What Can You Make With Acekool Stand Mixer in Different Speed Settings 2021

Off late, the market is flooded with innovative kitchen countertop appliances that make your work easier as well as saves your time. Cooking isn’t just one task, preparing the ingredient beforehand also requires tons of work. So, kitchen appliances come in handy in these cases. One such countertop appliance that delivers superior performance and is a must-have in your kitchen is the Acekool Stand Mixer.

Acekool Stand Mixer, the new-age innovation, can become a helping hand in the kitchen in great ways. With its 10 different speed settings, you can prepare a full course meal in no time. Isn’t it the backing you often look for? So, if you’re wondering what can you make with Acekool Stand Mixer in different speed settings, then we have a couple of food ideas. You can cook these and get some delicacies ready without much hassle.

Acekool Stand Mixer


What Can You Make With Acekool Stand Mixer in Different Speed Settings 2021 4

What Can You Make With Acekool Stand Mixer in Different Speed Settings

How often have you given up when kneading the dough with your hands or mixing a batter using a regular whisker because it exhausted you? Well, most of you would agree that doing these tasks manually is tiring but with a stand mixer, it becomes very easy. In just a few minutes your dough or batter or any mix is ready. Using the Acekool Stand Mixer gives you a lot more functions than any other stand mixers.

However, before you get one for yourself, read on about its functions and get an idea of what you can make with the Acekool Stand Mixer in different speed settings.

What Can You Make With Acekool Stand Mixer in Different Speed Settings 2021 5

1. Minimal Speed (1-3) For Kneading Dough

Kneading dough often turns out to be a time-consuming task, as not everyone understands the right proportion of water and flour. But with a stand mixer, your work just gets all fast and easy. Besides, the dough hook comes with a speed setting of 1 to 3. This dough hook resembles a big ‘C’ and this shape actually accentuates the proper mixing of the water and flour.

Since the speed limit is quite low, it aids the kneading well. But you need to be careful of the water and flour ratio. Apart from this, by using this dough hook in the given speed setting, you can make several day-to-day recipes or even try your hands at something new. From bread to pizza dough, Acekool Stand Mixer’s low-speed settings can prepare a fluffy and soft kneaded dough in no time and without much effort.

Well, you can also try making cinnamon rolls, pasta, coffee cake, and so on. For any recipe that requires kneading yeast and normal dough, this stand mixer comes out as the perfect tool. Just put in all wet ingredients first and then eventually pour in the dry ones after you set it at low speed. You can also try making your own pasta instead of picking them up from the supermarket. As it’s hands-free, all you need to do is keep a check while the stand mixer is on and adjust the speed; starting from minimum and then gradually increasing as per requirement.

Another edge you get using this speed setting is that you can knead enough dough for a week at least or any upcoming get-togethers, as you can mix up to 1800 grams. So, put on the dough hook, set to the minimum speed, and try some new experimental dough recipes.

2. Medium Speed (4-7) For Beating

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most of you must be planning to bake a cake for your partner. But making the batter, especially beating the ingredients for hours to get the right consistency is an arduous task. Why not try the Acekool Stand Mixer in the medium speed setting.

Yes! At this speed, you’ll not only get the right consistency but also you’ll save a lot of time. You can even beat eggs without messing the kitchen countertop. Well, this medium speed setting ranges from 4 to 7 and you have to use the beater/wire whisk hook for this. Wire whisk hook comes along with the Acekool Stand Mixer, which is specifically designed to mix heavier ingredients. Undoubtedly, this hook and speed range suits all baking and mashing tasks quite well.

So, whether you’re baking a cake for your partner or preparing a full course breakfast, this Acekool Stand Mixer and its medium speed setting can help you make both. That’s not all! For the cake frosting, you can totally rely on the stand mixer. You are sure to get a smooth, creamy frosting without much effort.

From mixing cake batter to mashing potatoes, the medium speed range of this mixer is just right, hence, you get that smooth and properly mashed mixture. Moreover, if you’re beating eggs using this setting, then rest assured to enjoy the fluffiest omelet. Isn’t this your best aid in baking and making quick breakfasts?

So prepare your batter using this mixer, and try out some new recipes like crepes, banana pancakes, and more.

What Can You Make With Acekool Stand Mixer in Different Speed Settings 2021 6
3. High Speed (8-10) For Whisking

Acekool Stand Mixer with its 10 different speed settings and a LED power indicator has a lot of potentials, which is not just limited to baking and whisking eggs. Even though the minimum and medium speed settings help you make your cake, pancake batters perfectly smooth, and eggs fluffier, there’s a third speed setting too. Yes, the highest setting!

Ranging from a speed setting of 8 to 10, the Acekool Stand Mixer requires the flat beater hook for this speed. Perfect even for daily mixing needs, this hook can mix shakes, cocktails, make sauces, and more. Light mixtures turn out properly blended at this speed setting. So, prepare your healthy smoothies every morning using the Acekool Stand Mixer. Also, during house parties or dinners, you can try out some new cocktails and mocktails that you mix with the help of the stand mixer.

Besides, it’s not just shakes and cocktails that you can get ready in no time; at this speed setting, you can even make whipped cream and light salad sauces. Clearly with just 5 minutes of whisking you’re ready to enjoy fresh shakes, cocktails, and so on.

Moreover, since the Acekool Stand Mixer comes with different speed settings and a LED power indicator, it turns out to be your true helping aid in the kitchen. Now that you know what you can make with the Acekool Stand Mixer in different speed settings, you can prepare ingredients, try experimental recipes and cook full course meals without messing your kitchen space. Cakes, pancakes, crepes, shakes, pizzas, pasta, and many more, name it, and the Acekool Stand Mixer is going to be your best help. Also, not to mention the time that you will be saved from all that manual labor.

So go grab your Acekool Stand Mixer today and make life in the kitchen easier.

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