Best Ethernet Adapter for Nintendo Switch

Like the Wii and Wii U gaming consoles, Nintendo does not have an Ethernet port with the Switch. As a result, the hybrid system for the handheld and console can only use Wi-Fi to connect from the unit to the Internet. Thankfully, you can purchase an adapter that enables wired internet connectivity to the hardware. Check out more about Best Ethernet Adapter for Nintendo Switch.

If you don’t link your Nintendo Switch to the internet, you’ll be missing a lot. For instance, you won’t have access to the online eShop store. This store includes not only any retail software product that can be downloaded directly to your account, but also games that can only be purchased electronically.

Additionally, Nintendo can offer Break down online service where you have to pay a monthly fee to play on the internet with other players. So, if you plan to buy a lot of digital games and/or play multiplayer online, you should have the best internet access for your Switch.

Also in general, as opposed to a wireless connection, a wired internet connection is considered faster and more reliable. This is particularly true if you don’t have a good Wi-Fi signal because you’re far away from your router or modem and/or encounter any interference.

Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi

There is a significant difference between Ethernet and Wi-Fi links. One allows you to physically connect to your router, which is not suitable on a laptop, while the other requires you to use your connection within reach from anywhere. The types of cabling you use for Ethernet or your devices’ compatible Wi-Fi hardware can make a huge difference in these levels of performance and reliability. Ethernet, however, is by far the most reliable solution for gamers in most cases.

This is because Wi-Fi routers do something called “QoS,” or Service Quality, in which traffic is shaped and prioritized based on how the router perceives its significance. Most traditional wireless routers, like the one you get from your ISP, may not see your games as a latency-sensitive request, but rather give priority to voice and video over your gaming traffic.

This is particularly bad for slower connections (5mbps and below) where there is not much bandwidth to share. Using an unoptimized wireless setup for your games can result in regular packet loss (lag spikes), increased ping (delayed response time) and overall communication issues. It is crucial that gaming traffic can be prioritized, and this is often not achieved by non-gaming-oriented Wi-Fi routers.

However, users do not need to worry about prioritization by connecting directly through Ethernet. And because you’re hard-wired to the router, you’re usually not going to have to worry about packet loss and unplayable pings as you’re on a secure, reliable link. Online gaming means there will always be some degree of latency between you, the server and the other people you’re playing against. But using an Ethernet cable minimizes latency and interruption as much as you can game over that distance.

USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0

While the Nintendo Switch only supports USB 2.0 Ethernet LAN Adapters, the USB 3.0 Adapters are best for you. This is because the 3.0 adapters support 10, 100 and 1000 Mbps velocities as opposed to just two velocities from the 2.0 versions (10 and 100 Mbps). Even if your internet and/or online network from Nintendo aren’t fast enough to take advantage of the 1000 Mbps speed from USB 3.0 LAN adapters, it’s still a good idea to get one over the 2.0 adapters. This is because, compared to the older ones, the 3.0 variants are not that expensive. Also, you don’t have to update USB 3.0 adaptors for a very long time.

How to Connect a Switch to an Ethernet Port

To do this, we need to use the dock side of the USB ports. They are usually used to load cables on external devices. Setting up the adapter is really simple: plug it into the console side. Then take an Ethernet cable and connect one end to the adapter and one end to the spare Ethernet port of a router. Your switch is now connected via Ethernet to the Internet, but only when it sits at its dock. Turn it on and go to System Settings at the bottom with the Switch in your dock, then select “Wired Connection.” This will allow you to set up a wired connection to your Switch.

Best Ethernet Adapter for Nintendo Switch

Can you use any Ethernet adapter for switch?

We recommend UGREEN USB 3.0 Network transfer adapter as the Best Ethernet Adapter for Nintendo Switch. This helps you to connect your switch to an Ethernet port (or an internet powerline adapter that is linked to any regular old power outlet) so that you always have the highest data speed possible. UGREEN USB 3.0 links your computer or tablet to a network connection router, modem or network switch. It provides a standard RJ45 port for file transfer, video conferencing, playing, and HD video streaming to your Ultrabook, laptop, Nintendo Switch, or Macbook Air. Gigabit Ethernet Adapter USB 3.0 is a great adapter for securing your costly computer’s RJ45 Lan port or repairing a damaged Ethernet port.

UGREEN USB-C Multifunction Adapter is supplied with solid and textured quality material. It’s made for the cable from black plastic. The body of the adapter comes in a gray color, and it looks simple and sleek. The small size and light weight of the Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter makes it easily removable.

There is one port for HDMI, one port for USB-C with PD protocol and three ports for USB-A. Most of us are still using a USB-A compatible flash drive, so the adapter is a great solution for the MacBook series that only has a USB-C port. The HDMI output port supports resolutions up to 4Kx2K/30Hz and USB-A ports compliant with USB 3.0 specification with transfer rates of up to 5Gbps; it is compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 as well. The Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter has a short hub cable, but it’s enough to be put on the table and used. A flash drive, a handheld hard disk drive and a wireless mouse were always linked to the hub when we tested the adapter. The wireless mouse is easy to use, and the flash drive and phone hard drive data are read efficiently.

The USB-C power port can only be used for power supply. Also,this USB-C port’s PD fast charging can be used to charge  laptops but not phones. But if you don’t use the ports to charge your phone, it shouldn’t be a problem.

UGREEN USB-C hub is easy to carry with the compact size when you’re on a ride. We assume that three USB-A ports are appropriate for daily use. What’s more, using the HDMI port to output you can enjoy 4K audio.

So if you’re looking for Best Ethernet Adapter for Nintendo Switch, we guarantee that UGREEN USB 3.0 will give you the ultimate gaming experience!


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