Best Graphics Card Under 200 in 2020-10 Best Cheap Graphics Cards

Best Graphics Card Under 200

You want to upgrade your old rig, or you want to equip your new rig – but you’re on a budget. Check out more for the Best Graphics Card Under 200.

Every gaming PC needs a graphics card, so with the budget, we tasked our experts to curate the 10 of the Best Graphics Cards under 200 in 2019.

Everybody has different needs and tastes in gaming. From thermal consideration and screen resolution to maxing out FPS – everybody’s different. But you’re here to get the best bang for your buck and that’s what the focus is on.

Best Graphics Cards Under 200 Buying Guide below before buying. Don’t waste your money on bad GPUs ]

Best Cheap Graphics Cards (under 200)

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EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB – Mid Tier Graphics Processing Unit

Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Under 200 2018

You aren’t really in tech business, if you’re unaware of the name of EVGA. It is a renowned American brand in the dominion of graphics cards and motherboards, fellas. The first product of today’s talk is a nice depiction of class from the marquee, the EVGA GeForce GTX 960. The card is gaining popularity all over the world at a very fast rate. With ever-increasing competition in the gaming cards, these unrivalled cards are making their place, because of their excellent bandwidth capacity, high clock rate and cool performance.


Let’s discuss the unit in more detail to know why it is called as one of the best gaming graphics card under 200. Time to see the features!


Don’t wanna trust on any cheap device because of quality issue?

Well guys, although the price of card is a little low but the quality isn’t being compromised and this card is capable of providing what can be expected from the Maxwell’s GPU. The build and the operational capabilities of the tool are just amazing.


Powerful hardware with high specs, that’s what you need, Right?

Here you go mates. The GPU of GTX 960 is GM 206 houses a total of 1,024 CUDA cores. It has 64 texture units with the 32 ROP’s. The Maxwell streaming microprocessors are made up of 128 cores. It is also having the incredible Base Clock of 1279 MHZ with the increase clock of almost 1342 MHZ. Max Screen Resolution supported is 4096 * 2160. You’d be certain about the overclocking abilities of the gadget, now.


Have you experienced low performing devices in the past?

This one is gonna make you glad by its performance, peeps. It provides “ultimate gaming experience” and “game optimization” with the help of NVIDIA. NVIDIA’s Shield permits to have uninterrupted gaming, along with the addition of other applications from your PC to your HDMI TV. Power connector is one 6-pin.

Power Options

Don’t make bad faces guys, it doesn’t require super high power to function. Recommended Power Supply is just 400 Watts and Thermal Design Power (TDP) is 120 Watts. Power consumption is very less as evident.

Memory and Cooling technology

Memory needs are definitely crucial, whether you’re talking about a human mind, a computing gadget or a computer accessory. The skills of the tool under review are just great, buddies. Its memory clock is 7010 MHZ effective and the bandwidth is 112.16 GB/s. This memory load is not gonna make your gadget hot, too. That phenomenon has already been taken care of, by the EVGA “ACX2.0+” cooling technology. Just relieve now!

System Requirements

You don’t need a super computer to integrate this device in your pc. It can function on PCI Express, PCI Express 2.0 and 3.0 compliant motherboards having a graphic slot. Supported windows are 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP with both 36 and 64 bit options.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Small in size to be fixed in any CPU.
  •   Gives 1080 p crystal clear display.
  •   Doesn’t get hot under high load.
  •   Very fast and good for gaming.
  •   Affordable Rates.
  •   Having reduced memory boundary.
  •   Fan creates problems sometimes.


To conclude, we will say that it is an excellent gadget, accompanied by quick provision. It’s actually a great thing for price with very high end feature not available in any other device. Performance is also fabulous, practically speaking. Go for it at the drop of hat if you’re a seeker of quality buddies.

What others say about it,

The EVGA Geforce GTX 960 SuperSC is an excellent GeForce GTX 960 specimen. With very high factory clockspeeds, headroom for even more, excellent cooling capacity, low power draw, and nearly silent operation, this card has massive appeal. It would be an excellent option for any gamer who values the sweet spot in price/performance ratios above all else. Tomshardware


Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Graphic Card


A very popular name in the world of computer hardware products since 1986 is Gigabyte Technology. One of the finest products of Gigabyte Technology is the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 GV-N1050OC-2GD graphics card. Let us have a detailed review of this best video card under 200 that you would not be able to resist buying


Your PCs can become exceptionally remarkable gaming rigs by simply adding to it the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 GV-N1050OC-2GD card. Following are some jaw dropping features that game geeks would love to know about.


Do you wish to have it all in one product? Fast RAM, latest GPUs, high frequencies and massive power all together in a single card has been a dream for you? Your dream has now come true.

This gadget offers 2 GB RAM with 128 bit GDDR5. It uses NIVIDA Pascal GPU architecture with technologies to enable users enjoy latest game perks and experiences. In OC Mode the Core Clock has 1404 MHz frequency and the Boost Clock has 1518 MHz frequency.  Its XTREME Engine Utility provides gamers with immense control to drive modern day games. It also comprises of 640 CUDA Cores.


Is size a problem for you? If so, this size for all is what you need.

The dimensions of the graphic card are 40 mm in height, 229 mm in length and 118 mm in width. This size fits perfectly on most of the computer systems.

Wind Force 2X Cooling System Fans

Deafening noise and hot surroundings can be as painful as a stomach ache! This fanned gadget would take away this pain from you.

The design of the fan is ergonomic with a triangle fan edge enhancing air flow. They are 80 mm in size. Semi passive fans will only operate when needed when the system is running heavy, causing noise free gaming experience for low power gaming.

One-Click Super Overclocking

Are you new to the technological world of complex installations and computers tasks? Nothing to worry as a single click makes your life easier.

The click on XTREME engine utility technology offers manageable features of gaming without manual adjustment needed and little or no knowledge of overclocking. Single click does it all. This gives an elevated performance.

NVIDIA pascal architecture

Do you wish to enjoy a professional level of gaming sessions? Get this essential in a blink of an eye.

The card is powered by GeForce GTX 1050 GPU which is the latest architecture for excellent performance in high definition games and that’s why, it is considered as the best GPU under $200. It gives efficient access to drivers that are Game Ready to give a great experience of gaming to users.

Intuitive Interface

You can never find it all in a readymade product. This accessory lets you customize and tune settings.

Fan performance, clock speeds and voltage are all the features that can be tuned. This can be done as per wishes of users. This allows for intuitive utility.

It is always a dream to have your products live as long you do. To your surprise, it will last even longer.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Easy installation on the motherboard with sleek design.
  • Supports all modern day DirectX Features.
  •  Can connect as much as 3 HDMI monitors.
  •  Latest games at 1080 P @ of 60 FPS.
  •  No PCI-E power connector needed.
  •   Pretty expensive with respect to the features it offers.
  •   Fans get noisy at certain speeds.


The card is said to be very solid and durable. It certainly increases the performance of gaming PCs and keeps temperatures cool with technologies it offers. The design is ergonomic and the size is perfect for most PCs. With no power cables and easy to set up capabilities it is user-friendly. It is suggested to be bought by people with know-how of setting up cards as it gets slightly difficult for novices.

What others say

MSI has one of the best-looking NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960s  with its GTX 960 GAMING 2G OC video card and its TwinFrozr V cooling – TweakTow


ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card

Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Under 200 2018

Asus is a Taiwanese trademark specialized in the manufacturing of computer components. The next item in the queue is the ASUS GeForce GTX 1060, a powerful graphics card from the company. Its functionalities are just beyond the audio and video, touching the dimensions of virtual reality.


You must have seen salesmen bragging about their devices as the best gaming graphics card under 200. But you can only find the truth by exploring the features of all the top listed products. Let’s do that.


Computer gets warmer after a few hours of use. Don’t you know that?

Well, the point here is that the inside temperature can definitely effect the internal components of the CPU. This is the part where build of this card comes into play, buddies. It’s manufactured by using the brilliant auto-extreme technology, the first ever production process in the industry which is 100% automatic. Super Alloy Power II components enhance the eminence of the gadget further because of the reduction in power loss and component buzzing.


Don’t assume by the name of hardware that it is a huge box containing a motherboard and numerous wired accessories.

Well, this isn’t a motherboard but it supports the board in the best way, it can. The heavy graphical, video and pectoral operations of your computer are gonna be supported by the stupendous hardware of this graphic card. 3GB GDDR58 RAM, 1569 MHz clock rate and 1152 CUDA cores make the hardware part of this gadget really strong. Connectivity interfaces also facilitate the functioning of the tool.

Overclocking capability

It’s a famous quote to cut the cloth according to your cloths, but none of us seems like following this wise saying.

Knowing the fact, Asus has featured this tool with the capability of working beyond its limits in the need of hour. Technically speaking, the tool is featured with an 1809 MHz boost clock. That is surely gonna save your system from crashing while doing memory-intensive tasks.

Cooling Mechanism

Wife cools her husband, when he is mad at the kids. Who does that task in the graphic realm, wanna know the answer?

Talking about this device specifically, its dual fans provide the cooling mechanism. The patented wing-blade design of the fans delivers maximum air flow and improved pressure over the heat sink. You know what’s more amazing? The tool is not noisy too. It actually functions at 3Xquieter mode than the competing tools.


A graphics card is supposed to support the built-in RAM of a computer in media operations. You must be clear on that, by now. Well, this device has got something unique, pals. Its dual HDMI 2.0 ports pave the path for the next generation, ultimately immersive experience of the augmented reality.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Provides amazing video frame rate.
  •   Keeps the temperature low.
  •   Quicker media processing.
  •   Supports high res gaming.
  •   Nice and sleek design.
  •   Low quality display port.
  •   Durability issues.


Giving the tool some final words, it’s a pretty powerful one in the domains of quality, performance, memory handling and overclocking. I would not hesitate to recommend it from my side, because the user reviews about the tool are also pretty soothing. Don’t lose it without thinking.


Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti Graphic Card

Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Under 200 2018

Gigabyte is also a big fish in the industry of gaming hardware products with annual revenue of 1.7 Billion USD. The next product in this tech discussion is a child of Gigabyte, the Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti Windforce OC 4GB.


The best gpu under 200 is not gonna walk to you itself, guys. You gotta be the man to come forward to find the best gadget. The only way I can suggest is the examination of features. Go on!


Computer, its peripheral and built-in components are all known by the class and superiority of hardware. I don’t think this fact is debatable, it’s pretty straight-forward. Well, the gadget under argument is a very important part of the computer assembly, armed with highly capable components. 7,008 MHz processor with 128 bits memory bus width, 4 GB GDDR5 ram and the connectivity interfaces constitute this gaming card.


No hardware, no software with high specifications is gonna quench your gaming thirst, if it in unable to work efficiently in the tense environment. Performance play starts here, dudes. Talking about this gaming card specifically, it has considerably high performance. For gaming, the core clock rate can boost up to the figure of 1468 MHz. The power consumption would not be in higher ranges as well, pals. It drinks just 75 Watts of power.

Gaming Compatibility

You don’t play just one game, if you’re a gaming enthusiast. Do you?

For that reason, you need a device to work well with most of the latest games. Well, this graphics card isn’t weak in that area. It supports all the classic and modern games running at HD 1080p resolution with the frame rate of 60 FPS. NVIDIA Pascal is the real hero working at the backend, an advanced and renovated GPU architecture.

Cooling Mechanism

Why does a human body heat up during the workout, pals?

It’s because of the stress, body experiences. Same phenomenon occurs in the gaming cards, fellas. Their temperature rises by a considerable level when a memory-intensive task comes under process. This gadget has an integrated system to keep the operation cool and calm. Its composite heat pipes and unique blade fan design maintains the temperature as low as possible.


A machine without good connectivity options is just like a dumb person, who can see the whole world but unable to respond to anything. But this graphics card is not dull and dumb, peeps. It has got a nice bundle of connectivity options by the integration of the connectivity interfaces of 1 Dual-Link DVI-D, 3 HDMI 2.0b, 1 DisplayPort 1.4 and PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots.


The time of manual hardware controlling and customization is just coming to an end, guys. Supporting utilities, software and drivers have become unavoidable things now. The story is not much different in the case of this appliance. Its intuitive XTREME Engine utility enables you to control the clock speeds, voltage, fan performance and power target in the real time.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Easy installation and configuration.
  •   Works good with VR technology.
  •   Fan is turned off normally.
  •   Budget friendly option.
  •   Power efficient design.
  •   Weird issues, like flashing lines.
  •   Software loading problem.


Finalizing the review on this Gigabyte item, it is a very much qualified graphics card among all the cheap and expensive products. The memory clock rate, RAM, performance and all other operational components of the device are soothing enough for the gaming enthusiasts. A must-have gadget in my opinion!



Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Under 200 2018

As you already know, MSI is a reputed marquee in the list of gaming hardware equipment. This Taiwanese firm has been serving the world since 1986. The next product in this discussion of the graphics cards is a quality device from this name, the MSI Computer Video Graphic Cards GeForce GTX. This device hasn’t only a good name; its video and memory capabilities are also amazing. Support for higher resolution further elevates the eminence of this tool.


Do you feel satisfied about a gadget after hearing the false appraisals by the tongues of salesmen? I don’t feel satisfied, at least. Wanna know what I do? I understand the features of the top-notch tools!


Every component of the computer needs to be proficient in its hardware part for matching steps with the powerful motherboard. MSI knows that fact pretty well, dudes. That’s the reason; they have armed this graphic card with 7008 MHz processor, an integrated graphic card interface, geforce gtx graphic coprocessor and a 4 GB DDR5 SDRAM. All these components make the operation of the tool very effective, while working in a harmonious way.


There is no specific unit of performance, so how can you assess that? That’s a good question, and the answer isn’t much complicated. The overall operational efficiency and compatibility of any gadget basically decides its performance. The tool under examination is reasonably good in the aspect of performance, dudes. With NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 lts chipset and a memory interface of 128-bit, the machine works fine with the heaviest games of the current decade. 1392 MHz clock rate in silent mode, 1468 MHz in the gaming mode and 1493 MHz in OC mode facilitates the working of the tool in the best way ever.

Video Support

One of the few primary tasks of the graphics card is to support the video jobs running on a certain machine. How could MSI forget that?

Knowing the needs and wishes of the users, this gaming assistor is featured with brilliant graphic handling capacity. Consequently, it works well with most of the graphic-intensive games and provides resolution support of as much as 2560 x 1600.

Cooling Mechanism

Because of the probable working in highly tensed memory environments, almost all the graphics cards are manufactured with built-in cooling mechanism. The tool under argument is no exception. It is also developed with MSI TORX 2.0 cooling technology to keep the functioning as cool as possible. The fan doesn’t make noise too, ZERO FROZR technology takes good care of that. Fan only spins when the temperature of the device jumps over 60oC.

Connectivity and Support

You don’t wanna waste your money on a tool which will say no to most of the games you love. That’s not gonna happen here, fellas. This graphic card offers a nice connectivity range by its stupendous PCI Express interface. A 6-pin cable handles the power requirements of the gadget. Hardware support is also fabulous. This device is fully functional with Direct X 12.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Provides ultra HD video resolution.
  •   Convenient and easy setup.
  •   Quite and cool working.
  •   Power efficient card.
  •   Elegant design
  •   Driver installation is not easy.
  •   Not highly compatible.


Summing up the review of this device, it is not a cheaply build gaming card. Its memory and graphic skills aren’t less from any aspect. The device also doesn’t fail in the aspect of user satisfaction level. This machine has absolutely no genuine reason to be discarded right away. A recommended one!

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Graphic Card

Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Under 200 2018

You’re certainly aware of the famous name, Gigabyte. The next gadget in the line is also a proud presentation of the company, the Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 (GV-N1050OC-2GD). With excellent clock rate, smooth performance, good compatibility with the hardware, software systems and nice support for the action games, this device lives up to the expectations of its consumers.


Your wish of having the best gaming pc under 200 can’t be accomplished, unless you find a quality graphics card. To find a match, just look for the features, right here.


Hardware has got the same importance in the computing products as the heart has got in the human body. You simply can’t overlook or ignore this part, in short. Well, the part is pretty strong in this gaming gadget. It is powered with geforce gtx graphics co processor, 2 GB GDDR5 RAM and 128 bits. The memory clock speed is also good with the figure of 7,008 MHz.


Ever dodged by a low quality gaming product? I hope that you will know the drill pretty well now. The performance is an aspect, simply can’t be compromised. Why do you have to compromise when there are brands like Gigabyte still in the market? Yeah pals, the gadget under assessment is built on an advanced NVIDIA pascal architecture which provides improved performance and energy efficient operation. 640 CUDA Cores enhance the efficiency of the gadget further by miles. The boosting skills of the tool are also stupendous. 1404 MHz core clock rate and 1518 MHz boost clock rate make it a capable appliance for handling high profile tasks.

Cooling Mechanism

After all the strain your graphics card takes, do you think it can live?

Heavy tasks you assign to the tool make it very hot and that temperature has to be reduced by a mechanism. Well, the manufacturer seems like conscious about this issue. Integration of the WINDFORCE 2X technology is a clear indication of that. Double fans with blade design make the cooling operation very efficient, keeping the gadget in business for longer than usual.


Connectivity is also a major topic of discussion, when gaming devices are talked about, peeps. You don’t have to strain your mind for this powerful gaming card, buddies. It has been embedded with a lot of connectivity ports. With the incorporation of PCI Express 3.0 x16 interfaces, 1 Dual-Link DVI-D port, 1 HDMI 2.0b port and a DiplayPort 1.4, it allows a large number of computer accessories to connect with it.

Video Resolution

There is nothing worse than having a low quality video on your screens, despite of spending a hefty amount on the graphics cards. For that reason, knowing the video skills of the card is very important. Well, this machine has got reasonable powers in this realm, dudes. It enables the gaming system to work at a resolution of 7680 x 4320. All the modern games needing 1080p supports function stupendously with this device. I don’t think you’ve got anything else to worry about.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Silent working during normal processing.
  •   Intelligent cooling mechanism.
  •   Number of connectivity slots.
  •   Ultra-HD resolution.
  •   Easy installation.
  •   Software doesn’t work well.


Concluding the argument on this gaming card, it is a nice deal overall. It has substantial skills in the general aspects of performance like connectivity, compatibility and control of heavy games. The consumers haven’t also been found upset by the tool. The price range is also very reasonable. Unless you haven’t fallen in love with another instrument, this card is good to go for you.


ASUS GeForce GTX 750Ti – Tier 3 Gpu


Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Under 200 2018

Asus is not a local name in the dominion of gaming hardware equipment. The next tool of this debate is from this brand, the ASUS GeForce GTX 750Ti OC, one of the trending gaming cards in the tech market. It is considered to be the best gaming cards that are made by the revolutionary company, ASUS.This gaming card is incredible in the gaming world and also the great way to get rid of the old gaming cards by providing a stupendous alternative.


If you want to build a gaming PC in reasonable budget, you’ll certainly be pursuing for the best $200 graphics card. But you can’t find such kind of tool without looking at its features.


Hardware is a part of device, which can’t be compromised; you’ll be well well-informed on that by now. That’s why this device has been manufactured with high quality alloys which are excellent heat dissipaters. 1150 MHz processor along with 2 GB Ram makes the hardware a strong one.


Performance issues are gonna fly to skies with this durable device dudes. GTX 750Ti has got brilliant graphics and the remarkable features. It is armed with 3D gaming process which means that it has powerful GPU. These graphics card is also overclocked for best performance up to 52MHz which is very faster than the others. Device also supports a screen till the resolution of 2560 x 1600.

Software Support

Wanna control your graphic card on your monitor? That’s not a wish anymore, you can do it guys with “GPU Tweak” which provides the leverage of modifying clock speed, voltage, fan speed and much more by an easy to use interface.

Heat and Noise Efficiency

Heating and noise are the two main problems a gamer has to bear in a graphic card. What if they are they taken care of? Must be a soothing pill for you. It has dust proof fans that guarantee 2X better airflow with the enhanced lifespan and 3X lessen noise. Dual fan cooling guarantees this graphic card to raise the flow of air and makes it silent.

Gaming Support

This card may support many demanding games but here, we are mentioning few of these like Garrys Mod Ultra, Battlefield 4, DayZ Normal etc. It is also called as best graphics card for gaming.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Overclocking capability.
  •   User-friendly software.
  •   Superb Resolution.
  •   Easy installation.
  •   Insecure after half of the overclocking.
  •   Window crashing issues.


Don’t think too deep fellas, it’s a good option as a whole. The use of gaming assistor will never disappoint you, that’s a guarantee. Its processor, ram and operation, everything just lies in the soothing circle, even for the latest games revolving in the industry, nowadays. Go for it after checking at your end.


ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Under 200 2018

Another miraculous gaming card about to be explained is ZOTAC GeForce 750Ti from the ZOTAC brand. ZOTAC is the partner of the NVIDIA Company and is unleashing the astounding products one after another for the gamers like you. It’s a best graphics card for gaming laptops specifically with high end features.


Let’s throw some light on its features.


Don’t wanna put your trust on the cheap devices? You don’t have to, actually. This Zotac product is upfront available in the market with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti chipset and 2 GB GDDR5 Ram. That’s not the end line buddies, it’s also armed with one DL-DVI, one HDMI, one display and a VGA port. This card offers the 640 CUDA Cores also.The processor of device is 1033 MHz.

NVIDIA physx technology

Do you have a crystal clear gaming experience with shinning screen?This NVIDIA physx technology offers the full clear look of the screen and allows the gaming lovers to interact with the high resolution of the physical gaming experience.Screen supported can be as large as 2560 * 1600 pixels.

Anti-Aliasing Modes

This card features two modern and sophisticated new modes. These are called as the anti- aliasing modes that don’t only smoothen out the rough edges on the screen but can be very demanding when it comes to the frame rates. The basic advantage of this mode is that you can get smooth, elegant and finest picture with the minimal performance impact.


Bored with the ordinary 2d gaming and wanna shift to the kingdom of 3d gaming? Not an issue anymore boys. It is the technology that offers the striking 3d visual to the game by synchronizing the display refresh rate to the GPU in the GTX powered PC.

Power Options

Power requirements and consumption of this technological gadget are not so high. Recommended power supply with the device is of 400-Watt and maximum power consumption is 60-watt.

        Pros        Cons
  •   HD resolution of high performance games.
  •   Suitable for wide variety of machines.
  •   Convenient installation.
  •   User Friendly software.
  •   Instructions aren’t much explanatory.
  •   Compatibility issues.


High specs, high quality, fabulous experience and stupendous performance. These are the words coming into the mind after looking at the name, you don’t wanna miss this, I believe. Don’t think just get it.

EVGA GeForce 210 Passive Graphic Card


EVGA is one the most well-known companies that build computer hardware. It has majorly gained its popularity over its NVIDIA GPU based video cards. It is one of the major suppliers of motherboards, gaming laptops, power supplies, computer cases and gaming mice. They are customer favourites due to the step-up program that they offer to upgrade GPUs purchased from other vendors at discounted rates. Let us look at the remarkable product this company offers to game lovers.


The EVGA GeForce 210 Passive Graphic Card is one of the best video cards under $200. It gives users some amazing features and incentives that make it so popular amongst game geeks. Here are some features you must be educated about.


Looking for a card that fits all computers? Here’s what you need.

The size of this gadget is 1.5 inches by 11 inches by 7.5 inches. This is a sleek and ergonomic design that is suitable for most computer systems.

EVGA GeForce 210 01G-P3-1313KR Video Card Specifications

Did you really imagine having the best entry level card and that too in the most affordable rate ever? This gadget is like a dream come true.

It does not comprise of fans which means less power consumption, lower cost and less noisy operation. Whether you are looking for simple windows experience, casual gaming or HD video playback, this is a mandatory to buy gadget with HDMI output, DirectX 10.1 Support and NVIDIA technology.

NVIDIA Lumenex Engine

Poor quality image hurts eyes more than poking a finger in the eye! Get rid of this pain by simply blessing your eyes with the stunning quality of image given by this accessory.

This feature lets users enjoy a crystal clear image quality with efficient frame rate and floating point accuracy. Jagged edges are removed with extremely fast anti-aliasing technology up to 16X rate. The Floating point HDR is 128-bit causing for realistic light effects and double precision than traditional ones.

NVIDIA Unified Architecture with GigaThread Technology

Are you an impatient person when it comes to dealing with technology? Is yes, you must equip your computer systems with this essential to give its processing lightening speeds for faster actions.

The unified shader core distributes power to various components efficiently doubling the gaming performance of the previous generation GPUs. It offers a multi-threaded architecture which enables multiple threads to work at the same time independently with high processing speeds.

NVIDIA CUDA Parallel Computing Architecture

Are you sick and tired of your outdated PC that serves no more than an idle box? If yes, it is about time you upgrade it to high quality rigs with this essential.

There is a huge difference in performance of computers with this accessory compared to traditional CPUs, due to the CUDA technology of the gadget which speeds up video actions like video transcoding. In addition to this, OpenCL GPU computing API, DirectCompute Support and Microsoft’s GPU computing API makes the world of computers and gaming heterogeneous.

NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology

What could be more soothing to eyes that an HD picture quality of your favourite videos?

The PureVideo HD technology enables you to experience clear picture with accurate colour and lighting, smooth running of video and precise image scaling. However, this feature needs an additional support of video software to be installed.

Full Microsoft DirectX 10.1 Support

This gadget is the first DirectX 10.1 GPU with Shader 4.1 support in the world with high quality effects and graphic practicality.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Low Power Consumption and less noise.
  •   Better quality and faster performance.
  •   Low temperature operation.
  •   Extremely budget friendly.
  •   High Processing Power.
  •   Supports only 2 monitors at a time.
  •   Not 4K resolution capable.


This gadget is a great choice when you are looking for inexpensive video cards to enhance your computer’s performance and quality. These are suitable when you are buying them for light gaming and high definition video playback only. These are not recommended for 4K resolution.


ASUS Graphics Card HD6450-SL-2GD3-L

Best Graphics Cards For Gaming Under 200 2018

Asus is a worthy brand in the gaming world with gigantic revenue of 472.4 billion TWD. The device gonna be discussed now, is the last item of this list, guys, the ASUS Graphics Card HD6450-SL-2GD3-L. This card is not only an efficient performer; the technologies introduced in it by the company are also mmind-blowing It is just a super-hero, paving the path for a heat and noise free gaming environment.


In this deceiving and misguiding world, it’s so difficult to hunt a gadget of your choice. Almost every second present their product as the best gaming video card under 200. Don’t let them be the judges and decide yourself, by the exploration of features.


Take a bird-eye view at all the electronic appliances placed in your surroundings, pals. Do you see a device without embedded components?

I don’t think so. The base chip or the motherboard of any computing device is always populated with a number of supporting components. The scenario isn’t much different here. This graphics card is armed with a reliable 2GB DDR3 memory, 650 MHz core clock rate with 160 Stream Processor and an AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series chipset.


Every person has a different performance criterion in mind, when we talk about computing gadgets normally. But the gauge is almost the same in this case, guys. Working under the situation of memory stress is the thing, which really depicts the quality of a graphics card. The card before you is a reasonably powerful peripheral device fully featured with the AMD HDD technology. The tale of class doesn’t end here. This gadget is also armed with an EMI shield which reduces 66% of the electromagnetic interferences. Memory clock speed of 1200 MHz also takes good care of the stressful memory tasks.

Video Support

A device simply can’t be called by the name of graphics card, if it’s unable to back the high resolution video games and movies. You surely know by now how crucial this aspect is. Well, talking about the gadget specifically, it is efficient enough to support ultra HD videos at a resolution of as much as 2560 x 1600.

Connectivity and Memory Speed

Why is the system of this universe, so organized? Have you even given it a though?

It’s because the Creator has made everything connected to the other. Rain is connected to the clouds and night is linked to the day. Things get demolished without association, in short. That’s the cause; this gaming card is manufactured with a range of connectivity options. Along with the PCIE x 16 hardware connectivity, the gadget also contains 1 HDMI, 1 D-SUB and 1 DVI-D port in its assembly. The memory clock speed of the tool also lies in the soothing spectrum, with the figure of 1200 MHz.

Cooling Procedure

It’s pretty hard for the graphics cards to maintain the temperature of their board cooler in the situation of memory overflowing, without a helper for this task. But there is a helper actually, the cooling technology! You don’t have to bear the noise of fan as well, peeps. 0db thermal solution dissipates the heat very efficiently without creating a bit of sound.

        Pros        Cons
  •   Easy installation of drivers.
  •   Good connectivity range.
  •   Full DirectX support.
  •   Reasonable price.
  •   Energy efficient.
  •   An older version.
  •   Not very quick.


Cutting this whole discussion on the last gadget of today’s talk in a nutshell, it’s absolutely suitable for the ordinary computing operations and moderate level games. But the capabilities of the device are really questionable, if we talk about heavy games and memory drinking processes. Up to you now, choose whichever makes you satisfied.


Buying Guide – Best Graphics Cards Under 200

Frankly speaking, graphics card is more important than your 4K Monitors and even more than your Gaming Mice and Keyboards.

So, why are graphics cards so important buddies?

It’s responsible for rendering a picture to your screen, and the best portrayal of picture definitely needs a best gaming card. Graphic card accomplish the mission of image portrayal by changing over information into a signal your screen can perceive. The better your graphics card is, the better and smoother a picture can be. Video editors and gamers are the guys which are in the utmost need of such kinds of cards usually.

In this review,we will discuss about graphic cards for gaming.

Some Misconceptions:

I see numerous individuals out there utilizing Graphics card and GPU as each other’s equivalent words. Indeed, that is not right. On a technical grounds, a Graphics card comprises of a Video Memory and a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). Dissimilar to your CPU, this processing unit is intended to do just gaming related tasks like 3D-rendering, surface mapping and different figurings. To put it plainly, having a representation card facilitates up your CPU which makes your PC working in a better way consequently.

What are the other names for Graphics Cards?

Graphics cards are called differently in different areas like Video Adapter, Display Card, Graphics Board, Display Adapter and Graphics Adapter etc.

One additionally thing, this rundown isn’t sorted and there is no such thing here that Graphics Card “A” is superior to anything “B” one. Your decision relies upon how much effective gaming you need, how quick are your PC’ different segments and the amount of cash do you have.


A number of  companies are in a continuous race of manufacturing the quality graphic cards, but because of the really tough competition, only a few have succeeded to win the race.

Graphics Card Buying Guide:


The CPU when receives an image, it sends all the information about that image to the Graphics Card. It is then the job of the Graphics Card to use the tiny dots, which are called Pixels, on the screen to create an image with them. All this information is transferred from the Graphics Card through to the monitor with the help of a cable. Fellas, this is the exact thing which can create 3D images, add lighting, texture and color to the image you see on your monitor.


You must now be wondering what kind of components make up and help the functioning of your Graphic Card. Well, let’s put an end to that curiosity:

The Graphics Card consists of four components, all of which are extremely essential to the effective translation of binary data into images on the screen. Let’s take a look here, peeps:

  1. Graphics Processor: A processor is the heart of a Graphics Card because this is the component which makes the decision of what to do which each pixel which is available for use on the screen.
  2. Video Memory: This component is essential for effective functioning of the Graphics Card because it will hold and store all the information regarding each separate pixel and how to temporarily store pictures, if need be.
  3. RAMDAC: This will control the digital image from the PC and convert it into an analogue signal for your monitor screen which will enable to you see the image.
  4. Driver Software: this is a component essential for the working of the Graphics Card which will enable it to effectively produce images on the screen.


Okay guys! We’re done with telling you the technical details of how this device works. Let’s talk about what you’ll get out of buying this piece of technology:

  • Better gaming: A graphics card can greatly enhance the computer’s ability to play games and equip your experience with high-quality graphics. You don’t need a better computer to play your games the way you want to, just a better graphics card!
  • Better video performance: Your experience with playing and editing videos on your computer will also be revolutionized because this device will allow better processing and compressing of videos, while still keeping the playback quality using its great memory!
  • Free up memory space: Installing a Graphics Card will increase the available memory on your computer and thus give it a performance boost and make its operations faster.
  • Video Editing Service: You can also edit heavy videos with full ease and support with this thing incorporated in your system.

Considerations before buying

Now that you’ve become awfully familiar with the functioning and use of the Graphics Card, we’ll let you know what to consider before actually buying one for yourself! Here is everything we have been able to look up for the sake of your convenience:

  • Quality over Cost: If you require a higher performance from your Graphics Card, then get ready to shed a little weight from your wallet. This is because Graphic Cards get more expensive as you start to look for higher performance.
  • Graphic Capabilities: Look at the exact Graphics requirement of all the games or work that you intend to use the Graphics Card for and then pick a card that has the specifications to cater precisely to your special needs.
  • RAM: The most important aspect you need to be aware of is the amount of memory that your Graphics Card needs to work with. You need to take the RAM space and the type of RAM into consideration before making any sort of purchase.
  • Compatibility: To avoid any problem regarding compatibility, you need to make sure that your Graphics Card is compatible with the type of device and equipment you are intending to use it with.
  • Noise and Heat Issues: These are very annoying issues related to graphic cards and can even make you throw your card in junk. Choose the device with best cooling system and least noise.


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