Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021

The past few years have witnessed a sharp incline in the degree of sophistication in games. The visuals of most games are increasingly becoming less animated and are in fact blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds. Many game developers are harnessing the benefits of cutting-edge technology disciplines such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the best extent possible. The results have been mostly immersive gaming experiences that were probably hard to imagine a few years ago.

However, the advent of such technologically-high games has also created a demand for hardware that overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional consoles and joysticks. In fact, it seems manufacturers have no choice but invent hardware that makes gaming sessions more enticing, and most importantly, adapts to the rapid technological evolution.

One such latest invention that has turned into a gaming essential is a mouse bungee. The popularity of the device has created an impression that the device would soon turn into an inevitable part of gaming sessions worldwide.

Within a short span, online portals and electronic gadget outlets across cities have witnessed an overwhelming increase of mouse bungees in their inventories. However, which of these are the right choices? Our compilation of the Top 10 Best Mouse Bungee attempts to find out.

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Top 10 Best Mouse Bungee Comparative Table

1. BenQ Zowie CAMADE Mouse Bungee for Esports

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 10

BenQ Zowie is quite well-known for introducing cutting-edge gadgets over the years and the brand yet again, creates a last impression with its latest invention – the CAMADE.

The product aims to address the age-old concern surrounding the tangling of mouse wires. Often, this concern leads to discomfort while playing or even surfing for that matter. Coupling your mouse with a bungee like this ensures movements are seamless and prevents obstructions of any kind.

As the name suggests, this BenQ Zowie invention is a delight for gamers and can help them achieve accuracy that wasn’t possible over the past several years. Apart from the spring, the bungee even comprises of a rubber clip that helps attach all sorts of mouse cables seamlessly with this device. In addition, rubber feet have been attached to the CAMADE, which firmly holds the product to the ground.

One of the highlights of this unique product is the inclusion of a spring that can be adjusted to a suitable height, which helps you bag a degree of comfort that was previously difficult to attain.

Although a bit on the costly side, the product has already garnered a lot of accolades and has been widely hailed for its technical finesse. Of course, the product has been tailored to suit the interests of gamers, however, even if you are struggling with maneuvering your mouse at the office desk, this bungee should help.


        Pros        Cons
Comprises of a spring that lets you adjust mouse wires to the desired level
Rubber clip helps the bungee firmly hold the mouse
Slightly expensive

2. Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 11

At first glance this product might remind you of a pilot lever, and in fact, the brilliance of the Cougar Bunker gaming mouse bungee is equally amazing. The raised rubber arm of this product not only renders the lever look, but its flexibility steers the bungee ahead of a dozen devices of its kind.

The most notable feature of this product is its patented design and the fact that the bungee is steady. So even while flying planes or sniping your enemy, you wouldn’t really struggle with maneuvering.

The makers have included a flexible cord groove in this bungee which makes it easy to adapt to mice of just any length, which is another reason why you could consider buying it.

The base of this product is quite compact and wouldn’t occupy a lot of space, so installing it even in congested spaces shouldn’t be much of a concern. In addition, the bungee is quite light too, so portability isn’t really an issue and you could probably stuff it inside your bag too while traveling. It weighs merely 85 grams, which makes it as light as a few wireless gaming mice available today.

The suction pad appended to the bottom of the device has the ability to hold the Cougar Bunker gaming mouse bungee firmly to the surface and prevents it from being uprooted even when the product is moved vigorously.

Apart from its technical features, the biggest advantage of the Cougar Bunker gaming bungee is the fact that it is one of the cheapest devices of its kind available today. However, additional charges could be incurred if the product is being shipped to countries like India.

        Pros        Cons
Includes suction pad
Flexible cord grove embedded in the groove makes the bungee easy to adapt to bungee of any length
Portable and light-weight
Doesn’t stick firmly to all sorts of table surfaces

3. Enhance LED Gaming Mouse Bungee

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 12

The most eye-catchy aspect of this bungee is its aesthetically-high design, which makes the product seem more like a product straight out of the Star Trek series. However, there’s a lot more that the Enhance LED Gaming Mouse Bungee offers that makes it worth the money.

The flexible arm of this bungee is equally adept at holding both braided and non-braided mouse cables alike, which implies it is compatible with a wide range of devices.

The makers have included three rubberized non-slip pads along with this device which keeps it firmly anchored to the ground.

Unlike several bungees manufactured by competitors, Enhance offers a 3-year warranty along with this product, which should eliminate any worries about its malfunctioning for a long period. Considering a warranty that spans a long duration and the many technical abilities, the Enhance LED Gaming Mouse Bungee isn’t a product totally worth investing your money on.


        Pros        Cons
3-year warranty
Equally adept at holding braided and non-braided cables
Impressive design
Not a long-lasting product

4. CM Storm Skorpion – Gaming Mouse Bungee

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 13

Unlike many gadgets of recent times, this mouse bungee doesn’t just seem promising from the outside but also ticks the performance checkbox as well. Easily one of the most flexible products of its kind, the CM Storm Scorpion includes a rubber arm that allows you to position a mouse cord in the best possible way.

The grip grooves embedded in the product are adept at holding mouse cords of any sort, be it thick or thin. An unmatched ability of this gaming mouse bungee is undoubtedly its stability. The chief ingredient constituting its core is heavy iron that makes it highly stable and the Scorpion’s legs and the feet are quite durable and hold the device firmly to any surface it’s installed in.

The CM Storm Scorpion can be easily disassembled, which makes it more portable as compared to other bungee mice we’ve seen lately.




        Pros        Cons
Impressive design
Excellent consistency in performance even after several months
Slightly heavier than a few other mouse bungees

5. Razer Mouse Bungee V2

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 14

Quite narrow and sleek in appearance, the Razer Mouse Bungee is one of the most intelligently designed products of our times. The manufacturers have taken care to ensure the device doesn’t occupy a lot of space and make your table seem less messy. A sleek bungee is also an indication of its efficiency in managing cables and cords effectively. While examining this product we understood it pretty much meets this expectation, or rather, is aligned with this perception.

The size and its effectiveness in managing cables make the Razer Mouse Bungee perfect for office use as well, not just a great addition to your gaming PC back home.

The spring arm of this product is rust-resistant, which implies it wouldn’t wear out after significant time, at least due to environmental factors. The cord-control this product offers is also quite impressive and can support cables that are around 3.2 mm thick.

A couple of other features of the Razer Mouse Bungee worth a mention is its weighted, non-slip base as well as its drag-free cable control ability, which has made it one of the hot favorites currently.

The product is also quite reasonable, not too heavy on the pocket, and considering its many advantages, you could probably include this bungee in your list of options.

        Pros        Cons
Reputed Brand
Drag free cord control and rust-resistant spring arm
Demands frequent cleaning

6. Klim Mouse Bungee

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 15

As far as mouse bungees are concerned, this Klim invention has been written and talked about a lot more than many others manufactured by competitor brands.

The Klim Mouse Bungee easily strikes the best balance between quality and price. At a throwaway rate, you don’t just get a product of great quality, and a reputed brand, but also bag it for a really affordable price.

The most noteworthy aspect of this product is the sturdy bungee extension that includes an arm that’s quite flexible. As a result, users get to experience precision in mouse movements like never before. To be precise, it holds the cord firmly, yet allows the user to move accurately, to the desired level, which could be highly advantageous for professional gamers.

The manufacturers have adopted the cutting-edge USB 3.0 technology in the development of this product and offer data transfer rates of up to 6 GB/s, which is probably the highest among devices of its kind.  Apart from a micro USB port, this bungee also includes an SD card slot which not many manufacturers offer with devices of this kind. In addition, the lights embedded by the makers in the design of the product, greatly adds to its aesthetic appeal.

As far as warranty is concerned, Klim offers a card that’s valid for 5 years, easily the highest among gadgets of several kinds, not just mouse bungees. A warranty spanning such a wide period also implies the manufacturers are pretty confident that the bungee is quite durable and wouldn’t incur any damage for a considerably long duration. While many other products of its kind would wear out in a matter of a year or probably two, this Klim invention will last considerably longer. Apart from the features, this is another reason why you could consider buying this gadget.

Apart from offering a 5-year warranty, Klim also assures its exclusive customer care can address the concerns of the users. There aren’t really many manufacturers that offer this sort of service today.

        Pros        Cons
Inclusion of the USB 3.0 technology, ports and an SD card slot
Offers a data transfer rate of 6 GB/s
5-year warranty
The lights embedded in the device cannot exactly be controlled by users

7. CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Bungee

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 16

When placed on your desk, it might seem like any of the traditional accessories such as a pen holder, thanks to its sleek appearance. However, once you delve deep into its abilities, you’ll really understand what a gem of a product the CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Bungee is.

Apart from occupying very little space on your desk, the bungee does a great job of decluttering your desk in its own way. It effectively holds mouse cords to help you maneuver effortlessly and point at targets with unparalleled precision, apart from making your space seem more organized. The drag-free cord-control the bungee delivers would make you feel maneuvering the mouse was never so convenient.

The CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Bungee isn’t just a gamer’s delight, but also a great addition to an office space. Utilizing this product easily saves a considerable amount of time lost in inefficient mouse maneuver actions but seldom observed by most of us.

A triumph of the design which definitely deserves acknowledgment is the anti-slip function, which makes this CASETHRONE product heavily stable. Unlike many products of its kind, this product is highly scalable, which gives it an edge over the inventions of competitors that are relatively more rigid. You can expand or squeeze a certain part of the device in accordance with the thickness of the bungee cord to ensure the arm of the bungee firmly grasps your device.

The manufacturers have utilized ingredients such as ABS, Silicone, as well as Stainless Steel in its development, which ensure the longevity of the device. The use of such materials makes the product less susceptible to damages and renders a high degree of durability, which should eliminate any worries for a considerably long period.

It is also easy to detach the product if you are looking to pack it in a bag for that much-needed trip, or even clean the interiors of the bungee. Considering these advantages, buying the CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Bungee doesn’t seem to be too bad an idea.

        Pros        Cons
Easy to adjust, to ensure mouse cord is effectively gripped
Can be easily dismantled and cleaned
Use of ABS, silicone, and stainless steel makes the product highly durable
Spring loses its durability across a time period. This can result in inconsistency in mouse movement

8. NPET H01 Gaming Mouse Bungee

led, usb, Led Lighting, bungee

The flexible silicone bungee arm of this bungee is adept at not just grasping the mouse cord efficiently but also prevents winding and tangling of any sort.

The makes have included 3 non-slip rubberized pads in the product that holds the bungee steadily to its surface and the bungee can be easily detached as well.

Not many specification documents of bungee manufacturers actually speak about the compatibility of their products with certain operating systems and computers, unlike this NPET device. The H01 Gaming Mouse Bungee is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, as well as XP. The product also connects seamlessly with workstations and laptops powered by Mac OS X. The product includes 4 USB hub ports, which is probably the highest among bungees available all over.

As far as installation is concerned, you don’t need any software or drivers in particular for this bungee to be compatible with your device. All you need to do is plug it in and you are ready to play, which makes it far more advantageous than the first generation of bungees to surface across stores. So, plugging foreign devices such as keyboards, mice, webcams, and other additions wouldn’t really pose any sort of connectivity troubles.

The design of the bungee and its ability to work seamlessly with a wide range of workstations and laptops makes it ideal for Pro eSports and other competitive games. The most impressive aspect of the design that lends aesthetic appeal to the H01 is the LED backlight feature. The light undoubtedly contributes to the product’s glitter, however, if you intend to save power, the LED can be turned off too, which isn’t possible with many bungees.

Measuring approximately 5 x 4.3 x 3 inches, this NPET invention would occupy very little desk space, so placing it at an already cluttered desk shouldn’t be much of a task.

The manufacturer NPET offers a 24-month replacement warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are fretting over the thought of receiving a fault product, these assurances should help you heave a sigh of relief. As compared to several other bungees manufactured by leading gadget brands, the NPET H01 is quite cheap and the features make it really worth the money.

        Pros        Cons
24-month replacement warranty and 30-day moneyback guarantee
Compatible with several operating system versions such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP as well as Mac OS X
Impressive design
USB port works inconsistently after the product is used for a significant time period

9. AOBOR Generic Mouse Bungee

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 17

Those of you looking for the cheapest possible generic mouse bungee available today, this is possibly the best option since you can’t find many under $10. It is also one of the lightest and sleekest bungees in town and hardly occupies any space. It weighs roughly 157 grams, which makes it easy for backpackers to stuff the product in their luggage too.

The manufacturers offer both metal and plastic variants of this product for consumers to choose from, which is quite impressive for a bungee that’s so cheap.

Another advantage gamers intending to buy this AOBOR invention have is the fact that it includes a clip that can be easily adjusted. So, you can assume with confidence that the product can accommodate mice with different sorts of cords.

The AOBOR generic mouse bungee is a good option for those of you who aren’t too tech-savvy, yet are curious to know what these devices can offer without spending too much. As far as gamers are concerned, this AOBOR invention is a good option to start with if you want to test the waters first before deciding whether to shun the idea or graduate to a better bungee.

        Pros        Cons
One of the cheapest devices available today
Manufacturers offer both metal and plastic variants Compact and sleek
Not technically as sound as most other bungees in town

10. Thermaltake Bungee

Top 10 Best Mouse Bungees Every Gamer Needs To Know Today 2021 18

This product has surpassed several competitor products by miles thanks to its two noteworthy abilities, which are flexibility as well as stability.

The highlight of this product is its magnetic head which can be easily detached, an ability you don’t often see among products of its kind.  Disassembling the head also sort of makes it easier to transport the product, probably packing it in a bag and carrying it around. All you need to do is pull the head or probably push it back into its slot, and there are no screws and fixtures involved.

Another notable aspect of its design is the non-slip base which has a rubber coating at the bottom that kind of holds the device firmly to its surface.

The bungee might seem large when you check out its pictures online, but in reality, it is sleeker than you think. Measuring around 4.45 x 4.02 x 4.37 inches, the Thermaltake Bungee is quite compact, doesn’t occupy a considerable amount of space. It also measures roughly around 7.54 ounces, making it one of the lightest devices of its kind currently.

In recent times, the product garnered a lot of acclaim from several users for both its abilities and aesthetic appeal. However, it is quite costly as compared to many other bungees available today. If you are willing to overlook the cost aspect, it is a bungee worth the investment since it is an impressive product that lasts a long duration.


        Pros        Cons
Quite compact
Highly flexible and stable. The magnetic head of the bungee can be easily disassembled
Slightly expensive as compared to other bungees

Buyers’ Guide

Are you enthralled by all that you’ve heard about mouse bungees and how they can catapult your gaming sessions to a whole new level? If you aren’t really too tech-savvy or want to analyze all aspects of a mouse bungee before buying one, then it’s best to indulge in a bit of research to understand the capabilities of these products better.

Here are a few features of mouse bungees you need to keep in mind before you arrive at that big purchase decision.


Well this is probably the most important quality to look for in mouse bungees. The purpose of these devices is to effectively hold your mice cords and help you maneuver effectively. However, one must ensure that the consistency of these products don’t deteriorate across a time period. Another problem that may arise is tangling of wires in between mouse clips while using the bungee for several months.

We suggest you read several reviews of the product you are interested to buy just to assess if they would perform consistently well across time.


Design isn’t merely restricted to a sleek size or aesthetics. As far as mouse bungees are concerned, you need to look much beyond their compactness. Most importantly, these products have to be adept at holding mouse cords of various sizes effectively. Several times the clips embedded in bungees turn out to be ineffective in holding all sorts of bungees and contribute to the overall inconsistency of the product.

Some of the bungees also include LED backlights that contribute to the aesthetics and make the product seem more appealing to the eye.

USB Ports

Most mouse bungees merely serve the basic purpose of holding mouse cords effectively and seldom do anything else. However, there are quite a few manufacturers out there that have included USB ports in their products too. In fact, a few of the mouse bungees also have SD card slots, which make them all the more worth the investment.

If you are looking for a mouse bungee for less than $20, then it is better to invest in a product that includes USB ports too. This would be a smarter move as compared to buying a device that merely does the job of holding mouse cords effectively.


It is important to see if the mouse bungee is worth the money even if it has been manufactured by one of the best names in town. Most good products of this kind can be bagged for less than $20. However, there are quite a few available for less than $15 too, yet are technically quite sound.


1. What is the purpose of a mouse bungee?

Mouse bungees enhance the abilities of the mouse further and make it easy for users to maneuver them. They are being hailed as one of the coolest inventions of recent times by several gamers who had earlier struggled with the sensitivities of their mice in precisely hitting the targets. The lengthy cords of the traditional mouse are clamped to the bungee to help users gain better control over games.

These cool gadgets have an arm appended to them that offer users a degree of flexibility while moving within games that was hard to imagine a few years ago.

Mouse bungees help achieve a degree of precision that was unattained previously by several traditional devices. Those of you who are ardent fans of action-oriented games that involve a lot of shooting, especially sniping, would probably adore these gadgets.

2. Which is the best mouse bungee?

The idea of the best mouse bungee is quite subjective since the expectations of each user from these products are drastically different. A definition to help understand what a close-to-ideal bungee is would probably be – a product that holds mouse cords effectively, helps you maneuver in a manner like never before, and is cost-effective as well.

It is important to note that several bungees today include other features such as USB ports as well as SD card slots too, apart from merely offering cord control. At a cheap price you would easily find products that offer all these abilities, and buying such a bungee would be worth the investment.

3. Do pros use mouse bungees?

Several professionals exploit the benefits of mouse bungees to the best extent possible since it gives them an edge over several competitors in those gaming tournaments. In fact, professionals would need the product more than rookies playing during their free time. Mouse control plays a key role in gaining an edge, especially when you are competing with several gamers during online competitions.

A lot of individuals who just play to unwind have been confining themselves to wireless gaming mice, as compared to experimenting with mouse bungees.

4. What are the advantages of an accessory such as the mouse bungee?

First of all, bungees declutter the desk by managing the lengthy cords of the mice we’ve been using. These devices hold the wires firmly and offer an unparalleled degree of control that was probably hard to imagine a few years ago. Many mouse bungees also include USB ports as well as SD cards slots, and are available for cheap prices. Such devices in fact serve multiple purposes, and it is more worth investing on such a bungee rather than buy a device that merely clips cords.


We hope this compilation of the best mouse bungees was immensely helpful for each of you. Although each of these products are quite impressive in their own ways, the Klim Bungee Mouse is easily the best of the lot and is far technically sound than the others of its kind. The manufacturer has not just incorporated the popular USB 3.0 feature and an SD card slot, but has made the product quite portable and easy to dismantle. Its reasonable price as well as the many advantages this mouse bungee offers easily makes it our best find yet among products of its kind.

However, we suggest you indulge in an individual research as well to arrive at a product best suited to your needs.

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