10 Best Monoculars in 2020

Best Monoculars 2018

We researched and evaluated 10 of the Best Monoculars to find the best for situations and budgets of all sizes.

Editors Choice for the most powerful device on our list is the Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered 12X50 MonocularThis piece of gear receives our stamp of approval for value for money, AMAZING optics and customer rating (2,100+ reviews).

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4 Best Monoculars Comparison

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Wingspan Optics High Powered 12X50 Telescope Monocular
Best Monoculars 2018

Wingspan Optics is a dedicated firm producing the specialized viewing appliances for the purpose of bird watching. Next product in our today’s conversation is from this brand, named, the Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered 12X50 Telescope. Armed with so many capabilities and an acceptable level of user satisfaction, this is a great brand too.


You’re not gonna admit this tool as the best among all; unless you take a deep look at its features, I know that. For that reason, everything is narrated for you in an organized way. Just keep your eyes on the screen.

Tolerable size

You must have understood the point by now, that the features and strengths decrease with the reducing size of a gadget. Therefore,it’s not a wise idea to create a fuss over this aspect.

Although the size linked to the gadget is comparatively greater than the rest, yet its specifications pay the price. Anyway, the extents are 7.7 x 4.4 x 3.3 inches. The weight of the device is also not feathery with the value of 14oz.

A bigger lens with high capabilities

A lens with bigger aperture will surely be more powerful than a tiny one. The 50mm objective lens embedded in this piece of technology is sufficient to let the user have a clear image of its surroundings and whatever he wants to see.

But eminence is also controlled by the ability of amplifying the size of the real image, you would say. Don’t fret, guys, this product can magnify the scene up to 12x.

Bird Watching Specialist

Are you a bird lover? Do you want to see the wildlife with a close eye while camping over the hill?b

This is the specialized equipment for that. Its quality BAK-4 prism ensures that you see the heights of the sky and the mid of the forest without any interruption of the clarity and contrast. 246 ft field of view guarantees that you don’t miss any eye calming wild scene happening around you.

Water and Fog Protection

Many electronic and mechanical appliances malfunction by even a mere interaction of water. But this sturdy equipment doesn’t get disrupted by the water, regardless of whether it is in the form of fog or rain.

Its water and dust proof build doesn’t allow any external substance to enter inside, making the operation, stupendous.

Admirable near focusing with the accessories

This monocular is not only good for watching the far-off things, dudes. Its ability to examine the things, residing in a closer periphery is also fabulous because of the minimum focal length of 2.5m. A durable and adjustable tripod makes viewing even more smooth and steady.

Along with the stand, the Wingspan also provides nylon mesh carrying case, eyepiece and lens protection covers and a non-abrasive, microfiber, lens cleaning cloth.

Pros Cons
  • Nice deal for visually impaired.
  • Clear and sharp image.
  • Good hunting partner.
  • Precise focusing.
  • Strong grip.
  • Not efficient in low light.
  • A little heavy.


Concluding the discussion on this optical apparatus, its high-end specifications can’t be overlooked. They are real, with some real value to the user. As far as flaws are concerned, nothing is perfect in the world. This is one of the best in the market, in fact. Catch it right away, before it gets extinct.


Orion 10×42 Waterproof Monocular

Best Monoculars 2018

Orion is a renowned name in the industry of visual optics. With its reasonably compact dimensions, high magnifying strength and ability to focus on things more clearly, it beats many quality pleaders out there.


Let’s get into it…

Reasonable Size

Going from a mere pin to the mighty airplanes, size has its undeniable importance. Some apparatuses are more appealing in compact dimensions, while others intrigue the consumers by their huge sizes. The type of gadget, currently under review is more favorable in smaller size.

That’s why; this compact telescope is manufactured in the dimensions of 6.1 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches. It doesn’t have the solid iron in it, too. All the necessary components are assembled in the most optimum setting, making the weight as just 11.2 ounces.

High Magnifying Power

Do you want to look at that fairy meadow on the other side of the lake, while you’re on a trip?

All you need is lenses with high performance image enlargement. Orion 10×42 makes it real, by the exclusive 42 mm objective lens embedded in place. This lens doesn’t go in vain; it provides you with the 10x magnifying power, simply outstanding. 5.9angular field of view just adds some more cream on the cake.

Glare Adjustment and Close Focus

A common thing people struggle with in the visually aiding appliances is the glare of the sun. You must have felt that, if you’ve been into this. Well, the case is not the same here, guys. The lens implanted in this optical device is fully multicoated so that all the unwanted reflections are avoided, altogether.

You know where the best part is? It’s the 20 inch close focus, associated with this gadget. You can even read a newspaper by turning it the other way round. 

Complete Waterproof Construction

Some people don’t stop looking around, even while standing in the rain or enjoying a pool party. Complete waterproof build of this gadget allows you to do that, buddies. The rubber-armored build is the actual hero, behind this amazing gadget. But there is a catch, don’t neglect it. Submersion or Scuba Diving is absolutely not recommended with this gadget.

Eye relief and adjuster

Do you wear spectacles, and thinking of the difficulty in the use of this device, right now?

Well, it’s just your overthinking, buddies. 17mm eye relief gives a lot of space between you and your eye to watch the show by this lens. If you wanna remove your glasses to use this device that is gonna be more comfortable. A twist-up rubber Eye guard helps you position your eye in the most optimum position, while looking through it.

Pros Cons
  • Tripod adapter socket
  • Neck cord is included
  • Crystal clear image quality
  • Wide field of view
  • Sturdy build
  • Can’t be used under water
  • No diopter adjustment


That was all about the Orion 10×42 monocular, pals. Giving an unbiased analysis, this particular product is sufficiently good in the aspects of magnification and focusing. Everything embedded in the gadget is awesome in function. It’s a recommended optical instrument from my side, buddies.


Barska Blackhawk Waterproof Monocular

Best Monoculars 2018

Barska is a reliable provider of the precision optical instruments, used widely in Riflescopes, binoculars and other forces equipment. The company is in the service, since 1994. The dedication of this brand to provide quality in the economical range is just depicted by the Barska Blackhawk Waterproof Monocular, the next item in our list. This device is equally good for the military and recreational needs, pals. Just be tuned.


Examining the features of this device is necessary, if you’re looking for the best budget monoculars of your tours and trips. Let’s start.

Small Size

You don’t wanna pick up a brick with you, every time you go on hunting, or visit a hilly area with your wife? All you need is a compact and lightweight monocular to see the distant places and objects. Don’t forget to look into this specific product while purchasing. It’s just 6.2 x 2 x 2 inches in extents. That’s not all, the weight of this monocular is also minimum, just 10.1 ounces.

Sufficient Magnification Strength

Do you want to feel the far off places close to you?

Here is the thing; you can use to reduce the distances in real way. With its objective lens of 40mm diameter, you can see the singing bird, flying from one tree to the other, very clearly. Magnification capabilities of the gadget are also just out of the box. 10x zooming ability can even make you find an oasis in the desert. This is because of the quality prism embedded inside the gadget. The specifications of the prism are BK-7 glass and roof type.

Wide FOV and reflection adjustment

Have you ever thought of seeing a wild life scene before you in the close focus, when it is miles away from you in actual?

All of us wish for that, because nature attracts everybody. Well, making this dream a reality, Barska has provided you with 60 degrees wide-angel as the field of view. You know what’s the charm, here? You can do such kind of thing in any weather, without thinking about the stringent reflected waves from the sun. That issue has been catered by the imported multicoated lens, integrated into the monocular assembly. Minimum focus distance of 13ft must also be soothing for you.

Multi-layered Protection

Are you concerned about the resilience of this monocular from the external factors?

Well, here is an option for you, buddies. Barska Blackhawk is nitrogen purged O-Ring sealed device. This means fog proof.

Shock absorbing rubber adds to the protection of this gadget, in a significant way.

Excellent Eye Relief and Accessories

Let me tell you another fabulous thing associated with this gadget, chums. The brilliant eye relief of 17.5 mm. Without even matching your eye exactly with the lens, you can see the things without any strain. This feature is specifically great for the people with glasses. Talking about the auxiliary components of this monocular, it is armed with a hand strap, lens cloth and soft carrying case.

Pros Cons
  • Smooth focus adjustment
  • Strong and secure grip
  • Perfect for hunting
  • Water proof
  • Easy to carry
  • Ineffective in low light
  • Small wrist strap


Concluding the discussion on this quality monocular, it’s a good one to be taken as an option. Although the product is from a worthy brand, yet the user satisfaction level isn’t up to the mark. So, it’s up to you now. You’re the buyer, after all. It’s always a wise thing to reconsider your options.


Carson Close Up 7x18mm Close-Focus Monocular (CF-718)

Best Monoculars 2018

Carson is a renowned producer of compact binoculars, monoculars, telescopes, magnifying glasses and another optical instrument. If you’re looking for an ordinary visually aiding device, must take the Carson Close Up 7x18mm Close-Focus Monocular (CF-718) into your sphere of research. With a good deal of magnification power, close focus and area of coverage, this product is one of the most suitable devices for your medium level viewing experience.


Lets examine the features of this device…


Short people are usually cuter than the heighted ones, have you observed that?

Same goes for the gadgets, pals. The device we’re talking about right now is also cute, because of the compact size, it has. Being specific, this optical instrument is only gonna take 3 x 1.1 x 1.3 inches in your bag. It’s not only the compact size, making the little piece attractive. The weight is also way less than the others, just 1.8 ounces.

Good lens and Magnification

What is a good lens in your eyes?

It depends on your needs, peeps. If you’re not intending to do professional grade sketching by seeing the distant objects with your optical facilitator, this Carson Monocular is the right option for you. It has got 18mm objective lens embedded inside. The magnification ability is also lying in the acceptable limits with the figure of 7x. I am not saying that these specifications are outstanding, but they might be sufficient for your viewing needs.

Better FOV

Does the area visible concern you, when you make the connection of your eye and the optical lens installed in this device?

It must be crucial for you, dudes. Well, this aspect is handled, nicely in this monocular with 9o wide field of view. A lot of space is covered in this angular measurement, fellas. You actually see 472’ wide area while using this gadget. 

Quality Focus

Are you fond of hunting, and watching the delicious little bird sitting on the tree next to you is vital to you?

Well, take this gadget into account and see the closer things even closer. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can now magnify the objects in the periphery of even 10 inches to you.

Extras Included

You’re supposed to have your equipment in the safest place because you can’t keep having them in your hands all the time. Carson doesn’t make you do that, chums. They provide the consumers with a soft pouch, carrying strap and lens cloth.

Pros Cons
  • Looks fine details in the target.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Very close focus.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Coated lenses.
  • Lenses aren’t high quality.
  • No waterproofing ability.


Summing it up, this device is a great option for the nature lovers, out there. And you don’t have to be an IT expert to use this gadget, too. Just have it by paying the price and do whatever you gotta do with it. A recommended one for the basic use.


Vortex Optics Solo 10×25 Waterproof Monocular

Best Monoculars 2018

Established in 2004, Vortex Optics is an American company, which works in the domain of manufacturing optical instruments for hunting, recreational and law enforcement applications. A reflection of the quality from the brand is the Vortex Optics Solo 10×25 Waterproof Monocular. With a good deal of the magnification and focusing capabilities, this had to be featured on our list.


You’re not aware of this monocular, I know that. But if you don’t wanna be uninformed always, have a glance at its features.


Can you move further without knowing the size of this particular gadget?

Damn, no. That must be your answer, pretty obvious. I’m not gonna keep you in the shadow, fellas. This viewing gadget will not take that much space in your bag. The compact size of 4.4 x 2 x 2.4 inches makes it an easily controllable gadget. The weight of 5.6 ounces is not also that mighty.

Superb Lens

How decisive is a lens in the purchasing process of an optical gadget? It’s definitely the most important part, fellas. A monocular can’t be considered as a quality one without the incorporation of a capable lens.

All the critical aspects are catered pretty well here with a tremendous 25mm objective lens. The excellence is not restricted to just the diameter of the lens. This visual aid also ensures that the distant things are no more distant by the highest magnification strength of 10 times.

Smooth Operation

What do you need in a monocular for the assurance of flawless working?

After the lens, embedded prism and other critical specifications decide the fate of a device, pals. This device is not behind the leading brands in any way. The lens used in it is fully multi-coated, which ensures that the maximum light is transmitted through it. This feature takes care of the glare pretty well. The integration of the roof prism optical system just elevates the performance a little more.

Dust and Water Protection

Are you concerned about the response of your optical device to the water and dust?

It’s natural, I understand. Let me cheer you up by telling the power of the gadget in that aspect pals. The sealing of O-rings on the lens makes it an absol+utely dust and water free device. That’s not all; it is also featured with the exclusive nitrogen purged build. All these specifications make it one of the best devices in the aspects of water, fog and dust proof performance.

Sturdy build with wide FOV

You don’t wanna purchase a delicate device, so prone to the shocks and jolts. Solo 10×25 is just manufactured with a secure, rubber armor and non-slip grip. FOV is also bound to impress you by the figure of 31.5 feet.

Pros Cons
  • Convenient fitting of eyepiece.
  • Good for people with glasses.
  • Elegant construction.
  • Economical choice.
  • Clear image.
  • Extra tight adjustment ring.
  • Focus is difficult to control.


Ending the discussion on this gadget, it’s a nice and cost-effective choice with a range of specifications. Lens diameter may seem like a little less than the leading gadgets, but you must see the price difference as well. I have to say that this is the best product in this range. Go for it.

What others say about it,

There is truly a lot to like about the Vortex Optics Solo Waterproof Monocular. The device is lightweight and compact, but it still offers 10 times magnification. This makes it much more powerful than many of its competitors. Plus, it is surprisingly affordable! What more could you ask for? theguidr


Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Best Monoculars 2018

Bushnell is a big claimer of being the quality optical appliance manufacturer for more than 65 years. Customer service and satisfaction is one of the most important SOP of the company. Let’s have a practical look over the assertions of the brand by taking the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular under consideration. This product seems sufficiently good, overall because of it’s out of the box capabilities.


If you want something unique, the features of this device must to be looked upon, dudes.

Extents and Vision

I know you’re a space conscious person and you don’t like the heavy and bulky equipment around you. But let me tell you a secret buddies. Sometimes, the thing you’re avoiding is your real savior. Let me prove it here. You’re a hunting enthusiast and doing camping in a marooned area. You suddenly hear the voice of a python in the surroundings.

A compact and lightweight monocular will not help you out there. However, this item of the Bushnell will surely be your rescuer guys and its size of 6.5 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches will seem no bigger to you. Its digital night vision capability will let you see the tail of that hiding snake in the bushes, so that you can prepare yourself to handle him.

Better lens

There is something common in a human and monocular lens, fellas, but it’s tricky to understand. Clear and pure eyes in a man make him an attractive person. While an optical device with a quality lens, let us see the attractions of the world. You would definitely be thinking about the criteria of quality, now. It’s the zooming and focusing capability of this part, dudes.

Coming back to the Equinox Z, it is way better than the Carson Close Up 7x18mm Close-Focus Monocular (CF-718), because of its 30mm objective lens. 3x optical magnification and 3.3-9x digital zoom associated with the gadget is also appreciable.

Day/Night usage with wide FOV

Impressed by the night vision, but concerned about the vision during the day?

Well, don’t you fret peeps, this monocular is equally good to view things during the day, because of its exclusive color adjustment. The Adjustable IR brightness feature, making the night vision possible, can conveniently be shut down for the daytime use. You can see up to the distance of 500 feet in the night, by this gadget, dudes. In normal conditions, the field of view associated with this gadget is 984ft. What do you need more?

Glare free camera functionality

Don’t be surprised by the name of the camera. This device has seriously got the feature of capturing the stupendous nature scenes visualized by the monocular.

The story doesn’t end at just the camera. The glare free operation because of the multi-coated lens is also there. You can now take the videos of wild scenes very closely to the resolution of 640×480.

Water Resistant product

Above all, the monocular under discussion is IP4 rated, fully waterproof. Availability of a 1/4″-20 Tripod Mount makes this device more appealing.

Pros Cons
  • Mountable on the rifle.
  • Strong construction.
  • SD card supported.
  • Dual functionality.
  • Good close focus.
  • High magnification.
  • A little heavy.


This is it about the Bushnell Equinox Z, guys. Some capabilities of the gadget are just out of the box, you know that. But it is also a little behind the previously mentioned aspects like lens diameter and zooming power. Everything is open before you. The choice is yours.


Gskyer Spotting Scope, 25-75*75 Bird Watching Hunting Monocular

Best Monoculars 2018

Starting from a leased little house in 1992, Gskyer climbed the ladder of success, very rapidly. It’s a world-wide famous Chinese brand of the monocular telescope. Among the great products manufactured by the company, the Gskyer Spotting Scope, 25-75*75 Bird Watching Hunting Telescope, Target Shooting Monocular is one of them. This fabulous tool is integrated with a quality lens, high-grade prism and much more, which makes it one of the best options available.


A book can’t be judged by its covers, but it can definitely be arbitrated by the contents. Let’s have an idea of the contents of this device by glancing over its features.

Relatively huge size

The size held by any kind of device is discussed in the first place, but you need to understand the variation in size according to the requirements. If you’re looking for a telescope for bird watching, you can’t think of it as a hand held device.

Extents of this apparatus are reasonably big according to the application, just 5.5 x 8 x 18.4 inches. The weight is also relatively greater, which is 4.96 pounds. Before moving on to the next machine, I would recommend you to have a bird’s eye view on the other strengths of this device.

Huge Aperture and Focal length

You have seen the diameters of the previous lenses, and you’re pretty sure by now about the importance of this aspect. Well, be ready to be shocked buddies, because the aperture of this specific device is not 30 or 40mm.

It’s 75mm! comparatively greater, even more than the famous zooming specialist, the Orion 10×42 Waterproof Monocular (Black)! The focal length of the gadget under assessment is also fabulous, 430mm.

Stupendous Zooming Power

Close zooming and focusing are the primary requirements of the telescope buyers. That is the reason; this item is encompassing the mighty magnification power of up to 75x. That’s not all, the field of view associated with this monocular is also adequate, 1°48’@25x and 0°57’@75x.

Along with all this, the magnificent BK-7 prism embedded in the assembly makes sure that the view you’re getting from this lens is awesome.

Eye Relief with glare free viewing

Have you examined the glare issue in your previous cheap monocular?

This optical instrument is for you, believe me. Its fully multicoated optics has just confirmed that you don’t get a damn sunshine in your delicate eyes while watching the beautiful heights of the Sky. The classy eye relief of 16.5 – 13mm make your viewing experience even more comforting.

Stand with good near focus

This is a gadget for seeing the far off things. But, it is also featured with the reverse functionality, peeps. The near focus of 33ft is gonna take your hunting and Target shooting experience to the next level.

You don’t have to handle this bulky gadget in your hands, too. The adjustable tripod allows you to observe the surroundings in a more efficient way.

Pros Cons
  • Mobile Phone Connectivity.
  • Best in the price.
  • Awesome clarity.
  • Easy focusing.
  • Clarity is compromised.
  • Weak build.


Cutting to the chase, this monocular and telescope is a nice deal for the hunting, hiking and camping enthusiasts out there. Its focusing is good, zooming is powerful and aperture is just great. What do you demand more from this device? It has simply got the potential, more than its price tag.


Authentic ROXANT Grip Scope – High Definition Monoculars

Best Monoculars 2018

ROXANT is a prominent name in the industry of optical equipment because of its manufacturing in several domains of the optics. I am presenting a valuable device in the company’s list, the Authentic ROXANT Grip Scope – High Definition WIDE VIEW Monocular as our next entrant.


Let’s examine its features.

Acceptable Size

Starting with the size like always, I would like to say again that most of the people leave the gadgets just because of the size. It’s not a quote from me, history says that. Well, avoiding any more beating around the bush, the extents of this particular device are 5.5 x 2 x 2 inches.

It’s also not like a weighing stone, compact in size, but heavy as hell. The monocular we’re talking about, is not bulky at all. It’s just 7.8 ounces in weight, not gonna be troublesome for you.

Powerful lens and magnification

You would be much clear on the significance of a lens with wide aperture and high magnification. But there is a catch in it, fellas. As the magnification increases, the view starts becoming blurry and fade. Therefore, maintaining a good balance between the zooming and clarity is mandatory.

You’ve got that, buddies in this miraculous appliance. Its 30mm objective lens with a magnification power of 6x make it a stable gadget with crispy clear view.

Optimal Brightness and Glare free viewing

You must know the brightness and glare issues in the use of these instruments, if you’re not a novice. Well, let me brief you about this little beauty. This gadget is absolutely free from any kind of sunshine and contrast problems, dudes. The FMC Superior BAK-4 Green Film Prism embedded into the device just make the chances of any sunshine extinct.

Quality doesn’t die with the word of the prism, there is much more to be impressed. The lens integrated into the assembly of this product is also out of the mark, fully multicoated, guaranteeing quality light diffusion for crystal clear observing.

Adjustability with the ease of use

Most of the monocular and binoculars are good with the facial features of only a few people, they offer no adjustability. But the problem doesn’t reside in the case of Roxant Grip Scope, chums.

The retractable eye cup of this instrument makes its use hassle free, regardless of whether you’re a normal person or a dandy with glasses. Molded rubberized coating grip ensures that the lens doesn’t slip in your hands. It is so convenient to use with just one hand.

Number of Accessories

ROXANT is not a stingy brand, pals. With the provision of a quality ocular tool, they also provide the needed accessories, to make the experience more satisfying. The device under critique comes with a carry case pound with belt loop, a cleaning cloth and a neck strap.

Pros Cons
  • Usable for range of applications
  • An excellent eye relief
  • Reasonably large view
  • Solid construction
  • Good focus
  • Magnification is comparatively low
  • Stiff knob under eyecup


Ranging from the outer build to the inner assembly, everything is right before you, ladies and gentlemen. Just know that the prominence doesn’t come only with higher specifications. The ability of a gadget to handle those specifications also matter. This device is stable with everything, it has.


ROXANT High Definition Mini Monocular Pocket Scope

Best Monoculars 2018

A brilliant name in the optics industry, the ROXANT comes with an exclusive monocular, the ROXANT High Definition Mini Monocular Pocket Scope, which is the next item in our today’s discussion. Being a very economical optical instrument, the components implanted in this tool may not match with the leading gadgets in this domain, but its application for the low precise viewing is just unquestionable.


Let’s examine whether this product matches with your use or not, by looking at its features.


You’re seriously not wishing to hear another big lecture on the importance of knowing the size. So let me put it away straightforwardly. 4 x 5 x 1.5 inch is the space, this gadget is gonna take, in your travel bag.

Oh wait, why travel bag, when you can place it in your pocket so easily. Yeah buddies, the mere weight of 2.4 ounces allows you to do that.

Small lens, but good magnification

Dudes, have you heard a proverb, don’t judge by size? It’s true, because this device with the size of Rey Mysterio is having the power of Big Show in it. Despite of the only 18mm objective lens, the magnification power held by this gadget is just great, compared to the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular.

There is no match of the crystal clear lens having 7xmagnification power with a lens of only 3x zooming strength. This is the difference between the two gadgets, fellas.

Quality Components

The low price absolutely doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised, dudes. This device has got a premium high-grade optical glass in it.

That’s not all, the lens is fully multicoated, which make it sure that the scenes you see from the eyepiece of this optical gadget are absolutely free of any excessive light or contrast. Optimized light transmission is what this gadget does, in short. 

Strong grip with auxiliary items

Are you thinking that this gadget might slip away from your hands?

That’s not gonna happen, fellas. The molded grip ensures negligible shake, making the handling very convenient and safe. You don’t also have to carry it in the hand all the time. The carry pouch, cleaning cloth and neck strap will give more comfort to you.

Range of applications

Everybody loves multi-functional gadgets, so would be you. Don’t think of it as an incapable apparatus, buddies. It has got its application in so many domains, like water sports, bird watching, climbing, hunting and archery etc. This is not it. Its uses in your camping, boating and travelling experiences are also undeniable.

Pros Cons
  • Best for minor visually impaired.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Ideal sharpness.
  • Perfect shape.
  • Solid build.
  • Magnification complaints.
  • No eye relief.


Realistically giving final thoughts on this economical monocular, you can’t expect to have a $1000 thing in $10. What I mean is this product is the best bang for the bucks. Its lens size and power is actually better than many expensive gadgets out there. How can you simply overlook a tool in such case? I would like to recommend it for the normal use.

What others say about it,

Finally, this mini monocular’s molded grip makes it easy to hold. Thanks to the magnification and the grip, you will experience very little to no shaking with this device. Plus, its accessories (a carrying case, cleaning cloth, and neck strap) make it easy to use and carry with you anywhere. telescopeobserver


Leica 8 * 20 Waterproof Monovid Monocular

Best Monoculars 2018

Who isn’t aware of Leica? It’s a giant in the world of surveying and other optical equipment manufacturing. Leica instruments are usually the most optimum ones out there. Same goes for the last item in our discussion, the Leica 8 * 20 Waterproof and Fogproof Monovid Monocular. Incorporating such an efficient assembly in the most compact gadget would never be an easy task for the producers. That’s the reason; the product is a strong nominee for the best monocular 2019.


With little size but great functionality, this device has beaten many leading brands. Let’s examine the features to know, how it happened.

Ultra-Small Size

The discussion on the importance of size in a gadget is just a waste of time. It’s an understood fact. Well, be ready to be stupefied before knowing the extents of this fabulous little machine, peeps.

The dimensions are just 3.9 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Looking at the extents, this item seems like a competitor of the Carson Close Up 7×18 mm Close-Focus Monocular (CF-718), but it’s not true. The actual rivals of this device aren’t so weak.

Trade of the lens and power

People usually consider that the quality of monocular, binocular and other optical gadgets is dependent on the lens. Yeah, it does, but not totally. Other things do matter, like the magnification power, clarity and coating on the lens.

The tool we’re talking about has got an objective lens of just 20mm, but the ability to zoom and focus the features is awesome, which is 8x. That’s not all, the lens I mentioned before is externally layered with the Aqua Dura lens coating, to make the scenes crystal clear and haze-free for you.

Wide Area Coverage and Phase Adjustment

Whenever spotting scopes are talked about, the field of view is always a part of the discussion. For that reason, it’s gonna be put down here, without any prior notice. The field of view (FOV) of this monocular at 1000 meters is 100 meters.

You must also be aware that the lens gives real, inverted and virtual images. So, there are the huge chances of color unbalancing and contrast difference between the actual scene and the one seen through the lens. But Leica has not just overlooked this crucial aspect. Its prisms with phase correction coatings just hoist the color accuracy and contrast of the features visualized by the scope.

A Sturdy gadget

Nobody gets happy, when his/her newly bought gadget stops functioning even with some mere drops of water. But that is not gonna happen in this case, pals. The device under argument is fully water, shock and fog proof, thanks to the nitrogen purged aluminum housing.

Good Close Focusing

Close focusing needs of the users are also catered pretty well in this instrument, chums. It can focus to the close distance of 6’11” by itself. However, if a little assistance is provided in that regard by installing the close up lens, the long range mentioned above can go to as low as 11 – 12 inches.

Pros Cons
  • Best for travel and tours.
  • Very light components.
  • Provides high detailing.
  • No outer distortion.
  • A portable gadget.
  • No front lens cover.


Ending the debate with some closing remarks, I would like to say that the abilities of this particular visual aid are just out of the box. It has been bundled with so many features and functions, that ignoring it is like overlooking Emma Watson in a party, short and young, but damn beautiful. So, its highly recommended from our side.


Buyer’s Guide – Monocular Telescopes

What is a Monocular?

The monocular is a low powered telescope, with a magnifying lens in the assembly to see the distant things more clearly. We understand it’s difficult to find a decent monocular because of its wide-range of applications and the nature of the consumer. Its features are comparable to both spotting scopes and binoculars.

So what is the difference? The dissimilarity between binocular and this device is that you use it with one eye. Size is another major area of difference. This device can be as small as a pen unlike a binocular.

In other words, it is a cylinder shaped device which has a magnifying lens and prisms embedded inside.

What are Monocular Cues?

Monocular cues provide depth information when viewing a scene with one eye, whereas, binocular cues provide depth information when viewing a scene with both eyes. For more information, I would recommend checking out this guide to depth perception.

Features to look for when buying

Magnifying Power

Well, this is obvious buddies, because this is why you even buy a monocular. You need high magnification power to see the far off things more clearly. But there is a trap and you need to understand it. Very high magnification power of the monocular telescope makes it difficult to focus on things, which affects the visual ease. The point is, don’t compromise on the visual ease for unnecessary clarity in the view.

Size of Lens

Do you know what the most important part of any visual device is?

It’s the lens, guys. Quality of image is directly dependent on the quality, size and focus of the lens. Therefore, consider the device having a lens with large diameter and wide field of view.

Anti-glare Lens

Have you ever experienced glare while using a monocular or binocular?

Lens coating is the solution out of that issue. A fully coated lens is able enough to provide a clear view with absolutely no interruptions.

Close Focus

Are you a lover of the nature or a hunter?

In any case, you’re gonna need a device with the ability of focusing on the things more distantly. Don’t forget to check this attribute before throwing cash for a device.

Response to water

Have you got a fisherman inside you?

You definitely need to have a waterproof monocular then. Other gadgets might get malfunctioned when exposed to water.

Type of Prism

Type of prism used in the monocular telescope may also have an impact on your decision about buying that gadget. The prism is either of Roof or Porro type. Porro was a standard until the 1960’s. But monoculars nowadays have the roof prism mostly, because of which they are more compact, light and comfortable.

Night Vision Facilitation

You don’t need to be the batman for monitoring the streets in night guys, but you surely need some assistance for watching the faraway places. Night vision monocular can fully serve the purpose. So, stop worrying about the visual issues in night and start worrying about having night vision functionality.

Size and Warranty

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, the size of everything really matters, especially when it comes to visual aids. You can’t handle a binocular in your pocket, but you can surely afford to have a pen sized monocular in your pockets. So get whatever size you need. But don’t forget to note the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A reasonable warranty is a must feature of an elegant monocular.

Benefits of a Monocular

Monocular is a useful gadget, as discussed above, and it has some strong points over binoculars and spotting scopes as well, let’s ponder upon those aspects now.

Handling Ease

You can’t get a visual aiding device with a size less than that of a pen. Only a monocular provides you this leverage, which makes it extremely lightweight, easily transportable and conveniently manageable.

Identification Comfort

Are you suffering from farsightedness?

This gadget under discussion can be the solution of your problems by letting you view all the surrounding things more clearly. You can even view the things at night too; just get the night vision monocular and make your life easier. Finding such kinds of devices isn’t a hectic task too. There are plentiful night vision goggles for sale at numerous places.

Text Magnifier

You can’t restrict the applications of monocular to just one domain. Apart from seeing distant objects, this instrument can also be brought under application for reading the newspaper or any other text by magnifying it. Just turn it over, and your magnifier is ready to use. This feature is of particular significance to the old fellas.


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