Best Hand Blenders in the UK to Make Mixing and Cooking Easier 2021

Hand blenders, also known as stick blenders or immersion blenders, are typically used for blending, pureeing, chopping, and whisking. Perfect for blending both cold and hot liquids, they take up less space, are easy to use, and are affordable.

These devices help you to make sauces, soups, spreads, and smoothies easily. They can also be used to chop small portions of food items making your cooking tasks even more convenient.  Most of them are typically lightweight and accompany a few basic attachments like choppers and whisks.

We have listed some of the best hand blenders in the UK in (2021)that is an efficient kitchen appliance and aids you in cooking.

Best Hand Blenders – Our Reviews and Comparisons

1. Acekool Hand Blender BH1

Best Hand Blenders-Acekool Hand Blender BH1


Best Hand Blenders in the UK to Make Mixing and Cooking Easier 2021 3

Product Highlights

The Acekool Hand Blender BH1 sports an 800 W heavy-duty copper motor for all your tough blending tasks. Besides, the motor emits less noise while operating, for a smoother and effective action.


The hand blender features a four-leaf blade made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is rust-free and is also an anti-adhesive to improve the blending, making the ingredients more delicate.

Besides, cross-shaped blades are fitted on a bell-shaped blending head to reduce splatter. It has a one-touch operation and turbo mode for faster blending.

        Pros        Cons
Turbo mode
Five-speed settings
None (as  per our personal experience)

2. Morphy Richards 402061

Best Hand Blenders in the UK to Make Mixing and Cooking Easier 2021 4

Product Highlights

This blender is described as a total control hand blender set by Morphy Richards and is one of the best-rated hand blenders in the UK. It has a powerful 600W motor for blending ingredients with a choice of 5 speeds.


Accompanying a 700ml beaker, whisk, and chopper, the blender can easily make soups and smoothies. There is a turbo mode that helps to blend your ingredients quicker. The turbo mode was designed for dealing with tough ingredients. Moreover,  it has a one-touch operation for ease of use.

        Pros        Cons
Turbo mode
One-touch operation
Ingredients might get stuck in the holes on the blending blade

3. Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario MQ5235

Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario MQ5235

Product Highlights

Braun MultiQuick 5 highlights Powerbell technology, a patented hand blending technology from the company to blend ingredients with efficiency at a faster pace. The blender also has splash control technology to prevent splashing.


The MultiQuick 5 Vario MQ5235 houses a 750 W motor that is silent and compact and therefore can be easily stored. There are 21-speed settings that can smash your ingredients to form the finest blends. Moreover, the hand blender accompanies a metal blending shaft, 500 ml chopper, masher, a metal whisk, and a 600 ml plastic beaker.

        Pros        Cons
750W motor
The beaker doesn’t have a lid

4. Kenwood Triblade System Hand Blender

Kenwood Triblade System Hand Blender

Product Highlights

If you like mashed potatoes, then this blender is worth the investment. Many people buy the Kenwood Triblade System hand blender for its masher attachment so they can do away with traditional mashers used at homes.


The design indicates two speeds and three blades for blending food quickly. Speeds include the normal speed button and the pulse modes; the latter helps in faster blending. Besides, the device accompanies a 750ml calibrated beaker that is dishwasher safe.

        Pros        Cons
Quick blending
Ergonomic design
Food can get stuck to the blades

5. Tefal HB643140 

Tefal HB643140 

Product Highlights

This powerful blender from Tefal has 20-speed settings. It can blend anything from eggs to soups. Moreover, it sports a nono slip handle for better control and comfort while blending.


The blender highlights a bell-shaped head with extra-sharp blades for even blending. The bell-shaped head acts as an anti-splash guard to minimize splatter of food while blending. The device is fitted with an 800W motor and turbo mode for maximum precision. Also, it comes with a beaker, a whisk, and a mini chopper that is dishwasher safe.

        Pros        Cons
Wide range of speed levels
Grea control


According to the U.S, the Acekool Hand Blender BH1 is the best hand blender in the UK today. It is easy to use as well as store. Besides, it highlights a powerful 800W heavy-duty motor with 5-speed settings. The machine is durable and can handle any blending task with ease and precision.

Hand blenders are quite useful when it comes to cooking for home use. These are effortless to use as there is no installation or setup required. The majority of hand blenders in the market these days weigh up to 2 to 5 pounds and are quite lightweight adding to the ease of use factor.  They can blend a lot of different food items such as gravy to soup and whipped cream to mayonnaise.

When you select a hand blender for your kitchen do consider important factors such as the power of the motor, speed settings, and the attachments. The design of the blender should be ergonomic and should be easy to control as well as provide you precision and even blending of your ingredients. Most blenders come with a handheld stick, thereby making a wide range of kitchen tasks like making dips, soups, or even puréeing food easier and convenient.

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