Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Most Awaited Event WWDC 2022

Apple enthusiasts have been cheering as the Apple WWDC 2022 just occurred between 6 to 10 June. A plethora of new features, chipsets, and updated devices across Apple’s product line-up have been presented again. However, many Apple lovers didn’t have the chance to catch the live stream fully, and we are here to fill you in on the gaps.

Apple’s WWDC has been the industry’s biggest and most anticipated software event of the entire year. Major announcements such as the iOS 16, Apple Pay Later, and the new M2 chip are just some of the expected and unexpected features/software we will delve deeper into. These reveals have been heavily head-turning that even android fan-boys now have a reason to step into the Apple ecosystem.

What Was Expected From Apple WWDC 2022?

apple wwdc 2022 iOS 16 iPadOS 16

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16

The big expectations from Apple’s Keynote were related to – iOS16, IPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16. Since Apple keeps its innovations a secret amongst its employees, getting to know what’s actually in stock is always tricky. iOS16 had been the most significant expected announcement from the event. Most Apple customers are iPhone users; this update will target the business’s most extensive client set. Hopes were up for redesigned icons, updated weather applications, Apple maps, and improved media control.

Similarly, for iPad users, the iPadOS 16 was a highly anticipated gadget. Expectations for a new revamped operating system and UI were desired. Specific expectations through leaks had indicated that further support for Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Xcode would come to the platform. Grapevine has also suggested that a floating app window connecting the keyboard and trackpad would create a seamless experience.

apple wwdc 2022 WatchOS 9

MacOS 13, WatchOS 9, and TVOS 16

In addition, high expectations for the first look into macOS 13, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16 have significantly been expected. These would directly update Apple TV, Mac, and Apple Watch software. Finally, in terms of hardware, some sources have told us there is a possibility of the redesigned Apple Mac Pro arriving. Furthermore, Apple’s highly awaited AR/VR headset could have also been teased. However, almost 50% of these were dead misses as there was so much more, which will be discussed below.

What Was Delivered At Apple WWDC 2022?

apple wwdc 2022 M2 chip 

M2 chip

The largest duse ball no one saw coming was the introduction of the M2 chip with the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. Better in every way than the M1 chip, this delivers 50% more bandwidth with 25% more transistors than its previous counterpart. Moreover, it’s potent and efficient enough to provide high-performance media attention with 15.8 trillion operations per second through a 16-core neural engine.

IPadOS 16

Expectations from iPad 16 turned out well, as it got updated with pro features. These included easy software collaboration between iPads, a new Freeform app for collaborative whiteboards, and a Stage Manager that allows overlay apps. Similarly, expectations for the iPhone were also delivered with the iOS16. Some of the best updates include a reimagined lock screen for background photos, a focus mode for work, and a clutter-free notification system that doesn’t cover background photos.

Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later

The new “Apple Pay Later” service and the Edit/ Recall iMessages update were some unique, unexpected features. Through Apple pay later, you can now make four installment payments for any item where Apple Pay is accepted. Best part? No fees! That’s right. You can manage your costs through the wallet app and take advantage of the order tracking system that the company is rolling out.

Edit/ Recall iMessages

The Edit/ Recall iMessages gives Apple users the feature they have been aching for. You can send an iMessage and edit, recall (for mistakes) or snooze texts (for later use). This minor but valuable change will impact over 1 billion people using iPhones, Mac Mini, and iMac.


One security feature we didn’t expect but needed was the safety check and revoked access to shared services on its HomeOS Apple applications. This update means if you’re sharing new apps, personal locations, credentials, or any applications with any person you’re no longer attached to, you can take back the access anytime. This feature addresses privacy, data protection, and safety concerns if you are leaving a relationship.

WatchOS 9 and CarPlay

Another expected and unexpected announcement was WatchOS 9 and CarPlay updates, respectively. For awards, the long-awaited sleep tracking features that users have been longing for will help users to track sleep stage data for better wellness.

Workout integration has been included for detecting heart rate zones for irregularities. A wow feature for managing medications through scheduling and reminders amongst family members to maintain health updates has been a giant step towards helping older forgetful users.

At Apple WWDC 2022, it’s funny how Apple hasn’t announced an actual car but has major CarPlay features for iPhone, Mac Mini, and iMac users. It allows on-screen digital car navigation, data on maps, speed, RPM, and more. However, this minor update shows how Apple will step its foot against companies like Nissan and Ford in the coming years, which will be a treat to see how it plays out.

This year, Apple has hit with so many new features that just could not be expected. If we compare, some disappointments were not seeing any updates on the tvOS 16, VR/AR headset, and any new editing integration for iPads. However, Apple has been able to make up for this more than enough through the astonishingly performing M2 chip, iOS 16, and Apple Pay Later.

Some more unique feature that was a part of the presentation was the continuity camera which allowed you to shift between multiple devices quickly. Another one was the safari passkeys that will enable you to enter websites with biometric sensors.

These small and large features have made Apple WWDC 2022 exciting once more for new and existing fans. A considerable part of this event has been the change in presentation through streaming and pre-recorded videos which have come a long way from Steve Jobs’s energetic live performances. Despite this, Apple’s consistent drive towards making old features better, adding new features to existing devices, and pursuing more recent hardware still holds the ambition of its former founder in every announcement.


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