difference between wifi booster and wifi extender

What is the Difference between WiFi Booster and WiFi Extender?

Robust WiFi connectivity at home has become more important than ever. With children attending online classes and parents working from home, there is a device that is connected to the WiFi from the room of the house. But even when you have robust WiFi connectivity that is fast enough or the best Wi-Fi router, some of the areas in your home might experience zero connectivity. Wi-Fi range extenders and Wi-Fi boosters help you solve this problem. Even though you might think that these two devices are the same, they have slightly different functions. You might have questions like – What

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Best Electric Shaver for Men

Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2021

A clean-shaved face never goes out of trend. But shaving equipment like razors, shaving gels, and more are filling up your cabinets when you can get your perfectly trimmed stubble with just one item — an electric shaver. In other words, you don’t need everything under the sun to get the perfect shave. With just an electric shaver, you can get a lot of work done. From body hair grooming to hair trimming, an best electric shaver for men can actually do a lot.  Even though manual razors with blades seem quite affordable, yet often many men have complained of

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Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Best Bone Conduction Headphones with Bluetooth Connectivity

Bone conduction headphones help people with hearing loss listen to audio. These are very popular in the hearing aid industry and are widely used for health and medical purposes. However, apart from these reasons bone conduction headphones are used as alternatives for in-ear headphones. This is mainly for outdoor athletes, hikers, mountain climbers, and people engaged in other outdoor activities.   Moreover, these headphones rest directly on the listener’s cheekbones. The vibrations from the earphones are transferred to your jaws and finally reach the cochlea located in the ear. There is tiny hair in your cochlea that move at the

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best drones

5 Best Drones Of 2021–Our Reviews and Comparisons

As technology advanced leaps and bounds, tech gadgets like drones are becoming quite popular these days. Honestly, it won’t be wrong to say that drones have changed the viewing experience drastically. Whether it is film shooting or capturing scenes for a travel blog, drones give power to photographers and cinematographers to capture difficult visuals with ease. Imagine capturing aerial shots for movies or videos with a regular HD camera. Not possible, right? Obviously, because aerial shots are most difficult to shoot. Hence, today several Hollywood movies like Spectre, Jurrasic World, and Marvel’s Captain America use best drones to capture aerial

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Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700k

Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700k to Boost Your Processor’s Efficiency

If you spend time on your computer gaming or solving some complex data-laden problems you might be familiar with those system crashes. Your palms become all sweaty and you realize that the laptop is overheating. This is soon followed by a system crash if you don’t give your computer some rest. This is a problem because no one likes to pause their work. Therefore, high-quality cooling is important when it comes to processors. This particularly holds true for Intel’s i7 series of processors. When it comes to cooling the Intel Core i7 8700 you don’t require a dynamic one, however,

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Best Scanners

Best Scanners to Promote Adept Digital Record Management 2021

Scanners are useful for converting hard copies to soft copies. Your office might have plenty of legal documents stacked up in the file room and there might be other documents as well printed on papers that need to be kept safe since they are confidential. Stacking paperwork takes up a lot of room and organizing these documents is time-consuming and a rigorous process. The best scanners can convert these hard copies into digital documents that can easily be retrieved from a computer. Scanners are used in establishments to preserve important historical documents. At home, these are used for scanning hard

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How To Allocate More RAM to Speed Up Programs on Your Computer?

How to Allocate More Ram?  When buying a laptop, a phone, or a desktop, the first thing most people check for is RAM (random access memory). This is because your computer’s performance heavily depends on RAM. It is your computer’s short-term data storage, therefore the information that you are using while working on your device is stored in RAM. The more programs you are running on your device, the more memory you will need. If you have several programs running on your computer at the same time, you might run of space on RAM. This significantly slows down your computer.

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Keep Your Toaster Clean and Shiny With These Easy Steps

How to clean toaster oven is a question  most mom care. A toaster is often ignored during kitchen cleaning because they are home products that don’t appear to be particularly filthy from the outside. After all, the rest of the crumbs end up inside the toaster. Crumbs and other food debris will dry out and become a fire hazard when they accumulate inside your toaster over time.  If your toaster hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you’ll probably start to detect an odd burning odor every time you use it. And if your toaster is particularly filthy, it can be

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Post-Workout Healthy and Nutritious Stand Mixer Recipes

Post-workout hunger is one of a kind wherein you can eat up an entire turkey just in one go. But then all your workout routine goes in vain. Speaking of post-workout hunger, you would agree that eating right and in the proper amount could surely accentuate your health and nutrition levels greatly. However, it’s also true that making meals after exercising is an uphill task even though consuming a healthy meal is extremely essential for the body, especially after exercising. So healthy and nutritious post-workout stand mixer recipes are necessary for a hurry diet. Keeping this in mind, you can

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How to Use Shadowplay to Record Your Best Gaming Sessions?

Do you kown how to use shadowplay corretly? ShadowPlay is a feature offered by Nvidia to record your gameplay. Also known as Nvidia share, you can both record and share high-resolution gameplay videos from your gaming sessions, much like the videos you see from gamers on Twitch streams. The ShadowPlay feature lets you live stream your games and also includes an FPS counter overlay that you can use for screen recording along with tools for broadcasting.    Nvidia ShadowPlay and ShadowPlay Highlights are two screen recording features that are available as a part of the Nvidia GeForce Experience. Nvidia rebranded

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How Do Air Purifiers Work and Clean the Air at Home?

Increasing pollution and its consequent air-borne diseases have often left many of you with no choice other than to invest in an air purifier. Well, it’s an essential innovation, which has been perceived to be a new product; however, it was already around for like 200 years. Gradually evolving from masks to an innovative indoor appliance, air purifiers pack the advancements for cleaner air. But before investing in one, it’s also essential to know how do  air purifiers work at home.  Since the market has several options for air purifiers, opting for one that is packed with True HEPA filters

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