Best Night Vision Monocular in 2020

Top 5 Best Night Vision Monocular

We tested 10 of the Best Night Vision Monocular to find the best for budgets of all sizes.

Editor’s Choice for the most powerful device on our list is the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular. This gets our approval for its viewing range (656ft), powerful zoom and value for money.

So, let’s get into it.

4 Best Night Vision Monoculars in 74 seconds:

What is a Good Night Vision Monocular?

Night Vision Monoculars are handheld telescopes with the ability to amplify light. These digital and analog optical instruments are the most popular type of night vision device on the market.

Simply what makes a good night vision monoculars popular is their lightweight nature, compact size, and adaptability to many applications. If you don’t think you need night time visibility we have a guide for regular monoculars. We are currently working on a detailed buyer guide specifically for night vision monoculars.

Let’s talk night vision…


Generation 1 Night VisionGen 1 Best Night Vision

The common technology in night vision, these rely on ambient light vs infrared light sources and use a S-20 photocathode. It is appealing because it is far cheaper than Gen 2 and Gen 3.

These products enable users to see further than those without a night device.

Vision Range: usually 75 to 100 yards.

ProTechTip: If you would like to see further than this, we recommend upgrading to Gen 2.

Generation 2 Night VisionGen 2 Best Night Vision Monocular

Technology is more advanced in Gen 2. Gen 2 devices use S-25 photocathode and an improved image-intensifier.

What does this mean? Brighter images, around the lens' edges and no reliance on moonlight for illumination. Oh, and improved image resolution!

Vision Range: usually 200 yards

Generation 3 Night VisionBest Night Vision Monocular Gen 3

In a nutshell? Military grade.

Some technology from Gen 2 still used but the photocathode made with gallium arsenide. What this means is further improved image resolution.

Vision Range: usually 300 yards +

Best Night Vision Monocular

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1. Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Best Night Vision Monoculars under 200

Best night vision monocular bushnell

We loved testing this one. What are the highlights?

First of all, this is a great allrounder and is suitable for both night time and daytime use. It’s also great for making photos and videos.

Zoom is 1 – 3x which is great, but we wish it went up to 10x. Also, one thing we noticed – digital zoom makes small things 3x bigger but doesn’t increase resolution.

But it’s pretty decent, considering the price range.

The practical usability of these monoculars for night vision is at least 100 feet.

If not using these as night vision monoculars, they are excellent at anything up to 175 feet.

Pros Cons
  • Fast shutter speed (great for photos)
  •  Excellent in daylight too
  •  Can be powered via mini-USB port
  • Low cost
  •  Usability – on/off switch too close to other buttons
  •  Doesn’t fit well into vinyl zip case


Look guys, this is an excellent low cost night vision device. We loved using it and the quality is unbeatable up to 175 feet. Also, the fact that this powers via USB is a huge undocumented feature – you could hook this up to a portable 6000mAh power bank and it will last all night! No battery life to worry about.

2. Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular

Best Night Vision Monoculars for Hunting

Best night vision monocular night owl

This one we were excited about. Because we like to hunt!

Also, the iGEN technology we’ve heard so much about.

So what is it?

Reportedly, iGEN technology is the future of night vision. And beats Gen 2 and Gen 3.

The practical usability of these monoculars for vision at night is at least 500 feet. We were able to see for about 650 feet clearly. This is some power magnification!

The images were even pretty sharp on a quarter moon. Very impressive.

Pros Cons
  •  Water resistant
  •  Can connect to a TV screen easily
  •  Nice fitted case
  •  Works day or night
  •  Buttons feel low quality
  •  Slightly heavy (1.6 pounds)


Excellent high power option which won’t break the bank. Fantastic for hunting. However, limited recording options.

3. Pulsar Quantum Lite Thermal Monocular

Best Night Vision Monocular for Secret Agents

best night vision monocular ever

In 2 words? Military grade.

This beauty is used for hunting, law enforcement, personal security applications and search & rescue.

With this, you’re basically Predator. You will be able to detect heat signatures up to 875 yards away.

This is so unbelievably high power and cool. We can’t even.

And the brightness control is out of this world.

Pros Cons
  •  Thermal night vision
  •  2 second startup time
  •  Amazing video output capabilities
  • City, forest & identification viewing modes
  •  Expensive
  •  No video making capability


Thermal vision, this is the best choice for complete darkness and no reliance on moonlight. This one beats the rest as it’s our most powerful selection. But it’s on the expensive side.

4. Firefield 5×50 Nightfall 2 Night Vision Monocular

Best Night Vision Monocular under 100

best night vision firefield

This is perfect for getting your feet wet in the night vision world.

The clarity was way beyond what we expected for a Gen 1 device.

When we used it it was during a full moon so we saw around 650 feet. But a full moon is not essential.

This is also extremely compact and lightweight at only 1 pound so it’s not going to hurt your wrist on a late night hunt.

Pros Cons
  •  Low price
  •  2 second startup time
  •  Illuminator makes it very bright
  • Quality fantastic for Gen 1
    •  Field of view slightly narrowed


Hands down, get this is you’re looking to get started in the world of night vision monoculars. The quality is unbeatable for the price.

5. LaserWorks LRNV009 Multifunction Laser Ranging Night Vision Monocular

Best Night Vision Monocular under 300

Best Night Vision Monocular in 2020 1

An excellent device for low light environments and in pitch black.

When we used it at nighttime we got clarity up to 1200ft.

This one is for the more advanced users as there are a lot of functions. It would be perfect for hunting. You’ve got fog mode, flagpole locking, vertical height measure and infrared auxiliary lighting.

On top of all this – isn’t it cool looking? It also comes with a strap so you can carry around your neck.

Pros Cons
  •  Lots of cool functions
  •  Decent case and neck strap
  •  Practical usability up to 1200ft
  • 300km/h speed scope
    •  Rechargeable batteries won’t fit


Tons of functionality for the advanced user and a price range that’s not going to break the bank. Also, it looks awesome. We’re going to keep this one.

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