Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017 – 10 Joysticks Reviews (Oct.)

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017

I hope you will be agree with me when I say:

“Gaming controllers have made the lives of gaming enthusiasts easy, contented and comfortable”. Right?

Well, there is only one problem, how to find best controllers for PC gaming 2017 because its not a piece of cake now to get these especially in the presence of so many options. But don’t worry fellas, we have come up with our expert based compiled top ten list of reviews. Let us peek into some other related things before starting our actual proceedings.

What a gaming controller is, ladies and gentlemen? This paragraph is for the beginners or novice people unaware of controllers. Well, it’s basically an input device which is connected to a PC to control an object or character which will be favorable to have executed your desirable movements of your character in it like firing, running, crouching and blocking in games like Call of Duty. Folks! It is an efficient device for games or entertainment systems which is held in two hands while the thumbs will provide the input. It is also referred to as Gamepad or Joypad.

I recommend you to read our best controllers for PC gaming below before making a purchase.

First look at the important table of these reviews before going into our actual discussion.
Name Buttons Technologies Compatibility User Reviews
Saitek X-55 Rhino HOTAS 14 HOTAS PC 3.9/5
SteelSeries Stratus XL 13 Microsoft’s XInput and Direct Input PC (Windows & up, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus 4.2/5
Extreme 3D Pro Joystick 12 PRECISION TWIST RUDDER CONTROL PC (Windows 7,8, Vista, 10), Mac, Linux 4.3/5
ThrustmasterT.Flight HOTAS X 12 double framework streamlined control, selective preset, mapping catches PC and PS3 4.3/5
Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X Flight Stick 12 Adjustable Resistance Control PS3, FSX and PC 4.3/5
CH Products Combatstick 18 X, Y and Z for aileron, elevator and throttle control PC (Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OSX 4.3/5
SpeedlinkDark Tornado 8 Adjustable Force Vibration function PC (Window 7, 8, 10) 3.2/5
ThrustmasterHotas Warthog Joystick 55 H.E.A.R.T HallEffectAccuRate technology PC (Windows) 4.4/5
Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick 16 H.E.A.R.T PC 4.3/5
Saitek X52 Pro 4 Advanced Multi-Function Display PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7) 3.8/5

1. Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino HOTAS: Buy Now

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017 Introduction:

Saitek X-55 Rhino HOTAS is an awesome piece of hardware. It is a very solid and has stable build. It works beautifully. This Hotas comes with mounting holes. It is a splendid flight stick with great throttle setup.


Let’s discuss its features in detail to know all about this device.

1. Military-grade Flight Sim Precision

Incited by controls found inside real military aircraft, the cutting edge X-55 Rhino HOTAS Framework for PC gives most extreme control over reenacted air ship. Worked to the same demanding norms of Saitek’s honor winning Pro Flight embellishments go, the X-55 Rhino conveys a large number of adaptable alternatives at no other time found in an H.O.T.A.S. Framework.

Whether flying a current contender, single-or multi-motor airplane, or even a retro single-seat plane, the X-55 Rhino supplies all the control surface alternatives required to accomplish the careful level of elevated execution longing pilots request.

2. Upgraded Stick Accuracy

Amid virtual flight – simply like genuine flight – the exactness of an air ship’s control surfaces is of principal significance. The X-55 Rhino’s control surfaces are exceptionally precise, civility of an all-new 16-bit aileron and a 16-bit lift axis, each utilizing corridor impact sensors. Created from the beginning, Saitek’s 16-bit axis arrangement empowers to a great degree exact flight.

3.Individual USB Connectors

The X-55 Rhino’s stick and throttle units each use their own particular USB association, offering more noteworthy adaptability amid customization. You’re allowed to arrange the controls precisely where you need them, without the need to keep them fastened to each other. Device is equipped with 14 programmable buttons.

4.Bonus Toggles and Rotaries on Backlit Throttle Base

Flight sim additions utilized by today’s virtual pilots require the most abnormal amount of control and customization. The X-55 Rhino showcases extra switches and rotaries, not taking into account a specific flying machine, around the throttle base. Seven additional three-way flip switches and two rotaries permit you to tweak this H.O.T.A.S. Framework to your own particular details.

5.Good with ALL Major Flying Games

The X-55 Rhino works with and is programmable for all accessible flying machines in these titles: Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004, X-Plane 10, X-Plane 9, DCS World, DCS: A-10C Warthog, DCS: Black Shark 2, DCS: UH-1H Huey, Lock On. It is also called as one of the best joysticks for flight simulator x.


This device is computer compatible. It can run on multiple window platforms.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Custom keybinding option.
  •   Substantial for the price.
  •   Comfortable controls.
  •   Good compatibility.
  •   Top-notch quality.
  •   Ease of access.
  •   Great build.
  •   Not durable over the time.
  •   Little expensive.
  •   Poor design.


As this item has great features andamazing feedback mentioned with many other astonishing qualities, this gadget lived up to the tech forums and is highly recommended for the valued consumers. I would recommend this because it would worth your hard earned cash perfectly.

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2. SteelSeries Stratus XL: Buy Now

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017



Well! Guys if you are heading towards or searching some good gaming controller, then, your wait is over. SteelSeries Stratus XL is a Bluetooth wireless gaming controller which can be used in multiple devices such as windows, android, oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR etc. Because of its excellent features and low budget, it is called as one of the best budget gaming joysticks.


Well, following are the reasons which will make you feel love for SteelSeries Stratus XL:

Compatibility with multiple devices:

If you are fond of playing games on Windows as well as Android then SteelSeries Stratus XL will provide you to get in use with Android as well as Windows. It offers to connect with various other devices as well.


If you are not comfortable with your old gaming controller then SteelSeries Stratus XL is waiting to be used because it is designed like that you can use it for several hours without any issue and you will not feel tired too.

Works good with different modes:

If your gaming controller shows attitude in working with different types of modes like Steam Big Picture mode then it’s the time you should change your controller without wasting a bit of time. Get a SteelSeries Stratus XL which works great with Steam Big Picture mode to get you an immersive and quality gaming experience.This controller has also Microsoft’s XInput and DInput technology incorporated.

No Strings Are Attached:

So, guys if you are using some string holding gaming controller that might split the drink or food which you have placed at your table and if this is already done then, just go for this device which has no strings, in simple words wireless. It gets connected with other devices by a Bluetooth dongle which makes the response much faster than the string thing.

Every Gamer’s Weakness:

Well, if you are a gaming geek, you will surely know what I’m talking about. This gaming controller offers joysticks which are easily useable, shoulder buttons which help you to remain hard in the center of the action and home buttons. It also has 13 programmable buttons, too good to handle.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Home buttons and back buttons.
  •   Can be used for rough flying.
  •   Comfortable and easy to use.
  •   Bluetooth dongle adapter.
  •   Wide range connectivity.
  •   Accurate movements.
  •   Wireless device.
  •   Side buttons are weird.
  •   Not long term usable.


In a nutshell, this gaming controller has a bunch of features. I will recommend you guys to use it because when I started to use it, my experience was very good and my gaming got more colorful with it. You can get used to it after a while but it’s really gonna give you a nice experience.

3. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick: Buy Now

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017


The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick is a decent all-around stick. For those needing to utilize, say, Flight Simulator for instructive purposes, the Extreme 3D is a decent decision. This Logitech joystick is just wonderful.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick is a great deal more sensible than models with “Power Feedback”: the stick development on a veritable current helicopter in flight feels smooth and liquid, similar to power controlling on your auto.

Power Feedback might be fun, yet I don’t believe it’s extremely sensible for a large portion of the situations it’s right now utilized as a part of.


It connects to a USB port. Installing the product that accompanied the joystick is a piece of cake. The majority of the buttons at that point mapped to the fitting capacities. It is armed with 12 programmable buttons.

We can discuss this item in following points.

Quality of Segments and Assembly:

The activity of the stick is pretty smooth and flexible. There is no unstable play in the controls. The hat switch and trigger force have a positive feeling with close flexibility.

Relaxed hand grip:

Like the general item, the shape and arranging of the grip is of great caliber, with no irritating appears or sharp edges.

Using of Apps:

It is very helpful in using different apps like X-Plane. The additional buttons make it stress-free to alter settings in the X-Plane app like gear, flaps, trim, throttle etc.

Use with Mac:

One can use this joystick on Mac with excellent results.

Use with Games:

With the help of this stick, you can play different games like War Thunder, Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous etc. without any hassle. That’s why, it is also called as a best controller for pc gaming. You can also use it for FPS gaming as well.

Use with Linux:

This joystick also works and supported in Linux.

What’s in the Box?

Joystick with USB cable, CD-ROM with gaming software, setup guide, warranty and registration card.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Effortless software Installation.
  •   Presentable in appearance.
  •   Well-positioned buttons.
  •   Comfortable to use.
  •   Solid performance.
  •   Worth the money.
  •   Durable device.
  •   Unsuitable for left-handers.
  •   No driver downloads.
  •   Too stiff joystick.


Truly speaking, it is one of the best buy cheap PC joysticks. It has a nice, weighted, rubberized base for stability. It is very responsive and easy to use. It is an incredible stick without a shadow of doubt. It is highly recommended.I can confidently assure you, this hardware is one of the best gaming devices in the market at present and you will definitely like using it! Order one now, and you won’t be sorry.

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4. Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X: Buy Now 

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017


Thrustmaster is a designer and manufacturer of collaborative entertainment hardware and accessories for PC and game comforts. Anyone can uplift his gaming experience to a new level with the help of this joystick. It is ergonomic in design.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


The joystick features double framework streamlined control, selective preset, mapping catches, and 12 programmable buttons for top notch control. The Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X is a complete attachment and-play for basic and quick establishment with all capacities, pre-arranged for prompt departure.


It is extremely well made, solid professional feel, smooth control actions that allow precise take-offs and landings.


It is very stable during game play. It is easy to use. No hassle with drivers. It works with Elite Dangerous by default. That’s why, it is called as one of the best joysticks for elite dangerous.

Playing Games:

This joystick is great for flying games like Oculus Rifft, Flight Control and Desert Strike etc.


Detachable, real-size, ergonomically-designed throttle control for easy playing.

Dual-system aerodynamic control, either by rotating handle (with integrated blocking system) or by progressive tilting lever, that leaves you with amazing playing experience!


It’s not only compatible with Computer and all kind of windows but PS3 as well.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Easy configuration of software.
  •   Solid and professional design.
  •   Well-made Buttons.
  •   Comfortable to use.
  •   No mess of cds.
  •   Economical.
  •   Insufficient buttons.
  •   Poor built quality.


This is a great stick for the price. You can do everything from the stick without a keyboard. Keeping all these amazing features in mind,  I hope that you will be eager to buy one for yourself. Waiting for my recommendation guys? Its really a nice bang for your buck! go for it, it’s a good option indeed.

What other says,

Definitely a step down from the big boys, but the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X represents great value and offers a pretty decent feature-set as well. It’s our favorite affordable flightstick.pcgamer

Buy from Amazon CTA

 5. Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X Flight Stick: Buy Now

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017


Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X Flight Stick is a very simple and wallet friendly gaming joystick. It is a very comfortable and capable. This is an auto centering joystick. This is a USB joystick. It works very well for ps3.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


Fly free with Thrustmaster’s T.Flight Stick X Joystick. It’s optimal for individuals simply getting into flying amusements or who need an additional for when companions come over. Its ergonomic configuration will keep your hands agreeable on long missions. The weighted base settles the stick amid compelling moves.


The 12 buttons and 4 axis are completely programmable for PC and PS3, giving you a chance to alter settings for every diversion, or every plane. The high exactness throttle gives you a chance to control your rate with stunning precision.

Control and Connectivity:

A quick fire trigger gives you a chance to shoot speedier than at any other time, so be set up to watch your kill tally rise! Driver-less fitting and-play USB association offers simple and snappy establishment. All the elements are preconfigured so you don’t need to experience a wide range of bothers just to take off. Adjustable Resistance Control allows to handle it very efficiently.


It also works very well with FS 9. It has great compatibility with windows 8.1 and Steam Edition FSX. However, it does not work with an ASUS Chrome box. This is a best pc controller.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Plenty of buttons to program.
  •   Very congenial to use.
  •   Beautifully designed.
  •   Good customization.
  •   Great move quality.
  •   Fairly accurate.
  •   Solid feel.
  •   Sloppy control stick.
  •   Not ideal for pc.


This is a well-made stick, with decent heft to it and a mass of excellent features. This is one of the best sticks for the money. It is very easy to setup. Also this thing is SOLID and hefty. It is not flismy and is perfectly constructed. Based on my experience, I shall honestly suggest you this device. Do give it a try and you wont be disappointed.

Buy from Amazon CTA

6. CH Products USB Combatstick: Buy Now 

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017


CH Products Combatstick is an another joystick for playing game. It is called as one of the best joysticks because it is sturdy, durable and stable. It can give you the feel of real flight stick. It is a futuristic feeling to have this stick.


It has some amazing features. Let’s find out these.


It has 18 buttons, including 6 traditional push buttons. It also has three axes – X, Y and Z for aileron, elevator and throttle control. It has 128 programmable functions.

Better Control:

It has stylized F-16 handle. One side throttle wheel is also present. It has big, durable base with non-slide feet.  The buttons are very well placed and feel reliable. Controlling becomes more easy by X, Y and  Z for aileron, elevator and throttle control.

USB Installation

It has Plug and Play driver less USB installation with 7 foot USB cable for both PC and Macintosh.


It is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX.

CH Control Manager Software

This Control Manager software permits you to program your CH USB devices. The CH Control Manager presently supports many CH USB devices…

  • Multi-Function Panel (MFP)
  • Throttle Quadrant
  • Flight Sim Yoke
  • Flight stick Pro
  • Eclipse Yoke
  • Fighterstick
  • Combat stick
  • Pro Throttle
  • Pro Pedals

Great Specialty:

It has one great specialty which is that it can easily be combined with any other joystick without any problem due to its own single USB plug and play.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Has a good decent weight.
  •   Dependable and durable.
  •   Doesn’t require drivers.
  •   Startlingly designed.
  •   Extremely precise.
  •   Strong built.
  •   Affordable.
  •   Price over-passes the quality.
  •   Extra large size.


Looks can be deceiving but this gadget does not only looks great, but is solid in built and amazing in functions.It is a very nice joystick with all important features. It is a top-notch programmable joystick. This rugged and well-built joystick is good choice for all of you. A fantastic experience I have with it !suggestable.

Buy from Amazon CTA

7. Speedlink Dark Tornado: Buy Now 

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017


Now, we are talking about one of the best and easily handled joystick. It is a best pc controller for those who want to enjoy virtual flying. Its name is Speedlink Dark Tornado.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.


Speedlink Dark Tornado is a precise analog flight control joystick with 8 programmable buttons. It has eight quick-access digital fire buttons. Progressive throttle controller for acceleration is also incorporated in it. It has a finest adjustable Force Vibration function for realistic vibration effects. This controller has also awesome directlnput support. It is an ergonomically designed stick which has four suction cups for maximum grip.

Controlled Gaming:

One awesome feature is that two of the buttons on top of the stick while you are flying, will essentially trim your aircraft’s nose up or down in flight miraculously. This stick is amazing with F-18 Hornets and P-51 Mustangs. During raising or lowering the flaps, you can regulate for level flight which is wonderful. Adjustable Force Vibration function makes controlling more easy.

Ease of use:

This is basically the old Microsoft Sidewinder joystick. The sense of the stick itself is marginally milder, making it more subtle to developments than the first. The cord is very long if you want to extend it a bit, however it is protected with a somewhat firm material so it doesn’t move up especially effortlessly.


It is compatible with Window 7 and Window 8.1.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Nice price to quality ratio.
  •   Effortless configuration.
  •   Smooth gaming.
  •   Insulated cord.
  •   Comfortable.
  •   Trash links during installation.
  •   Unfavorable for left-handers.


So, is this joystick reasonable? Is it even justified, despite few of the troubles? I would say YES because of its awesome features with minimum cons. I would recommend this for all and sundry.

Buy from Amazon CTA

8. Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick: Buy Now

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017


Now, it’s a turn to discuss our new joystick which is an excellent result of powerful association between Thrusmaster’s development teams and members of the “simmer” community. Yes, it is Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick.


Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called as one of the best hotas joysticks.


This excellent joystick is physically striking. Its weight is little more than 14 lbs appealing design.

Customization Options:

It has about 55 fully programmable action buttons which are very powerful. Along with this, it also has 2 four-direction hat switches and each switch has a built-in push button. This feature makes this joystick very different from rest of all the other joysticks. It is a best controller for pc.

Control Panel with 5 Programmable LEDs:

The control board gives a wide number and good range of controls. It combines a friction wheel, permitting clients to physically change the resistance of the throttles as per their own particular taste. It additionally includes backdrop illumination for capacities, which clients will positively acknowledge for night flights.

The 5 programmable LEDs are likewise or more for use in dull or low-light conditions.

Strong Base:

The base combines a “trim wheel” and 15 activity buttons, combining various push buttons with resistance similar to that on a genuine plane and mechanical metal switches (2 or 3 positions) with intensely reasonable weight.


This gaming controller is only PC compatible with multiple versions of Windows supported.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Buttons are pleasure to use.
  •   Remarkable build quality.
  •   Amazing control set up.
  •   Flawless performance.
  •   Superb quality.
  •   Easy to set up.
  •   Buttons are stiff to use.
  •   Major paperweight.
  •   Cheap plastic.


This joystick is wonderful because of its fantastic features. It is best in Simulator Flight Controls. It’s worth the price. I will strongly recommend this joystick and assure you,  i wont be a waste of time and money.

9. Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick: Buy Now

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017


Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick is a big name of the new technology developed by Thrusmaster. It works great. Its installation and working is very simple. This Flight Controller excellent ergonomics.


Let’s discuss its features in detail.

The T.16000M is a great looking gadget. The wing-formed catch bunches and general design was, I think, intended to suit Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X., which you can purchase packaged with the joystick. It’s very extensive, and those of you with little hands might need to give it a shot at the store first; it was too enormous for my gloves, however that gives it a quality of power.


It has 12 buttons on the base, a trigger, three thumb buttons, four-way POV cap and throttle slider. With a fabulous aggregate of 16 buttons to push, you’re rapidly going to wish that they were marked. Be that as it may, they aren’t — to save the modern look of the joystick, they’ve been left clear, which is inconvenience when the amusement says “Goodness my god, utilize your flares, press button 12!” You’ll be discharging auxiliary weapons, strafing, and quick saving all in the meantime as you scramble to discover which one of these silver buttons taunting you from the base is the one called 12. You can simply break out the Sharpie, yet that truly shouldn’t be vital.

Ease of use:

The shapes of buttons have been yielded to the lord of looking cool, as well. While they’re not very severely distorted, there are no spaces amongst them and it can be hard to hit the right one in a rush.


This gaming controller is only PC compatible.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Outstanding calibration.
  •   Amazing day sign.
  •   Efficient sensors
  •   Reasonable size.
  •   Fast response.
  •   Stable base.
  •   Complicated software.
  •   Cheap buttons.


It is responsive and the software is pretty sound. The buttons on the base are also quite hard to use IMO. It has great sensors and is very accurate. It is an excellent budget joystick. It is highly recommended.

Buy from Amazon CTA

10. Saitek X52 Pro: Buy Now

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017


Now, we are going to throw some light on our last joystick in this list. It is one of the most comfortable and responsive joystick. Yes, I am talking about Saitek X52 Pro. It works really well. It has an amazing performance. We discuss it in detail.


This joystick has superb features.

Dual-Spring Centering Mechanism

A strongly exact focusing system guarantees the joystick will effortlessly come back to the impartial position after you let go. Non-contact technology on the X and Y axes improve control while increasing durability. This stick turns out to be safer as it moves more far away from the middle position.

Advanced Grip Adjustment System

It has a five-position handle modification framework adjusts to your grasp style and hand size. Furthermore, to advance most extreme relief in long flights, the joystick’s handle also highlights shape which fit with your digits. 4 buttons are integrated in the device. It is a best gaming joystick for pc without any doubt.

Multifunction LCD Display

The X-52 Pro’s LCD screen with movable backdrop illumination, empowers you to view data about your button designs with just a snappy look. Considerably more useful is the capacity to specifically control radio stack data in FSX, X-Plane, Prepar3D, and most flight recreation programming. You can then utilize the buttons living underneath the Multifunction Display (MFD) to spin through key radio stack functions. A downloadable Software Development Kit permits you to make your own particular MFD connections.


This controller supports many versions of windows XP, 7 and Vista.

        Pros         Cons
  •   Effective gaming joystick for pc.
  •   Smooth, and precise control.
  •   Programmable LEDs.
  •   Efficient controllers.
  •   Good control layout.
  •   Great ergonomics.
  •   Elegant design.
  •   Incompatibility in many cases.
  •   Breakdown on excessive use.
  •   Bad customer support.


It is one of the best and configurable joysticks. It works very well with good response and feel. I recommend this for anyone looking to get the true sense of flying a plane from your desktop. 

Buy from Amazon CTA

Final Verdict From Author:

So, it was all about our review related to best controllers for PC gaming 2017 reviews. Now is the time to take the decision about your gaming desires. Everything is right before you; every feature, every strength and every weakness of the top devices in the tech world. Just observe the minor differences between the competing products and select the device best suited to your wishes. If you ask my recommendation fellas, then CH Products Combat stick is the device you should go for because of its absolutely crushing features, wide range compatibility as compared to other devices and 18 programmable buttons.  Second best device in this competition of blood and shed is Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick. This is the device only compatible with pc but its stupendous features are almost unsurpassable. Technology incorporated, no of button and rating, everything is just a match to declare as a best gaming controller.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X Flight Stick is another product peeps which just can’t be ignored because of its high end features, advanced functionality and good compatibility. User satisfaction is also at the acceptable level. Another competing device in this technology war is SteelSeries Stratus XL. Although it is ranked on the fourth number, but its qualities are so good. Ranging from many features to compatibility, everything is good. The decision is in your hands now, which device to choose and which to loose.

Best Controllers For PC Gaming 2017 – Buying Guide

Components of a controller:

A typical controller is comprised of following components:

Select and Start Key:

These are essential buddies, don’t you know that? These are used to start a game and do some preliminary tasks.

4 Action keys, 4 Movement Keys and 4 helping keys: 

Action keys have the most use while playing a game. They are used to interact and usually do the major jobs in a game like passing, shooting and sprinting in FIFA. They are represented as X, Y, A, B. The movement keys are used to move a character and often present on the left part of the controller. The helping keys are the extra keys used for some complementary works in a game. They are present on the rear face of the controller.

Two small handles:

These are two handles which have their pivots and they are rotated so they can serve as keys for making tactics and movement.

Connecting Wire:

It is to provide connection between the controller and the PC through ports.

Advantages of Game Controllers:

Well, there are several advantages of gaming controllers and they are given following:


While using gaming controllers, one can have the flexibility of moving from one place to another. Gaming can even make someone dance in a room due to enthusiasm, so gaming controllers ensure that activity is done with smoothness. It is comfortable enough that one can use it while sitting on a couch which is far from the PC.

Thumbs game:

One can take it along himself with a very minor effort. Playing on a desk or a couch cannot disturb anyone. It does not require a huge effort from your arms of fingers. Only two thumbs are enough to do the job.

Smart Configuration:

During gaming, the curiosity level is very high that one must have firm on the keys and to resonate them with the psyche. So the gaming controllers have this plus factor that they have few keys but all the parameters of gaming are covered in it. A total of 14 keys and the world can enjoy the awesomeness through them.


Their size is small and can be handled very easily. They are accommodated in hands like they are the best things which are made only for hands.


Light weight is another advantage of gaming controllers and this feature is what makes theirdemand increasing nowadays. They can be transported easily as well.


They are portable with very simple resonance with the ports. The keys are smooth and one feels pleasure in pressing them. Such comforts are very cherishingin gaming. These gadgets are pretty faster than keyboards so one really enjoys using them. They provide better aiming facilities in shooting games.

Considerations Before Buying:

PC gaming is the best experience for a gamer in his lifetime. Following are the considerations that one must have to focus before buying gaming controllers:


It is important to have the knowledge of what the requirements are. So make sure your research skills are apparent here. It includes what kind of games you play on what kind of devices like Xbox or PC. So you must be aware of the fact for what device the gaming controller is bought.


Well peeps before buying a gaming controller one must has enough knowledge of the compatibility. Some PCs do not support gaming pads due to their ports. Like some of them do not have USB ports. So one must be having this point in mind whether the controller matches his pc ports or not. The PC or other consoles have different first person aim in shooting games so you have to choose accordingly before buying. Also check your operating system and its compatibility with the controller, that’s essential.

DInput or XInput:

DInput lets you play with 2 controllers on a single PC while Xinput make you enjoy the charm of 4 controllers on a single PC. Usually Xinput have this plus point that it can  let you play newer games as well. They can also accommodate two players on a single PC as well. Therefore, you must ensure that your controller is Xinput because it gives broader benefits.


Make sure that your budget is not a restriction in your way of buying a gaming controller. So take your pockets filled with adequate amount of money to buy your desired controller. It’s because, in the end it’s not the money which matters. Quality is the thing which matters.


Gaming controllers provide an ease when you want to change your place from one to another so it must be having a sufficient wire connection. There could be another option of buying a wireless control. So make sure that you buy a wireless controller operated on Bluetooth system. You have to sure about the range as well.


You don’t want to stuck with complicated configuration settings. Do you? Well, if you don’t want to, then don’t go for a device having hard configuration option, instead give “Plug and play” devices priority.

Customization option:

Everybody want to have full control on the device when he spends money on it. So make sure the device is worth your investment. It should have appropriate controls and programmable buttons for your ease of use.