invest in. Before you invest in any software, enroll for a basic subscription where you can try out the features for free for the trial period. 

If you are a beginner, a drawing tablet is a good place to start your drawings and comic creation. If you are a professional, you would require a high-end desktop or a PC with a digital pen to draw comfortably. Make use of pre-designed elements of the software to learn comic creation if you are a beginner. This will serve as a foundation for you to begin more advanced drawings with a focus on the small details. This will also give you an idea of how to come up with a storyline and create your own comic book. 
We hope now you know how to make a comic book on a computer. So, wait no longer, go ahead and start your creation.


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